2011 best MMA fight – Jon Jones vs Lyoto Machida – full fight Video UFC 140

4_stars_mma_ranking_allthebestfightsReview: 2011-12-10, the first round and the first two minutes of the second round between Jon Jones and Lyoto Machida were not spectacular but then the pace picks up and the fight ended with an amazing submission (4 stars for the standing guillotine choke and its effectiveness, one of the best of the year); fighters were awarded “Fight of the Night” honors. Jon Jones (14-1-0) entered as the No.1 light heavyweight in the world while Lyoto Machida (17-2-0) entered as the No.6. Jones vs Machida is the main event of the UFC 140 and is valid for the UFC Light Heavyweight Championship. Watch the video!



Event: UFC 140: Jones vs. Machida

Date: 2011-12-10

Where: Air Canada Centre, Toronto, Ontario, Canada

Division: light heavyweight (205 lbs, 93 kg)

Title: UFC Light Heavyweight Championship

Result: Click here to show the fight’s result
Jon Jones def. Lyoto Machida (technical Submission at 4:26, round 2)


UFC 140 fight card (main card):
Jon Jones vs Lyoto Machida
Frank Mir vs Antonio Rodrigo “Minotauro” Nogueira 2
Tito Ortiz vs Antonio Rogerio Nogueira
Brian Ebersole vs Claude Patrick
Mark Hominick vs Chan Sung Jung

Jon Jones’s previous fight: Jon Jones vs Quinton “Rampage” Jackson

Machida’s previous fight: Lyoto Machida vs Randy Couture

Jon Jones’ next fight: Jon Jones vs Rashad Evans

Machida’s next fight: Lyoto Machida vs Ryan Bader



Official video:


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243 Replies to “2011 best MMA fight – Jon Jones vs Lyoto Machida – full fight Video UFC 140”

  1. Jones actually choked him out with a standing guitine? What?! Unbelievable….. Lyoto Machida should have known better trying to fight Jones after losing to Shogun Rua. Maybe he wasn’t aware of the fact that Jones already whooped Shogun before there fight idk but I hoped Machida finally learned his lesson after getting choked out and thrown to the ground like a piece of sh*t. Wasn’t that his chance to regain the title? Pathetic! It does not matter how hard he tries, Machida is NOT good enough to be champion. Jones now holds victories over Shogun, Rampage, Ryan Bader, and now Machida. Jones clearly deserves the Light Heavy title. I am looking forward to seeing who is next opponent will be. Maybe Henderson?

  2. Rick…. Machida did better in this fight than any other previous opponents of Jones. Machida won the 1st round no doubt, he threw solid kicks, and rocked Jones. Learn your sh*t before posting garbage on here smack talking on Machida.

  3. bro idk how long u been watching UFC but u know brazilian fighters are very well known idk if u remember first ufc champion grayce anyway machida is a fighter and also he is from brazil rite now the spider comes to my mind i would like to c the SPIDER vs jones let me tell u jones is a fighter as well good fighter he’s just getting better but The SPIDER IS THE SPIDER and also he is from brazil…lately jones’s been fighting with brazilians and he’s won but also he is learning A LOT..

  4. rick shut the fuck up how can u call machida pathetic? he stepped in the cage and fought thats not pathetic he is a true fighter and one of the best in the world. the only thing that is pathetic is you. i would love to see how u would go in the octagon with jones you wouldnt even step in the cage. i was really impressed with machida i thought he was winning the fight up until that point. just to step in the cage knowing u are going to get punched and kicked and hurt for 5 rounds takes courage. rick i hate fans like u that think they no everything about mma and they are the first to put shit on a fighter when they lose. learn some respect and hop in the cage and see how u go when u get puched in the face your a joke. win or lose your a true fighter to hop in the cage and put it all on the line max respect.

  5. Wasn’t a huge Jones fan, but after seeing this fight I have to give him some credit. That was an impressive display.

  6. Jones is 1.93m tall, and had nearly 25cm of reach advantage. Maybe he should fight with Junior dos Santos. Both are 1.93m tall and only ~ 12kg of difference. Tall guys takes big advantage over short guys. I believe Jones and Anderson Silva are only champions due to the advantages of their reach. Why they do not try to get more muscles and go to a higher category??

  7. Would love to see Jones vs Hendo. Whoever he faces better be ready for an 84 inch reach and i think Jones proved he had somewhat of a chin in this fight.

  8. Lyoto is not bad . And definitly not a “piece of sh*t”. I agree with you that Jones is better but in the first round Machida had some good shots to the chin , and Jones couldnt be as spectacular as he was in the other fights because Machida had a completely other fightstyle because of his Karate background. In the second round Jones dominated like he does everytime. Huge Takedown, vicious Elbows a excellent left to the chin and than the choke `till Lyoto was unconscious.
    The only two fighters who maybe could have a chance are “Hendo” and “Sugar Evans” . But in my i personally think that after Jones won against all the best light-heavyweights he will go to Heavyweight division. He has the size and the reach. He just have to put on 15 kg more (muscle)mass and he will have the best chances to become champion in that division too.
    P.S. Dont hate on Machida hes a good and tough fighter.

  9. It is amazing how Jones can win over Machida like this.
    I always thought Michida was the best. Now Jones permanence changed my mind. Jones is not only fast and powerful and cool and smart. May be John Jones would be the best ever? Even to be the light heavy weight and the heavy weight champion all together.

  10. Henderson’s overhead right that knocked out Bisping may be the only thing to stop Jones. But, with the reach disadvantage, I don’t know if it would ever find a home before Jones finds an opening with his diverse striking. One thing is for sure, it would be a good show.

  11. Great first round! I’m now an official fan of Machida. If he’d kept his cool all the way through, he could have given Jones some REAL problems. I hope to see a rematch for sure!!

  12. Im agreed, spider Silva would be a good opponent for Jones, is unpredictable, has a good reach and didnt lose a fight in 6 years, I bet for Silva vs Jones.

  13. Jones will never be a Heavyweight, he would have to put on 40lbs. He would not match up strength wise with any of the top guys in that division. He would get taken down and smothered by any of the top 6.

  14. Guys I am sad. I have always loved machida, it seemed at one time like he could read anyone, and was fast enuff to land punches(and even kicks) when fighting with the best of them. And I was glad when Rua took him all the way, because I believe you learn things by losing that you will never learn by winning….but it almost seems to have taken something out of him?? He doesn’t seem to quite ‘have it’ anymore?? Like he used to?? Is this the beginning of the end for him?? Or what??

  15. Apparently Rick didn’t watch the same fight as the rest of us did. Jones showed a few holes in his game , he’s open to the counter left hand and can be timed easily , he consintely got counterpunched by Machida in spite of his dramatic advantage in reach and he was much less efficient up the centerline than in his previous fights. And on initiation Machida was getting off first.

    Up until the point of the takedown and the elbow which cut Machida it was anybodies fight to win and Machida was ahead , not by a significant margin but he was ahead.

    In closing a few words directly to ” Rick”. SHUT UP , because ANY fighter that goes through the training and whom has the guts to step into the ring for real deserves some respect for it , win or lose.

    Furthermore Rick , I’ll give you 50 to 1 odds on *you* lasting less than 30 seconds with the man you call ” pathetic”.

    Going forward , well Jones is young and he learns from his mistakes , he’ll not likely be making the same ones the next time out , and he showed that he can get clocked a bit without losing his cool.

  16. Machida did very well with his striking and counter striking. Havent seen Jones get hit like that before at all. Seemed that as soon as it went to the ground and Machida got hit with that elbow Machidas energy level or “fight” just left him and Jones was getting stronger with each passing second. I dont think Machida had a chance to tap, if you watch how fast his right hand went limp he was out before he could even tap. I bet it was like Oh crap this guy has me pretty tight, i can get out i know i zzz zzzz .

    Great Job by Jones.

    I would iike to see him vs


  17. Good learning experience for Jones. Got caught a couple good ones in the 1st. Machida is no Joke!! toughest fight so far for Jones. But this kid is here to stay. Love it

  18. That fight was kinda whack n Ntm Machida was teeing off on Jon jones. As usual Jon can’t finish the fight with ko like he couldn’t finish rampage. I want to c a rematch. Rshad evans I think might destroy him bc his stand up n wrestling is beastly. Anderson Silva is not question who would win ther he’s not human

  19. Jon Jones is a superhero. Much credit to a man who can not only take a devistating strike and not go down, but can also choke a world class athlete to the point of unconsciousness… I’m sure jones will be around for a while, entertaining us with these incredible ass beatings!

