K-1 MUAY THAI NEWS: K-1 MAX -63kg Japan Final Official free streaming! June 25


Good news for the fans of the K-1, in these days was announced that the final of the “K-1 WORLD MAX 2011 -63kg Japan Tournament“, scheduled Saturday, June 25 (2011), will be broadcasted live streaming for free! The event starts June 25th, at 3:30 pm Japan time (GMT +9) therefore it is better to check before how many hours of difference there are with our city: for example, who lives in London have to connect at 7:30 am, in New York at 2:30 am while in Sidney at 4:30 pm (check the World time zones here).

Fight Cards of the K-1 WORLD MAX -63kg Japan Tournament FINAL (quarterfinal):

Tetsuya Yamato vs Hiroya

K-1 MUAY THAI NEWS – W5 Grand Prix KO: Zambidis, Askerow, Diender, Gogokhia


The most important event of k-1 and muay thai of the week is the W5 Grand Prix KO: four man tournament (K-1 rules, 71 kg), scheduled for April 9 in Moscow. In the first semifinal we will see Mike Zambidis vs Enriko Gogokhia, while in the other semifinal Dzhabar Askerov vs William Diender. The favorite of the tournament should be Zambidis since it has already won against Askerov in 2009 and comes from the important victory versus Ali Gunyar (one of the best k-1 and muay thai fight of 2011). Attention also to Diender that has recently won against Rachid Belaini (another very nice fight), and to

K-1 MUAY THAI NEWS – Duel at the Dome: Liam Harrison vs Saenchai Sor Kingstar 2


After the beautiful fight of 2009 between Liam Harrison and Saenchai Sor Kingstar, Saturday, April 9, the two muay thai fighters will fight for the second time (Doncaster, UK). Harrison lost in the first fight by unanimous decison but it was a tight victory for Saenchai Sor Kingstar, one of the best muay thai fighter of the world, champion of: WMC and MTAA world lightweight titles, Lumpini Stadium (super flyweight, bantamweight, super featherweight and lightweight divisions), Toyota Cup tournament (2010) and also boxing champion of the PABA featherweight title.
On the same evening will fight also Wayne McKoy vs Kevin Harper, Leigh Edlin vs Kris Addis, Joe McGovan

K-1 MUAY THAI NEWS – Explosion Fight Night 3: Batonon vs Nonsai, Bennoui vs Ekapol


Scheduled this Saturday, April 2, an interesting event of k-1 and muay thai entitled “Explosion Fight Night 3“. In the main event of the evening, valid for the WPMF world muay thai title (5×3 – 75Kg), will face Aiello Batonon (France) versus Nonsai Sor Sanyakorn (Thailand). But in the same evening was organized a 4 man muay thai tournament (3×3 – 65Kg) where we could see Charles François vs John Denis, and especially the strong Thai fighter Ekapol Juke vs Hocine Bennoui.
The other two fights of the evening will be valid for two minor titles and will