2008 BOXING fight – John Duddy vs Walid Smichet – full fight Video USER REQUESTED

3_stars_best_boxing_fights_of_2008_videos_allthebestfightsReview: 2008-02-23, nice and tough fight between John Duddy (23-0-0) and Walid Smichet (17-3-3). Both fighters start strong but in the second part of the fight the pace slows down, so we can not give more than three stars. The undefeated John Duddy won Walid Smichet by majority decision. (This video was requested by Alvis S., thanks for the suggestion! We have updated our ranking of the best boxing fights of 2008). Watch the video!

2006 best BOXING fight – John Duddy vs Luis Ramon Campas – Video fight


5_stars_allthebestfights Review: John Duddy vs Luis Ramon Campas was valid for the IBA middleweight title and was one of the best fights of 2006. “Yori Boy” Campas had an incredible record of 96 fights, including 88 victories and 8 defeats, and in his long career had already faced fighters like Oscar De La Hoya, Fernando Vargas, Raul Marquez and Felix Trinidad, while his opponent John Duddy, younger than 8 year, had only 17 professional fighting, but all won… Watch the video!