  20. Wow…. in my heart of hearts I was hoping to see Jones get upset. I know he tries to be humble, but you can feel his arrogance a mile away. He is one smug motherfucker.

    However, he is unstoppable. He fucking OWNS everyone he faces – the best in the LHW division – with ease. No one has a chance in hell against him at LHW. And the chances of Jones moving up to HW – about the same as the chances of A. Silva moving up to LHW. Why move when you’re killing everyone?

    Hendo vs. Jones would be fantastic – I’m not sure Hendo is capable of losing. Last time I saw him lose was to A. Silva. HOwever, I think Jones WOULD be able to beat Hendo – and that is saying a lot. Its the reach advantage folks – it is really unfair in many ways.

  21. Haha, I love how someone would call Machida pathetic. Jones was thinking twice about going on to strike with Machida. Machida landed so many good solid counters that rocked Jones. I’m really hoping the dragon gets a rematch, because nobody else in this division can test jones the way he was tested tonight.. Made me sad to see his body drop so lifelessly to the ground after that, but he gave his all, and he was winning up until then. nasty cut too

  22. The art of 8 limbs beats karate everytime. Machida should have known this. But he did look great in the fight

  23. Jones is a great fighter to be sure, but like every fighter, he has vulnerable areas that opponents will soon take greater advantage of. Easier said than done, but strong kicks to those spindly legs could go a long way of toppling the giant.
    I too give Machida the first round , if it were not for the elbow and gash, who knows what would have happened. Think the cut affected his pace and style greatly and the rest is history.
    Look forward to seeing both fight again!

  24. Machida was very impressive and made the mistake at the very end of trading with Jones at close range and thus getting staggered by the big right and finished off.I have no doubt Jones would have won even if Machida had survived.This victory had more of an edge in its finishing and more vicious and clinical than JOnes’s other victories.
    I dont see little guys like Hendo and Rashad matching up and if Jones takes 5 months off as Dana has confirmed hes requested,he could still have finished off another 3 guys by the end of next year if all goes well.
    At that point he will have wiped the entire division out and the only move will be to heavyweight.

  25. Jones is very impressive. I agree that he should fight Anderson Silva. They would sell out any venue in the world if that fight was the main event.


  27. Jon Jones is not as good as it looks. He just wins fights so easily because of its size. He would not pass the first round against Velasquez or JDS.

  28. Well, Jones is not really that good. He has a crazy luck type style so far. He has NO one punch knock out, NO one kick knock out. Jones has no boxing style he is predictable (look at the rampage fight rampage ducked the spinning elbow) Jones through a front kick to the face did not faze him. Jones has no real striking power.. The elbow on the ground only cuts no knock out power.

    If Machida had the power of rampage.. Jones would have been knocked out… Jones can’t even dodge punches.

    Jones got the win but Machida is a better fighter.


  29. This is why boxing if taking a down turn. In MMA you get the best to fight the best. In boxing you have a bunch of cry babies taking on fights that no one wants to see. We all know who they should be fighting, and we get the runner-up, or the run-around. This is what makes we the fans frustrated with boxing. Hats off to Lyto and Jon. Good fight. Anderson Silva, your next.

  30. Rick to say that Lyoto Machida is pathetic is disgusting.
    Did he tap out in the standing guillotine choke? No, you can’t say a man is pathetic if he fought to the end, with a huge cut in his head and lost by being choked out. He didn’t quit, if anything it makes him the opposite to pathetic.
    Lyoto Machida holds wins over Tito Ortiz, Randy Couture, BJ Penn, Rich Franklin and Rashad Evans. He has lost 3 of his last 4 fights but that matters little, he knocked out Randy Couture with a flying head kick.

    Please have a little respect and think about what you are posting on the internet before looking like a d*ck

  31. rick ur comment is pure ignorance. shouldve known better than to fight jones? he should know better than to fight the champion and try to take his belt because last time i check thats the path every fighter takes why should he know better? lyoto stood a better chance against jones than shogun and rampage.to say hes not good enough to been champion is the most ignorant thing for anyone that actually watches mma to say. reflect on your stupidity and kill yourself because you really dont know sh*t

  32. machida did not rock jones. he did get some solid shots in but jones was far from rocked you retards. and im glad machida got those shots in to shut up everyone who crys about jones not being able to take a punch. i beg to differ and ha machida got beat at his own game. i would absolutely love to see jones vs “the spider” anderson silva!!!!!!

  33. I don’t think any other light heavyweights have a chance against Jones to be honest. Lyoto had the best chance given his background. His Karate style and evasion ability were the best counters for that reach. I’d love to see a rematch. Most of the other light heavyweights have a boxing style for their striking and that’s virtually useless against someone as rangy as Jones. You’d need someone who can either strike/evade like Machida or take Jones to the ground to beat him.

  34. Compared to Jones, Machida is a one trick pony. Just like Joe was saying throughout the fight, Machida darts in and out just as a Karate competitor would. Once Jones was told by his corner between the first and second round that Machida was looking to counter his leg kicks with a strait left (the only tactic Machida used successfully,) Jones completely dominated Machida. Jones is far superior to Machida in every facet of MMA and solved the only effective maneuver Machida had for Jones after one round. Unless Machida is able to change his game substantially, Machida would just get owned even more in a rematch. It’s funny that Jones complimented Machida’s game, but Machida only gave excuses and clamored for a rematch at the post press conference. Machida looks like a punk because he got his a*s handed to him after all his pre fight talk and still won’t recognize Jones after the fight. JON BONES JONES IS THE MAN!!

  35. I don’t think this fight takes anything away from Machida. As far as the stand up is concerned, Machida seemed to be a step ahead of Jones nearly the entire fight. Jones simply caught Machida, which can happen to anyone. If a rematch should ever happen, don’t be surprised to see Jones lose.

  36. Jones is lucky Machida does not have the one punch power or it would have been done in the first round. Jones is nothing like the Spider the Spider dodges punches like Machida does they both seem to be the top for not getting hit.

    The spider has one punch knock out and again if Machida had this it would have been over in the first round. Rampage never got close enough to hit him so you can say if Jones can take a punch until someone who has the real power hits him.

    Jones lacks power and the ability to dodge punches show when Machida hit him several times.

    Jones luck will run out soon.


  37. Machida is ahead on points.Machida seemed to be a step ahead of Jones. At least he didnt tap out. REMATCH!

  38. Rick doesn’t know sh*t…..haha. Watching this fight I must say Machida gave Jones a run for his money, sticking to what he does and waiting for a chance to land a good counter which he was doing. Jones did pick it up though the second round with that take down and that punch he landed before he got him in the choke. If you notice Machida was rocked from that punch, he fell straight forward and that’s how Jones was able to get a hold of him. You could tell Jones didn’t really know how to fight against Machida’s style which shows he still has work to do as a fighter, but unlike all these older more experienced fighters Jones really can’t do anything but fight them and pick up things to make him better. The only person I could see beating him at this point it Anderson just because he is a lot like Machida but better.

  39. Lyoto’s got balls of a lion!!! Didn’t tap out. Got destroyed but never gave up. He’s the fucking man!!!!!!!!!!!

  40. All you guys rippin on that rick guy for speakinhis mind lol. and for saying he wouldnt last 30 seconds in the cage with jones, well for one i can guarantee 99% of you guys wouldnt, You are all just “fans”. Me i have actually trained mma for 8 years now. And im sure all you people will say ya i train too but taking a bjj class or kick boxing class once and awhile does not count. So stop bitching to other people when you are the same.

  41. I wanna see him take on Pokrajac or little Nog. I don’t think he could hold his own against a smart brawler. I think his style is so out there that people over think it and trip themselves up. And why doesn’t anyone try a kick to the head when he starts low.

  42. I have to agree with periko, I would love to see Jon Jones fight Anderson “The Spider” Silva, I’m an avid fan of The Spider and I truly think that it would be a great matchup for these two champs to battle it out in the octagon. Jon Jones is really making a name for himself, but I do believe there is still a long road ahead of him, he does have the making of a great fighter like Anderson Silva. Lyoto by all means was not a slouch in this fight, he did stick Jones with a couple of good shots that sent him staggering back, and I was very surprised to see that Machida didn’t even try to tap out, he just fell like a sack of potatoes, all in all a great fight, would love to see what’s next for Jon Jones, hopefully it’ll be The Spider Anderson Silva.

