2012 BOXING fight – Adrien Broner vs Vicente Escobedo – full fight Video WBO title

3_stars_boxing_ranking_allthebestfightsReview: 2012-07-21, pretty good fight between Adrien Broner and Vicente Escobedo: three stars. The undefeated Adrien Broner (23-0-0) entered as the No.1 super featherweight in the world while Vicente Escobedo (26-3-0) entered as the No.3. Broner vs Escobedo is valid for the WBO super featherweight title (title at stake for Escobedo only since Broner failed to make the weigh-in). Watch the video!

2012 BOXING fight – Vicente Escobedo vs Lonnie Smith – full fight Video

3_stars_boxing_ranking_allthebestfightsReview: 2012-03-03, with two knockdowns and one knockout the fight between Vicente Escobedo and Lonnie Smith seems to have been a good three stars-fight, unfortunately the quality of the video is not good (fight ended by KO in the first round). Vicente Escobedo (white trunks), ranked as the No.12 lightweight in the world, entered the fight with a record of 24-3-0 while Lonnie Smith had a record of 14-2-2. Escobedo vs Smith is valid for the vacant WBO NABO super featherweight title. Watch the video!

2011 BOXING fight – Vicente Escobedo vs Rocky Juarez – full fight Video

3_stars_boxing_fight_boxing_video_2011_allthebestfightsReview: 2011-09-23, nice fight between Vicente Escobedo and Rocky Juarez (it is very close to our 4 stars thanks to a high pace). In the third round Escobedo knocked down Juarez but the fight ends by unanimous decision after ten beautiful rounds. Important victory for Vicente Escobedo (23-3-0) entered as the No.9 lightweight in the world while Rocky Juarez (28-8-1) entered as the No.41 super featherweight. Watch the video!

2009 best BOXING fight – Vicente Escobedo vs Carlos Hernandez – full fight Video


4_stars_best_boxing_fights_of_2009_videos_allthebestfights Review: 2009-04-04, the fight between Vicente Escobedo and Carlos Hernandez was one of the best boxing fights of 2009. Vicente Escobedo (19-1-0) had just beaten the undefeated Dominic Salcido (in 2008), and before trying to win a world title he needed to face some boxer more experienced than him: Carlos Hernandez (43-7-1). The youngest Escobedo defeated Hernandez by unanimous decision after ten round of action (this was also the last fight of Carlos “El Famoso” Hernandez). Watch the video!