2011 best MMA fight – Mauricio “Shogun” Rua vs Dan Henderson – full fight Video UFC

5_stars_mma_ranking_allthebestfightsReview: 2011-11-19, amazing and tough fight, great strikes, excellent grappling techniques, high pace: this is what we want, this is mma and this is a Fight of the Year. Congratulations to Shogun and Hendo, two real warriors (awarded with “Fight of the Night” honors). Mauricio “Shogun” Rua (20-5-0) entered as the No.2 light heavyweight in the world while Dan Henderson (28-8-0) entered as the No.6. “Shogun” Rua vs Henderson was the main event of the UFC 139; they also faced each other a second time on March 23, 2014 (=Mauricio “Shogun” Rua vs Dan Henderson 2). Watch the video!



Event: UFC 139: Shogun vs. Henderson

Date: 2011-11-19

Where: HP Pavillion, San Jose, California, United States

Division: light heavyweight (205 lbs, 93 kg)

Result: Click to show the fight’s result
Dan Henderson def. Mauricio Rua (unanimous decision, 48-47, 48-47, 48-47)


UFC 139 fight card:
Main card
Mauricio Shogun Rua vs Dan Henderson
Wanderlei Silva vs Cung Le
Urijah Faber vs Brian Bowles
Rick Story vs Martin Kampmann
Stephan Bonnar vs Kyle Kingsbury
Preliminary card
Ryan Bader vs Jason Brilz
Michael McDonald vs Alex Soto

Rua’s previous fight: Mauricio Rua vs Forrest Griffin 2

Henderson’s previous fight: Dan Henderson vs Fedor Emelianenko

Rua’s next fight: Mauricio “Shogun” Rua vs Brandon Vera

Henderson’s next fight: Lyoto Machida vs Dan Henderson



Official video

(Alternative free embeddable video hosted on HULU Official website)

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97 Replies to “2011 best MMA fight – Mauricio “Shogun” Rua vs Dan Henderson – full fight Video UFC”

  1. Hendo won first 3 rounds. He was close to finish him couple of times, He had him in guillotine choke couple of times, he had some takedowns and he landed a big shots! With all do respect to Shogun, but he needs to be more aggresive, that’s the only way he wins his fights! Dan Fucking Henderson by UD!I hope he gets his titule shot again!

  2. I scored it 4 rounds to 1 for hendo. Can’t believe they gave 4th round to rua, why because he had mount for 10 seconds, the entire rest of the round was all hendo. they always do that when someone is falling behind in the fight they say do one single offensive thing and i’ll give ya the round to keep u in the fight.

  3. i scored it 4 rounds to Henderson, all that work in round four from Henderson, shogun took a massive hammering in round four, what Shogun did in round four was not enough to give him that round, and Shogun only worked the last two mins and look at what henderson did as well as the knockdown, the ground n pound, the crucifix and then the transitions – besides we got a great fight, proberly the best fight ive ever seen in ufc, its nice to get a little of that brutality back – ie toe to toe, this is what the fans wanted and boy o boy – we most deffinatly got it, big shout and a lot of respect for Shogun and Hendo, warriors with massive hearts, and to Dana White for the fight card, i want to see GSP – DIAZ, I honestly believe Diaz is the Cryptinite to GSP

  4. Henderson just did what he needed to survive, Shogun’s the one who showed heart. Fighting back even after he was constantly bombarded with punches. It should have been a draw. The first three rounds Hendo hurt Shogun in parts of the round but Shogun always came back and did damage of his own. Also in those rounds he always pushed forward.

  5. I’ve been watching this fight over and over again, and i think that Hendo won 4 rounds. I also can say trhat UFC are bunch of f*cking c*nts that wanted to give Shogun the win. Dana White says that it’s a draw, and in the end of the fight they Joe Rogan and Goldberg are sayng that they can’t say who won. And why the fuck are they replayng the moment’s were SHogun were dominated, but were is Hendo’s takedowns, and subbmisions that he tried to do in the 4 and 5 round! UFC is a bunch of f*cking wh*res! Dana is a biggest b*tch, becouse of that DRAW bullshit! I want Hendo to face Jones or Silva!