  43. Really? 10.5″ advantage for Jones.. this guy is huge and uses that to his advantage. If Jones & Machida were even then victory would have been no doubt for Machida. Machida had some clean shots and got hit maybe 1 time from Jones’s fancy kicks and even Jones got scared after the 1st round. Lucky for his size advantage, otherwise its all The Dragon Machida!

  44. I agree with Brian in that Machida was a step ahead of Jones in the striking. He seems quite a bit faster than Jones. With the first big left that seemed to “stun” Jones for a second, it hit him on the cheek. I don’t doubt that if it would have hit him on the jaw, he would have folded like a lawn chair. In the last encounter on the feet, there was only one camera angle showing the punch, but Machida got the worst of it for sure. Jones finished it off with a really nice choke. In short, I would like to see a rematch someday because I think that Jones got a lucky shot in.

  45. I just don’t understand why anyone thinks evans has a shot against jones. is it because he has been in the same camp as jones?

  46. Anyone who says they are disappointed in Machida, DON’T BE! How can you even begin to say that this hasn’t been Jone’s toughest fight?! Maybe I was the only one who saw Jone’s eyes, body language, and over all morale go straight into the shitter when he went into his corner at the end of the 1st round. Don’t begin to jump to conclusion either fellas, Jones was the one who came out on top and he deserves this win but for all your fuckboys talking sh*t about Machida… Respect, learn it.

  47. And for all you other fuckboys talking about Evans taking Jones out, you must have seemed to forgotten how Machida made Evans do the stanky leg… in his sleep.

  48. C’mon guys give Jones his due. What happens when he gets hit, can he take a punch? well credit to Machida those questions got answered, so now we’re on to his size…jeez!

    He’s champ in a division that suits him and he’s earned it so let him enjoy it a little before demanding he steps up to HW.

    Size isn’t the issue here, just ask Gracie who beat bigger stronger guys when the octagon was a far more dangerous place. MMA is filled with small guys beating bigger guys, did anyone see Dodson the other night? You need a very broad range of skills, heart and cardio to compete. MMA has evolved, wrestlers need stand up and boxers need a ground game. To put it down to just size not only insults Jones but the whole sport.

    Jones is still learning but with each fight he’s growing. Beating Rua, Rampage and Machida in a year is incredible, finishing them is unbelievable! He will lose when a better fighter beats him so for now just enjoy the show.

  49. Machida did a great job. I’m a big machida fan and I’m proud of what he was able to do. He did really good on his foot even though Jones has a massive reach advantage. He made a big mistake on the 2nd round when he closed the distance and tried to blitz Jones with punches. He should’ve just went in and out like the first round. But all in all, Machida is still a force to be reckoned with.

  50. rick- im a jones fan but machida did not do pathetic. he clearly won the first round. and was winning the second til that elbow. this fight was going machidas way til that moment and i woulld like to see a rematch

  51. You dont just let someone fall after a standing guillotine,your day is coming Jones and i cant wait disrespectful clown.

  52. Jones is the real deal, humble and respectful of his opponents. Trash talk is good, but as a fighter you have to live up to it and back yourself in the octagon otherwise its pointless leashing out alot of words and end up getting beat up. Jones continues to mesmerize the UFC world with his fighting style, so unique and un-orthodoxed yet so complete. Blessings to you Johnnie, God bless.

  53. im impressed with jones in this… if you look closely hes using something like a reverse guillotine here, which i havent seen really in the ufc or any mma fights for that matter. you can see him pushing his hand towards the cage at the end… very good choke

  54. Jones is 1.93m tall and Junior dos Santos 1.93m
    Jon Jones is supposed to gain weight 10 kg and fight with Junior Dos Santos.
    who would win!?Jon Jones-Junior dos Santos!??
    won by Junior dos Santos at 100%

  55. Machida deserved to win this fight,Period!
    Jones was undoubtedly beaten on the first round
    but he was lucky to win!
    Like someone’s comment above Jones’s luck is running out!
    Log Live Brazilian fighters!

  56. Who cares about his size. His size is not going to change therefore before you get in the ring you know what your up against. Alot of fighters have advantages, the point is you try and take their advantage away from them. You signed up to fight not to compare sizes WTF. Bottom line they are both champions, just one of them has the belt.

  57. shut up all you machida fans doesnt mean shit when u win a first round against a champ… machida aint built for the new school fighter straight up and down like 6 Oclock and first round or not its not how u starta fight my friend… its how u finish it.. and hats off to jones for doing his thing!!

  58. Jones was scared to stand with Machida.

    We know Machida is not a ground and pound type guy. Jones has no stand up and was just going to get picked a way by Machida round after round. Jones got scared went to what he does best (the elbow) I say this is a pussy way of doing things.

    A ground guy beats a stand up guy on the ground… duh most of the time that happens the ground guy gets the stand up guy to the ground and wins. Look at the Rampage fight.

    Jones don’t have the balls to stand up with these guys. Why? Jones Loses that’s why!

    No way Jones can go against Anderson “The Spider” Silva Jones can’t dodge punches and Anderson has one punch knock out power.

    As for Evans same will go Jones will take him to the ground. Evans is a stand up guy.

    Take brian bowles vs miguel torres… Torres was champ for 5 years or something like that. This could have been rampage if he could have got close to Jones to hit him… I think Rampage was to careful and did not use half of what he does best.

    Point Jones won’t stand with anyone because he will get beat.


  59. Dean, your an id*ot.

    Jon Jones has stood toe to toe with every fighter he has faced with the exception of Vladimir Matyushenko which he took to the ground right away. If you watch the video, although Lyoto did win the first round, Jones connected with a straight left that cause Lyoto to take the fight to the ground. From there he elbowed him opening the gash on his head which was the beginning of the end. Jones is a wrestler first, but no one has had an answer to his hybrid muay thai / boxing skills. He has never lost a round fighting on his feet until he faced the complexity of Machida’s karate. When he was in danger he didn’t shoot Machida for a take down, he stood up to him and clocked him. Please don’t comment in any forum again.


  61. F*ck Jon bones Jones crawling around on the floor like a fucking monkey he not even that good n Machida was destroying him in the stand up Ntm that takedown was lucky as sh*t.
    I want to c a rematch . Rashad Evans would prob destroy him n thers no question who would win between him n silva. F*ck Jones he dont deserve the title plus he not respectful which showdown he gona get his sh*t stomped in sooner or later

  62. no doubt that jones is bigger than machida.
    he’s not deserving for Light heavy weight but he must proceed to the heavy weight.

  63. Untill jones starts to fight people his own size he will never be impressive. Junior dos santos would wreck him very badly and so would alot of HWs and thats why jones scared to fight at his normal weight so he has to cut weight and beat up smaller guys at LHW.

    The fact a small karate guy outstriked a 6’4, 84.5 reach HUGE POWER MUY THAI GRECO ROAMAN BEAST showed jon jones is sh*t. A lion beating a rabbit is not impressive. Time to fight at your normal weight pussy jon jones, not cutting weight then gaining weight after the weight cut to be WAYYYY Biggger then these small LHW’s. Jones is a pussy. This is why everybody hates jon jones, not to menchion his pussy slashing elbos on foreheads. Thats how he beat machida.

  64. are u retarded every fighter cuts weight jones beat up lyoto machida shogun rua and rampage jackson(do you know who they are??) and many others jon jones is no pussy he is 24!!!!!! u moron. how much weight do u think rampage cut to fight jones?? and how are slashing elbows pussy elbows? did u see his elbow on brandon vera? he beat machida by choking him unconcious i would like to see you fight jon jones lol

  65. why do people complain about jones letting machida go at the end? what would you do if the ref said ‘stop’ lol i.e not keep hold of him

  66. Ernie are you kidding me… Get your eyes checked stop smoking that crack.

    Have you not watched great fights. When a fighter beats a fighter at his own skill, that is a true champ. When the title is held by Jones and is challenged by a stand up guy if he was a true champ he would stand up with him and beat him at his own game… as you seen Jones lost the stand up game. Jones got scared and went to the ground same with Rampage. Jones has no real stand up No power and will get beat in the stand up. Of course you get a big goon on top of you he will do some damage with a elbow like Jones.

