2011 MMA fight – BJ Penn vs Nick Diaz – full fight Video UFC 137

3_stars_mma_fight_mma_video_2011_allthebestfightsReview: 2011-10-29, nice and tough fight between BJ Penn and Nick Diaz: three stars. After a first balanced round, Nick Diaz dominates BJ Penn thanks to his boxing skills winning the fight by unanimous decision. BJ Penn (16-7-2) entered as the No.9 welterweight in the world while Nick Diaz (26-7-1) entered as the No.5. Penn vs Diaz was awarded as “Fight of the Night” (main event of the UFC 137). Watch the video!



Event: UFC 137: Penn vs. Diaz

Date: 2011-10-29

Where: Mandalay Bay Events Center, Las Vegas, Nevada, United States

Division: welterweight

Result: Click here to show the fight’s result
Nick Diaz def. BJ Penn (unanimous decision, 29-28, 29-27, 29-28)


Other fights on the card:
Cheick Kongo vs Matt Mitrione
Mirko Filipovic vs Roy Nelson
Scott Jorgensen vs Jeff Curran
Hatsu Hioki vs George Roop
Preliminary card
Dennis Siver vs Donald Cerrone
Tyson Griffin vs Bart Palaszewski

Nick Diaz’s previous fight: Nick Diaz vs Paul Daley

Nick Diaz’s next fight: Nick Diaz vs Carlos Condit

BJ Penn’s next fight: BJ Penn vs Rory MacDonald



Official video

(This is a free embeddable video hosted on Hulu.com Official TVGuide channel)

the fight BJ Penn vs Nick Diaz starts at 26:00 minute



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51 thoughts on “2011 MMA fight – BJ Penn vs Nick Diaz – full fight Video UFC 137”

  1. What a fight!!! Much more entertaining than any GSP fight… that’s a fact. Fella is a dumbass, Diaz isn’t an as*hole – he’s just real. You’re a rich spoiled b*tch so you just can’t understand real people who come from the gutter. Diaz is the definition of true FIGHTER… fast paced, aggressive, & in your face. If you’re not a fan of his just because you don’t like his personality, then maybe you should go watch WWE… this is MMA & we’re fans of how guys FIGHT, not what they say or do in the media. Diaz is a true FIGHTER… I don’t think he’ll be able to beat GSP, but I hope he pulls it off so we can finally have an exciting WW champion.

  2. Not gonna happen. GSP isn’t going to be able to lay on diaz for 5 rounds like all his other fights. He sure as hell isn’t going to be able to stand with Diaz either. If GSP wins, it’ll be by a close, razorthin decision.

  3. B.J. was exhausted in the 3rd round and he stood up and connected on Nick.I love Nick Diaz.He’s from my home town.B.J. showed to the world just how much heart he has.Was a great fighter.

  4. Diaz does not stand a chance against GSP standing or on the ground, it might go to decision because GSP doesn’t finish fights but it wont be close!

  5. i think nick will beat gsp. this is because hes never faught anyone like diaz and diaz’s cardio is spectacular and his skill is fucking amazing. although i like gsp and gsp is always prepared for his fights i dont think he can win this one.

  6. diaz will beat gsp gsp is used to being the fitter fighter in the cage and this time round he is out matched gsp will not want to go to the ground with diaz eather way diaz will win

  7. well, before gsp fights diaz, which gsp might win. anderson silva is been waiting for gsp for over a year. we might see gsp vs diaz, but it will be right after silva rapes gsp.

  8. Nick will defeat GSP. He’ll out box him for sure. GSP will try to ground and pound him, but it won’t work. It’s time for GSP to lose his belt. Nick is on the upswing with all the momentum behind him. GSP is on the downswing, on the way out. Good run GSP! But good things do come to an end.

  9. i think nick held back he has much respect for bj also nick is gonna destroy gsp hands down

  10. People get overly influenced by latest fight results-so Diaz is suddenly unbeatable and poor old GSP doesnt have a chance.
    Hmm,Penn gave up against St Pierre during vaselinegate-a 3 years younger Penn.
    Freddie Roach doesnt rate Diaz’s boxing at all,not his footwork nor his boxing ability (he was beaten by Noons remember?).Nope repeatedly landing his feather fists on little punch bag Penn doesnt make one a first class boxer.
    Nor does doing moderately in low level triathlones make him this vaunted cardio robot.
    Nah,Diaz doesnt have the power nor is he a good wrestler as GSP.An easy lopsided decision for GSP.
    Nicks best hope is a rusty injured GSP not being able to reclaim form.

  11. I love diaz, but he can’t fight this way against gsp. He will get taken down at will if hes not careful and fighting close to gsp

  12. “real” doesn’ t mean being an a*shole, he is just a prick and does not need to act like that to be real, that is the way a little teen age boy act’ s hes a good fighter though but he needs to calm down because hes a d*ck and his attitude will make him lose some fans, if he acted his age i would have respect for him.

  13. I dont understand why fighters like BJ Penn and Matt Hughes allow themselves to be drawn into a stand up striking battle over and over again when they are grapplers!

  14. when GSP loses against Diaz it will be said because of his prior injury…..a good excuse is still an excuse

  15. gsp is a good fighter but all of his last fights have been boring.nick diaz brings it when he fights.if he went through bj penn like he did then what do you think he,ll d0 to gsp?take his belt from him

    1. hey portcity910 bj penn was lacking cardio GSP is a bad a*s and will beat nick diaz and N E one else how gets in his way!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!

