2017 BOXING fight – Gennady Golovkin vs Daniel Jacobs – full fight Video WBA, WBC, IBF, IBO

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3 Star RatingReview by AllTheBestFights.com: 2017-03-18, good performance by both boxers: Gennady Golovkin vs Daniel Jacobs gets three stars.

The undefeated Wbc, Wba, Ibf and Ibo champion Gennady Golovkin entered this fight with a perfect boxing record of 36-0-0 (33 KOs=92%) and he is ranked as the No.1 middleweight in the world. GGG fought twice last year winning over Dominic Wade (=Golovkin vs Wade) and Kell Brook (4-stars fight, Golovkin vs Brook).
His opponent, Daniel Jacobs, has an official record of 32-1-0 (29 KOs=91%) and he entered as the No.2 in the same weight class. ‘Miracle Man’ (since he was diagnosed with osteosarcoma – form of bone cancer – in 2011, but he returned to the ring after spending 19 months out of the sport) suffered his only loss when he faced Dmitry Pirog in 2010, since then he has won 12 consecutive bouts beating Sergio Mora in his last one (=Jacobs vs Mora 2). Gennady Golovkin vs Daniel Jacobs is valid for the WBA, WBC, IBF and IBO World middleweight titles (all held by Golovkin). Watch the video and rate this fight!


Date: 2017-03-18

Where: Madison Square Garden, New York, USA

Division: middleweight (160 lbs, 72.6 kg)

Title: WBA, WBC, IBF and IBO World middleweight titles

Result: Click here to show the fight’s result
Gennady Golovkin def. Daniel Jacobs (unanimous decision, 115-112, 115-112, 114-113)


Golovkin’s previous fight: Gennady Golovkin vs Kell Brook

Jacobs’ previous fight: Daniel Jacobs vs Sergio Mora 2

Golovkin’s next fight: Saul Canelo Alvarez vs Gennady Golovkin

Jacobs’ next fight: Daniel Jacobs vs Luis Arias


Golovkin vs Jacobs Fight Video:

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27 comments on “2017 BOXING fight – Gennady Golovkin vs Daniel Jacobs – full fight Video WBA, WBC, IBF, IBO”

  1. GGG lost just like Canelo lost to Lara boxing Is so corrupt.. They want a Canelo vs GGG fight so bad they’ll do anything to make it happen..

    • Going backwards only gets you the win if
      A- you KO the other guy
      B- your Mayweather Jr rich and command that amount of money.

    • Mmm. I would rewatch both the matches before such a statement. Here there was a knock down and another round with jacobs in difficulty. Lara was not troubled by Canelo.

  2. Terrific fight by Jacobs! I really felt he deserved to win… I watched the fight on Box Nation, they had him leading by 2 or 3 rounds before the 12th and I thought they were right. This fight reminded me a bit of Hagler-Leonard. Jacobs outboxed like a real Sugar… great skills! Golovkin didn’t throw enough punches, he was overwhelmed by Jacobs high output and movements all night long. After the KD in round 4 I thought that was it, as I predicted a rd4-5 KO by GGG, but Jacobs remained focus and stuck to the game plan.

  3. So 3 points to score a fight on:
    Ring Generalship – which means controlling the tempo. Which was set by Golovkin the entire night.
    Effective Aggression – not to be confused with #1. This means to come forward and still be in control. The jab is the key. Who had the better jab?
    Clean effective punching. Just because your throwing more punches doesnt mean you automatically win. This isn’t the am.’s

    I had predicted Jacob’s chin would be fine. Which it was ok – not really tested.
    I had predicted Jacobs would pot shot and grapple.
    In this I was wrong more so than not. A bit in round 3 and then in the last few rounds. He instead back pedaled and tried to out box. Sometimes throwing shoe sign combo’s.
    His best work was while south paw. During which he was pedaling.

    My score card red 9-3 Golovkin. 6,7, and 10 to Jacob’s.

    Now I bring the question.
    Did we once again see an act?

    • If there was a bias introduced by the commentators, where does it come from? Probably from the fact that we are use to see Golovkin landing almost at will and knocking his opponents quickly. That did not happen yesterday. Why? Because Jacobs did many good things.
      About ring generalship, yes Golovkin owned the center of the ring for almost the whole fight, but one can also own the ring by using it’s full size and by moving around. And I didn’t feel like Jacobs was running away; he used his legs wisely and outboxed Golovkin. I don’t feel like Golovkin controlled the tempo, to me it’s Jacobs’ movements and output who dictated the fight. Golovkin was following him and wasn’t so effective in cutting the ring.
      About clean effective punching, you are absolutely right. But the way I saw the fight, Golovkin’s strikes were too sparse. He worked with single shots mostly. In fact, I was rooting for him and all fight long I was yelling: “Come on! Throw more! You got him in the corner, now hurt him!”.
      And I’m stunned by the compubox stats. It’s really hard for me to believe these numbers to be accurate. But I will watch again. Even if it was only some “shoe shining” from Jacobs to you, I don’t see Golovkin throwing more than Jacobs. Yes, Golovkin’s jab was very effective but as soon as he got close to Jacobs he didn’t do much.
      Bottom line is: I will have to watch this fight again. And I’m glad we disagree, I keep an opened mind, I’m willing to reconsider my assessment, especially since there doesn’t seem to be an unequivocal agreement about this fight.

