2005 best BOXING fight – Emanuel Augustus Burton vs Ray Oliveira – full fight Video

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4 Star RatingReview by AllTheBestFights.com: 2005-07-08, here it is another very nice and entertaining fight recommended by “mattsnow81”: Emanuel Augustus vs Ray Oliveira, it was definitely one of the best boxing fights of 2005 and it gets four stars!

Emanuel Augustus Burton entered this fight with a pro boxing record of 29-25-6 (15 knockouts) while his opponent, Ray Oliveira, had a record of 47-10-2 (22 knockouts). Before this bout Augustus had lost twice in 2004, against Tomas Barrientes and Courtney Burton (4-stars-fight Courtney Burton vs Emanuel Augustus Burton), but then he had come back to win in 2005 beating Dillon Carew while Oliveira was defeated by Ricky Hatton in his previous fight. Augustus Burton vs Oliveira was the main event of the evening. Watch the video and rate this fight!


Date: 2005-07-08

Where: Hampton Beach Casino, Hampton Beach, New Hampshire, USA

Division: light middleweight (154 lbs, 69.9 kg)

Result: Click here to show the fight’s result
Emanuel Augustus Burton def. Ray Oliveira (TKO at 3:00, round 8)



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24 comments on “2005 best BOXING fight – Emanuel Augustus Burton vs Ray Oliveira – full fight Video”

  1. This is a fight between two 100 punches per round guys. Funny tortoise and heir comparison by Atlas in round 1 lol. Those 2 warriors were ESPN favorites, they pitted them one against another and one hell of a fight was produced.

    Poor Oliveira had some pinched nerves in the back of the head and that’s what prompted the stoppage. You can see that Augustus didn’t try one single head shot after Oliveira’s injury was obvious, prompting me to say he is a great sportsman.

    This was Oliveira’s last fight of a great and Augustus-like career, I hope he is doing well today. Much respect to him, I think both those guys have had a very, very hard career. Definitely not babied by a promoter. http://theadvocate.com/news/police/10544103-123/police-boxer-emanuel-augustus-just

  2. Very entertaining fight! As an Augustus fan, if I ever wanted to show them Augustus at his best in regards to the “drunken master” boxing style, I would show them this one. He lands a double punch ffs! Amazing. Props to Oliveira for a great career also, unfortunately he went into this fight a little underdone and didn’t perform like he has in the past (came in heavy).

    Amazing sportsmanship displayed by Augustus at the end as well – not wanting to risk punching Oliveira in the head after he displayed some pain in his neck/head. People who talk about Pacquaio taking his foot off the pedal against Margarito as an prime example of sportsmanship obviously haven’t seen this fight.

  3. Thank you to Matt and our host I enjoyed a very good fight with an incredible display of fast punches and excellent moves.
    It was a joy watching the punch combinations, the shooting angles and amazing moves of Augustus, including his dancing/jumping show which is second to none. He was a boxer able to frustrate the better ones because his excellent moves. Still I’m trying to figure out why he has so bad record and I believe that may be he exposed too much himself in front of though opposition because his aggressive stile and sometimes his head was very steady, I guess also he lost several of his fights due to bad judgments and controversial results.
    I really liked Augutus attitude when he realized that Ray was injured and almost stopped fighting in spite of Ray trying to hit him hard. As George mentioned below, I also noticed that Augustus was punching Ray just on the body after realizing he has some kind of head problem.
    However, I still believe that his previous fight with M. Ward was better because the action involved and Ward extremely aggressive attitude and performance.

    To our Host: Please include in your show the fight between Nicolino Locche (The untouchable”) vs Takeshi Fuji carried out in December 1968 because I’m pretty sure that our friends here will enjoy it as a good memoir of this amazing sport. Please.

    • No prob, Tango :) He lost his fair share of close decisions and outright robberies, like against Courtney Burton. I also tweeted to Russ Anber since he was in Oliveira’s corner and he told me Oliveira is doing well today. :D

      Thanks for the fight suggestion :)

      • Nice to heard about that since Oliveira was very brave that night trying to continuing the fight is spite of his probably painful injury. Boxing is a though sport so some of these guys really deserve admiration.

        Regarding Nicolino’s fight I recommended it to Olivier and he really liked :-). Here is the link in case you have time to watch it


        This fight is from Dec 1968 but the video is still of very good quality. Enjoy ;-)
        Read this article please if time permit.
        Nicolino was superb and I’m very proud of since I also born in Argentina but I feel now very Canadian


        • At first glance, I can see the differences with our times: smaller gloves, loose ropes, no body protector.

          Locche has a great defense, he eludes a lot of shots I write this after the 3rd round. Both the guys’ shot look damaging, but Locche is somehow not getting touched.

          Wow Japanese guy not coming out for the 10th while Locche’s face looks like he’s getting out of the hair salon. Very good boxing lesson :) ….

          Wow I just read in the article that Locche was smoking??? Times have evolved :)

          Very nice bout Tango. Maybe one day our great hosts will go back to those days. Glad you’re with us in Canada :)

          • Thank you Matt for watching the fight and appreciate Nicolino’s talent. If you have also any other good fight recommendation please let me know.
            Thank you also for your welcoming.

          • Hi Matt,
            I saw the fight which was an excellent one as all the others where Augustus was involved.
            I put my comments there.
            Thank you for the recommendation

          • BTW, I wanted to thank @georgeagor:disqus very much because he is the one that made me discover Augustus and he went to great lengths to upload his fights on Youtube, finding the fight files in every nook and cranny of the internet. I think without him, Augustus’ legacy would not be the same :)

        • @tango2042:disqus Just watched the Locche fight again with my dad, he is very impressed! Maybe 10 headshots landed by Fuji in the whole fight? Incredible. He was more entertaining than Mayweather :P

          • Thank you Matt again and regards to your dad. I’m really glad that you and him are enjoying boxing together. When my dad was alive i also watched beside him many of this fantastic fights from Nicolino and others (real time man :-)). I miss very much those enjoyable nights together.
            I recommend you to watch also some fights from Monzon because was a very well known world champion, highly qualified, and he was gifted with stone hands. But honestly, I like much better Nicolino because he technically excel and have an excellent career without punching power.
            Regarding Floyd are you kidding? For sure Nicolino was more entertaining than him since Floyd lately is just a runner that look at business only.
            It may be much to say but compared with Locche he is technically an amateur in terms of defense :-)

      • Thank you very much Arjay Cee. It is a very good and complete article. It fully shows the sad side of boxing and the kind of business it is.
        Life is hell for Augustus an extremely talented boxer but quite unlucky.
        I knew he was hit by a bullet but not the circumstances involved. To be honest with you he doesn’t deserve it in top of all the bad receives from boxing. This article was touching and I feel very sad about this poor guy.

  4. BTW, I wanted to say although this was Oliveira’s last fight, and it looked scary in the end, he is doing great today as his former cornerman confirmed me.

    • Relief to hear that, Matt. I remember how stiff Ray looked, and that cry of frustration. Augustus knew that the man wasn’t well and took a step off the gas pedal — a gentleman of the first order. Kudos to you and ATB for bringing these fights back into our boxing life!

  5. I guess this is why ATBF is for, you can come back and watch great old fights :) Thank you for the great site. Everything has been said below except than round 5 is one hell of a crowd-pleasing phone booth round, they spent like 2’30 in the corner punching away lol. Viva Augustus and Oliveira

  6. What the hell is Augustus doing? ARE YOU NOT ENTERTAINED! ISN’IT WHY YOU’RE HERE? (lol Gladiator cover)


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