2011 best BOXING fight – Amir Khan vs Lamont Peterson – full fight Video WBA, IBF

4_stars_boxing_ranking_allthebestfightsReview: 2011-12-10, great start with one knockdown in the first round, high pace for twelve rounds, speed and explosiveness: Amir Khan vs Lamont Peterson is one of the best boxing fights of 2011. Compubox punching statistics showed that Khan landed a total of 238 of 757 punches (31% accuracy rate) compared to 226 of 573 for Peterson (39%); we scored 113-112 in favour of Khan…controversial ending… Amir Khan (26-1-0) entered as the No.2 light welterweight in the world while Lamont Peterson (29-1-1) entered as the No.6. Khan vs Peterson is valid for the WBA and IBF light welterweight titles. Watch the video!


Date: 2011-12-10

Where: Convention Center, Washington, District of Columbia, United States

Division: light welterweight (140 lbs, 63.5 kg)

Title: WBA and IBF light welterweight titles

Result: Click here to show the fight’s result
Lamont Peterson def. Amir Khan (split decision, 110-115, 113-112, 113-112)


Khan’s previous fight: Amir Khan vs Zab Judah

Peterson’s previous fight: Lamont Peterson vs Victor Manuel Cayo

Khan’s next fight: Amir Khan vs Danny Garcia

Peterson’s next fight: Lamont Peterson vs Kendall Holt


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85 Replies to “2011 best BOXING fight – Amir Khan vs Lamont Peterson – full fight Video WBA, IBF”

  1. Peterson won because he is the aggressive fighter till the 12 round. The first round was not a knockdown also n got extra point for the Khan penalty.

  2. I marked this fight 115 – 111 in favour of Khan. It wasn’t his best performance, but he was in charge for a good 75% of the fight. I was impressed by Peterson’s courage; he came forward and rarely took a step back, but wasn’t consistently dominating the fight. A rematch would be the best way forward, on neutral ground. I can’t see him agreeing to come to the UK.

  3. Peterson was far more aggressive and landed the higher amount of power punches and since the punch count was fairly equal i think he deserved it also he showed alot more heart

  4. Bad coach IMO he wasnt preapared for a brawl ….Amir is a great boxer no doubt but now hes entered a different league he needs to throw to destroy and put ppl to sleep. Get aggresive and be prepared for dirty boxing , look at mayweathers last fight!!

  5. peterson didnt even win a round so how can he win the fight i hav no clue…..this is a worser robbery then the one that happened at my church

  6. i am muslim and pakistani khan is loser and should accept the fact he lost everytime he loses he got an exxcuse bloody loser

  7. Amir was robbed….. clearly the better fighter. Peterson is a brawler. He has got heart, but still. Amir deseved to win the fight. The referee rarely shouted at peterson, it was always khan in the wrong. Amir had to fight Peterson and the referee!!!

  8. Peterson won! No point in arguing about it. Maybe Khan may have won a couple of more rounds by slapping flashy combinations but Peterson walked right through all of his punches and landed all kinds of power punches. Khan demonstrated 1 good way of fighting which is keeping a distance and moving, but that’s only one style.. Peterson was able to still land from the outside, inside, pressure, counter.. Khan also showed a lot of weaknesses– VERY POOR defense. Khan’s body took a lot of punishment.

  9. I had it 117-115 Peterson..116-116 without pt deduction..

    To me Khan was lucky he wasn’t dedected more for the leaning on Petersons head and he doesn’t seem to be able to fight on the inside. Khan definitely doesn’t like being roughed up thats for sure…I’m disappointed but Khan will be stronger for it.

    What a win for Peterson, I really felt for him, he really came out to take that Title away, and while I had it a draw if not for deduction, I can’t help but feel for sheer effort Peterson got a sort of moral victory…

    Khan will learn to keep his focus less on taunting and future “Big Fights” and more his next opponant!

  10. amir khan is a fake he fights people who his camp think will go down easily and when they dont khan comes unstuck hes a dirty fighter and cant stand toe to toe with anyone with just a bit of quality he needs to get back in the gym and lace the gloves of real boxers and stop getting in the ring thinking hes a contender give him £1:00 a day and a sweeping brush a mop and bucket and a few slaps now and then

  11. @noman rasheed what was a bad design the ring the shorts what exactly are you talking about did you mean a bad decision mmm on that i agree khan should never of tried to become a boxer that was a bad decision

  12. @ bluebird you scored it 115 – 111 in khans favour thats why your sat on your computer and thankfully not at ringside judging boxing fights even someone with limited boxing knowledge would have to admit khan threw less imposing shots and is one seriously dirty fookin fighter as his last few fights have shown

  13. Peterson was clearly the dirty fighter….referee bloody short sighted. keeping his head low,resting on his chest, below belt hits..not a single word said to him. what a joke…

  14. Total robbery in my eyes, but was expected in Petersons home town, the rematch will do the talking, hopefully with a better ref this time round. (ohh and Im from dc for the ppl who may wana hate on this) my boy Peterson didnt deserve the win, Im being honest)

    I just hope that the rematch will be as epic as this one.

