Saul Canelo Alvarez vs Amir Khan full fight Video – 2016

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4 Star RatingReview by 2016-05-07, good fight with a spectacular finish: Saul Canelo Alvarez vs Amir Khan is one of the best boxing fights of the year 2016 and it gets four stars!

The Wbc Mw champion Saul Alvarez entered this fight with a boxing record of 46-1-1 (32 knockouts) and he is ranked as the No.1 middleweight in the world. He suffered his only loss when he faced Floyd Mayweather Jr in 2013 (=Mayweather vs Alvarez), after this bout the Mexican has won four consecutive fights defeating James Kirkland (boxing Fight of the Year 2015, Canelo vs Kirkland) and Miguel Cotto (=Cotto vs Alvarez).
His opponent, the former world champion in two different weight classes Amir Khan, has an official record of 31-3-0 (19 knockouts) and he entered as the No.4 welterweight. He lost two consecutive fights between 2011 and 2012, against Lamont Peterson (=Peterson vs Khan) and Danny Garcia (=Garcia vs Khan), but since then he has won five bouts beating Devon Alexander (=Khan vs Alexander) and Chris Algieri in his last two (=Khan vs Algieri). Canelo vs Khan is valid for the WBC World middleweight title. Watch the video and rate this fight!



Date: 2016-05-07

Where: T-Mobile Arena, Las Vegas, Nevada, USA

Division: catchweight (155 lbs, 70 kg)

Title: WBC World middleweight title

Result: Click here to show the fight’s result
Saul Canelo Alvarez def. Amir Khan (KO at 2:37, round 6)


Alvarez’s previous fight: Miguel Cotto vs Saul Canelo Alvarez

Khan’s previous fight: Amir Khan vs Chris Algieri

Alvarez’s next fight: Saul Canelo Alvarez vs Liam Smith

Khan’s next fight: Amir Khan vs Phil Lo Greco



Official video:

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34 comments on “Saul Canelo Alvarez vs Amir Khan full fight Video – 2016”

  1. isnt this what everyone expected?
    And thank you for the full upload. Didnt get home from work till 11PM.

    Khan has always had horrible habbits.

    Cruel? 6 million dollars- HOLY SH*T, No me the F! out for half that.
    Hell a third. LOL

  2. Excellent job with the uploads guys hope more ppl show the appreciation for u guys putting up Nealy every fight every week..

  3. Pretty good five rounds by Victor Ortiz–er, I mean, Amir Khan, heh heh.

    Now, it’s time for Canelo and Golden Boy to get serious. GGG or bust, baby!

    • There was a time Victor Ortiz was suppose to fight Canelo until Josesito Lopez got the fight after breaking Victors jaw so a blown up welter went in with Canelo and we all know what happened next.. The same result we see tonight.. shame on u De la Hoya for making another mockery of the prestigious middleweight green belt. Let’s see if They do the right thing and accommodate ggg aguy who was a mandatory for twoyears for the WBC after beating Rubio and a current unified champ at the weight, yet we have to settle for this class circus act.. SMH

  4. Nice fight but I am sorry: this is not middleweight! It would be nice to see Canelo fight Lemieux or Curtis Stevens at the right weight. I cannot understand why it is allowed to sell these matches as middleweight title. Then why not heavyweight? And Fury will need to go down at 65kg for taking the heavyweight title. This kind of jokes started with Pacquaio and are becoming disturbing. Canelo has taken the middleweight title against Cotto (a great champion but not a middleweight) and defended always against welterweight, weaker than him, who have come up in weight.
    I want the middleweight unification at the correct weight: Canelo – Golovkin without any catchweight.

  5. HBO, GBP, Canelo… Even Khan’s coach wants to see Canelo-GGG! But most of all, I think the boxing fans deserve this fight. We’ve been very patient…

  6. I thought Alvarez would win once Khan decided to fight him from day one but this is not a pretty sight to see some one virtually knocked in a coma in there im sorry thats nothing to cheer about Very Scary! Guaranteed this will not happen to Golovkin in fact the role could be reversed if and when they fight. Ink it soon b4 each one decides to dodge each other cuz every body seems to be be running from each other in boxing nowadays. Canelo /Golovkin book the fight with in 2 weeks b4 somebody wiggles out of the mandatory fight.

  7. Nice one guys thanks for the upload…thought khan was going to take till that monster punch!!…that would have floored anyone.

  8. I had Khan winning the Whole 5 rounds or 4-1-khan the worst before the inevitable, yet he was behind on 2 judges cards and only up by 1 point.. On Adelayde birds card, Glenn feldman had Khan down 4-1 at end of the fifth! And down 3-2 on Glenn Trowbridges card, meaning even if by a miracle he managed to box Canelos ears off he still would’ve lost to the house fighter. Like Lara did.. Stinks just like they’re stinking it up with ggg.

