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2011 MMA fight – Matt Ewin vs Ivan Salaverry – Video full fight BAMMA 6

1_star_mma_fight_mma_video_2011_allthebestfights Review: 2011-05-21, after exactly three years of inactivity, Ivan Salaverry returns to fight in the cage, but he lost against Matt Ewin and the fight is boring (BAMMA 6). Watch the video.

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2011 MMA fight – Frank Trigg vs John Phillips – Video full fight BAMMA 6

2_stars_mma_fights_mma_video_2011_allthebestfights Review: 2011-05-21, bloody victory for Frank Trigg over John Phillips during the mma event BAMMA 6. Trigg opened a cut above the eye of Phillips with some powerful elbows and the doctor stopped the fight. Watch the video!

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