Frank Mir vs Minotauro Nogueira full fight Video UFC 140 – 2011


3_stars_mma_ranking_allthebestfightsReview: 2011-12-10, exciting fight with an unexpected ending (UFC Submission of the Night, 1st round) between Frank Mir and Antonio Rodrigo Nogueira; in their first fight Mir won Nogueira by TKO. Frank Mir (15-5-0) entered as the No.7 heavyweight the world while Antonio Rodrigo “Minotauro” Nogueira (33-6-1) entered as the No.8. Mir vs Nogueira 2 is on the undercard of Jon Jones vs Lyoto Machida (UFC 140). Watch the video!



Event: UFC 140: Jones vs. Machida

Date: 2011-12-10

Where: Air Canada Centre, Toronto, Ontario, Canada

Division: heavyweight (265 lbs, 120 kg)

Result: Click here to show the fight’s result
Frank Mir def. Antonio Rodrigo Nogueira (Submission at 3:38, round 1)


UFC 140 fight card (main card):
Jon Jones vs Lyoto Machida
Frank Mir vs Antonio Rodrigo “Minotauro” Nogueira 2
Tito Ortiz vs Antonio Rogerio Nogueira
Brian Ebersole vs Claude Patrick
Mark Hominick vs Chan Sung Jung

Mir’s previous fight: Frank Mir vs Roy Nelson

Nogueira’s previous fight: Antonio Rodrigo Nogueira vs Brendan Schaub

Mir’s next fight: Junior Dos Santos vs Frank Mir

Nogueira’s next fight: Antonio Rodrigo Nogueira vs Dave Herman



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81 Replies to “Frank Mir vs Minotauro Nogueira full fight Video UFC 140 – 2011”

  1. Why did Nog go for a submission when he had Mir on the edge of knockout?? Horrible mistake, it cost him this fight. I think his boxing improved, he’s lately been rocking people.

  2. His corner probably told him, “Under no circumstances must you stand and box with this cake” after last time. Good luck either way :/

  3. Big Nog should have just kept on GNP on Mir and just finsh him off there and then but he had to go for the submission which was very wrong especially since Mir is also a BJJ black belt as well.

    Props to Mir for the submission victory.

  4. I was there at this fight and Nogueira had made a big mistake, while the submission of the night was horrible to see. I think, Mir could have just wait to end this fight properly without having to break his arm or dislocating a shoulder!! I think this goes sometimes to far and in this case it is!! I don’t care about what anybody could say, there is human being there and there is no excuses, to break an arm and possibly end a guy career, just for the sake of doing this!! Shame on the UFC and Frank Mir!!

  5. Big Nog has too much of eagel to tap out. Why didn’t Big Nog just tapped out? he could of still fought another day. Now his recovery would be very long because of the broken arm and he won’t never be same.

  6. man i’m sorry to say that ,but mir just shut the world mouth with that submision, it wasn’t abt kO between these two it’s abt submissions and yes frank mir made a hell of a show on the octagon that night !!

  7. THere are warriors, and then there are the Nogueira clan. Seriously, that dude did not tap until his arm was fucking bent backwards. Mir had to break that to the point where he was threatening on tearing a tendon until Minotauro tapped.

  8. @travelbass, youre a pussy…you know the rules right, you go until the other guy taps out…you going to bith and whine about jones choking out machida too? “oh, hes a human being”…grow up pussy. maybe you should stick to boxing where no one ever gets hurt.

  9. o shut the hell up people saying what mir did was wrong. it was not mirs fault one bit. it was big nogs. he knew what was going on. if he didnt want it to break he should have tapped end of story.

