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2014 best K-1 MUAY THAI fight – Pornsanae Sitmonchai vs Pokaew – full fight Video


Fight rated 4 stars by AllTheBestFights.comReview: 2014-07-08, after a classic muay thai first round in which both fighters study each other, the second period is simply amazing: a back and forth battle with both fighters exchanging shot for shot and going to the canvas. However we think that Pakorn vs Saeksan and Yodsanklai vs Rumchong are the real candidates for Muay thai Fight of the Year 2014 but Pornsanae vs Pokaew is our candidate for Muay thai Round of the Year and it gets for stars.
Pornsanae Sitmonchai (red trunks) entered this fight with a professional kickboxing record of 145-44-1 (or 109-53-1, wikipedia’s record) while unfortunately we don’t know the record of his opponent, Pokaew Fonjangchonburi (also known as Pokkeaw Fonjaengchonburi) that replaces Dejnarong Wor Soontonnont. Pornsanae vs Pokaew was held at the new Lumpinee Stadium in Bangkok (Thailand). Watch the video and rate this fight!

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