  6. XtremeDiamant this is a nice joke that you sow the fight may times and 4 round won dan when he was punished from rua and not gas left and rua hited him many many times if rua would have beter kardio kould easy finished the fight in 4 or 5 round.sow the fight was a drow and specialy after that 5 round just kicked dans ass for 5 minutes.rou has a great chean and show that he was the man till the end

  7. Why is there any argument from anyone on who won this fight??? It was the greatest fight in History…puts Bonnar and Griffin to nothing(with all do respect)….but Dan won rounds 1,2 and round 3 he had to of won 10-8….round 4 was close but Dan definitely won that rnd also, Shogun hit him with one awesome uppercut which surprised the shit outta me to see Dan stumbled but he recovered right away, he wasn’t hurt near as bad as anyone thought which is why he shot then clearly baited Shogun to come at him then through that huge right like he did but as u notice Shogun also knew Dan wasn’t that hurt which is why he didn’t rush in, then Shogun had mount like the previous guy said for a moment but up until then(the first almost 4 min) Dan was whoopin him…the 5th round obviously all Shogun and yes probably a 10-8…but he did no damage and if that was 10-8 then round 3 was def. 10-8 for Dan meaning the fight should of been 48-45 Hendo…but if u wanna give Shogun a random rnd or take away Hendo’s clear 10-8 go ahead and he still wins….so I don’t get the draw or Shogun winnin from anyone

  8. Butts HERE!

    Great match between to consenting partners. Really crazy sh*t. I have no idea who won, but happy I got to see it. I vote “Hendo vs Shogun II”

  9. shogun has a heart of lion , he doesn’t deserve this fall because he continues fighting untill the end while he ‘s blinding since the 1st round . Besides i dont’t think it’s a good decision to give the firt 3 rounds to henderson because shogun returned in the end of this rounds, may be the Draw will the best decision by the judges especially that the criteria of the choice musn’t be limited to the number of rounds in each fighter wins but also the fighter who has the last word in this fight: I mean, we ‘ve all seen shogun is going to win by TKO in the 5th round so the result must be Draw !

  10. Shogun was better in Pride Championships. His fighting record here and there says it all. PC Fighters seem to be lacking power in the Ultimate Fighting Championship. This could be said for Filipovic, “The Last Emperor”, and Mark Coleman. Maybe its the footing from the Mat. Pride Ring is harder floor. Movement is faster. Ultimate is wrestling mat. Movement is slower. It could be the change of organization. Different mood different country. Dan Henderson is no stranger to the mat. He seems to be adapting well although he’s been losing fights also. I’ve been a fan of Dan Henderson for a long time. He has a vicious right hand. Wrestling and Grappling is superb. Submission game is good. Overall talented in all aspects of fighting. He’s a competitor to Minotauro and other A Level fighters. Shogun I haven’t watched him fight much. In Japan he had a big name. In America he lost to Forest.

  11. im a big shogun fan! but i saw this coming i thought shogun would loose 3rd rd tko but he showed heart. clearly hendo’s fight but daaangg! shogun has one of the biggest heart in mma. fight of the year this year, but no one can beat frankie vs gray part 2! more shows for shogun and hendo. i hope ufc will give em more chances of showing their talents.

  12. This is cage fighting. Most of these guys are skilled caged fighters. They train. Whatever discipline they train in, they are skilled. When emergency happens, these guys are the guys we call into the ring for combat. It’s like Gladiators during the Roman Empire. They fight til’ the death. Some come in here without training or background and does well. Cage Fighting is a professional sport. You can be a Martial Artist outside. In the cage, when the door closes, the bear bone is you’re fighting. It can get brutal. However regulations have made the sport much safer than before.

  13. damn, shogun fell for this fist brawling game. i think we would have gathered more points and maybe won if he would have used his kicks. and his kicks are really good unlike dans kicks.

  14. dude what the hell are you talking about? Dana said it was a draw that has nothing to do with what the ufc “says” the ufc is an organization that was just dana ( as a fans ) own opinion, the ufc does not score fights the judges do that are trained by the state athletic commission not by the ufc the replays aren’t done by dana thats someones job to replay the highlights of the fight and isn’t meant to influence the scoring its meant as extra entertainment for the fans who want to see the highlights of the fight while they are awaiting decisions don’t be mad bro just don’t its all good were all friends

  15. It was clearly a draw. 3x 10-9 Hendo, 10-9 Shogun and 10-8. Shogun. It is ridiculous that some people claim that Hando won round 4. He was sitting on Shogun for 2 min without doing anything and was getting punched for 3 other min. So who won 4th round? And there is no way 3rd was 10-8 for Hendo. It was decisive, but not that dominant. 47 – 47, in my humble opinion.

