2012 best BOXING fight – Amir Khan vs Danny Garcia – full fight Video WBC, WBA

4_stars_boxing_ranking_allthebestfightsReview: 2012-07-14, great exchanges, speed, power, technique and three knockdowns: Amir Khan vs Danny Garcia is definitely one of the best boxing fights of the year, four stars. Amir Khan (26-2-0) entered as the No.3 light welterweight in the world while the undefeated Danny Garcia (23-0-0) entered as the No.5. Khan vs Garcia is valid for the WBC and WBA Super World light welterweight titles. Watch the video!


Date: 2012-07-14

Where: Mandalay Bay Resort & Casino, Las Vegas, Nevada, United States

Division: light welterweight (140 lbs, 63.5 kg)

Title: WBC and WBA Super World light welterweight titles

Result: Click here to show the fight’s result
Danny Garcia def. Amir Khan (TKO at 2:28, round 4)


Khan’s previous fight: Lamont Peterson vs Amir Khan

Garcia’s previous fight: Danny Garcia vs Erik Morales

Garcia’s next fight: Danny Garcia vs Erik Morales 2

Khan’s next fight: Amir Khan vs Carlos Molina



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  • Rydistang18

    Wow,what a good fight, Garcia kept his head together and got the win, Khan you fought a good fight.

    • Starforged


  • MACA

    Great fight. I want to see Garcia and Peterson fight it out now. 

  • Bb

    i think the fight was clse khan shoulddve won tho

  • Aquinorolly23

    i really….really… dont like d referee mosley vs. pacquiao agen on dis fight ooooooooo????? noooooooo!!!!!!!!

    • Starforged


  • Aw

    not a good decidion by the ref

  • Hrzrthegoat

    great fight. too bad the commentators couldn’t keep up…khan this khan that…khan got his a*s whooped.
    that kellerman knows nothing. douchebag

    • Starforged

      I was thinking the same thing. I thought Khan did well in parts but they hardly said anything bout the left hook counters garcia landed through all 4.

  • G-wiz

    Once again, styles make fights!!  Amir CON has speed but with no pop and absolutely no defense.  Punchers go to his body to slow him down then crack his jaw.  He’s been exposed as the glorified amature that he is.

  • Bear 1971

    Good stoppage by the ref. The boxer was hurt bad and could not stand good in the ring. To many good head shots. I have meet the ref and i now he can do the job right and not let a boxer get to the point that the brain gets hurt for life. Look at Ali.

    • Starforged

      Yah, ref’s got a hard job. They will be ridiculed quite a bit throughout the course of a career but bayless might of saved Khan some serious damage there.

  • Tapout092

    Result as expected; Garcia’s level is too high for Khan; he should gave up boxing 

    • Starforged

      Yeah I am sure he will listen to the opinion of some troll who can’t even spell. Idi*t.

    • MK

      You have no clue what you are talking about. Khan is a technical boxer Garcia just got lucky. Garcia is not giving Khan a rematch and is fighting boxers than Khan already beat. Because Garcia know that he got lucky


    bad decision from the ref imo. Should have let them fight the last 30 seconds of that round

  • i dont think he he shoulda stopped it then…..he shoulda stopped it from the first knockdown he didnt even respond 

  • Dav115

    khan should fight brook now

  • rockDaWarhead

    Good-Good fight! It was really hard to call the fight for
    Danny beforehand due to the limited World Class opposition that he faced prior
    to the this fight, but afterward no one can deny that he is right alongside the
    top 140lbs in the world. I was also surprised that the first knockdown came
    from the left hook, especially after seeing how cleanly he hit Khan with the over
    hand right towards the end of second round and in the beginning of the third.
    Overall good fight, wouldn’t mind seeing him and Peterson go at it or even a
    fight with Judah which still has something left in the tank. ~rockDaWarHead~

  • Osonegro Trujillo

    on top 10 fights,best fight ever chavez vs taylor 1,

  • Hdhdhd

    thing about khan is he was doing so well, and he doesn’t have that bad of a chin, but it is a bit suspect.  Danny Garcia had a hard punch, a good clean left hook and it wobbled Khan.  Khan needed to be more defensive, but Khan tried to prove he’s got a better chin than people give him credit for.  He’s been doing it since the Prescott fight.  It was brilliant stuff by Amir Khan until the 4th.  Let it be a lesson to any boxers out there, the ego can hurt you big time.  

    • JigRip

      didnt catch him on the chin, it banged him on the neck, that punch would have dropped anyone, with the same result. you can’t recover from a punch like that.  

  • JigRip

    id like to see a rematch, got caught with a heavy punch, khan was picking him apart.

  • bradleysucks

    khan has good foot movement but no head movement what so ever…..he will get caught just about everytime until he fixes that….also he pulls straight back instead of rolling under after he throws his right hand another mistake he should have fixed by this time in his career

  • Pedro Fraire

    They better protect Garcia if they want him to keep those belts. He is nothing special and neither is Khan. It wont be long before Garcia has to face someone who has the skills to avoid wild left hooks or the knowledge to tie up when hurt. Read somewhere he might fight Morales again -__-

  • EZ

    Un golpe de suerte! no más! Khan es mucho mejor boxeador que García; mas técnica, mas velocidad, mas juego de piernas. Su único problema es la quijada tan debil que tiene y no haberse cuidado del único golpe que sabe tirar García, el volado.

  • It’s too bad for Khan. He’s got the hand speed, skills, power, to beat anyone, but a glass chin. There’s nothing he can do about that and it’s just going to prevent him from being a top notch fighter. Maybe he can change his style and fight like Mayweather and just duck, run, and hide to protect his glass chin. Mayweather has a glass chin too that’s why he always plays defense first and hides using his shoulder roll.

  • mike81

    How in the world is this fight considered one of the best of 2012?

  • Megid

    The announcers are lost. Khan = no chin, or heart. If khan was as fast as the announcers thought he was , he would have not have got caught so much. Mayweather will take both these Kids to school.

  • mattsnow81 .

    Wow, I was actually impressed with Amir Khan there, he showed some heart. I don’t believe he deserves Mayweather at all though.