2016 BOXING fight – Adrien Broner vs Ashley Theophane – full fight Video WBA

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3 Star RatingReview by AllTheBestFights.com: 2016-04-01, pretty good fight but with a disappointing finish: Adrien Broner vs Ashley Theophane gets three stars.

The former world champion in four different weight classes Adrien Broner entered this fight with a boxing record of 31-2-0 (23 knockouts) and he is ranked as the No.10 welterweight in the world. He fought three times last year defeating John Molina Jr (=Broner vs Molina) and Khabib Allakhverdiev (=Broner vs Allakhverdiev) but between these two bouts he lost to Shawn Porter (=Broner vs Porter).
His opponent, Ashley Theophane, has an official record of 39-6-1 (11 knockouts) and he entered as the No.47 super lightweight. He suffered his last loss when he faced Pablo Cesar Cano in 2013 (by split decision, Cano vs Theophane), after this bout he has won six consecutive fights beating Steve Upsher Chambers in his last one. Broner vs Theophane is valid for the vacant WBA World super lightweight title but Broner failed to make weight so the title is at stake only for Theophane. Watch the video and rate this fight!


Date: 2016-04-01

Where: DC Armory, Washington, District of Columbia, USA

Division: light welterweight (140 lbs, 63.5 kg)

Title: vacant WBA World super lightweight title

Result: Click here to show the fight’s result
Adrien Broner def. Ashley Theophane (TKO at 1:10, round 9)


Broner’s previous fight: Adrien Broner vs Khabib Allakhverdiev

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Official highlights

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17 comments on “2016 BOXING fight – Adrien Broner vs Ashley Theophane – full fight Video WBA”

  1. Gog to bored. Skipped through.Looked like Broner was winning on points. Hurt Theopane. Ref stopped. Though not sure why. Video choppy at that point. Still think Broner is B class.
    If nothing comes about with the assault/armed robbery charges I will think it was all a publicity stunt to get people to watch this.

  2. I don’t like this referee at all and this is not the first time I’m complaining about him. First, he never gives clear indications. It’s always vague, like “Ok ok… I’m here.”. Can’t he just say: BREAK?! Second, the stoppage was a mistake. There was a low blow and he didn’t see it. There were a few other boderline blows of the belt before that and he didn’t say a thing, but this last one was certainly too low. Theophane was hurt, but not in danger.
    About the fight itself, Theophane gave a real effort, he landed a couple of good clean shots but that wasn’t enough. Broner played it safely as usual and was on his way to an easy victory.
    About the post-fight interview, Broner’s call out at Mayweather was quite entertaining, but I don’t think this fight will happen. Yes, unfortunately people would pay to see that (I woudn’t though!) but only because of Mayweather’s fame. Broner is not the superstar his narcissistic ego think he is. If Mayweather ever comes out of retirement, he could easily make more money in a fight against Canelo, Khan, Pacquiao, etc. etc.

    • Yes Broner is going after the big fish in an effort to make the $$$. I hope Floyd takes someone else for his 50th. Canelo or GGG would be great!

      • Matt are you dreaming? Floyd would never go for GGG because he is too risky and a demolition machine, Canelo may be but I doubt because he is risky too. I strongly believe that for Floyd now is much more important to be remembered as the undefeated champion than losing such qualification in the name of money which he really doesn’t need since the actual business he is involved. Fighting with Broner? it may be possible since he knows Broner isn’t competition so will be easy $$$ for him. At the same time he is extending his hands to Broner helping him to make the money he is looking at since exist some kind of friendship between them. If this fight really goes ahead I will lose the small respect I still have for him and, most likely, he would be remembered as the “undefeated business boxer fiasco” of all the times.

        • Well I am tired of seeing GGG knock out B+ or B fighters. Call me a dreamer but I think Floyd could go after GGG or our Mexican friend for a second time. If he cares about his place in history, he’ll take GGG. If he cares about money he’ll take Canelo. If he doesn’t care about anything he’ll take a Broner or Pacquiao or no one at all, but my hunch is that he will come back for a last dance. Maybe a tango?

          • Matt i fully agree with you that Floyd would be back to get some additional $$$ fighting again since $$$ is his life passion. However, and because in my opinion, he is a very conservative (a camouflaged chicken really), he would do that only if he fights a competitor of low caliper. Never with GGG the only guy that is able to destroy him because is younger, taller and extremely strong. He also moves very well in the ring and is quite able to catch Floyd with just one strong punch that could put down him for good in spite of being Floyd a good defensive boxer. He would never risk his actual status of undefeated boxer but with low competition he will fight again for sure.
            He has a place in history already and believe me, he just care for having in it the word UNDEFEATED.
            As you said he could come back for a tango but an easy one since the only good dancer of tango within this sport was an Argentine called Nicolino Locche :-)

  3. What a Joke, what a ref. I must have been watching another fight. A low blow by a cross dresser and a potential Bruce Jenner with all his bling. Adrian Broner’s problem is that ‘AB’ the stands for just ‘Another Boxer’. Theophane landed a hell of a lot more blows than Broner. I wouldn’t pay to watch him!

    • I don’t like Broner but you bringing up crossdressers and famous f*gs says a lot more about you.

  4. Broner came in .4 pounds heavier, which is not much at all, and decided to give 50K to Theophane rather than going to sweat that damn .4 pounds. Pretty weird.

    • By not making the weight, AB’s got the media talking even more about him. Any publicity is good publicity. At this point of his career, I believe he only cares about money and fame, not titles.

  5. Evidently Broner get in the ring knowing he was fighting with a low level competition therefore expecting to knocking his adversary out before completing the 3 round. However, being a favorite 30 to 1 he clearly demonstrated he is quite overrated by some “media” and of course for his fans. He miserable failed to show all the great boxer he thinks he is. He got two opportunities at an early stage of this fight to put his opponent down for good but he couldn’t do it because he missed most of his punches after connecting the good one looking like a real rocky. After round fight he lost the control of the fight allowing Ashley to connect with no pause the best punches of the fight till round 8. Evidently, Ashley hasn’t power at all otherwise the outcome of this fight would be quite different. Is he still trying to built up his deteriorated record fighting with this level of competition? Broner grow up, get fighters of your level or better to provide a real indication of how good you are.

    • Agree completely.

      The stoppage was poor, coming on a low blow that the ref didn’t see. Commentator Antonio Tarver was expecting Broner to get gassed at any moment (because of problems making weight). Maybe the overmatched Theophane would have enjoyed more success in that case, but I doubt it.

  6. The video posted here is not good in the finishing rounds, but I have one that shows what happens. The ref CLEARLY was positionned to see the low blow Broner threw, but elected to stop the fight??? Teophane was complaining about the low blow, not the fact he was dazed. The ref is Luis Pabon, and Pabon in French means ‘not good’. That’s what his stoppage was. https://www.youtube.com/watch?v=1rT_jOZYa00

    • Matt you quite right it was a clear low blow. This referee is really annoying. Honestly he should be evicted right away from his role since he is useless or corrupt. So Broner didn’t make the job at all. He is really “AB” (another boxer) a total fiasco who believes he is the best


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