    • In the Mayweather Canelo fight one judge had it in a tie, some of these judges don’t know anything about the sport. It’s time to start asking questions about scoring as its literally looks like they’re watching a different fight sometimes.

  9. Judges were blind, the score cards were retarded. With that being said, it was obvious that if he get caught he goes down. He had barely any chances in this fight, he made a few millions hope it is worth it for him. He needs to work on accuracy and distance, the punches are quick but they’re not accurate and he sometimes ends up way too close to his opponent. Canelo did the right thing, he waited, measured, measured, worked the body once Khan dropped his hand a bit, it was lights out and game over.

  10. Very good fight that really makes me very nervous when watching the light speed of Amir’s both hands because I like Canelo very much. May be I am wrong but most likely Amir is the fastest puncher in boxer now. Evidently this speed in the first two rounds caused a bit of trouble for Canelo since Amir is also a good technical boxer with reasonable power. However, being Canelo an excellent boxer he did the proper adjustments to overcome such a big Amir’s advantage. From the third round he successfully started a good body work which reduced Amir’s mobility and mainly affected his confidence up too the point to be caught by a right head punch he never saw it coming. The knock out was brutal and, in my opinion, the best of this year. I hope Amir get a full recovery from such a terrible punch. This sport is nice but honestly for some of these fighters their future is going to be hell due to the concussions received like the one we saw here today.
    Canelo isn’t only an impressive power puncher but also a very good technical fighter. Congratulations to him and his team for a work well done and the corresponding adjustments developed to overcome a though fight.

      • Agree that Canelo is a better boxer but ask Amir and his team if they believe was a mismatched fight. Please don’t forget that Amir was an Olimpic medallist, a commonwealth as well as a WBA /WBC, and WBO former champion who fought against good competition also.
        The fact that Canelo didn’t take on GGG doesn’t lessen at all a well deserved victory against a good opponent in spite of your opinion. On the other hand GGG is a real Middleweight in addition to of being a real beast as well. Anyhow, don’t worry, soon or later they will fight.

  11. I don’t agree with the 4 stars rating. The KO was awesome, but the rest of the fight, if you don’t take into consideration it was a close affair, was not incredible. Probably our great host was influenced by the tension stemming from that fight.

    Anyway, it was kinda going well for Khan until the bomb came. We want GGG :)

      • You are right, this 155 catchweight is totally annoying. Respect the rules of boxing. 154 or 160. I have always wondered why only one pound higher than 154? Do they want to mess with the organizations?

        • The important is that GGG doesn’t give up on anything. GGG is facing the same problem of Hagler three decades ago: being a dominant middleweight makes life economically hard. Hagler, to fight Leonard, accepted to give him some advantages like a bigger ring, bigger gloves and 12 rounds and was simply a wrong choice (at least Leonard didn’t ask for a catchweight).
          I think that a welterweight going up in weight to conquer the middleweight title has to be an exceptional champion.
          I expect Canelo not to go up in weight and give away his belt. At 160 lb against an average cham,pion is feasible but against this beast it is a too big risk. Actually till now Canelo has the middleweight belt without having ever fought a middleweight. I see it very very hard for him already against Lemieux.

          • khan jumped 2 weight divisions to fight alvarez. In addition to the fact that Alvarez is the naturally bigger fighter, he also is a heavier puncher.
            Why pick a smaller opponent, from 2 weight divisions down?

  12. Khan was not worthy of this fight or payday! He is an average fighter who talked his way into this PAYDAY and went out on his back! Fight was garbage, footwork horrendous and chin exposed!

    At end of day, the better fighter did what he was supposed to do, that in MHO does not merit a 13+ million dollar payday; and you’re the challenger!

    His camp and his character was further exposed when he basically discredited Canelo’s post fight remarks and stance on fighting GGG! Khan ain’t raise sh!t but awareness to him being an AVERAGE fighter, not a champ on no level! Talking bout he raised the bar, pleeeeeeeez!!!

    He has not paid any dues and him and his minions can now cease with all the GREAT, Champ and A list fighter references BS, he is average; always was and always will be!!

    Congrats to Canelo for giving this b*m a shot, but you don’t get kudos for doing what you was supposed to do when faced with MINIMAL challenge!

    • Well this fight happened becoz Alvarez was ducking a fight with triple G.
      All those talk of Golden boy about Mayweather ducking fights that fans wanted to see, is BS. He is eating his words by having his prize fighter duck triple G. Get it?

      • Don’t get it! Canelo SPOKE in the ring, said he’ll fight anybody, to have included $May (my guy), so yeah I don’t see him ducking anybody, and strategically speaking, this was a smart tune up and EASY payday before a fight with a GGG, so your point is what exactly

    • I think Khan played his waiting game for the payday perfectly by constantly defying Mayweather, he was becoming very annoying with this at one point. I hope Canelo let”s go of the 155 pounds BS to fight GGG.


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