2019 BOXING fight – Anthony Joshua vs Andy Ruiz Jr – full fight Video IBF, IBO, WBA, WBO

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3 Star RatingReview by AllTheBestFights.com: 2019-06-01, great fight between Anthony Joshua and Andy Ruiz Jr: it gets three stars.

The undefeated 2012 Olympic super heavyweight gold medalist, current IBF, IBO, WBO and WBA world champion Anthony Joshua entered this fight with a perfect record of 22-0-0 (21 KOs=95%) and he is ranked as the No.1 heavyweight in the world. In his last three bouts AJ has won over Carlos Takam (Anthony Joshua vs Carlos Takam), Joseph Parker (Anthony Joshua vs Joseph Parker) and Alexander Povetkin (Anthony Joshua vs Alexander Povetkin).
His opponent, Andy Ruiz Jr (who replaces Jarrell Miller because he failed the doping test), has a boxing record of 32-1-0 (21 knockouts) and he entered as the No.14 in the same weight class. He suffered his only loss when he faced Joseph Parker in 2016 (via majority decision, Joseph Parker vs Andy Ruiz Jr), after this bout he has beat Devin Vargas, Kevin Johnson and Alexander Dimitrenko (Andy Ruiz Jr vs Alexander Dimitrenko). Joshua vs Ruiz is valid for the IBF, IBO, WBA and WBO World heavyweight titles. Watch the video and rate this fight!



Date: 2019-06-01

Where: Madison Square Garden, New York, USA

Division: heavyweight (over 200 lbs, 90.7 kg)

Title: IBF, IBO, WBA and WBO World heavyweight titles

Result: Click here to show the fight’s result
Andy Ruiz Jr def. Anthony Joshua (TKO at 1:27, round 7)


Joshua’s previous fight: Anthony Joshua vs Alexander Povetkin

Ruiz’s previous fight: Andy Ruiz Jr vs Alexander Dimitrenko

Their’s next fight: Andy Ruiz Jr vs Anthony Joshua 2



Joshua vs Ruiz full fight video:

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38 comments on “2019 BOXING fight – Anthony Joshua vs Andy Ruiz Jr – full fight Video IBF, IBO, WBA, WBO”

  1. I am now convinced…as sloppy as Wilder is, & as questionable as his chin is…Joshua simply cannot stand up to big shots. I haven’t even seen the full fight. But the look on his face when hurt & just the way he responds…He reminded me far too much of the first version of Klitchko. No way this little fat man should be able back up & dominate a 6’6″ 250+LB heavyweight. Even his pleasant demeanor reminds me of Vlad. I’m not so sure AJ could beat either Wilder or Fury. wow….shocker. But I do have much more clarity.

    • Update: Have now seen the full fight. I absolutely did not like a stoppage of the HW championship of the world such as that. Regardless, Joshua looked completely unprepared for this fight. Even his body looked a little puffy to me at the weigh-in. He had zero energy…no burst or explosion…no stamina…no sustained attack…no punch resistance…No mental game. He had nothing for this fight. It’s literally as if Tyson vs Douglass just replayed itself…mouthpiece spit out & all. No way he should’ve lost this contest. ..Perhaps all the politics & shenanigans wears guys down. Hopefully, for his sake, this was him at his worst. We’ll see. All these guys are vulnerable in the div. Every last one of em.

      • Spitting the mouthpiece is a strategy to gain more time, it’s not that strange. I guess the stoppage came because when referee invited him to step ahead he didn’t leave the corner. Anyway it was just a matter of time, it was clear he didn’t recover from the last KO.

        • Fair enough, but the referee screwed up royally in stopping the fight, he also was suppose to retrieve the mouth piece before ordering Joshua to go and fight again. You are not permitted under the rules to fight with no mouth piece. The fight could have gone either way but Ruiz had the momentum.

          • He did retrieve the mouthpiece, watch it again, and you can clearly see that. The ref gave him the all the chances he possibly could, Joshua walked away to the corner, did not step forward when asked to, or answer emphatically that he was able to continue. This on top of the fact that an the end of round 3 Joshua failed to step forward when instructed by the ref. We’ll see if he can respond in the rematch, it will need to be a much different strategy for Joshua to win in my opinion, if he lunges forward at every power punch he lands I don’t see how he can win.

          • Rule 29 of WBA, ref must call time and call the 2nd to give Joshua the 2nd mouth piece or rince off the mouth piece that fell. Ref did neither.

    • Joshua is a fake. He’s an ex convicted drug dealer who’s been told what to say and how to act. He’s a fake smiling yes man. He’s gifted with his physique and that’s as far as it goes. He’s been taught to stand throw a jab and a right. He’s got no combinations, no foot work and a poor defence.
      He’s been defending his belts against low rate fighters for a couple of years now and everyone of them gave him trouble.
      It was a matter of time before his luck ran out.
      Now who really believes Fury and Wilder were running from him. The two guys who put it all on the line and gave it everything.
      Can you really see Ruiz putting Fury down 4 times in 7 rounds.
      There’s a massive gulf in class and this proves it.