  16. Watched it 4 times and as bad as I want and have said it was a draw, they made the right decision. My 2 favorite 205ers; I saw Hendo fight like a wolverine against Wandy in 2001 in Pride in a strong losing effort against a prime”axe murderer”, I thought he was great and kept improving till he avenged that loss and took the belt from Wandy and I first saw Shogun in 2004 beat down Rampage and then attack the tournament at 22yrs old taking out lil nog, then knocking out Overeem, and then he blitzed Arona quick KO in the finals. Shogun has been my favorite fighter ever since then, and this fight he didnt win, but he proved he has more chin than anyone taking shots from Hendo that nobody can take 1 of, and he took like 10, and he showed the heart to stay in the fight and turn the fight around completely in the last round and a half. Pride judging, in my opinion, and Bas Rutten’s opinion(on inside MMA), would have given it to Shogun.They didnt judge rounds.They judged as if it was in a back yard and if time never expired who was closer to winning. UFC its Hendo on rounds.And this is the UFC, but I sure would have liked to see Shogun soccer-kicking and stomping to pass the guard, R.I.P. Pride.

  17. Not a bad fight, but fight of the year? Really let’s put this in perspective. You have a “has been” Rua, who’s best days are long gone as he has shown that he can’t mix it with the best in the division (Jones). Here he is up against an old man on TRT. Both these guys have next to 0 cardio which made watching that last round ridiculous. It was in slow motion and the only real danger was someone submitting due to hyperventilation.


  19. do you even know how to count?!it’s 5 round fight and you only mentioned 2 rounds for rua so what about the 3 rounds?

  20. Great fight! Wow, that was wild. Sort of a weird result tho. I know Hendo won 3 out of 5 rounds but Shogun was beating the crap out of him at the end. I thought the last round should have been a 10-8 Shogun.

  21. Rua did his best in this fight. But I give Dan Henderson the win. Round 4 is a contested issue here that makes it seem Rua won the fight. All throughout the round, Dan did all the damage and Rua was able to do some damage for about 10 seconds (when he mounted Dan). But even that, Rua knew he did not hurt Dan that much. Thus he did not try to finish him. Knowing Rua (who has a killer’s instinct), he would pounce an opponent once he sees he is hurt.

    A part 2 of this fight will really determine the true winner. But in this fight….HENDO IS THE WINNER!!!!!!

  22. JT – Its clear that you know absolutely NOTHING about scoring a fight. Is this the first fight you’ve ever seen? If you know nothing about MMA or even boxing, why would you come to a fight website and start talking as if you know what you’re saying?
    You might know basic math, but you definitely dont understand basic fight scoring.
    You see, there is something called a 10-8 round.
    So now try re-doing your math.
    Hendo – 10-9 / 10-9 / 10-9
    Shogun – 10/9 10/8

    Its called math and its called a draw 47-47.

    I can see how the judges scored the fight for Hendo. But If I were scoring, It would’ve been a draw.

  23. The fight was stolen from SHOGUN, UFC has only judges incompetent and dishonest, money spoke louder.
    For me SHOGUN WIN… ok round 1,2, and 3 shoud be 10-9 to hender (never 10-8) but the round 4 and 5 it shoud be 10-7 to shogun, so the points should give to shogun the win. And who think diferent is crazy. UFC 139 very nice fight, but it is a big a lie.

  24. Henderson won the first two rounds 10 to 9. Henderson won the third round when he decimated Shogun 10 to 8. Shogun won the fourth round 10-9 and finally the last round complete domination by shogun so 10 to 8. DAN HENDERSON Deserves the decision.