    • I watched the fight for a second time and I have to be humble and admit you were right on many things!
      I scored the fight 116-113 for Golovkin. I gave him rounds 1-3-4(kd)-5-7-9-12 and I gave Jacobs rounds 2-6-10-11. Round 8 is a draw on my card.
      Golovkin threw and landed more than I saw the first time I watched the fight. I believe you were right about the bias introduced by the commentators. But also by the fact that I was expecting more from Golovkin and a lot less from Jacobs. But thanks for opening my eyes!

      • I’m a serious boxing fan and strongly believe GGG won the fight in all aspects especially because of the knockdown. Jacobs face clearly showed signs he lost the fight and his comment about GGGs punching power not being all that tells me he has a tough time accepting defeat cause he was rocked numerous times and knocked down but yet can’t give the man his proper dues?! Cmon Jacobs you never hurt GGG but you feel you won the fight? GGG will knock you out for sure in a rematch! I thought the judges would score the fight wrong as they often do but I’m so glad they got it right and the real winner won! I’m an Andre Ward fan but he clearly lost that fight too! Boxing needs to select more competent judges like MMA does! Rey S.

  4. I had GGG winning on ring generalship alone. He controlled the pace of the fight, was the aggressor for the most part as well. With the knockdown I don’t think Jacobs was badly hurt but a Kd is a kd. First rounds like many were quite slow and very inactive. Which leads to different opinions. I’m curious to see where the fighters go from here. Wherever Gennady goes I hope he gets a little more aggresive with his jab. Not the best fight I’ve seen but definitely a high level performance from both fighters IMO.

  5. The problem with Jacobs is that he’s not a really effective counter puncher, and when your opponent is pressing the attack, they will earn the point every time. Either Jacobs should’ve been fighting on the front foot more, or score crisp counter punches. All he did was negate GGG, but never gave the judges a reason to give him the win.

    It’s like soccer. You can have the best defense, but if you don’t score, the best you can hope for is 0-0. You’re playing to survive, not playing to win.

  6. The tv comments were misleading. They gave too many close rounds to jacobs without any reason. In my opinion they really try to favour the home fighter and have applied the same criterion seen in kovalev ward. Kovalev there lost 2, max 3 rounds … here was closer but, luckily the judge were fair. Actually i fear that they were fair only cause ggg is the bigger business now. I fear that against mayweather and perhaps canelo he should go for the ko as there the judges will receive the correct instructions. Sad to say but atm i have this feeling. Btw. Jacobs is the best middleweight around and i think that canelo cannot fight a boxer of that level im this category.

  7. Electrifying fight since the potential for a big knock out from any side was always present. The fight was very close but, in spite of the knock down registered in round 4th, with a Jacobs winning it for an small margin. The first time that I saw a boxer fighting GGG with such a confidence, which was raising from the 3th round. The first 2 were all GGG. Jacobs did very well with excellent moves all over the ring and stance changes that complicated the usual good work performed by GGG. Jacobs technically is very sound and most of the time out boxed GGG thanks also to his hand speed. However, he was very contained with his punches may be because respecting too muck the power of GGG. I believe he was the winner but because the stature of GGG, the knock down, and because GGG condition of undisputed champion the judges decided to give the fight to him. However, GGG isn’t anymore the undisputed one since in this fight showed some flaws and didn’t know how to resolve the problems created by his adversary. Jacobs fully deserves another chance.

    • A very good analysis. I find the result correct but i can accept your view.
      I have to say that Jacobs was looking really big. More a supermiddleweight than a middleweight. The priblem with the rematch is that ggg is getting old and he need canelo asap. He cannot make all these hard fights for many years without the big payday he deserves. The rematch would be too much risk for too less money. I think that Jacobs would knock out canelo but the public wants Canelo ggg.

      • blackbird014: Thanks for your comment. I fully agree with you that GGG needs Canelo and Canelo needs GGG before taking on Jacobs to make the money that both deserve. Otherwise, Canelo could loss luster if he goes first for Jacobs since he has the potential to knock him out at no time. However, in terms of boxing proficiency I believe Canelo is better but Jacobs is good to change stance which will complicate the Canelo’s work a lot . I like myself very much Canelo however Jacobs was a very nice surprise. First time I saw him fighting.