    Jones reminds me of when you go to the zoo to the gorilla display, they have the life size reach of the gorilla and you can stand next to it… Might be why Jones starts on the ground like that, he is a shaved down gorilla monkey boy.

    Put Brock Lesnar in with Jones let Brock do a couple hammer fist with the extra large hands and lets see Jones then.

    Jones needs to fight GSP first he does not deserve the spider yet…

    Jones cut the weight and Fight GSP first.


  67. @ JONES IS A P*SSY
    you’re a clown. he’s 24 years old and has years of fighting left in him. He will dominate the HW division in a few years. you’re stupidity is unbelievable.

  68. All of you guys hating on Jones need to be out training so that when you get in the ring with him you can show us all how it should be done. Jones does not need to gain weight, all of you trash talkers need to gain skills to step up and get beat down. This fight was not a matter of fight or die for Machida, he chose to fight, he stepped in, he kicked, got kicked, he punched, got punched, caught an elbow, and eventually went to sleep.

    You idiots that say a champion should fight a challenger in whatever style the challenger prefers to fight are morons, still in denial that your fighter was not the best in the octagon. MMA does not mean that because you want to stand and fight that we have to stand and fight. MMA means that if you step in the octagon I’m going to try to beat you by any legal means necessary.

    I feel sorry for all of your computer keyboards, ipads, or other devices that you used to post the BS that you posted, because they undoubtly took a beating while you vented your frustrations that Jones choked, legally might I add, Machida to retain the belt.

  69. I am a fan of Lyoto Machida, who is the best karate fighter in the ufc!!!
    can not find who by Jon Jones could not defeat?
    that seems to dominate the category, Light Heavyweight (205 lb) minimum of 5 years and perhaps longer!

  70. You release the pressure and lower them down to prevent a neck injury,all done in a couple of seconds..Not just let them fall with a limp head that could cause severe neck injuries like vertebral fractures, whiplash, blood vessel injury, and even paralysis.I hope his trainer tells him what a dummy he was.

  71. wow, I can’t believe all the lame a*s excuses people are making for machida… Yes, he was faster in the stand up and gave jones jones trouble initially but that doesn’t change the fact that lyoto lost in the fashion that he did. Machida lost to shogun twice ( that bs decision victory doesnt count) machida didn’t make past the 2nd rnd so how the hell can people make a valid argument about him deserving a rematch. Machida is a b*tch for trying to argue for one and making excuses at the conference (post fight) instead giving jon his due credit… and for everyone who says its because of his reach and height then how come stefan struve isn’t the heavyweight champ??? he also has an 84in reach and he is much taller than jones… so physical attributes alone doesnt make you fighter. Jones is talented & constantly improving. Jones walked away without a scratch while machida awoke from the canvas with a migrane and a bleeding forehead. That was epic seeing jones drop lyoto with that punch then putting him to sleep. But i know everyone would just say it was luck and that machida didnt punch him 100% on the face and blah blah blah…

  72. @ross so I guess when a fighter KO’s another figher he’s suppose to catch him before he hits the canvas to prevent all of those possible injuries…??? Everybody loves to say jones is arrogant, cocky, & disrespectful but who is more arrogant & disrespectful than chael sonnen… people find any little thing to make jones look like a bad guy when he’s really not… F*** off haters!!!!!!!!!!!

  73. I dont know if people arnt realizing something about jones and his huge potential weakness but look at his damn pencil legs! Anyone with the skills of Jose aldo in his weight division would cripple him with leg kicks. Someone that was good with changing up combos with leg kicks and has good take down defense could beat him I bet. Too bad machida didnt put this in his game plan.

  74. why would anyone think that Machida is the best in the LHW division? come on guys, watch the video again. It doesn’t mean that when you took the 1st round, you win the fight. what the heck is that notion all about? oh men, Machida is a great fighter but Jon Jones is the best!

  75. I honestly would like to see these two go again, I doubt it would be the same story, Yes machida was choked out, and im not saying it is luck what happened, just saying I think it would turn out differently, and look at the pride machida has, he had tons of time to tap and in that time chose not to. He is a well respected fighter, and one of my favourites. there is always going to be someone better.

    P.S. @ Dean i would love to see this jones character go at it with GSP, even though we know who would win, well who has more talent. and determination

  76. Lyotto obviously deserved to be in there with Jones. He’s had an outstanding career. He did dominate the first round. Jones was having difficulty with his style. Even Shogun stated that he felt Machida could defeat Jones. Of course, on this level of fighting, the table can turn quickly.

    Most importantly, if we are going to look at this for what it is… a sports event with mixed martial artists (key word being “martial artists”) can we please stop all the trash talk and give respect to both men. There is always a winner and a loser in a match. It doesn’t make the loser of the fight a loser in life!

  77. When the ref tells them to split, they have to step away from each other, no exceptions. Jon did exactly what he was supposed to do.

  78. My hat goes off to both the fighters, they were great. Im a fan of the sport and I see it as a dynamic and well worthy performance they both exploited to the world, there both winners, hell all the fighters are winners for the fact that they take on a sport that many others dare to much like the life of a soldier. Great Performace Machida and Jones!!

  79. @dean – you talk great from behind a PC screen. Why don’t you racially abuse Jones to his face? A truly great sport like this, with all-round technical and cardio training that puts most others to shame, and numbskulls like you show up. We true fans have seen breathtaking fighters like the incomparable Gracies, Vitor Belfort, Couture, Henderson, BJ Penn, the Iceman, Yves Edwards, Jones and others,thrill and inspire us in a way which goes beyond outdated concepts of race and so on, and, yes – I happen to be a black guy who holds the Iceman Absolutely Supreme in terms of the excitement factor and how he has affected my own training, and I’m not ashamed of that. Long live the very brave fighters like Machida and Jones who put themselves on the line, and long live the real fans, who genuinely appreciate these modern-day warriors and brothers of a code.

  80. the reason why Jon Jones won over Machida is because Jesus Christ strengthens him. Philippians 4:13. God bless you more Jon!

  81. Size means nothing. That’s why divisions are determined by weight. Lots of tall UFC fighters have come before, but they all got clocked. It comes down to strength and skill of which nobody posseses the way Jones does.

    There is no talent in GSP’s division. GSP is an above average fighter, nothing special. And why would Jones fight heavyweight Brock Lesnar? lol Lesnar is also just a talentless hack who has size but no skill and that’s why he consistently gets beaten. He’s going to lose his next fight to another mediocre fighter.

    Only Anderson Silva and Jon Jones have exceptional talent in MMA today. Nobody will beat Jones for a long time to come. Due to Silva’s advanced age, he may find himself on the losing end of a fight sooner than later.

  82. f*ck you rick, don’t say anything bad to machida he did his best, he is a true warrior, he didn’t tap even if he knows that he can not escape on that choked

  83. @ mirrorman… Why don’t you racially abuse Jones to his face?
    Nothing to do with race. If it was I would be hating on Rampage or other black fighters… You must be one of the black guys who think they are owed something from the white guy.

    Jones can’t stand up why he went to the ground same as he did with rampage. Once a guy with power punches Jones it will be over.

    @AreYouStupid And why would Jones fight heavyweight Brock Lesnar… it would be a nice fight to watch Duh!

    Brock is a super star win or lose don’t matter he is still a super star no matter what.

    Jones has a long ways to become a super star yet.. he lost to Matt Hamill

    Jones could not beat Stephan Bonnar or Andre Gusmão only by Decision… this is the type of guy that will beat Jones, or the guy who has one punch knock out and actually hits him… if Rampage would have hit him we would not be talking about this.


  84. How bout you all stop bitchin about what rick said cause he is rightachida didn’t deserve to be I’m there against jones he lostto shogun and jones beat the sh*t out of him that should all tell you something jones won’t lose for along a*s time and I think it’s time for anderson silva to step up and go fight jones cause he dominated that weight for to long but let guess the Brazilian is to scared of the American to do that cause he know he will get fucked up

    P.s. F*ck the illuminati and if you don’t know what is research is cause it is a serious matter!

  85. @brandon, bro I feel you man. I was kinda devastated by machida’s loss. He’s my favorite fighter by far, and it’s so disappointing these last few fights watching him lose. I don’t know if he’s lost something, but I’m always worried about his age and his conditioning. Not that he’s old, but at 33 it’s harder to have the same fitness and quickness as 28. If you watch that second round, he looks to be a bit more fatigued than jj, and I wonder if that contributed to the takedown and the cut. Anyway I don’t know what the deal is, but I have been super disappointed.

