“The Hurricane” conquers Europe and becomes an ambassador for Mightytips

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In an exciting turn of events for boxing enthusiasts and fans, Jevgenijs ‘The Hurricane’ Aleksejevs has joined forces with MightyTips. The renowned Latvian boxer, with an impeccable record in his budding professional career, is now a brand ambassador for MightyTips. While making the announcement, the Mighty Tips representative said that the company is proud to welcome The Hurricane into their fold, pledging unwavering support to help him soar to new heights in the boxing arena.

With the news that The Hurricane Becomes MightyTips Ambassador, boxing fans and betting enthusiasts as per the sentiments of the company spokesperson, have a unique opportunity to connect with one of the most promising fighters in the sport. The Hurricane’s’ partnership with MightyTips not only underscores his dedication to boxing but also serves as a bridge between the exhilaration of the ring and the thrill of sports betting.


The Rising star

As observed by several sports analysts, Jevgenijs ‘The Hurricane’ Aleksejevs is a force to be reckoned with in the world of boxing. They attribute his success to his hand speed and relative power, assets that have set him apart from his peers.

For those who have followed his career, it is widely acknowledged that his journey into the world of combat sports began long before he stepped into the boxing ring. At the tender age of six, his father introduced him to the world of Taekwondo. The fighter quickly fell in love with the sport, dedicating countless hours to training and eventually earning a black belt. His prowess in martial arts led him to become a multiple champion not only at home but also in the Baltic States and Europe.


The Transition to Kickboxing

Taekwondo was not giving him the kind of challenge that he was looking for. His appetite for combat sports whetted, making him shift to a more challenging field as he put in an interview with one of Latvia’s leading sports news outlets. This led him to kickboxing just as he was entering his teenage years. He started competing under parallel kickboxing rules, achieving remarkable success. Within a year, he was sending shockwaves in the ring, to the amazement of fans and fighters, he won seven fights in a single day to claim the title of world champion in kickboxing in Italy. By the age of 15, he had already become a European champion, cementing his status as a rising star in the sport.


The Resilient comeback

Like the proverbial cat, the Hurricane had nine lives, he was determined to get back in the ring. Undeterred by his injury, Aleksejevs spent a month immersing himself in video games, including completing The Witcher 3 at an impressive pace. But his restless nature eventually led him back to the gym. Soon the opportunity to showcase his boxing talents came knocking, though his heart still longed for kickboxing.
It was a pivotal moment when he decided to consult his coach, leading to a crucial decision. “We decided that I would stay in boxing. I like it, I’m good at it, and in general, it’s a more classical sport,” Aleksejevs explained in an interview with a TV station. He also received invaluable support from Latvian boxing legend Mairis Briedis, a three-time cruiserweight world champion, who engaged in numerous sparring sessions with Aleksejevs. These sessions played a significant role in his rapid rise and undefeated record in the sport.


The Next Chapter

As Aleksejevs’ career continues to flourish, he gains broader recognition, elevating the excitement for boxing enthusiasts worldwide. His last fight with the Frenchman Dimitri Trenel proved that he is full of strength and looking forward to his next fight. The Hurricane’s relentless pursuit of excellence promises to make his future fights a must-watch event for boxing enthusiasts.
Boxing experts feel that the partnership between ‘The Hurricane’ and MightyTips is a win-win scenario for the following reasons:

  • For Aleksejevs, it provides invaluable exposure and support to further his promising boxing career
  • While for MightyTips, it establishes them as a trusted source for boxing betting insights
  • Together, they bring fans closer to the action, offering an exciting blend of sportsmanship and strategic betting opportunities
  • The collaboration showcases the mutual benefits of athletes and sports-oriented companies working together to enhance the overall experience for both enthusiasts and bettor

As ‘The Hurricane’ continues to conquer the world of boxing, MightyTips representative points out that they are proud to have him as their ambassador, embodying the spirit of sportsmanship and determination. Boxing fans and sports bettors alike can look forward to witnessing The Hurricane’s meteoric rise in the ring while finding the best betting opportunities through MightyTips’ expert guidance.



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