  10. what the fuck are you talking about travelbass!? the minute u step in that cage u are not a human anymore. its kill or be kill in that octagon! nog is retarded bc the last person u try to fight off there submission is Mir. he did the right thing; if they dont tap u break it. UFC is not for pussys like u, they want to see sh*t like that. mir is lucky herb didnt call the fight earlier bc he was out but other then that good sh*t mir

  11. Hats off to Frank Mir, outstanding victory! As for YOU, Travelbass… EVERYONE who contends in THIS sport are well aware of the possibilities. THIS IS MMA! Shame on you for being THAT GUY who cannot handle the brutality of a true full physical contact sport. Word to the wise sir, if you cant handle it maybe you should stick to the cartoon network and leave the tough stuff to the people who like quality entertainment…

  12. Is it just me or was Mir out cold ? he is face flat not moving for about 2-4 seconds and then appears to gain consciousness again

    Great come back though for sure I think this one beats Congo for Comeback fight of the year

  13. I know that referees sometimes appropriately stop that fight even if the fighter does not submitt. The referee should have known Minotauro was willing to lose his career before submitting, referee should have stopped the fight.

  14. Umm Bertie….. I don’t really understand where you are coming from saying “The referee should have known Minotauro was willing to lose his career before submitting, referee should have stopped the fight.” Minotauro knows the unfortunate position he was in better than anybody, he’s a brazilian jui-jitsu black belt! Nogueira had to much pride to tap because he got beat at his own game, and he paid the price of an arm for it, plain and simple…. It’s NOT the referee’s responsibility to step in and stop a fight in a submission situation, its the fighters responsibility to tap before something like this happens.

  15. Travelbass you are an a*s with no class. You should not be watching this sport, it’s not for everyone:(. Nog should have tapped period. Thats it and that all

  16. to the referee< u know whats going on… even the fighter will not surrender yet if the situation is bad the referee has the right to stop the fight, reason: they are human and lives must be protected….

  17. Nog made the mistake going for the guillotine by giving up position before he had it locked in.

    He should have went for the back or simply stood up.

  18. i’m seriously surprised at why nog didn’t finish the fight when he had the chance to tko. the submission attempt was way too risky, evidently. but still, i think the fight should have been ended sooner, the ref said “no hits to the back of the head” but mirs face was buried in the ground..

  19. That makes 3 arms Mir has broken…..1 in his debut, Tim Sylvia and now this. Seriously though I like a lil violence, its a fight right? Nog had plenty of time to tap. Thats the choice he made. I always liked Mir’s killer instinct……no GSP in him LOL


  21. Sorry but Mir first fight KNOCKED OUT BIG NOG and the second fight SUB”D HIM!

    He beat him TWICE…HES BETTER!

  22. mir was not out cold what kind of idiot would think that? if u watch he was holding onto nogs leg with his left hand, if he was out cold he woulda been limp and steven clearly Mir just proved yet again that he is better than nog, he beat nog at his strong point. Drysdale was right Mir is better than nog on the ground and that shuts up every single fukin critic that tries to hold Mir down, every single fuckin fight people try to take something away from him, the first nog fight,lesnar first fight,cro cop fight WTF? How many times does frank mir have to prove that he is a legit BADDASS MOTHER FUCKER!!! Outstanding display of grappling

  23. If NOG was soo much better, why in the hell is his arm broke in two.. I’ve always been a fan of MIR. He just showed why you better tap the f*ck out when he sinks it in. He WILL BREAK YO SH*T!! It was not his fault NOG could not understand that.

  24. Shane Carwen hits alot harder than Nog, did you see how many strikes he had to land to get Mir out, Brock only managed it because of his weight, he was to heavy for Mir to move the just got pounded, Nog could not have finished have finished Mir on the ground with strikes that is fact. yes they are humans, but humans who chose to do this, when you fight you expect the worst, injurys, knockouts, thats the nature of the sport ….. and what you need to look at is Mir was never known as a striker and yet he knocked out Nog, this was about pride – fighting each other at your own game – about killer instinct – respect to both fighters as this was another excellent display of MMA, same as Hendo and Shogun excelent display of MMA, lets see Diaz and Gsp

  25. Yes, Mir must be the luckiest guy to finish big nog twice. While I am a big nog fan, you have to give credit when it is due.

