2013 BOXING fight – Floyd Mayweather Jr vs Robert Guerrero – full fight Video WBC

2_stars_boxing_ranking_allthebestfightsReview: 2013-05-04, two of the best fighters in the world do not always produce a spectacular fight: Floyd Mayweather vs Robert Guerrero gets two stars. The undefeated Floyd Mayweather Jr (43-0-0, 26 KOs) entered as the No.1 welterweight in the world while Robert Guerrero (31-1-1, 18 KOs) entered as the No.4 (Guerrero’s only loss came in 2005 to Gamaliel Diaz via split decision). Mayweather vs Guerrero is valid for the WBC welterweight title. Watch the video!




Date: 2013-05-04

Where: MGM Grand, Las Vegas, Nevada, USA

Division: welterweight (147 lbs, 66.7 kg)

Title: WBC welterweight title

Result: Click here to show the fight’s result
Floyd Mayweather Jr def. Robert Guerrero (unanimous decision, 117-111, 117-111, 117-111)


Mayweather’s previous fight: Floyd Mayweather Jr vs Miguel Cotto

Guerrero’s previous fight: Robert Guerrero vs Andre Berto

Mayweather’s next fight: Floyd Mayweather Jr vs Saul ‘Canelo’ Alvarez

Guerrero’s next fight: Robert Guerrero vs Yoshihiro Kamegai


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91 thoughts on “2013 BOXING fight – Floyd Mayweather Jr vs Robert Guerrero – full fight Video WBC”

      1. not once did he admit hitting his children’s mother. We never will know the whole story maybe she put her hands on him and he defended himself. But lets say that he did, he did his time in jail, so why are you still on that subject? whats even worse there are NO pictures of abuse no where..none what so ever…not even a photoshop imaged…hmmmmm…

  1. a good fight, but boring too.
    nice payday for Robert lol.

    but fight with too much payday, it get bore because the boxers was just like “oh well, i got pay so much just to fight and lose in 12 rounds and go home and be rich.”

  2. i thought guerro will be a tough component after what he did to Berto. But they are just on 2 different levels. This was more of a beating than a fight.

    1. No matter what you can never compare Mayweathers opponent to his opponents previous fights.. Noone EVER has fought the way Mayweather does which is why noone can crack the code, ”I reckon such&such will beat him because they destroyed his last 3 opponents” No just No,

      1. yah but when the fighter of your choice get in the ring the same thing will Continue! that is Destruction from the master of boxing. pound for pound the best money Mayweathyer

  3. mayweather opponents,,,de la hoya,,hatton,,, corrales,,,judah,,gatti,,,castillo,,,,and the list goes on,,,,the best pound for pound

      1. Please fuck off, you know nothing about boxing….
        Mayweather fought Hatton & De La Hoya before Pacquiao did (a year or more before) so if Mayweather is ”Ducking” fighters prime what is Pacquiao doing you cocksucker

    1. That was long time ago. Now that Floyd is old he isn’t fighting the best competition because he is very worry to loss his undefeated condition. His ego is asking to be remembered as the best boxer in history. He is just “ducking” the actual prime fighters. He should retire right away.

      1. yah that’s what think and want so finally some one else could be the champ but MR Wip a*s is still number 1 poud for pound

  4. Floyd Mayweather’s undefeatedness/greatness and his ultimate legacy will be measured by facing one of his well-known fears & that is -> Manny Pacquiao. Until then, it is or it will be meaningless for many sports(boxing) afficionados.

    1. I agree, he will already be known as a great boxer but he may go down as the best fighter EVER if he beats Pacquiao!

      1. He doesnt ”NEED” to fight/beat Pacquiao at all…. Pacquiao lost his last TWO fights and has gone into hiding since, That fight should have happened 2 years ago but its not worth it now… There are plenty of younger and more hungry fighters out there id rather see Floyd fight, i would love to see him fight Canelo, Bradley and Martinez… But Canelo is to big for him which wouldnt make it a fair fight if Mayweather had to move up over 154 or Canelo had to come down to 154

        1. I didn’t say he needs to, its his choice. Does he want to be one of the best ever, or THE best boxer of all time. He can’t avoid Pacquiao forever, if he does people will always say he ducked him

          1. by whose standards does manny pacquiao qualify as the final frontier in boxing?i bet this is just ur personal view.boxing authorities who conduct this biz know what the deal is.you think floyd just said i won;t fight pac man?no.pac is actually the problem.he gave conditions on the drug testing period and timing floyd insists that he has to do it in accordance with the boxing council guidelines.i’m sure you have a computer you can research this and maybe you won’t sound so ignorant.