  15. When a black dude fights a brown dude, have a white or yellow dude as the referee.. you might get a fairer ref then

  16. Good fight, wrong decision khan is a humble person check out his last 12 interviews most importantly pre fight conference.
    It does not matter who wins. Definately controled fight.
    Same as manny vs marquez. Manny lost that fight by the way i like manny.

  17. In My Point of view Amir Khan Is winner Becas Refre give him home-ground Advantage and detect amir 2 points
    Winner is Amir Khan


  19. lol khan trying to do what mayweather does smile and shake his head difference is mayweather doesnt get hit lol anyway if khan moves up to welterweight and takes the shots he does here and the maidana fight he will get knocked out needs to work on his defence alot more gr8 fight tho

  20. damn clearly shows u Amir Khan was robbed. the ref is yelling at khan the whole time for ignorant sh*t and when peterson does something. hesaysnothing.. this is hometown hero love since peterson is from D.C and so is the REf. rematch march 31 and khan will get that win.. what a bs fight……smh……………

  21. unlucky amir, nobody can win in the states they get favoured to f*ck! well fought fight and still champion in everybodys eyes proud to be british!!!

  22. The ref is one sided.. He only sees Khan.. Funny.. Pushing is allowed in boxing.. If not then Ali should have been banned..I don’t care about where a boxers came from, I care about the skill.. but this ref obviously does. Don’t want to stir any.. Pity for Amir.. but.. Peterson is one tough dude..If he, Peterson, is for real then they fight again in UK.

  23. i did not get the opportunity to watch it live,nevertheless i’ve just watch it.how on earth would any person in the right frame of mind say peterson won.this is a big disgrace to boxing just as the win of pacman over marquez.please let’s reward hardwork.mind you i man a fun of both pacman and khan.

  24. I didn’t see the fight live but watched it here and can clearly see that Peterson won this fight. He was the aggressor the entire fight and landed the most power shots. The ref was wrong for deducting points from Khan but also for scoring a knock down for Khan. In the end, the judges got it right.

  25. Peterson won, stop crying for god sakes. I’m from the U.K and you lot need to stop thinking where the fighter is from and watch BOXING for a change. Peterson landed the bigger shots and Khan was fouling all fight long. Pushing, holding head down and holding n hitting.

    Khan had ZERO inside game, I mean absolutely zero. In boxing, the rules are you are not allowed to push. Look up the rules of boxing! The 7th round deduction was completely fair because he warned Khan several times and before round 6 that he would take a point if Khan continued to foul.

    The 12th was over the top deduction..he shouldn’t have done that but he also got the Round 1 knockdown wrong. Khan forearmed Lamont in the face to push him down so these 2 points even themselves out.

    Winner = Lamont Peterson fair and square. Maybe if Khan focused more on this fight rather than riding Mayweather and Mannys d*ck all the time before this fight, he might have won.

  26. Im not a big fan of Jim Watts commentary on sky sports, he is always very critical and negative of fighters who make the slightest mistake, but to be fair he is rarely wrong with his scorecards. He was more or less convinced Amir gave his belts away in the 12th round, before the last point deduction. So that tells the story. Other than short, fast, straight shots down the middle, Amir has nothing else in his offensive arsenal. Some hooks come in now and then, mostly to the body, but Peterson blocked a lot of them. One thing is clear, you cant run the way Amir does in the later rounds and expect to win the round, there is running/moving away and then there is crab style sprinting by Amir! It looked desperate and embarrassing. Peterson cut the ring off very well, aka Hatton style. Amir was pushing aggressively, not shoving with his forearms, but using his two hands to push his whole weight against Peterson… Why, because he didnt like getting hit on the inside. He didnt expect Peterson to be able to get in there whenever he wanted. Peterson kept his head low to avoid the jab coming in, he never stuck his head into Khans head, (headbutt) In contrast, Khan has had some questionable head clashes in his favour, usually the person who throws a headbutt does’nt get cut… Khan was tiring against Barrera & McCloskey in the middle rounds, those fights were stopped with one bad cut and one “paper cut” on McCloskey. Khan still has stamina isues, maybe he always will?? Thats how Peterson bullied and bossed him for the last few rounds and won the fight. Pity about Amir’s response after the fight, he never gave any credit to Peterson, who made this a great fight. A rematch will have to take place, it was close, if Amir could fight on the inside he could have nicked a few of the latter rounds and won. Khan’s fights are entertaining because he is always vulnerable to shots, and his defense can easily go out the window at any stage. Looking forward to the rematch… Have it in Vegas with 1 american judge, 1 english judge and 1 random international judge. Kenny Bayliss is a very good ref and Smoger also. Cortez the worst!