  26. Mir is a stupid arrogant ***hole. With this striking he’ll never beat Lesnar, Carwin, Cain or JDS. Good luck being gate keeper forever you excuse from a human being.

  27. @Shah He did beat Lesnar… You never know what’s going to happen in a fight. Even if Mir gets caught, he can find a way to submit the guy. He’s done it so many times before and who’s to say he can’t do it again.

  28. I think it’s funny that people say Mir went to far, and shouldn’t of broken his arm. Nogueira said strait out before the fight that he would choke Mir to sleep, or break his arm. I like big Nog, but Karma’s a bitch

  29. you guys are dumb as*es the ref should stop the fight if mir was not defending himself intelligently not only was he doing that he finished the fight on the floor something some1 nobody has done wiv big nog before big nog should of thought about his career and not his pride thats why he ended up wiv a broken arm

  30. Nog improved a LOT and HAD won this fight, the keyword here being had. It was his error in not knocking him out that led him to his loss. He actually went for a submission which turned against him having Mir win the fight.

  31. @Travelbass: This in no means was Frank Mir or the UFC’s fault. Nogueira and many other BJJ’s have this tendency to not submit, because of their pride and what I guess they have been raised to do. Nogueira could of tapped out, but he waited until it actually broke to tap. Unfortunate, but a dumb mistake ON his part.

  32. As everyone knows, MMA consists of alomost all types of fighting styles… So fighters in UFC are fully aware of the rules! Mir did his best to win, if opponent doesn’t submits, fighter pushes more harder… Congratulations Frank, great Submission!

  33. it wouldn’t take an expert in mma to know if what you’re holding is at the edge of breaking. Frank Mir broke Nog’s arm on PURPOSE! He didn’t give his opponent time to tap. He knows he’s got the submission lock but still he chose to break it. Unprofessional. Very Unprofessional!

  34. @mmadude You’re so right, of course you know if something you have is right on the point of breaking! it’s like a car losing traction, it makes squealing noises and then it… Oh wait a second… you actually have no idea when something is about to break. It’s solid and then it just snaps, but Mir had big Nog in that lock for 20 seconds and Nog wouldn’t tap, so you apply more pressure until he tap or something breaks. That’s MMA and Mir is an MMA professional. Good comeback Mir, beautiful BJJ.

  35. ok flat out the ufc has rules on what a fighter can and cant do just like in society. if ufc and the athletic commission and what ever organized people in charge of this sh*t says its ok ITS OK. the people with the money and power make the rules. if they had fights to the death and people paid to see it and it got popular it would be accepted as ok. breaking his arm is ok for manmade laws.WE ARE NOT CIVIL . THE PROBLEM I HAVE IS ALL THESE FIGHTERS ARE RAPED BY THE UFC THEY DONT GET PAID WHAT THEY DESERVE

  36. Seriously guys. Big Nog knew that he was loosing this fight as soon as Mir caught his arm solid. The roll and escape attempt… nothing could save him there, and he knew it. You saw it in his face before the roll that it HURT bad so why, after they rolled, didn’t he tap? Mir adjusted for more pressure, Nog didn’t tap, Mir bent harder, Nog’s arm broke. Wuts the deal? Nog knew the outcome, or atleast knew it would hurt ALOT, just as much as he knew he’d lost!
    Admit it, Mir is the better man of the two. 1 knock-out, 1 submission. I love Big Nog but I love Mir more so this is a sweet victory for us Mir-fans. Both are great BJJ-heavyweights =)
    And after all this we all know we shouldn’t write off Frank as a former-champion-wash-off-lucky-has-been.
    Frank can prolly keep it up with the best of em still.

    Congrats to Frank. And lets hope for a speedy recovery for Big Nog.
    Much respect!