  86. Look at people saying Jones can’t fight after he has beaten all the people they probably believe CAN FIGHT. People saying that make no sense. By trying to devalue Jones you are devaluing all the great fighters he has already beaten like Rua and Machida.

  87. Dean you are an absolute moron, you claim you are not racist then go into some rant about Jones looking like a gorilla. Since that is the typical insult of the average red-neck, do you mind telling us what how you think Jones looks has to do with a thing?

    As for Black guys who think they are owed something, you sound like a White guy who feels he’s owed something by Black guys, I.e., they owe you to at least not win fights etc.

    Why don’t you lighten up, the idea you are some type of mixed martial artists expert who can coach fighters how to beat Jones is laughable, you sound more like an internet warrior amongst all the other sad things you clearly are.

    You have no point you silly ape, if fighters know Jones is good on the ground then they should make sure Jones doesn’t get them on the ground, likewise they should manage to keep the game up. What an idiot you are ape-boy.

  88. I love the way Jones choked him unconcious, let him drop to the mat like a bag of dirty laundry, turned and walked away.

  89. Machida got jones to play outta his game plan for jones reach i am very suprised jones didn’t knock out machida

  90. Honestly Jones won he fought the way he always fights unpredictable and dangerous! As for Machida much respect he took all but the last 2 exchanges in the second round he was having his way until he went down to the floor! I was not particularly impressed with Jones! It shows you it only takes one mistake and with two of the most dangerous fighters in their weight class! it showed alot of problems with Jones coming forward instead of him countering moving back! Jones won the fight Machida earned his respect and support of the fans he really controlled Jones for the stand up game not so much for the wrestling but it couldve happened to either opponent One mistake and thats it!

  91. Good job to both fighters, Especially Machida. considering the reach difference, Machida did very well to control and dictate the majority of the fight in his own exclusive way. Jones is a tough wrestler, he could & would be critiqued, and literally be, crazy not to use this against a fighter of Machida’s caliber. i understand that things like, speed, strength, skill and the mental/physical involved in each all comprise the extent of talent. What i don’t know(sarcasm) is whether or not people are capable of understanding that if you find two identical humans(or breed in a lab genetically) equal in the mental & physical aspects of speed, skill, strength, and have them fight MMA, they are likely to battle it out to a draw or conundrum-ish predicamental decision. and if i must, to the Machida discreditors, state that If Machida’s being was to have Jones reach and the grappling advantage that comes with it and was able to keep his own skill set, jones could have very VERY well been obliterated, quick. now comparably contrasting To Jones defense, had he had Machida’s skill, ingenuity, and speed, and was able to keep his own physical feats, he could have have vice-versa’d Machida in domination of the stand up. So considering the valid factors that affect outcome, by observation, we must acknowledge that it took brilliant & superior strategy and tactics for Machida upset Jones in the dimension he did. and smart adaptation and knowledge of rules by Jones to reassess himself and adjust. For those of you who dont deem size/reach an important outcome-determinant factor are inconsiderable to computable influences, that, if must be, can be explored by scientifical study, mathematics, and physics to name a few.

    I would like to start a debate:

    Should fighters be allowed to use cutting/slashing elbows on top of a ‘grounded opponent’?

    No discredit to Jones(rather: a merit for intelligence). now consider this: MMA is still evolving; it’s rules, particularly, are not thoroughly/fully thought out, thus, still in a premature state. analyze this:

    The implementation of fighters putting one hand on the ground to avoid certain damages show that fighters are starting to explore & bend, in some manner, the current rules in unusual ways but, within it’s perceived limits, possibly to attain an advantageous positioning making certain approaches, usually unavailable, now available. We see Jones using this method defensively offensive or offensively defensive(if you can understand that) while some other’s use it primarily defensive to avoid damage while getting back up. this is a type of rule bender. i must admit, i can see at some angle how this can make MMA more ‘sporty’.

    Now with the idea of cutting elbows and grey areas using one hand on the ground as a safety, then reconsidering the ‘cutting/slashing’ elbows…

    why not illegalize cutting elbows, as that move in it’s self has a 75% or+higher chance of causing laceration if the blow is directed to the cranium… since it puts the receiving opponent a premeditated disadvantage(blood>eyes=obstructed vision) comparable to fingering an eye(vision obstruction) which creates an advantage for the inflictor, which IS considered illegal. or covering the nose of your opponent to obstruct their breathing.
    with the current rules:

    Why not allow front kick to the face when an opponent attempts such a “crawl stance” approach on the stand up? or legalizing up-kicks, as this would almost force holder type wrestlers, chilling in the bottom-opponent’s full guard, to get ‘a move on’, right? agree?

    If opponents are to fight in a platform where the rules favor both fighters having the same leverage, then those slick, grey-area-type approaches need their equalizing-counter. Every Punch has one Every Kick has one Every Grappling maneuver has one not, Bending rules is the new age malarky to gain an advantage, before, you Learned the favorable response to an attack and did your best to be fluid in it’s implementation. the crawl approach is not absurd, it’s quite crafty. but when the rules, ignorantly or arrogantly, calls for a restriction against the opponent to react/adapt accordingly in such a way that limits him from doing just about anything equally offensive, like an undeserved handicap, then it is not justiful.

    An approach(one of many) to counter such bending of rules temporarily, until someone in such a position to make such a modified rule official, would be to be slightly slicker in, lets say: attempt a flying knee to the head of a one-arm-grounded opponent, but while in mid-air, be vigilant for their reaction, and determine whether or not to go through with it or not(the big brother of a ‘feint’, if you will). the idea is to get the opponent to react to the slightly reserved flying knee in a way that makes him ‘flinch’ and raise that hand off that ground just enough to allow you to go through with it completely and destructively. If he’s not a flincher, let him have it, take the point or deny your intentions, ‘just’ feel comfortable in being an outlaw for good reason, for a biased rule that promotes an injustice.

    critics’ welcomed.

    Evolution. let the next step of MMA go underway and come of age.

    Unconventional thinking is necessary for progress & advancement

  92. @Dean…..well you are saying that he is lucky because he does not have any one punch K.O…..but it takes luck to get a one punch K.O, I have a story…..at a bar down town one night…..some guy who claims to have trained MMA, about 200lb. Comes up trying to pick a fight with a boy about 130lb and has a mild case of downsindrome….the boy with down sindrome closes his eyes and throws 3 punches landing all 3, one of them was a lucky punch that knocked out this so called MMA fighter……so in reality it takes luck to knock someone out, takes skill to put them to sleep. thank you

  93. Rick,

    what sh*t were you watching?

    props to Machida for putting up a good first round

    Jones apparently will be unbeatable in that division for the time being.

  94. Ross,

    It would have been extremely inappropriate for Jones to attempt to lay Machida on the canvas like he was a sleeping toddler after choking him out. Jon Jones’ job was to follow the referee’s instruction and release Machida – and that’s just what he did. There are No Gladiatorial sports where you are required to to catch a falling opponent. Being a karate stylist myself, I thought that Machida’s stand up was excellent. One of the best fighters in the world was simply defeated by one the best fighters in the world who just happened to be the better man at that point in time. Congratulations Jones on a well deserved victory. Good wrestling, good muay thai, good fight. Your boxing skills could use some work.

  95. Most of the comments here on this fight were utterly insane! What fight were these people watching?!!! Machida was clearly getting the best of Jones. Jones simply went to what he does best, and as ALWAYS, the fight quickly turned in his favor. These people act like it is against the rules to NOT fight your opponent’s fight in this sport! I don’t see folks doggin’ Brock Lesnar for not wanting to stand-up with Velasquez! I didn’t even hear the post-fight because Machida does not deserve a rematch against this KID. Machida didn’t even make it out of the SECOND ROUND! Why? “BECAUSE HE WAS UNCONSCIOUS!” Let the KID get a little size with age on his bones as he MATURES physically! Then let’s talk about this 23 yr. old facing bigger opponents in the heavyweight division with his skinny little legs . . . Right Now, the only one that I would pay to see Jones fight is Anderson Silva —Now that fight would be worth its weight in GOLD* However, “I AM SURE,” Anderson wants no parts of Jon Jones, since Anderson would have to bring his weight up to LHW where I feel he would be far less effective(particularly in speed) . . . Silva would only bring his weight up to fight a turtle(like Forest Griffin). Big props to Machida for trying!

