2015 K-1 MUAY THAI fight – Ben Edwards vs Jahfarr Wilnis – full fight Video Glory 24

3 Star RatingReview by AllTheBestFights.com: 2015-10-09, pretty good finish between Ben Edwards and Jahfarr Wilnis: it gets three stars.

Ben Edwards entered this fight with a professional kickboxing record of 38-10-2 (33 KOs=87%) and he is ranked as the No.11 heavyweight in the world but he comes off the loss against Errol Zimmerman (=Zimmerman vs Edwards).
His opponent, Jahfarr Wilnis, has a record of 27-4-1 (7 knockouts) and he entered as the No.6 in the same weight class. He lost two consecutive fights between 2013 and 2014, against Tomas Hron and Mladen Brestovac, but then he has won five bouts. Edwards vs Wilnis is the semifinal of the Glory heavyweight contender tournament; undercard of Joe Schilling vs Jason Wilnis – Glory 24. Watch the video and rate this fight!

2014 K-1 MUAY THAI fight – Ben Edwards vs Errol Zimmerman – full fight Video GLORY 16


Fight rated 3 stars by AllTheBestFights.comReview: 2014-05-03, good action packed fight between Errol Zimmerman and Ben Edwards: it is close to get four stars. Errol Zimmerman entered this fight with a kickboxing record of 77-20-1 and he is ranked as the No.6 heavyweight in the world, he fought three times in 2013 but he lost twice: against Rico Verhoeven (then he defeated Hesdy Gerges) and Daniel Ghita (=Ghita vs Zimmerman 2).
His opponent, Ben Edwards, has a record of 36-9-3 and he entered as the No.8 in the same weight class, he suffered his last defeat in 2012 when he faced Verhoeven, after that bout he has fought and won four times. Zimmerman vs Edwards is the semifinal of the Glory Heavyweight Contender Tournament; undercard of Karapet Karapetyan vs Marc de Bonte 2 – Glory 16. Watch the video and rate this fight!

2012 K-1 MUAY THAI fight – Raul Catinas vs Ben Edwards – full fight Video K-1 Final 16


3_stars_k1_muay_thai_ranking_allthebestfightsReview: 2012-10-14, fight not very technical but tough and exciting: Raul Catinas vs Ben Edwards gets three stars. Raul Catinas (17-4-0) entered as the No.16 heavyweight in the world while Ben Edwards (34-8-2) entered as the No.20. Catinas vs Edwards, heavyweight fight of K-1 WGP 2012 Final 16, is on the undercard of Mirko ‘Cro Cop’ Filipovic vs Randy Blake. Watch the video!

2011 K-1 MUAY THAI fight – Ben Edwards vs Roman Kleibl – full fight Video SuperKombat Fight Club Semifinal

3_stars_k1_muay_thai_ranking_allthebestfightsReview: 2011-11-17, tough fight and dramatic KO of Roman Kleibl that defeated Ben Edwards in the third round: three stars. Edwards vs Kleibl was the first semifinal of the SuperKombat Fight Club heavyweight tournament (in the quarter-finals Ben Edwards defeated Daniel Sam while Roman Kleibl beat Christian Colombo). Ben Edwards entered the fight with a record of 33-7-2 and was ranked as the No.20 heavyweight in the world. Watch the video!