  25. increible pelea… desde Argentina .. saludos a todos los luchadores… ame esta pelea! POR DIOSSSSSS!!
    empate ,creo que no alcanza a ser, justa victoria creo para handerson

  26. chuck you retard there is no such thing as a 10-7 round just 10-10, 10-9 ,10-8,s
    Henderson won

  27. one day hendo will get all his dirty elbows back into the back of his head..
    Shogun missed to submit him at the end..

    cool fight

  28. Henderson definitely deserved the win. If you call Round 5 a 10-8 then you have to call Round 3 a 10-8. Yes, Shogun dominated Round 5, but he did far less damage in that round than Henderson did in Round 3. Don’t get too caught up in your Shogun bias. Also, greatest fight of all time? really? Two legends gassed after the first round of a fight. I’m sorry. That somehow doesn’t sit well. Great fight, but I guess I hoped for any kind of conditioning from either of the fighters. Not trying to take anything away from the fight, because it was a war, but as someone earlier said, “Let’s put this in some perspective.”


  30. Hey, that decision is clearly wrong. The judge said 28 x 27. But it was a FIVE round fight, it could not be that. It must be 48 x 47 or 47 x 47, never 28 x 27.
    Someone sume it wrong.

  31. Try this one on peeps…Rd 1,2 and 3 were 10-9 to Hendo, round 4 was 10-10 and round 5 10-8 to Rua….total 48-47..

    Just my opinion………….What a fight though…

  32. @ DEX. I agree with you…but only because its the damned truth…if another ref. was there it would have been over by the third round.
    what absolute jackasses here would even imagine that it was a draw? they were probably getting their lunch stolen in school,and saying they weren’t hungry anyhow. Great fight!!!!!

    Thanks to Dan and Rua for giving it their all!

  33. why you give the 4 round to rua ! he only do a 12 seconds mount
    henderson win clearly 48 to 46 1st round to hendo 10-9 2nd to hendo 10-9 3rd to hendo 10-9 4th to hendo 10-9 and 5 to rua 10-8

  34. this is clearly a 3-2 hendo win. You have to be silly to say hendo won the 4th, this dude was out cold for the last 2 minutes of it lol. That upper cut was one of the most vicious things ive seen and ridiculous props to Hendo for keeping his head attached to his neck on that one. All in all, the decision was correct, and this was one of the best fights i have ever seen in the UFC. props to both, i gained a huge respect for them.

    1. i truly think shogun is the winner…..the man who grew stronger and stood tall til the  end of the fight where as hendo clearly given up and was totaly exhausted…..some politics definitely was played in this fight..

  35. Dan only lost the last 2 rounds because he was too tired after a long day of punching Shogun in the face.

  36. Also….
    Just because Dan gassed the last two, doesnt mean that he should lose the fight. This is a sport.

    And Shogun didnt really do THAT much damage. A 4th grader could have knocked Hendo out after being that gassed, but shogun couldn’t, cause he was gassed too.

    Epic fight. I have new respect for both fightes… but leave your bias behind. Hendo dominated. Last two rounds shogun didnt do any damage compared to what hendo did in the first three. It was all show.

  37. Huge Shogun fan here… but you’d have to be a moron to think he won that sh*t. Stop letting your biased fandom make you blind to reality… that was a war, but Hendo clearly won that sh*t. There’s no if’s, and’s or but’s about it.

  38. Great fight, both fighters showed their best! But Shogun switched his stamina in 4-5 rounds! At least it should’ve been majority or split decision by judges (fight between Jake Ellenberger vs Carlos Rocha), whatever they decided, i think it’s DRAW! We’re waitin’ for conclusive bout (even it’s gonna be 6-7 rounds)!!!

  39. Judges should not exist ,there should be rounds until one of the 2 fighter is defeated. If you follow this logic Rua would have win , after the uppercut in the 4th round Henderson was over. I miss pride with the soccer kick,stomp ,judges decision on the fight as a whole not by rounds (at least in japan)and no stupid referee stoppage. Nice fight!

  40. lmfao to all the Shogun fans if someone loses 3 rounds in a 5 round fight thats not a draw you dumba*ses Hendo won this fight hands down and his 41 years old its sad that people are blind to the fact that if you lost 2 rounds out of 5 you lose the whole fight

    1. nah actually not really i’m a fan of both fighters and recently i’ve been watching this fight through and through. i even have my own score card it’s extremely close. round one was very close. both fighters went tit for tat.shogun did get a legit wrestling takedown henderson did rock shogun in that round. but ultimately in that round hendo had more strikes landed. so i gave him round 1

    2. you guys are retarded and dont watch ufc oviously watch dillashaw vs watson its30 25 on two score cards no 10 8 rounds my a*s

    3. If you win 2 out of 5 rounds and get a 10/8 round and a 10/9 round and your opponent gets three 10/9 rounds then its a draw.

