2011 BOXING fight – Floyd Mayweather Jr vs Victor Ortiz – full fight Video – WBC title

2_stars_boxing_fight_boxing_video_2011_allthebestfightsReview: 2011-09-17, 2011-09-17, after three tactical rounds in the fourth Floyd Mayweather Jr and Victor Ortiz start the action…When Ortiz was forcing Mayweather against the ropes he also headbutts Floyd, Ortiz immediately apologizes but the referee deducted one point to him. But when the fight restarts and the two boxers were embracing Floyd Mayweather Jr strikes Victor Ortiz and knocks him out! At that moment Joe Cortez was not looking the two fighters and “Mayweather vs Ortiz” ends with the victory of “Pretty Boy” by KO winning also the WBC welterweight title. This is not the action that we like and this is not the “Sweet Science” of boxing: 2 stars. Victor Ortiz (29-2-2) entered as the No.3 welterweight in the world while Floyd Mayweather Jr (41-0-0) was not ranked before this fight (as he did not fight since May 5, 2010 against Shane Mosley). Watch the video!

Date: 2011-09-17

Where: MGM Grand, Las Vegas, Nevada, United States

Division: welterweight

Title: WBC welterweight title

Result: Floyd Mayweather Jr def. Victor Ortiz (KO at 2:59, round 4)

Ortiz’s previous fight: Victor Ortiz vs Andre Berto

Mayweather’s next fight: Floyd Mayweather Jr vs Miguel Cotto

Ortiz’s next fight: Victor Ortiz vs Josesito Lopez




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  • travelalberta

    Mayweather is sh*t!

  • nes400

    Bad for the sport of boxing.I will never watch any Mayweather fight in future.

  • matt

    that was such a pussy move by mayweather

  • will

    Maybe if boxing wasnt filled with old a*s people this wouldnt have happend. The damn ref was like 80 years old wtf

  • will

    but i was rooting for mayweather anyway so idc

  • Fred

    Floyd is legend of boxing!!!!!!u can say anything, but is true!!!

  • Fred

    Ortiz was stuppid toy for Mayweather!!)

  • The Tru Blue

    Ortiz is a dirty fighter for headbutting mayweather that started in round 1 and ended in round 4, and if you look at the mosley fight after mosley tried getting dirty, mayweather hit him with the same exact punches.

    As you can see, fighters who are getting their but whipped by someone who’s better always try dirty tactics and this is what Ortiz did.

  • garbage

    The headbutt, Mayweather’s reaction (acting) of disbelief, the staged apology and the ‘knockout’..yeah right..all look staged

  • dash

    ayee floyd did his thang….eitha way it went he woulda won cuz he landed more, end of story….hate all you want but it is wut it is

  • YirmeYah

    Ortiz was headbutting thoughout the fight. when mayweather
    KO Ortiz, Ortiz had already Kissed and Huged Mayweather
    no more Kissy Huggie, it was time to fight.

  • 1TonSoup

    I dont think this was staged but merely carelessness on the ref’s behalf and a cheap shot on mayweather’s part. Either way you look at it, there SHOULD BE a rematch!

  • tj

    Omg , Mayweather was gettin fukt up before the biggest cheapest shot I ever seen .. Horrible man

  • YirmeYah

    Note: When Ortiz got hit with the Left hook, he looked at the ref, and still would not put his hands up and move. whats
    up with that? { he wanted out a way of this fight} Mayweather was to must for him.

  • TJ

    Yeah Yirme Yah .. I thought the same thing kinda .. It looks like he was askin to be fowled .. it ALMOST looked like he wanted to create that whole thing .. Pac-Man will light his a*s up though

  • jeffries

    if a cat headbutted me like tht.. what would u do..?

  • mma123

    Mayweather(s) are just little crying a*s b!tches. The headbutt was BS on Ortiz’s part, just dirty but hey, he at least apologized about it. You can see the Ref call break, look away, is still looking away when Mayweather sucker punches Ortiz twice and when the Right hand comes… the Ref’s mouth is wide open. First of all, get rid of this ref, he is an idiot. Put someone in there who will let them fight and can control the fight at every second. Mayweather has dodged every opponent that he wants to, including Pac Man and yeah, isn’t even close on the REAL fighters top #10 of all time.