  96. Ross,

    For Jon Jones to attempt to lay Lyoto Machida down like a sleeping toddler after choking him out would have been totally inappropriate. Jon Jones job was to follow the instructions of the referee. That is exactly what he did.

    You don’t catch a falling opponent in any gladiatorial competition. Lyoto Machida is a great fighter – so is Jon Jones. Jon Jones just happened to be the better man that day. My primary style is karate. I thought that Machida did an excellent stand up job against Jones.

    It would have been very unwise of Jones not to utilize his roman-gecko and muay Thai skills against a superior hand striker like Machida. Jon Jones, Congratulations of a successful defense of your title. You are still improving in all areas of MMA. Don’t stop doing what you are doing. That is why you are the champ. Add a good boxing coach to your team. Machida, good fight.

  97. You are ready for the truth Jon Jones s*cks as a MMArtist Greg Jackson orchestrates his success The only thing that he does on his own is fight and train all of his success is mainly due to Jackson if he didnt have a corner he would fall apart soooooo fast , He has been groomed for success by Jackson Winklejohn and Dana White . Why Because stupid uneducated fans like him because he is black and represents the typical boxing fighter and he is black so racists will want to watch him lose and he acts like a nice guy so he can be a poster boy he is a Sham , he is there for the dumb fans to follow the sport more he is there only to put as*es in the seat not to represent the true skill of MMA and , Machida wins 9 times outta 10 . he only knows flashy strikes and takesdowns I am a tall skinny fighter and that is a big part of his success , and he is fighting guys much shorter , he is a product of money not skill he is a good athlete and Fighter but as A Skillful and Intelligent Martial Artist he Doesnt even come close yet ,He is a boy in a mans body . Try and prove me wrong if you are honest you will see . Alot of you know something doesnt sit right with you about jones.

  98. Thank you for posting the fight! Just AWESOME to see! Only thing better would have been to be there in person.

  99. Size only matters if you’re able to utilize it to your favor. For example, Tim Sylvia has size but he is a terrible MMA fighter because he has no discernable skills or talent. Size can be a weakness if you’re lanky and lack physical strength.

    Machida did an extraordinary job, and if he had knockout power, things may have been different. Unfortunately that is one of the few skills he does not possess.

    People complain about changing the rules in the MMA when it comes to Jones’ fights. Why is that? Why are elbows now a problem? If elbows are thrown hard enough, they will cut the skin. I see no issue with this at all. If elbows are launched against Jones in the same way he pounds others with elbows, his skin will cut just the same. Nobody has done this to Jones, because they cannot wrestle him. Jones uses elbows because his arms are too long to establish enough torque for traditional fist ground and pound – his long arms are also what compromises the power of his punches and explains his lack of knockout power even though he has considerable strength. It takes that much more effort to extend longer heavier arms than it does for shorter arms so his reach advantage creates a power disadvantage for him in striking. That the basic physics of it.

    I don’t think Anderson Silva will ever fight Jones and he shouldn’t. Silva would get beaten. He would not be able to overcome Jones’ reach advantage and Jones would overpower him in wrestling (think of Jones as a super human version of Chael Sonnen on steroids) and pulverize Silva into a victory. A more interesting fight would be Silva vs Machida. In a Machida vs Silva fight, I’d give each a 50% chance of winning, perhaps an edge to Silva because he can adapt quickly, is the best striker in MMA (while Machida is the best counter striker) and he has knockout power. But I doubt that fight will ever happen too.

  100. I don’t see anybody that comes close to posing a possible threat to Jones the way Machida did. Dan Henderson wouldn’t be able to get inside and would be gassed by the start of the 3rd round, assuming a Hendo vs Jones fight even got that far. It would be an absolute slaughter.

    One has to hope that somebody with comparable skills to Machida who also has knockout power and superior defensive wrestling abilities will enter the UFC for Jones’ title to be seriously challenged.

  101. @ Lombatastic

    Dean you are an absolute moron, you claim you are not racist then go into some rant about Jones looking like a gorilla. Since that is the typical insult of the average red-neck, do you mind telling us what how you think Jones looks has to do with a thing?

    As for Black guys who think they are owed something, you sound like a White guy who feels he’s owed something by Black guys, I.e., they owe you to at least not win fights etc.

    Well at the local zoo as I said they have a monkey / gorilla arm spans and you can stand up next to it to see how a human arm span sizes up against them. If Jones would stand up against the cut out he would have longer arms or same size so money like arms, then that style he starts with on the ground like a monkey makes sense… nothing racial about it… Just an observation of monkeys and Jones.. If Jones was white I would say the same commit.

    I said that guy above not all black guys say the white guy owes them… Just to let you know my wife is black and my two kids… My uncle also married a black lady and my my brother adopted two black kids they have 4 white kids of their own and 2 black kids they adopted.

    As I said above Jones could not beat Stephan Bonnar or Andre Gusmão only by Decision because these guys are better at the ground game then Machida or Rampage… That is why Jones beat both he went to the ground these two guys don’t have a good ground game. If you ask me Rampage tapped like a little girl.

    @ Jamie

    so in reality it takes luck to knock someone out, takes skill to put them to sleep. thank you

    Wrong a little kid (5 years old) could choke out an adult just like you can drown in a tea spoon of water it don’t take that much.

    Any given Sunday any body can be beat… Jones was lucky Machida does not have a one punch knock out or it would have been over as Jones got hit easy by a better stand up guy them him.

    Jones will get beat by the one punch knock out guy or a ground guy. If he keeps fighting guys with no ground game all he does is take them to the ground and will throw that big elbow that is his only good thing he does.


  102. Nobody in light heavyweight division can beat Jon Jones, as long as he maintains his performance like this. Nobody, nobody.

  103. @Dean

    Jones is only 24. He skill level has increased 10-fold with each fight. If he were to fight Bonnar or Andre today, they would get knocked out.

  104. Dean Dean you are brain dead, “jones was lucky” “somebosy is gonna”, yada yada yada…….until it happens, just pay attention & watch a master at work, you are a typical shoulda coulda woulda kind of person!!!

  105. i think that machida is one fo the greatest ufc fighters in his weight devision ever. i think that if the fight went on machida would of knocked jones out.

  106. Hey Guys ,., jones is a lucky boy , so real champs don’t need it just fight ’til so i don’t see tht in jones yet !!!

  107. Did I not see Machido drop from a Jones short left? Now you say Jones doesn’t have power but he is young and hasn’t matured body wise yet, this is just the start of his career, and baring injury I think that the power will come with him because he is so talented. Also, a weak elbow doesn’t cut like that! It takes power to make the forehead explode like Machida’s ground beef forehead. Machida didn’t do anything in this fight to deserve a rematch. Alot of you people must be taking Karate class to still like him. He is a one kick novelty in the world of MMA, and once people found that out, he is 1 for his last 4 fights? He does the best he can do, which is far behind the skills of Jones, and a rematch would make him look even worse because Jones is on the rise and Machida is on the long road down the mountain for fighters. If he fights again, it should be against lil Nog, where he may have a striker’s chance. As far as Jones, I don’t think anybody wants to face him right now, untill he has some more fights that show holes in his game.

  108. Machida does not get hit much he is good at dodging, that does not mean he can’t get hit. So a guy who don’t get hit much it hurts a little more when hit. Machida never claimed to have a tough chin, he is not used to getting hit. Machida needs to get hit and learn how to take a shot better I agree.

    Machida was way better stand up than Jones and Jones got lucky Machida does not have the power of the one punch knock out or it would have been over. Machida would have power of Rampage it would have been over for Jones. Jones got lucky again.

    What is this Jones taking off like 6 months we won’t even know who he is if he does take off that long.

    He is only looking for two fights in 2012… Dana you reading this make Jones fight no more than one month off. So we can see him beat. I don’t want to wait 6 months to see him beat.


  109. Dean, if you’re waiting to see Jones get beat, you’re going to have to wait a lot longer than 2012. Try 2022.

  110. i think Machida did better than anyone so far meeting Jones, and he didnt give up.

    Good fight but Jones is a monster!

  111. Wow at some of these comments. Jones is a monster and DESERVES credit for beating machida. I dont know why some of u r hating on him so much the dude is a great MMA fighter deal with it lol. Dean..just stop typing dude.