    • I think he’d beat Fury, because Fury lacks speed and power but has foot movement and length. I think he’d fall to Wilder in the exchanges. I think AJ was tired bfore he got in the ring, he looks like he wants to go to bed with his baggy tired eyes before start of fight. Which is understandable, because the fight started at 4 a.m. UK time. Add on jet lag, I can see the endurance issues he faced. Ruiz was good, but in the rematch, AJ will crush him. Ref stopped the fight too early though and messed up by not putting in the mouth piece. You cannot fight without it.

      • He’d beat Fury hes just been out jabbed and put on his a*se 4 times by a 6,2 nobody.
        Fury can bang, the difference is when he’s fighting hitters like wilder and klitschko he avoids that and plays away from their strenghts and boxes instead.
        The next 6,9 18 stone bloke you see in the pub, who’s never boxed, ask him to punch you and see what happens.
        And blaming jet lag is a complete joke. He’s been in america for ages why didn’t fury have jet lag when he went there.
        Fight stopped too early? he’d just been on his a*se 4 times and couldn’t even hold his arms up.
        About time all yous idiots who are so easily lead by media bull sh*t smelt the truth

      • Fury has a very very high arm speed and you should better look his footwork, boxing skills, sense of distance and composure.
        AJ before thinking to the WBC and the lineal has to rebuild himself. He can do it. It will not be easy.

  2. I bet you all the fighters that turned down the Joshua fight in the lead up are absolutely kicking themselves right about now…fuck’em they took bad advice.

    Well done Andy Ruiz.

    • Exactly. Jarrell Miller is eating his own hands just now. Not only he kicked away a millionaire income, but he also probably threw four belts into the trash bin.

      Of course he’s not Ruiz, so it could have ended differently but I’ve the feeling everyone could have won over last night AJ.

      • Agreed mate, he looked that bad. All of AJ’s previous opponents were asking themselves where that AJ was when they fought him.

  3. Hats down for Ruiz. Great chin, great speed, great power.
    Of course I didn’t taste Ruiz’s hits, but it seems AJ chin is not that strong as I thought.

  4. This is what happens when you clout chase… Joshua had no reason to make that “breaking the Drake curse” tweet… Now look at him… first page result of the Drake curse collage!

      • I agree with you 100%, But like the Philistines believe that Goliath height, physique, prowess and hype was enough to beat David ,AJ fans they thought the same and wake up to a sad reality.

    • I believe that Joshua can batter him in the rematch. Joshua just underestimated Ruiz and didn’t respect him enough. of course i am not against Ruiz. he is a descent boxer, but Joshua is in completely different level.

  5. WOW!!! incredible from a guy that looks like being from another league but a quite big puncher too. Joshua was too complacent at the begging showing a good jab but very low activity from his right hand and paid the price when decide to do a closer fight in the 3th round. At the end of the fight he was completely out of gas, Ruiz was better prepare for this fight than Joshua in spite of a short notice call. Well done Ruiz!!

  6. You can fight without a mouthpiece. Ref is supposed to wait for a natural break in the action to let him get his mouthpiece back. He is not supposed to give him more time to recover by keeping it stopped to go retrieve a mouthpiece that he spit out on purpose

  7. I believe that Joshua can batter Ruiz in the rematch. Joshua just underestimated Ruiz and didn’t respect him enough. of course i am not against Ruiz. he is a descent boxer, but Joshua is in completely different level.

    • I honestly don’t know what you’re watching to suggest Joshua will “batter” Ruiz in a rematch. Ruiz always checks Joshua’s jabs, and he counters with combinations off of Joshua’s jab. He’s a better counter puncher in the exchanges, he’s willing to take a step back, and he looks to have a better chin too. Joshua can win a rematch, but it’ll be an ugly fight where he’s on the backfoot doing a jab-n-grab on Ruiz, and even then I question if he has the stamina and head movement to work that strategy the entire fight without getting caught. Ruiz shows better head movement and better punch selection than Joshua in the exchanges, so either way it looks to be an uphill fight for Joshua. Far from a simple match.

  8. This fight is proof that it is not how hat a body that you have, rather whats under the skin and in the brain, Ruiz might have knocker over a few b*m journeymen over his carreer but met the moment amd took the opportunity to let his fists go with some thought behind them, Congratulations To Ruiz for grabbing the opportunity.

  9. His biggest win was a guy coming off a two year layoff directly into a fight with him. If klitschko would of had the proper comeback fights he would of did this to AJ!

    Whyte likely would of did this in a rematch. It’s no secret why they been playing games with Wilder! This is the ultimate Karma!


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