2012 best MMA fight – Brian Rogers vs Andreas Spang – full fight Video Bellator 66

5_stars_mma_ranking_allthebestfightsReview: 2012-04-20, exciting, tough and close fight with one of the best knockouts of the year: Brian Rogers vs Andreas Spang gets five stars (Bellator 66). Brian Rogers ranked as the No.45 middleweight in the world, entered the fight with a record of 9-3-0 while Andreas Spang had a record of 7-1-0. Rogers vs Spang is the semifinal of the Bellator Middleweight Tournament; undercard of Shinya Aoki vs Eddie Alvarez 2. Watch the video!


Event: Bellator 66

Date: 2012-04-20

Where: I-X Center, Cleveland, Ohio, United States

Division: middleweight (185 lbs, 84 kg)

Result: Click here to show the fight’s result
Andreas Spang def. Brian Rogers (Ko punch at 3:34, round 2)


Bellator 66 fight card (main card):
Eddie Alvarez vs Shinya Aoki 2
Brian Rogers vs Andreas Spang
Vyacheslav Vasilevsky vs Maiquel Jose Falcao Goncalves
Rick Hawn vs Lloyd Woodard
Brent Weedman vs Thiago Michel Pereira Silva

Rogers’ previous fight: Brian Rogers vs Vitor Vianna

Spang’s next fight: Maiquel Falcao vs Andreas Spang

Rogers’ next fight: Brian Rogers vs Dominique Steele




  • Lee

    I didn’t see that one coming! 

  • Anonymous

    Wow what a turn around, great fight.

  • Wayi_jhune

    stupidity !!!!!!!

  • Anonymous

    ugh i feel like rogers was too respectful

  • herpderp

    lol bellator announcers s*ck

  • Razman_9

    Didn’t like it.

  • Ernestbronny

    both had there moments in round 1, spang with a great chin an landed that left hook counter the hole 2nd round till the ko. i like rogers but you have to love the heart of spang!

  • Garycarr

    big suprise!


    Thats why you dont get used to fighting with your hands down, cause at some point your gonna get caught.

    • Nakrud

      anderson silva?

  • Igot005

    haha to get knocked at your hometown.. priceless

  • Kenj0409

    that was bullsh*t decision of referee,he stop the game..

  • Jibbler222

    dude mr.rogers went to f*ckin sleep kid


    Worthy stoppage.. His head bounced off the mat! LD.