  41. Holy smoke. Dan hend gives up since the 4th…Brazilian guy won certainly……..
    dominating til the end..
    these f*cking judges…

    UNANIMOUS DECISION??? are f*cking me???

  42. Spectacular fight. Edgar vs. Maynard II/III are the only match-ups, from this man’s perspective, that could potentially jeopardize the election of Shogun vs. Hendo into the honored status of “Fight of the Year”. We’ve been treated to such an abundance of quality bouts; it was definitely a fantastic year for fight fans.

    All of that said, I am admittedly bummed by how controversial this decision victory has grown among MMA fanatics. I’m cognizant that it has always been a highly debated contest, but the staggering multitude of people clamoring about how Shogun was robbed is a little…perturbing.

    I mean, everyone’s entitled to their opinion, but I really fail to see how Shogun procured a victory in this fight. He fought courageously and demonstrated more heart than I thought he was in possession of, but Shogun’s striking was only effective enough to keep the rounds on the razor thin edge of one point (excluding the fifth). Rua was a game opponent, which was startling. He was just as chubby in the Mark Coleman rematch, but somehow Rua actually managed to come into this fight in “KYTFO” condition – close, anyway.

    I was definitely mislead by the soft exterior that Shogun came in sporting, but I recognized his beastiness when all was said and done. Still, all that blubber flopping had to have negative repercussions on the man’s stamina and agility. Hendo was the faster, harder and more accurate puncher. A considerable deal of Shogun’s strikes just glanced off Hendo’s shoulder anyway.

    Rua seized the momentum during the closing minutes of the fourth round, that’s true enough. With the solidity of a beautiful knockdown backing the effective implementation of his ground game, I could definitely see the round being scored in his favor. The only variable is Shogun’s knockdown versus the volume of punches Dan landed in contrast to the volume of punches that Rua missed with. From this angle, it’s very hard to call. Although Shogun attempted to establish the ground as his dominion, Hendo pulled off a successful reversal during the final seconds. The fourth round is a complete toss up to me, so I won’t give the edge to neither fighter. I’ll just use the mythical “10-10” scoring to cast the round into eternal limbo. Round Four is all but null.

    On a lighter note, it was refreshing to see a chunky Shogun ALMOST at one-hundred percent. He looked just as out of shape against Coleman as he did against Henderson, but the difference in conditioning/training is blatant. This chunky Rua would WTFKTFO the Rua from the abominable Coleman conflicts. Shogun and Hendo went to fucking war.

    Hendo’s victory was irrefutable – that much is blatant to me. Of course, I’m just one insignificant fan with an equally insignificant opinion! I just can’t spectate the match without seeing Hendo slightly edging out Rua in the stand-up. I was considerably disappointed to witness the exposure of his gas tank, however. Dan let me down here, but I can only hope he can improve. Hendo’s going to need all the stamina he can get when he squares off with Jon Jones.

    So, yeah, in a nutshell…

    4 rounds to 1 in favor of Dan Henderson. Unanimous decision indeed.

    1. Dude… you are one weird muthaf*ckin f*ol trying to come off as intelligent with your fancy words, and you failed miserably in the majority of instances where you obviously (NOT blatantly, you dipsh*t) strained your arm reaching. You don’t even start to consider that you sound like a pompous ass by saying you “spectated” the fight- instead of watched it, you as*clown? Really? wow.

  43. henderson easily won the 1st 3 rounds without a doubt…..4th round hendo won the 1st 3 minutes easily….could call this round a draw at best…..shogun did get momentum in this round but not enuf to win it in my opinion although it was the 1st round that he finally did something good and carried that to the 5th which shogun won easily….but with that being said dan was gassed and i think he didnt mind being on his back to rest ….hendo/shogun R x R 10/9
    10/9,10 at best
    9/10 maybe 8/10 in some eyes

  44. antoniomexiko, first of all u need to learn how to spell and second of all u need to learn the ufc. u obviously dont know jack sh*t or u would have not even wrote n e thing on this page. Hendo straight dominated the first three rounds and just because there is the argument that shogun won the last two rounds dosent mean that he won or it should be a draw. a unanimous decision is when a fighter wins more rounds than the other fighter and that is just what dan henderson did. he out struck shogun, out wrestled shogun and pretty much solitified his spot as a top contender in the light heavyweight division, no doubt, shogun is an incredible fighter and i am not trying to take n e thing away from him, but he just simply lost to hendo. maybe they will fight again one day, and the odds are very great but as of now he holds a loss to hendo and that is just how it is

    1. Hendo did win. By the way, If you spell “solidified” “solitified” then you shouldn’t tell others they need to learn how to spell.

