About us

All The Best Fights.com born from a passion for all combat sports, trying to report the most relevant news and classify all the videos of the most important fights of each discipline. Initially, the ranking will be determined by the editors of All The Best Fights.com but once it’s published, users can vote for every match and the ranking will be updated weekly. We are creating a database of all the most spectacular fights and, if available online, link them on our website to view at any time.

To index all the fights, news, results and videos we have created three main categories:
– K-1 & MUAY THAI (which includes kickboxing, full contact)
– MMA (mixed martial arts)

The rankings of the best fights seen and classified for the current year are displayed above the menu bar in the left sidebar with the old rankings from previous years.

All The Best Fights.com welcomes any suggestions and comments about:
– events
– videos
– news
– results
– rankings
– website

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