2013 BOXING fight – Gennady Golovkin vs Matthew Macklin – full fight Video IBO, WBA

3_stars_boxing_ranking_allthebestfightsReview: 2013-06-29, Gennady Golovkin vs Matthew Macklin gets three stars thanks to a good finish. The undefeated Gennady Golovkin (26-0-0, 23 KOs=88%) entered as the No.3 middleweight in the world while Matthew Macklin (29-4-0, 20 KOs) entered as the No.8. Golovkin vs Macklin is valid for the IBO and WBA World middleweight titles. Watch the video!




Date: 2013-06-29

Where: MGM Grand at Foxwoods Resort, Mashantucket, Connecticut, USA

Division: middleweight (160 lbs, 72.6 kg)

Title: IBO and WBA World middleweight titles

Result: Click here to show the fight’s result
Gennady Golovkin def. Matthew Macklin (Ko body punch at 1:22, round 3)


Golovkin’s previous fight: Gennady Golovkin vs Nobuhiro Ishida

Macklin’s previous fight: Matthew Macklin vs Joachim Alcine

Golovkin’s next fight: Gennady Golovkin vs Curtis Stevens

Macklin’s next fight: Matthew Macklin vs Lamar Russ



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Alternative highlights video

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13 thoughts on “2013 BOXING fight – Gennady Golovkin vs Matthew Macklin – full fight Video IBO, WBA”

    1. Except, if you watch GGG carefully he DOES use defense. just not that often because he doesnt need it yet. hes a text book boxer with a stunning amateur career… you can bet he knows how to defend watch his amatuer fights, hes more agressive now than ever.

  1. Seriously Dictador?

    Everyone was saying that Macklin was going to be his first realy test. But at 345 -5 as an Amateur – rest assured he has fought the best already. And obviously he is made more for the pro ranks than the Ams. I think Rosado was the test myself. Proved he could take a hit and remain focused.

    I like Martinez BUT he is a natural 154 lber. Just happens to be better than other 160lbers. Also he is at the end of his career. His body is failing. Martinez should drop down to 154 and fight the winner of Mayweather Vs Alvarez at 154. That is the biggest pay day he can make. I would NOT bet on Martinez if he faced Golovkin.

    Geale and Barker are fighting next month.
    That eliminates 1 possible contender. Chavez Jr might fight Vera next. We will have to wait and see after his legal issues are cleared. But there is also a chance he moves up. How long before he gets busted for dietretics? (sp) As is he doesn’t fight big guys. So I dont see his camp taking such a fight. Least not any time soon.

    The only other person in that division that is a legit threat is Quillin.
    Which I think there would be a big possibility of them fighting next, Though I do think that would be a big step up for Quillin.

    1. Everybody sais GGG this GGG that. We’ll see how fast he fades away in the next coming fights. For now he is just the great white hope.

  2. ggg open 4 chavez… lol chavez as no craft martinez cannot take a punch. by the way ggg is a future all of fame with the likes of floyd ,ward same class you just got to understand the sweet science to know that

  3. I have been watching……studying boxing for over 30 years , I love the sport and have never really seen a fighter that I have been in awe of…even Tyson didn’t impress me much..but this GGG has me in awe. Its hard to describe its not just his balance..foot movement..precise punches..chin and godlike power ,its that he does this sooo smoothly.
    When Roy Jones says hes the truth…. Marvin Haggler goes to his fights let me tell u I think GGG is the ONE.

    1. for me Golovkin is already the #1 in the middleweight, stronger than Sergio Martinez, i think that Maravilla will not ever face him…

      PS but let me tell u that Tyson scares me more than GGG….even today and even if he didn t have the same balance and foot movement

  4. Won’t last long against stiff competition. He’s choosing and picking his rivals because his trainer is scared for him because he knows him best. He knows GGG is just a hyped up fantasy

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