    • Reggie

      Pay attention, bro. The ref signaled them to fight and says “let’s go” Ortiz wasn’t sorry, he was doing that sh*t the whole fight and was just trying to make it seem sincere. If he was really sorry he wouldnt have done it in the first place. It wasn’t Floyd’s fault Ortiz was wanting to keep faking despite having his apology accepted twice before.

      And you just plugged Manny? Manny is a joke even compared to Ortiz. He just throws wild punches, he’s not very skilled at all.

  • MikeRipp

    I thought people would have learned by now. The ref said box on, and Ortiz got dropped like the street fighter he is. You get it how you dish it out. Dont cry about how it went down or say anything about how is could have been handled differently. Quit being little b*tches about it and man up. He got dropped and thats all there is to it. Thats why he had that dumb look on his face like, “yeah… thats what I get… cant do anything about it because I was in the wrong”. Absolutely in the top 10 fighters of all time. Becuase I didnt see anyone that was really worth two cents other than Manny. MANNY WILL GET KNOCKED THE F*CK OUT TOO!

  • colin

    floyd a genius in the ring hes gonna go down in history with all the legends all he needs is a few more superfights :) ortiz has a bright future too

  • 416tdot

    ortiz is a b*tch tryna headbut mayweather thats why he went back and did that “cheap punch” which was legal even if that never happend he wouldve got knocked out later in the match one straight punch from mayweather made him fallback second KO you really dont think he wouldve got another chance like that if it did go to round 12 mayweather wouldve still won 73 punches landed 208 thrown ortiz 26 punches landed 148 thrown common people need to shutup about mayweather already hes the champion get used to it

  • Jay

    People talk sh*t, but Leonard did the exact same thing to Roberto Duran in their fight and got praised for it.

  • Jay

    HBO’s compubox is bullshit. In round 3 I counted Ortiz throwing 43 punches and it says he only threw 14. Ortiz landed 5 out of 43 shots not 4 out of 14. Ortiz only landed about 12% of his punches in round 3.

  • Samuel

    Both fighters mist up bad. Ortiz shouldnt have headbutted, and he should have kept his guard up. Mayweather mist up aswell because of that cheap shot. Either way You always need to keep your hands up.

  • BNMe

    Fantastic Knockout! The Ref give the signal to fight on Ortiz got hammered spectacular finish by the Champion and against a middle weight 160 lbs Mayweather Jr the Great! And mutha fucker I ain’t no Jr…..

  • jeremy

    Wow, complete sucker shot by a bigmouth b1tch. horrible. just horrible atleast UFC has more class than this

    who cares if mayweather would have won or not its BESIDES THE POINT. He just proves he has no class, at all. At all. u could see the SUCKER PUNCH brewing in his eyes a second before he did it

  • jeremy

    watch the LAST replay, Ortiz says Sorry bro, while the ref was looking away, and mayweather said “sh1t n1gga” and suckered him twice. Sad. and the guy was just getting a quick sorry in

  • Pavlos

    In my opinion this fight was by all means fixed. The reactions of all the people involved in the incident, are not “normal”. By instinct if you get hit by a punch the first thing you do is lift your hands up to protect yourself. Ortiz gets hit by the first left hook and instead of protecting himself he looks at Cortez and waits for the right hand to land. Cortez looks away for 30 sec like a WWE referee and waits, in my opinion deliberately, for the whole thing to happen behind his back. Then he looks back just in time to see Ortiz getting hit by the right hand and just counts him out. Now if Cortez hasn’t restarted the fight, when the whole thing happened Floyd’s move is illegal and he should have been DSQ’ed. If Cortez has told them to box on, then why the fuck was he looking away from the fighters, since he has restarted the fight? Congratulations to Larry Merchant for the questions he made to Mayweather and for the way he replied to Floyd’s classless comments and congrats to the crowd for taking no BS.