  27. I saw Peterson being the aggressor, and taking it to Khan. Khan was pushing,holding and running majority of the fight. But he shouldn’t have lost, but know he must redem himself in the rematch (because he was running like a runaway slave)!

  28. good fight. peterson landed more power shots. amir had more style. peterson was walking into and leaning on khan in an unsporting fashion – no wonder khan responded with pushing him off, nothing wrong with that in my book. amir looked a bit lost in the ring at times, looking imploringly at the ref to help him out. i think things are a bit different state side. amir finished the stronger of the two. ref was a bit off key. i think khan scraped it but think it was even enough for it to be a respectable result. lets hope there’s a rematch. khan bulk up again and deliver more power shots for dramatic victory!

  29. being the aggressor does NOT MEAN you win fights when you don’t land anything…Being aggressive is one TINY aspect of fighting but if your not effective with your aggresson it means nothing…

    If aggression meant everything than Floyd would have 15 losses….Oscar surely would have beaten him as he had Floyd doing his Forrest Gump impression the whole fight…Mayweather ran way more in that fight than Khan did in this one.

    Easily a 7-5 decision win for Amir…He got robbed hard by the hometown judges…Peterson is tough but got outclassed.

  30. I think that was the worse decision ever made by the judges. Almost all round goes to Amir Khan, how come that Peterson won that game while in fact he was beaten by so many punches by Khan. Boxing is getting worse because of fucking decision that the judges made. Note that they both trained hard.Then the judges will make the decision unjustifiable. No doubt Khan won that game.

  31. Unjust judges and in favor referee make the deserving winner to loose. My God, that was really funny. Take a look the fight of Manny and Marquez, obviously Marquez won the game but they game it to Manny. Calling the attention of WBO,WBA and all the boxing association of the world, please make the boxing Honorable, clean, and just sport. I do love boxing..Filipinos Vote Amer Khan as the winner in that game. Proud to be Filipino.

  32. Referee was focused on khan, peterson gave a good fight no doubt about it, but he did play dirty and he did have the advantage of being in his own hometown… like khan said why hasnt there been a big fight in D.C in last 20years..? because of this same bulls**t

    Khan will deffo take his titles back… we will see at the rematch

  33. Great fight without a doubt. Ruined by the referee constantly shouting ‘break up Khan’ even when there was no need ! Even fight, i would call draw…and ask for rematch.

  34. A slight victory, a 50/50 affairs, a man-to-man situation. Khan did not out-boxed peterson, and he either did not out-boxed khan. Pushing, stretching of fist, head-booting,etc deserve penalty. good judgement. A re-match will decide who really is a better boxer.

  35. Every 1 of u lads know who won,I don’t get the fact that why the hell is this convo goin on to be honest.You can clearly tell that the refree was against KHaN he just didn’t won him to win in the NIGGa Home Town…That’s the reson they are having a rematch if peterson knew that it is a fair decision why would he want a rematch he even knows that he lost..O well if he’s got the bolts we’ll se if he can beat him in KHaN home town or not..That NIGGs is get batted i’m telling yh now straight up:)No offence towards the black but not fair in the end.

    1. shut up p*ssy you races no offence to the blacks how do that sound calling people out of their names and then say no offence you races clown its a sport you fool

  36. Another black eye for boxing. More fans lost. The only winner here is MMA where fans will continue to go to. I am surprised the referee didnt go to Peterson’s corner at the end of each round and ask if there was anything else he could do to help out. lol. Oh i guess he did.

  37. just watching the fight now and i thought that the appeal was all hype but tbh khan should have been scored 5 points in front by the end of the second so i can see why they say only god and the judges bank balances know how peterson won, it must have been a good pay off

  38. The asian dud got robbed here.

    Boxing is dead… RIP Boxing…

    Well, until the appeal outcome anyway.

    Thankyou America

  39. peterson won kahn is a good but dirty fighter first round knockdown kahn pushed him with the forearm….pushing, punching after the ref calls for a break is illegal my god do any of you know the rules forearms in the face, pushing peterson down, headlocks he was lucky the ref let him finish the fight and not get disqualified ,besides in the marquez pacman fight we learned it doesn’t matter what you do as long as you are the aggressor you will take that round ….. now the million dollar question is will they score that way when mayweather is in the ring ??