        • Well, I consider Jacobs very underestimated. He has a terrific knock out ratio and the loss against Pirog was coming in a very hard personal period. It is known he couldn’t train at his best though he will never make excuses saying that. In general style makes fights and he has some characteristic which makes it hard even for Golovkin (for everybody actually). Moreover yesterday he was incredibly big. I was wondering how the hell he could make the weight. ggg was looking so little compared to him! In my opinion Canelo is a bit too flat footed and has no reach advantage: it is a style more suited to Golovkin. Canelo is also not proofed against real middleweights. Perhaps he is exceptional but he has really never fought a real one: I guess he is sparring some at least. I really cannot see him like a real mw yet. It is clear that Oscar is waiting for GGG to slow down a bit before a fight but it is has to move now as the last opponents he picked are no mw and it is getting a bit ridiculous. They cannot play that game other 2 years. Canelo is young, at his best and he can ask make so much money now that even if he looses …. who cares. At the end now he has mw size and I fear that he will not be as successful as in welterweight: better risking ggg for lot of money than getting exposed by a dangerous mw.
          Jacobs for me beats Canelo while Lemieux Saunders and Eubank jr would not be easy: full of risks as Lemieux can ko him, Saunders will go to cards and Eubank his hard as a rock. He has all to go straight against Golovkin and get one of the biggest payday in boxing history.

    • Golovkin could in fact be recognized as the undisputed champion, since he owns the WBC, IBF and WBA belts, just like when RJJr. was ruling the LHW division. But if he fights and wins against Saunders, there will be no doubt about it.

      • Olivier: for this fight, I mean for undisputed, that Jacobs really disputed the fight to GGG. Regarding a wins against Saunders I fully agree with you.

  8. I thought Jacobs won the fight by the virtue of landing more shots throughout the fight.

    I think the contention really comes down to how you scored the first three rounds.

    Everybody thought it was impossible to outbox GGG due to his effectiveness in cutting off the ring and getting inside to land those hard bombs, but Jacobs really managed to outbox GGG tonight.

    On the other hand, for GGG, I think this fight provides a blue print for his future opponents. He struggled a lot with Jacobs’ lateral movement and wasn’t quite able to counter and instead put up his guard when Jacobs was putting on combos (especially those to the body).

    • It’s a rare occasion I think the man going forward was less effective, but this was the case. Jacobs’ measure was really consistent. He kept GGG confused by changing his stance. GGG couldn’t settle into a comfortable distance. I thought it was really clever fighting.

  9. espn has the fight stats up that confirm that GGG won.jacobs did connect on more power shots but less shots overall, and the score cards are pretty accurate to the connects landed round per round. Jacobs has nothing to be ashamed of and shown he is a scary fighter but back peddeling and counter punching isnt going to get you the benfit of the doubt with the same shots landed if jacobs was the one coming forward he may very well of won, but on the fact he landed less shots in more rounds while also going backwards gave him no shot for a win. good example of this is the 12th round. GGG had more connects in round 12 but 1 judge gave that round to jacobs.. why because jacobs was coming forward in round 12, if he did that more in the fight he most liekly would of won. But great fight anyways, Jacobs is a great defensive fighter with good power on his counter punches that will knock out most class a fighters, but when fighting a+ fighters he needs to start going forward if he wants to win decisions.

    • the only way to know is to do YOUR OWN punch stats. sit down and turn the volume off on your cheap 90s tv and do the stats. it was at least a draw and i seen ggg fighting dirty he acts modest but hes a f*cking fake.

      • Your a GGG hater so no use talking with you. I will say i am a fight fan dont have a favorite fighter just like to se good fights and this was one. unfortunately jacobs through a lot of wide pretty shots that hit the gloves. i watched and scored the fight and had GGG winning by 2 points. I saw 2 things on the line toward dirty from GGG not something ive seen in the past, frustration will do that, i saw jacobs get 1 back at him also. I dont have a cheap 90’s tv, just the 4k 65 inch that made it easy to see which punches wrere landed and not. I had GGG up 2 points if jacobs won by 1-2 points i wouldnt have had a problem with that score either. I gave rounds that were very close to GGG because he was the aggressor and guy moving forward. Apparently professional judges agreed with me. You can continue your hating but the fact is i saw him win so did many top names in boxing. And he is far from fake. is he the best thats debatable, if he beats canelo than its pretty much decided there. It was a great fight and the knock down could of been the deciding factor. 1 knock down took away the pound for pound titlist, gonzales wins if not for that knock down. jacobs may very of well won if not for the knock down. but it is what it is, jacobs looked like a very even competitor and wont be losing many fights soon, but this one he lost a close decision. nothing to be ashamed of. You should enjoy great fights and stop hating on boxers you dont even know, talent is talent.

  10. I don’t know if you can say that back peddling is what lost Jacobs the fight…many counter punchers have employed that method and won before. I think its more an issue of clean, effective punching. Jacobs never had Golovkin hurt the way Golovkin hurt him in round 3. I thigh it should’ve been closer than what those two judges scored it, but I thought taking away triple g’s belts in a fight that close, in which he was never hurt would’ve felt more wrong.


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