USERS’ K-1 & MUAY THAI RANKING: top 25 kickboxing Fights of the Year 2017

Here you can find the best kickboxing, k-1 and muay thai fights of 2017 rated by our users (ranking updated monthly). We post the top 25 fighting with 4 and 5 stars rated at least five times.

Clicking on the name of the fighter you can watch and rate the video of the fight (if it is available on the web) and read some info about it.


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Updated 2018-01-09 (this ranking will be frozen on January 31, 2018)

users_small_allthebestfights USERS’ K-1 & MUAY THAI RANKING of 2017

Fight rated 5 stars by the Users of (5 and 4.5 stars)
Hiroshi Mizumachi vs Rukiya Anpo
Buakaw Banchamek vs Azize Hlali
Sitthichai Sitsongpeenong vs Dylan Salvador 3
Saulo Cavalari vs Pavel Zhuravlev 2 NEW ENTRY



Fight rated 4 stars by the Users of (4 and 3.5 stars)
Artem Vakhitov vs Saulo Cavalari 3
Catalin Morosanu vs Maurice Greene
Singdam vs Kazbek Kabulov This fight has moved up in Users' ranking
Benjamin Adegbuyi vs Anderson Braddock Silva
Artem Vakhitov vs Ariel Machado NEW ENTRY
Buakaw vs Marouan Toutouh NEW ENTRY
Buakaw vs Sergey Kulyaba
Chingiz Allazov vs Yasuhiro Kido NEW ENTRY
Wei Rui vs Gonnapar Weerasakreck
Benjamin Adegbuyi vs Guto Inocente
Simon Marcus vs Alex Pereira NEW ENTRY
Zouggary vs Petchpanomrung
Eddy Nait Slimani vs Antoine Habash 2
Buakaw Banchamek vs Tian Xin
Murthel Groenhart vs Thongchai Sitsongpeenong
Jason Wilnis vs Simon Marcus 3
Chingiz Allazov vs Karim Allouss
Bandasak vs MuengLaos