    2. I agree too but he hasn’t the guts to fight Pacquiao because his desire is retiring without having lost a fight. He knows is too risky because Manny is probably faster than him, bigger puncher and left handed, a very bad combination which most likely will destroy his dream. He is good boxer but a sort of coward in my opinion.

      1. Ur um Pacquiao makes maybe about 10 million per fight, not counting what percent bob arum takes. From that money maybe he takes a 50 percent, I don’t really know. Mayweather just got a minimum 32 million dollar fight against a 2nd rank fighter. How the hell is he suppose to split that fight if it would of happened 55-45 r u crazy no business man in there right mind would agree to that. Mayweather his last two years is winning about 30-50 million give or take every fight Pacuiao needs about 10-12 fights to stack up 100 million dollars, and im talking about his stash before bob arum takes his cut. Jumping to another subject how the f** u subconsciously stab ur American fans in the back by saying im not going to fight in America because there taxes r to high. when you made most of ur money and career in America. In another note Mayweather would give Pacquiao a boxing lesson and knock him out about the 10th round.

      2. I can see you don,t know much about boxing only a idiot would say that dam man watch the video of about 40 fights

    3. are you Fore real pac man loss his chance he got nocked out he is back at the bottom of the list go head pick another fighter …….I KNOW IS HAD TO PICK SOMEBODY GOOD ENOUGHT TO FIGHT FLOYD

  5. boring. not worth ppv. the only way i see mayweather loosing if he gets knocked down. because since he’s like the champion or what ever they say… you can’t win unless for a knock down.

    1. Cus Damato: “If Ya Don’t Move Your Head..

      Some Else -Will Move It For Ya”

      Translation:Mayweather’s 44-0 Record Is Because Of His Skills, Not Getting Hit As Often, As Other Boxers, Giving The Body Time To Heal, His Conditioning & His Mindset

      That Leads To A 44-0 Record

      44-0 !!!!

      1. Mayweather wins his fights by holding. Floyd has no defense. He holds when the other guys is going to get off. It works because the ref only lets him do it.

          1. The only reason Guererro did not CRY because his wife was at ringside. but when he got I the back I heard he cried for lossing

        1. well every Spanish fighter got spanked by this man if he is holding so much why aren’t the other fighters wining! well I,ll tell you he is the best in the biz with 10 belts to walk in the ring with averezs is next to get tat a*s beat. shout out to Miguel cotto for giving Floyd a good fight. every one else looked scared. salute to Floyd Mayweather jr the best poud for pound” and a living legend

        2. If this is true why boxing best all say he is the best 40 wins o losses your dream is over bro

    1. ‘humiliating’ mexicans ‘fighting’ like a bitch, where’s the KO.?,the blood.? the sever beaten.? yeah can’t do that when you are on the RUN.!!

      1. not true how much a*s he got to beat to get his props I mean REALLY do you really think averez got a chance! the only chance he got is to walk in the ring then get carried out. AND STILL THE UDISPUTED CHAMPION OF THE WORLD FLOYD MAYWEATHER

  6. Mayweather will never fight someone will give him a challenge. He is a good fighter but not a legend. He will only be a legend if he faces great challenges. Ward, Alvarez, Martinez, Pac, and the list may go on. He won’t face pac man bc he is too fast. Even the elder Mayweather said he would not allow him to face pac man.

    1. Ward, Alvarez and Martinez all weigh 170+ on fight night. That’s too big for Floyd. And Pac just got ktfo. He’s no longer a factor, and neither is your comment.

      1. averez is going to sleep when he fights the best in the word remember cotto was big and he got lumped up

    2. common now, we all know that Pacman is on drugs, and when he is not he looses. He (Pacman) lost his last two fights….

  7. Floyd Mayweather is the the best boxer to ever lace on a pair of boxing gloves! He make all fighters, a class and b class fighters look like street fighters from the neighborhood with no type of professional experience!

  8. PacMan is the best fighter,Pacquiao is a beast.,I respect mayweather too,mayweather is skilled,no hate in boxing,aint no race too

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