  37. dude you know the rules right?? there’s nothing wrong with Mir.. it’s nog’s fault he grimace in pain on the ground why he didnt tap early during their scrambling on the ground….dont make bullshit with UFC and mir… go and play chess if you dont want to see people get hurt.. we know we want to see people get badly hurt in any sports but remember this is martial arts.. and you have options as a fighter to get ur flag and surrender if you know youre in a bad position right?

  38. Congratz to Mir! He did what he had to do. It took Mir about 3 seconds before it came till breaking point. In those 3 seconds Nog could have (and should have) tapped out… but he didn’t. You feel the pain increasing and he knows what will happen if this goes on. Before that it was already quite painfull (look at Nog’s face). Plenty of time to tap.

  39. This is for the morons who have sympathy for Nog, and distain for Mir for a broken arm…Nog is what?(bbj, maybe the best ever) But hes a f*cking dumbass for not tapping, and realizing the situation he was in. Big Nog has been in the game long enough to know when to fold (Even Kenny Rodgers knew that heh heh) Mir rules…f*ck off haters…peace

    1. So they are the “haterz”, not you making it personal and calling a brilliant fighter, who nearly beat Mir (another great fighter), an idiot. Why, because he got carried away struggling to save what could have been the best win he’d of had in a long time. You probably don’t understand that in high pressure situations intelligent individuals do stupid things because: a)  You’re not intelligent (trust me if you haven’t found it out yet you will when you get older). b) You’ve never been in control of a high pressure situation or competed anywhere near this level. c) You are in fact the hater here (most likely of the winging cry baby b*tch variety). Or d) All of the above (most likely option). Seriously think about this, if you can resist retreating into denial or verbal sh*t flinging I promise you will see some truth in my statement. “f*ck off hatez… peace”

  40. I just saw the Mir vs. Noguiera II UFC fight video. I read about it, but I wanted to see it on video. Unbelievable comeback by Mir! Mir was rocked bad. He was staggering and on the verge of losing, but he took it to the ground. Even on the ground, he got pounded badly, but he quickly caught his “second wind,” and I mean, literally, in a few seconds. The rest is history.

    Mir displayed great composure under stress, got Nog in a kimura hold, and kept rolling until Nog tapped out; by that time Nog’s arm was already broken.

    Hindsight is always 20/20, but Nog should have tapped out very early to save his arm and career. Mir’s kimura was no flimsy, half-hearted clench. It was locked in there until Nog tapped, and Nog finally did, but at a huge cost of probably never ever regaining the strength and stability of his right arm.

    Kudos to Mir on his victory!

  41. I’ve been an MMA fan for about 8yrs. now (and I say fan because if I’m not in attendance I’m Pay per Viewing it!) I went to see this fight. I’ve NEVER! BEEN a BROCK LESNAR FAN. NEVER! But I can TRULY appreciate his contribution to MMA by pounding that ERROGANT, SPINELESS, COWARD MIR into the canvas. We all know the submission game. This cowards one of the few MMA ARTISTS (credit I HATE to give em’ …but due) that would take the fight to these extremes. Just like he held on a few more secs. when Lesnar tapped. He’s such a vendictive coward and it’s guys like him that’s gonna ALWAYS tarnish the professionalism of this sport. Can’t wait til Dana puts him in there with another striker.

  42. Mir is a poor smortsman with a very unclear future. I have little respect for the arrogance of that man.
    On another note, you fools should not believe for one second that this man will every be able to be in contengency for the title. He is a one diminsional fighter that will never be able to adapt and become the caliber fighter that is required to hold a title in this new era of MMA. Men like Cain and JDS would destroy him quickly and effortlessly. Don’t let this win cloud your judgement. It was a very close fight for him and you can bet your money that he has never been so relieved to win in his life.

    1. Mir will own that belt soon…reem= no ground game…jds=no ground game…no matter who wins, mir will f*ck em up…learn the sport a bit more douche

    2. can’t rule mir out not as a contender with the number of wins he’s racked up lately. like him or not, he is one of the best submissionist in the entire ufc and that’s saying something.