  112. Machida proved (even though he lost) Jones can be beaten. I wouldn’t put it past Hendo knocking him out.

    But of course, everyone wants to see Silva vs Jones.

  113. Honestly I thought Machida was going to win based on the multiple times he kept getting good hits on Jones. But Jones is a better on the floor and with submissions than Machida. This is one of the few times i can say Machida truly lost because he did give it his all. I still think the fight would’ve went a lot different if Machida was the same size as Jones.

  114. silva would be put on his back & pulverized into the canvas,I like the chael sonnen comment above!! Hendo has proved he cant fight from his back where jones would put him, examples as of recently shogun back to jake shields….. I don’t even have a clue who matches up well w/ jones just bcuz hes so young/explosive/GREAT GRECO wrestling/monster HELLBOWS/ and reach!!!!

  115. How can people say Machida was the toughest opponent Jones faced?? He only lasted 2 rounds then got put to sleep, Rua lasted 5 rounds & Ramage went 4 rounds……

    Matyuchenko= EMBARRASSED
    Bader= career might have ended that night.

  116. It’s a very poor arguement to say Jones only wins because of his size (hater talk) what about all the champions before him that were smaller and beat taller fighters? He wins because he is the best in the division period. Maybe. He’s young and only been a champion a few months why should he move down a weight to face silva? if anthing Silva should move up a weight to face him he’s been a champion for alot longer…

  117. okay you people…. for the love of god… stop saying jones is scared of heavyweights….. i went to UE (union endicott highschool) with jones and his brothers.. jones was SKINNIER in highschool than he is now. him being that size is a step up from what he was. some of you are EXTREMELY ignorant. oh and if you dont believe me that i went to school with him…. 515 N Rogers Ave, Endicott NY 13760 <– my apartment. trust me, jon deserves everything he has. he always drops by CNY MMA and hangs out with the fighters in training, teaches different things, he is a great guy. (proof, Erik Charles, Tamdan Mcrory/ Jared Palmer/ Jason porter. all trainers at cny.) there now you all cant say im bullshitting.
    i just wish people would give the guy a break

  118. I like Jon Jones but… he is predictable:
    spinning back kick
    left hand on knee spinning right elbow
    kick to the knee
    Pleas add to your repertoire, I don’t want your next opponent to have you figured out. Jon Jones!!!!! Love that kid!

  119. @ Dean he lost to matt hamill…
    Did you watch that fight?? Jone was destroying matt!! It was a bull$h*% DQ. He lost the fight, yes but NOBODY has beaten him!

  120. What the f*ck it’s obvious none of you know anything about you seem to think cause watch the fights you know something about the fight game. Jones totally dominated this fight from start to finish machita may have landed three good shoots though out the fight jones gourd with him finding his range in the first round while machete ran jones also knew machete could not hurt him he took him down with ease and finished off with a standing choke un Hurd of. I’ve been saying the first few years of the MMA was full of bar room brawlers you can find that on any corner in any city I don’t need to pay big bucks to unskilled fighters punch each other in the face 90 percent of MMA fighters need to go back to what they do best take downs and submissions and leave the stand up fighting to the truly skilled most these guy should take boxing classes it would make them better fighters. a rematch with machita would be a waste of time and good money butthe cream is finally rising to the top jones is a true fighter. A jones silva fight would be a good one to watch and as much as I enjoy watching Anderson silva fight jones will beat him too.

  121. Jones should stay in lightheavyweight and become the longest reigning champion of all time its unfair people wanting him to change weight he hasnt cheated or done anything wrong and if hes on top why risk it .

  122. I know I’m kinda late on this particular fight, but it was a good one but all of u need to go to the second round with 2:31 on the clock,machida got hit with a solid right and that’s where the takedown takes place,he got the fight punched outa him almost like he gave up. He got taken to the ground then elbowed. So check back on the fight and you’ll see for yourself,oh btw he was not outclassed in the 1st,I shall call that a slow start to an enigmatic karate specialist and the saying is muay thai over karate always.The 8 limbs of terror.

  123. zzzzz machida made shogun and rampage look like sh*t…. machida is actually a better striker then jones, anybody with some sort of a brain could see it was the takedown/elbo combo is what f*cked him over. zzzzzzzzzzz shogun and rampage should retire they blow d*ck for breakfast.

  124. The best part about this fight was listening to the commentators ‘ride Machisas’ nuts from round one til’ Jones put his a@@ to sleep. They both were singing the praises of the “…unique style Machida has” blah blah blah, “…what Jones has never faced” …til they were “LITERALLY! (I WAS IN ATTENDANCE)falling out of thier f*ck**g chairs when he fell to the ground like dirty laundry.

  125. the beginning of the end was 2nd round 2:31 when machida was punched in the mouth(he gave up)then got taken down,elbowed in the skull,they stood up ,ref stopped fight to check wound.Ref restarted fight ,Jones clipped him with a left superman punch @short range,clamped machida’s neck, then ctfo him and dropped him like sh*t in a toilet.

  126. All of you Machida fans are just upset Jones chocked him out. He did not show any respect and it was embarrassing the way he lost…A grown man stood up and choked out…that was like me chocking out one of my kid cousins for talking smack…lol…Machida is garbage compared to Jones too big and too strong obiviously if he can stand a grown man up and choke him out until he is unconcious…duh that is why he did not tap and the referee had to save his life..next time he will know not to talk that much smack before the fight…lol….sucker….black is beautiful

    P.S……stop making excuses he was not match for a champ

  127. oh man one of my fave fighter got nailed and choked till he passed out….by the way did all the people comments here do MMA or compete into a martial arts tournament i guess some do..if you ask me i did compete but not in MMA though…skills are needed to win the fight but you need a tons of luck also to win hope you understand what im saying…all fighters train before facing their opponents they go to hellish training (sweat/blood) you cant say that one is superior and the other is nothing coz he beat him…to make it short you need LUCK to land a strike to make you win the impossible fight…

    oh by the way that happens to me 3 times in a competition taking up guys who’s bigger and taller than me by 3 to 5 inch

  128. Jon Jones was clearly the better fighter in that match up he had control of the fight for the majority of the time. Machida did win the first round on the score cards but the best punch he had was not really all that devestating for Jones, as he was off balance more so than “rocked” and was still up and ready to go. Don’t hate on Jones calling him disrespectful when you obviously havn’t listened to what he has to say after his fights, and machida had no respect for jones with all his excuses. If theres a re-match Machida needs to change his game entirely so he can possibly last 3 rounds next time.

  129. Some of you ppl on here are living in a fantasy world. To say luck got an athelete to world champion successfully defending the title three times is a bunch of garbage. In my opinion the reason why Jon looked so nervous early on is because he is young. He is not yet intune with his self yet. When he does recognize who he is and reaches his full potential game f*cking over.

  130. me and that dumba*s have the same name haha. Anyways, increadible fight. Was really surprised of the outcome but Machida is still a monster. Let’s see how long Jon can keep his title!

  131. @camila
    Silva did go up in weight. He fought Rich Franklin and Forrest…..rocked both of them dude.

    @jones haters
    Jon Jones has athletic skill like many of his opponents but we have to remember this kid is just starting out. We havent even scratched the surface of his ability. If he continues down this path he’s going to be even more of a force in the sport. I have respect for all the fighters he’s surpassed so far but you have to give credit where credit is due. Jones didn’t win any of his fights by luck ..he won because he’s the better fighter..period! For anyone to say or think otherwise you’re clearly just another salty hater. Hate all you want… just kick back and watch the rise of this guy.

  132. I love john jones but he did not have to drop machida knowing the man was asleep lost mad respect show some class but then again what can u expect from a n*gga. wait tell he meet dan henderson he will learn then.

  133. lol you really believe dan henderson stands a chance against Jon Bones Jones? It won’t go past the 1st round.

  134. You fight with the weapons you are given and gained. Silva and Jones are BEST at doing that. Fans are the only ones who complain about something naturally given to someone like reach, they are linky, linky people make great 185 and 205 fighters cause its gives them speed and strength. Wise fighters know their limit, fools try to prove points to others other than themselves. True champions these guys are.

  135. Machida got his a*s handed, elusive fighter. lol. how’s that for elusive, only kids get chocked out standing up. lol.

    machida is gonna retire his a*s ause he will never be champion again. never.