  • Jeremy


    it was a cheapshot that the ref didnt see. We just need to get a ref with some sense. I dont think it was a setup, but I think that Mayweather, being the promoter thiought he could do what he wanted, and that punk has an attitude on him. It was just a cheap shot that fell under legalities.

    Sucks but yeah. Its like punching someone when they are tryign to shake your hand sorry

    Real class

  • Fight Critic

    Mayweather’s left hook, straight right combo is savage..he should just come into fights and throw that combo till nothing is in front of him. And by the way…Mayweather will crush pac man…so take that with a grain of salt.lol.

  • Reggie

    “Now if Cortez hasn’t restarted the fight, when the whole thing happened Floyd’s move is illegal and he should have been DSQ’ed.”

    I dont think you were paying attention and I’m not too sure you know the rules of the sport either. Watch Cortez after he says “dont be doing that” he clearly says “let’s go.” and then puts his hands together, which signals them to fight. From that point he looks to make sure that the clock has restarted and says “bell ring?” which is why he wasn’t looking.

    As for the dq thing, Many fighters have done worse. Ray Leonard did the same thing to Duran, Mike Tyson outright attacked another fighter after the bell had rung and even pushed the ref out of the way when he signaled for them to end the fight, but was not dqed because he had already won the fight.

  • TBS


  • Elijah

    people hate floyd so much but come on be honest people. The man is great at boxing. That was the sweet science. He gave him a well planned a*s whoopin the whole 4 rounds and the compubox had to be right on because we can never see ortiz hit floyd with a clean punch smh.

  • Capt. K

    Mayweather is a total classless piece of cr*p, a lowlife that saw he was losing the fight & took the punk way out.
    I’m sure that he will end up in prison or dead broke within a few years, GOD i wish it would happen soon, lowlife from the street!

  • sammy

    mayweather is so cool

  • Efef

    s*cker punch a ay fight like gayweather,one of the worse and most boring fighters in history!

  • Hbkihj

    Does anyone notice how Jim Lampley sometimes says someone landed a punch but it didn’t happen? 

  • Modify

    Ortiz – you asked for it – you got it. Mayweather rulez anyhow.

  • Alfaro_evan

    mayweather Sr. was great, but should be ashamed of his thug son. he is the biggest cheap shot fighter ive ever seen. i cant stand when the ycheat to win and gloat like they deserved it. i wish Muhhamad Ali was still young enough to knock this a*s back in his place.

  • Max

    I think the bottom line is Ortiz fought a dirty fight. He consistantly lead with his head and threw rabbit punches for four rounds. In the fourth, he headbutted floyd in the mouth. Floyd countered by punching ortiz off the break, which was not a classy move but it was legal. What is Not legal is to headbutt people in a boxing match. That’s what Ortiz did. Now Ortiz wants to say ‘That’s not fair.’ But, he was in a title fight, not a ballet. The first words the  ref said to both was ‘Protect Yourself at All Times.’ Its on the tape. Ortiz got his.   

  • Max

    Can anybody name a fighter who has beaten floyd in a proffessional boxing match? 

    Cotto is next.

  • Miguel Romero277

    mayweather going down. . . .  nuff said

  • Answertort

     The rules are protect your self at all times. The is no rule that says put your hands down & talk trash. THERE IS A RULE AGAINST HEAD BUTTING !! Victor Ortiz, BENT HIS KNEES & TRIED HIS BEST TO HEAD BUTT MAYWEATHER’S CHIN !! NOT ONE HEAD BUTT, TWO TIMES !! He got Mayweather once, then he drops his hands & was talking. Then he proceeded to get KNOCKED OUT. THE STUPID PEOPLE ON HERE CRYING ARE WEAK LITTLE CHUMPS, WHO ALSO TRY TO FIGHT DIRTY & GET KNOCKED OUT !! LOL

  • Sanjay Acharyya

    Watching boxing these days is not so much exciting. Those were the Days when the Globe had IRON MIKE TYSON inside the ring……………really there is no comparison to the IRON MIKE.

  • Pjmal23

    who gives a damn about what all u none floyd fans say. yall probably dont know boxing anyway no fighting motherf*ckers ortiz shouldnt have head butted him because he was frusrated