    3. look you f*cking idiot, you don’t have a clue of what the hell your talking about, stop hating on the guy, he a decent fighter and knows what hes doing, you d*mb f*ck 

    4.  Who are you to say his style of fighting will never make it? there was a day that jujitsu was never taken seriously and look what happened after Royce Gracie. Im not saying that Mir is Royce Gracie, but every fighter has their own strengths and just because Mir doesn’t rely on his stand up doesn’t mean he s*cks. And this was a great match. Everyone knew this was going to go to the ground. How is he a poor sportsman? because he broke his arm? watch the video, Nogueira didn’t tap until he did, any fighter would have kept pushing that submission. This was a great fight for both fighters. To Mir for pulling off that amazing submission and to Big nog who kept on trying until the end to tap. and if your so amazing why dont you go up to Mir and challenge him to a match p*ssy?

    5. Eat your words buddy…Frank Mir is now fighting for the title!!! By the way your English blows donkey dizzles.

    6. Considering Mir’s had the belt twice and just fought for it the third time, you’re kind of bombastically wrong. This man is the winningest heavyweight in UFC history, so don’t go off on some delusional rant about him not being a high caliber fighter. He’s not the best boxer, sure, but I guarantee you he hits like a truck and he’s one of the only heavyweights in MMA who possesses a strong ground game, making him far more dimensional than almost any other heavyweight in the sport. Is his boxing as good as Cain or JDS? No, not really, but to say he’s one dimensional because he’s not good in that one dimension is a strong testament to the notion that you have no idea what it means to be a mixed martial artist.
      That said, I rooted for JDS at UFC 146, if only because I’m sick of that belt being passed around like a hot potato and I think JDS has the ability to hold on to it for longer than pretty much any other UFC heavyweight in the title picture. End of story.

  43. paaaaaaaaaaaaaaaaaaaa @ crow!!! blatently know absolute sweet fa about mma! nog couldnt finish on mirs back! the only shots he could land where hitting the back of the head! hence his reason for going for the sub! nog got out classed again by F Mir!…………… Nog, Fedor, Cro Cop, Rampage, Wandy…………… all legends! aswell as MIR! but unlike mir they cant adapt to the sport……….. I BELIEVE IN MIR

    @ URBANANGEL! we’ve all seen what happens when u dont hold on untill the ref stops it…………… nog tapped! half a sec before his arm snapped! Mir is a beast……….. 1/2 a sec later the ref stopped it…………….. End of


  45. frank mir is the best fighter ever yes hes lost a couple of times but every fighter he lost to is a top contender he won 7 of hes last 9 fights which shows hes tallented hes going to fight velasquez and now we will see who is going to fight for the tittle in my personal opinion mir is the on man that could stop alistair overeem

    1. Frank Mir never fought lil nog hes a light heavyweight. hes the only person to ever finish big nog by knockout and submission, the first and only guy to finish him

  46. He might not have the best boxing. But you have to admit he has one of the best ground games in the UFC i go as far to say as the best heavy-weight in the ufc that uses jiu jitsu right now.

  47. Minotauro got a little too confident when he had Frank mir on the ground pounding his head in, and then decided to take it to the ground for a submission he shouldnt have change his gameplan of what was working w/ strikes rather than swithching to submission…

  48. god damn, how the f*ck d’ i miss this fight?

    I love me a good grappling match, but to reverse and submit noguera, sh*t man, I wanna do that 1day!

    1. The same I was thinking while watching this. “Your greed is a good friend of your opponent”.

  49. Man when will fighters learn to just tap out when Mir gets a hold of you. Anybody remember when he fought Tim? Mir will break your sh*t.

  50. frank mir is a f*cking demon on the ground. his submissions are like akuma’s raging demon. SH*T CANT BE BLOCKED SON

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