    1. hope Jones fights squashes the spider

      the spider show boats against out matched apponents  no honour there

      when sugar ray showboated against  hit man hearns  and marvin haglar it was cool because they were both very dangerous fighters

      spider has had some very boring performances if so great he should take the lessar fighters out rather than have a snoze fest

  136. Jorge Figueroa says:
    2012/01/25 at 11:10 am
    I love john jones but he did not have to drop machida knowing the man was asleep lost mad respect show some class but then again what can u expect from a n*gga. wait tell he meet dan henderson he will learn then.

    lol, lol, drop that brazilian like a bad habbit.

    Other idiots said the same thing, wait til he meets machida, now you retard, wait for henderson…..hahaha, more limp bodies on the ground, lol

    1. You love Jon Jones, but obviously not blacks.  You use derogatory terms and incorrect English.  It makes me sick when people with limited intelligence, a racist persona and access to the internet, are able to post whatever they feel.   Try reading about how he helped stop a robber before you equate low class with his skin color.  I hope one day you may grow beyond you foolish beliefs and find a sensibility and respect for people different than yourself.

  137. The reason he didn’t tap is because Lyoto is a warrior. He doesn’t give up even when the odds are slim. Fight to win or die trying.

  138. that was a great fight indeed…
    some may say machida is a piece of c*ap but mma is mma…
    sometimes you win sometimes you lose..
    i still like the knock out karate kid kick over randy ^_^

  139. i think on fight very well,but this is not a good fight,coz,john did nt go close to machida,n hve a cheated, an d cheap fight
    .this is not a true fight
    i want to see rematch

  140. Jon Jones was better in an MMA match,with MMA rules… but Machida is the better fighter overall…A trained Shotokan Karate fighter can finish a fight with ONE hit with his NAKED fists or with ONE kick…What i’m saying is that the little MMA gloves saved Mr Jones many times from KO in the first round!
    Killing dirty hits with naked elbows to a fallen opponent are allowed, but no naked fists…Not fair, in a street fight Lyoto would be the winner and without a scratch.

    1. naked fists just increases possibility to cut and in fact DECREASES the possibility for a knockout… next time make sure u know it correctly before u comment :) P.s im in machida’s side anyway :D

    2. lol  those tiny gloves are just like bare fists!  just wrapped to protect the hand  not like big boxing gloves that can hand cuff ordinary fighters power   jones was not rocked at all  but the karate kid caught the buzzz    and than was mercufully put to sleep

      you been watching to many movies with subtitles lol  

    3. what are you saying the gloves is to protect ur hands from swelling both of them have gloves on how is it not fair?

  141. Oh man John why would you call him Baby? I’m sure the last thing a full grown man wants to be called after being choked out is a Baby. Yes I know it’s all in good nature, and he was just comforting him but damn the way he says it, embarrassing as hell.

  142. Contra o Lioto jones deu sorte, acho que Lioto é o unico que pode parar a fera, torço por uma revanche!!!

  143. Lyoto is one of my favorite fighters, even after this loss, which pissed me off. But So far Lyoto has been the only man to show that Jones isn`t invincible, and can be beaten. He couldn`t finish Jones, but I think he layed the blueprint for how to finish him.

    Also, was it a punch that made Lyoto fall, or a push when Lyoto was throwing his. Lyoto looked fine after he got up. I think it was Jones Wrestling that won this one.

    1. It was the punch at two thirty of the second that started it all. After that Jones was able to take machida down and land the elbow. That counter left that jones threw before choking machida out definitely rocked machida allowing jones to sink the choke with little struglles and end the fight.
      I hardly call it a blue print since there are few fighters with the ability to do what machida does.

    1. Hes, Machida,  a guy that thinks he could beat a choke artist. Well he failed in round 2 .. even Sho gun lasted three rounds..Shame to the UFC is Machida.. Yest another EASY EASY EASY  skull addted to the Jones’s collection.

      “I AM THE DRAGON”  ,,”I am a Dragon slayer”

      1. machida is a beast, a dude who is confident in his own unorthodox style, I wouldn’t even consider jones a “choke artist” you know nothing, machida is the thing the ufc looks for. no f*ckin shame as*hole

  144. U should stop hating , and u call a real warrior who’s always running around the cage, being a little girl.

  145. Give credit where credit is due, Jon went in and did his thing,I wish you more success in the ring Jon. I hate you and Rahshad have to fight but , when duty calls you have to answer. Good luck!!!

  146. I am also kickboxer so I have much respect for anyone that gets in a ring and show their talent

  147. Jon Jones lost the 1st round.   How many rounds has Dos Santos lost?   Jones isn’t as dominating as people think he is.  Wait till Rashad lands one on his chin.

  148. i think Machida didn’t deserve that cut in the forehead.  and the match should be finished after that cut.

  149. It’s not so much that Jones won the fight but rather that Machida gave it to him with a lapse in concentration.

    Machida was definitely winning the stand-up war up until he started to relax too much and Jones took him down to his own world, on the mat, and tenderized him with elbows. Machida was not quite the same fighter after that.

    A rematch is definitely in order. The smart money would probably be on Machida, as he’s a thinking fighter who actually learns from his mistakes.

    1. Jon was playing with his food, a rematch would end with the same verdict. Jones is growing and changing faster than Machida, he’s a much more creative and powerful fighter. You can’t really hold him anywhere either.

    2. Jon Jones is also a thinking fighter. It seems as though you like Machida more but it seems as though you are trying to take away from Jon Jones who by the way Kicked His A*s…..

      1. Thats right Millennim_gen, My boi JonDwiJones is a thinking man’s fighter , what other way is there to fight.  1st find a way to fight at a weight class below your true weight.  Everyone does it.  2nd fight to win. Sure Machida won the 1st round, but when your losing the stand up take it to the ground.  Use those elbows right away.  Its Machidas fault for being so relaxed. Ya Machida won the 1st round, but he got too relaxed in the 2nd round.  My boi Jon DWI Jones knows how to think, and drink…..on!!!!! and haters keep on hating everyone drinks, Leave it to Jon Dwi Jones to know how to drink, crash into a pole and not a person, very smart, if yoru going to injury something make sure it’s just an object not a person, that could be serious jail time.  Haters Hate, Kicking a man while he’s down.

    3. If Machida learned anything, it’s not to get back in the octagon with Jon Jones. What a sorry stand-up fight Machida is.

  150. damn nigga he is very good but i dont like him …is not humble like the true warrior machida or junior dos santos …..

    1. that dam nigga kicked machida in the a*s then put him to sleep like a baby now thats a true warrior lights out and jon knocked out sho gun. machida never did that now thats a true warrior 

    2. when you’re as good as Jon DWI Jones you don’t need to be humble, likable or anything other than fight at a weight class below the one he should be really fighting at, drink on and cry later!!! Jon DWI Jones greatest of all time

  151. He never should have won any fight, stick with the tip of the elbow, that is cheating and no one says anything. Only a brush with the tip of the elbow and cuts off anyone. Forearm, not elbow, so it should be.


    1. why not move up, silva did it. he showed that he can move up and still win. ST. Perrie doesn’t want to nor does jon jones. and what’s with all caps, people can read it fine bro

  153. LOL what happen to all the pro training and THE KARATE KID KICK thats what happens when you boast.should of boast after he won but he lost and besides Jon he never shows off he is still he’s mama’s little snotty nose son jon’s own words

  154. no no no jones got lucky elbow, Machida was winning the match and he proves to have more fighting techniques  than jones. 

  155. jon dui jones, greatest heavyweight fighitng at lhw, don’t hate the player hate the athletic league for letting the player play the game.

  156. this is kind of funny reading all of these comments against jones.  he is a fighter with a different style than machida, so if you are a machida fan of course you are going to think jones doesnt know how to fight.  chill out! just because you like your fighter more than jones does not mean jones cannot fight, jones is a beast who has a unique style which i probably wrongly compare to anderson silva. machida is a beast who kicks a*s with his own style which i cant compare to anybody, all im saying is my money was on jones for this fight because i have seen his style to be a lot more effective than machida’s in other previous fights.

  157. i do believe machida won the first round but..it also looks like int he second round that machida was tired idk how but it looked like it, then once jones started to get in closer with the elbows and the grappling machidas game was gone after that cus he looked reall freaking tired before the left short hook hit is temple and dropped him before that choke.

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