  40. i relay not agree with result ..khan win the mach .but empire cheat .ad hi detect the number from khan ,there is extra point except detection from khan ,,,in my khan win the match ,,one thing clear if us can not win by game hi will win by cheat ,,because hi want to win..sham sham sham ..on you ..
    i relay love khan and ho couch ////

  41. Zaheer what the hell are you talking about? You really need to go back to school and learn how to spell correctly you MUPPET!!!!!

  42. it was a close fight but i’ll give it to khan he landed body and head shots were lamont only landed body and a few head shots plus khan had better movement and two points deducted come on i’ve seen some real cheating in the ring i look forward to the rematch.As for khan v may i think he can match him just about for speed but not for power i don’t think he’s ready unless he can keep the same speed and hit with some force.

  43. I do not know what fight have seen some around here???, But the only thing is that if I am a judge for a close fight like this is the most wanted to give the fight, the boxers I hate running, I think if they like football the miles you travel in the country, Khan certainly made ​​5 times what Peterson did, the fall in the first assault was pushed not fall, Peterson won the fight well, well minus points, this does not was robbery, theft was the Khan fight Maidana, if not for the Cortez, Khan was in the hospital yet, so unless the Ko

    Yo no se que pelea han visto algunos por aquí???,pero lo único que se, es que si yo soy juez una pelea cerrada como esta se la doy al que más quiso pelear,detesto a lo boxeadores que corren,yo creo que si hacen como el fútbol los kilómetros que recorren en el campo,Khan seguro que hizo 5 veces más de lo que hizo Peterson,la caída en el primer asalto fue empujón no caida,gano bien la pelea Peterson,bien descontados los puntos,esto no fue robo,robo fue la pelea Khan Maidana,que si no es por el mediocre de Cortez Khan estaba en el hospital todavía,lo salvo del Ko.

  44. Scored the fight 116-113 to Khan 2 point penalty so 114-113 Khan

    Close fight but Khan DEFIANTLY Didn’t lose this fight.

  45. Guys you need to wakeup its hard for american people to digest the fact there is a boxer who fights like a man with his head up and he is not from america. Now for those who said Amir aint got no inside game…come on you people you call it inside game what peterson was doing in the ring he was just putting his head down because he knew he aint got enough in him to get his head up and match amirs speed i straight shot..peterson played a safe game by not keeping any distance from khan to avoid straight shots from amir..And thats p*ssy still with all the strategies peterson ended up with low punch count….What are you guys having debate on???then come on the robbery part of the story point deduction….then comes Mustafa ameen handling score card slips and he was in no official cappacity to do so…what are you guys talking about when you defend peterson???cumon leave it WBA already ordered a re-match take rest you american fans if its neutral grounds this time i PRAY TO GOD may the best wins.

  46. Understand the mechanics and physicis of a boxing match. When your opponent has one move in his arsenal which are body shots, why would you sit there and trade with him on the inside? Khan had great footwork and combinations with 2 knockdown in the early rounds. Controlling the pace of a fight also dictates who wins as Khan did this. Totally biased judges and a ref who let Pusserson charge at Khan with no breaks for clenching which should have been called. This was a bullsh*t fight and Peterson is a p*ssy, id say that to his face. Khan did exactly what the sport is called, boxing. Next time they fight you will see Peterson tko’d like Khan did Salita.


  48. i hate this fight. the ref held khan back the whole fight and only said two words to peterson who was holding and pushing himself. Also even with the points taken khan still should have won that fight. and im american. no credit taken away from peterson.

  49. He needs to stop fighting bums just to make money!!!! Put him in with the real boys and he will get murdered!!!! Fact!!!

  50. I scored the fight 113-112 for Peterson, which means without the ref’s points deductions Khan would have won the fight but if Amir Khan wants to be the pound for pound best and wants to beat Floyd Mayweather, don’t give the judges the chance to screw you. He has been knocked out by a bum ( Bredis Prescott) and nearly knocked out again by Maidana in a fight which in proved he has guts. Great fighters have guts, world class pound for pound fighters have guts and brains. Khan needs to dominate a top fighter ( and before anyone comes back at me I don’t include Zab Judah as a top class fighter anymore) before he can be the fighter he likes to think he is. BTW great shame the fight was cancelled, really admire Lamont Peterson, hope he hasn’t let himself down in such a despicable way but great to see VADA is cleaning up boxing, think Floyd Maywather deserves the credit for that. 

  51. Peterson was in his Hometown
    The Ref was clearly on Peterson’s side
    Peterson was on Steroids PEDs
    Hard Work, Medication!!!

    Everything was stacked against Khan in this fight. This fight should be declared a no-contest due to the fact that Lamont agreed to using steroids before this fight after he failed the drug test for the rematch.

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