  45. Rua looks so out of shape…I think Henderson got lucky that Shogun isn’t the same anymore…I think if Henderson faced either Jon Jones or Rashad he would get technically destroyed…

  46. Wow.. Watched this fight multiple times and it was pretty damn close. If the judges were Pride judges, Im thinking Shogun would have got the nod. Pride judges give more credit to the fighter that finishes on top. I think its because they think in real life terms more. If this was a bar scrap, Shogun would have killed hm. Still I gave this fight to Hendo. Great fight.

  47. This was a great fight. I remember when i missed this ppv a lot of my buddies were like “dude it was the greatest fight i’ve ever seen” and whatnot. But when i saw it it was hard to discredit it on it’s greatness. I wouldn’t say it was the best fight ive ever seen but it was a great fight.
    It’s sad that dudes that have fought all their careers in ufc don’t have that same warrior spirit they put it all out there and gave the fans a great fight. I wish more ufc fighters would take note and actually fight with the same gameplan hendo and shogun did. Which was win lose or draw im a go in there to FIGHT f*ck the point system.
    In my opinion it should of been a draw. That way it could of been a rematch for title contention on the line.

  48. watching the fight again and again….henderson won the fight without a doubt. I cant wait to see henderson fighting for the belt in ufc and winning it…rua is a good fighter but henderson has the power to knock  you out in one punch..really love MMA than boxing cause for me boxing is all about money,before you settle a fight they have to discuss about how to split up the money and who earns more…not like the mma…exciting fight this coming summer 2012,jones vs. evans then anderson spider silva vs. chael sonnen 2..

      1. there’s definetly 10-8 rounds. ive seen em myself. usually only happens when a fighter gets points taken away though like if a guys winning he’d be up by 10-9 but if his opponent gets a foul in the same round then with the point taken away it’d be 10-8

      2.  actually rounds can go as low as 10-7 if a fighter gets demolished in a round usually its scored 10-8 a 10-7 can only happen if points are taken away

  49. Wtf? if you think there is no 10-8 round maybe you need to watch frankie edgar vs gray maynard 2.. as a matter of fact watch it anyway. one of the best fights i’ve ever seen!

  50. I don’t see how anybody can think Hendo won this fight. Its very close..any sane man would call this a draw. Giving either of them a win feels like cheating the other. They both almost finished the both answered every puch and every flurry they both staggered one another. Dan does hit a little harder so Shogun got bloody but he never stopped fighting, and Shogun ruined dan on the mat. He displayed much better ground skills. The fight is just to close to call. Neither deserves a loss and they both deserve a W and I don’t think anyone can argue that. In situations like that, you should call it a draw…thats what the draw is there for. And rematch the f*ck out of it. I mean its not official until its best 2 out of 3 lol… everybody knows that. 

  51. What just happened here? I could have sworn Sho turned this fight around enough to get him a win. Hendo was on the damn ground the final round!

    1. Oh, Matt, what are we going to do with you? How have you been since you got laid out by BJ?

      How long did it take him? Oh, seventeen seconds, that’s right.

  52. I saw Henderson win clearly, but he was in serious troubles in the end of 4 round and in the 5 round. I missed more Rua’s kicks

  53. I scored
    Round 1: 10-9 Henderson
    Round 2: 10-9 Henderson
    Round 3: 10-9 Henderson
    Round 4: 10-10 
    Round 5: 8-10 Rua

    48-47 to Henderson

  54. 10-9 hendo
    10-9 hendo
    10-9 rua
    10-9 rua

    draw, hendo had rua in danger early but Rua was the better in the last two

  55. Henderson won the fight. He was gassed in the last two rounds though. Shogun should have poured it on in the 4th. Henderson looked like he could barley stand up and Shogun should have taken advantage. Henderson won on points and he crushed shogun on damage done.

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