  16. diaz is bossing very very good fight, i hope he beats the sh*t out of condit and then dethrones gsp its time for a change up

    1. heal up brother. maybe next time around you can get a crack at Diaz. someone needs to go at him “tyson” style.. left kick to the kidney and a strait elbow to the nose first second of the fight…he is so used to be the stalker,just like kroKop, when he is backing up his game is off.

    2. george ur the most boring fighter in the worl.diaz would box u the f*ck up and put ur lights out and if u think ur gonna wrestle hump him to a lame a*s victory u are mistaken.i dare u to lay i the guard of nick diaz.see what happens.lol.he’ll tear ur fn arm off.tuck it in his wasteband,and go smoke a joint.gsp u are a JOKE.You’re lucky diaz got tested pos for weed and suspended.ur not 1 to be scared.but i can see in ur eyes ur scared of diaz.he will end u.he will outpace u.and he will shut u the f*ck up.Hope u 2 meet someday

    3. Hey Pierre, we all know you rely on the takedown to win most of your fights but do us a favor, hash it out in the pocket every once in a while!

  17. Great Fight! Nick Diaz is a true fighter. BJ was just too small and lacked cardio as usual. Diaz always throws caution to the wind and this could be a serious problem against GSP and others. I always say that yet Nick just takes it and finds a way to win.


    1. nick diaz got more respect and experience than almost every fighter in mma so stop bullsh*tting people and show some respect

  19. you are all idiots. GSP fights smart. hes trying to win by points, he never takes a risk to finish a fight and i dont care how many he has won his last 8 title defenses have gone to deciseon. its boring. and nick diaz is an exciteing fighter whos guard is not wide open, he is a black belt in bjj under cesar gracie and alot more dangerous on the ground than GSP. and he is alot more accomplished boxer. But dont even compare anderson silva to them. he is a once in a life time athlete and i wouldnt be suprised if he could knock diaz and GSP out in the first round.


  21. Man BJ looks pudgy, the dude just does not look like a fighter. 
    Fight starts about the 11 minute mark by the way.

  22. Nick is the man dude’s like a f*cking machine bro u can’t mess with the real fighter. Nick’s the best

  23. i f*cking hate Diaz…but, that said..the f*cker is on his game, precision in strikes,submissions,and he got head-game

  24. You know, it doesn’t break my heart to see Diaz take a victory over Penn! But wow, both these fighters bring it. I haven’t seen an exchange like that in a long while. I think Penn showed incredible heart staying in the pocket and going toe to toe. Diaz can punch and they were bouncing off Penn’s chin all night long. Penn never went down and landed many of his own. Both these fighters are a credit to MMA, their fights are never boring and it would be a shame to see either one go. Everyone knows that it’s a real treat to see these guys in action. I got much love for these fighters. Diaz and Penn are both true American heroes.

  25. Diaz SUCKS at boxing!! You don’t know what great boxing is!! He IS wide open. His footwork is garbage. If Penn ever trained like a true ATHLETE instead of being such a LAZY bum, he’d destroy Diaz and anyone else he fought the last few years. His boxing skills *were* WAY better than Diaz. But he’s just a lazy dub.

    1. diaz sucks at boxing? dude i want to see you go one on one in a boxing match with him… you’ll get destroyed

      1. I would if I got the chance. Diaz can’t throw hands for shit and he has no power just a bunch of little tippy tap punches. He stands wide open and tries to counter if u know anything about boxing, that’s easily overcome.

  26. who ever thought diaz could win against gsp knows nothing about mma, a true champ is humble person like gsp n silva that is why that fight would be the ultimate fight in ufc history not bonar n that bozo that silva duke n ko in the first round so my advice to nick diaz stop talking sh*t n get back to the true roots of mma n mayby u will be champ remember u r either a humble person or ur not u can’t fake it don’t get me wrong mma fans i like the diaz bro they r tough f*ckin guys some of best fighters in the ufc, but that is only thing i dislike about them they r not humble, i am canadian born n live in vancouver east side for many years one of the toughest area in north america i box for a year kick box for a year judo for 3 years n practice with the wrestling team through out high school while playing football n have bin in 3oo street fights or more n lost my fair share of fights but have not lost any fights since i became a humble man just like what stevan segal said when he was asked what dose sonnen have to give silva in that second fight segal’s answer was he has nothing to offer because sonnen is trash talker n nothing more, unless he juiced up even then he lost, silva n gsp will bea great fight if it ever happens because they r both humble, both very discipline n focus, both r tough n have proven that, both r good strickers, silva i give n edge to in that department, both have good couching n yes i use to like fighting now i just like seeing a good fight who would i put my $ on, if gsp gose up to silva’s weight he will loose if silva comes down gsp has a chance if they meet half way silva has the edge they r both great champions but being canadian born i will be in gsp’s corner all the way i like them both equally, brazil has to many champions we canadians only have gsp if it ever happens, gsp all the way, canadian born tough guy ”,f*ckin a “

    1. HA HA.. I can’t say diaz earned a victory but i sure as hell wasn’t impressed with Gsp either.!! the only thing i can say about this, was diaz should have neutralized Gsp’s quick HOLD DOWNS. as for Gsp, well, he will NEVER be a silva or Velasquez….he’s another fairy floyd mayweather….he just try’s to survive & stay out of harms way.!!! btw, Gsp can’t punch, so to talk about ‘exchanges’ is ridiculous.!!!

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