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All The Best Fights.com born from a passion for all combat sports, trying to report the most relevant news and classify all the videos of the most important fights of each discipline. Initially, the ranking will be determined by the editors of All The Best Fights.com but once it’s published, users can vote for every match and the ranking will be updated weekly. We are creating a database of all the most spectacular fights and, if available online, link them on our website to view at any time.

To index all the fights, news, results and videos we have created three main categories:
– K-1 & MUAY THAI (which includes kickboxing, full contact)
– MMA (mixed martial arts)

The rankings of the best fights seen and classified for the current year are displayed above the menu bar in the left sidebar with the old rankings from previous years.

All The Best Fights.com welcomes any suggestions and comments about:
– events
– videos
– news
– results
– rankings
– website

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20 thoughts on “About us”

  1. I’m a fight collector and was wondering if you could point me in the right direction. I’m trying to find a blu ray or dvd source for fights in Japan and throughout Asia. Can you help me? I love your site!


  2. Why give advertising to UFC and Top Rank Promotions, when they block all their events from being viewed here? If anything, they are turning people off. I mean they cannot even let fans watch an event that already happened and for which the results are known. Greed!

  3. Please can you disable that EXTREMELY annoying video that starts (with the drums at the start of the video) every time you enter a new page on this site, or at least have it so it plays without sound.

  4. This site is a blissful thing. Ive been on here so many times, to sit down and sink into certain fights i either love everytime i watch them, or fights ive yet to indulge, but know they are gems…. bUT each time, i end up being linked to 5 or 6 new fights/styles along the way that are so interesting/hard to find elswehere, i never watch the ones i originally hopped on to see! What a great problem to have!

  5. Hi I would be gratful if the Demetrius Andrade fight can be added as in the UK our TV companies do not cover his fights .

  6. Thank you so much for the Demetrius Andrade fight I was so looking forward to see this fight .God Bless you guys

  7. I used to sweat only to look for fights like these every weekend til i bumped into this website. Thank you very much


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