2015 BOXING fight – Daniel Jacobs vs Peter Quillin – full fight Video WBA

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3 Star RatingReview by AllTheBestFights.com: 2015-12-05, great start between Peter Quillin and Daniel Jacobs: it gets three stars.

Daniel Jacobs entered this fight with a record of 30-1-0 (27 KOs=90%) and he is ranked as the No.5 middleweight in the world (currently the #1 in this division is Saul ‘Canelo’ Alvarez). He suffered his only loss when he faced Dmitry Pirog in 2010, since then he has won ten consecutive bouts beating Sergio Mora in his last one (=Daniel Jacobs vs Sergio Mora).
His opponent, the former Wbo Mw champion Peter Quillin, has a boxing record of 32-0-1 (23 knockouts) and he entered as the No.3 in the same weight class. He has fought twice in 2015 drawing with Andy Lee (=Lee vs Quillin) and winning over Michael Zerafa (=Quillin vs Zerafa). Jacobs vs Quillin is valid for the WBA World middleweight title. Watch the video and rate this fight!


Date: 2015-12-05

Where: Barclays Center, New York, USA

Division: middleweight (160 lbs, 72.6 kg)

Title: WBA World middleweight title

Result: Click here to show the fight’s result
Daniel Jacobs def. Peter Quillin (TKO at 1:25, round 1)


Jacobs’ previous fight: Daniel Jacobs vs Sergio Mora

Quillin’s previous fight: Peter Quillin vs Michael Zerafa

Jacobs’ next fight: Daniel Jacobs vs Sergio Mora 2


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Official highlights

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21 comments on “2015 BOXING fight – Daniel Jacobs vs Peter Quillin – full fight Video WBA”

  1. First, I don’t know what’s wrong with me but for the last two weeks, I’ve been picking the wrong fighter most of the time!! If you want to make money, bet against the guy I pick. Second, and most importantly… What was that!?… Huge powershot landed by Jacobs… then a flurry of shots! A premature stoppage? Maybe. Since it was a title fight, the referee couldn’t give a standing 8-count (a rule in effect in NY state)… but if Quillin had that chance, he would have probably survived this round. He should have taken a knee… but he was too shaken and confused to think of that. Still, I doubt the referee made a good call on that one.

    • Hehheh, Olivier, too much school work and not enough boxing! Priorities, my good man, priorities. ;-)

      I got it wrong too. Didn’t take long or much, did it? I wonder if Quillin left something in the ring last year with Andy Lee…

      As for the stoppage, by my count Quillin absorbed about two dozen shots to the head in the space of about 30 seconds. He blocked some, barely. The last one in the sequence was a wicked flush power shot. He might have survived the round, but he was on crazy legs, and worse was coming.

      Humane stoppage, if frustrating. Nice job by Jacobs.

      • Arjay Cee… This is about the 3rd consecutive fight that u have fully artuculated my exact thoughts, a moment before i could even say ’em… And admittadely, this is only the third time we have shared a forum. Therefore, you are 3 for 3 my friend! Well said, yet again.
        And yes, Quillin may have survived, but there were health risks at any moment. He is highly skilled, and would have taken a knee if he had any facutlues at ALL! He took a few direct shots in the first flurry, then a handful (no pun intended haha), in the second flurry. The shot to the temple was scary. I have felt those before, and he will have sharp pain for at least a week. Once he feels that in a day or two, there will be even less disagreement over the stoppage than his corner has even had post-fight. From what ive read, they had zero protest.
        Danny Jacobs, this is inspiration. The Latin Snake had a crosdover dribble put on him, and now Quillin sent away on inline skates. Cancer survivor, and full on fighter from the heart, u are inspiration. Boxing needs you…

        • ATBFights has ATBFans and Arjay is a world-class analyst! No doubt. I like to read your opinions also, you seem to be very passionated. I hope you’ll post more often!

          • I liked the standing eight count rule, it gave the referee a chance to assess the fighter’s ability to continue. I think this rule has been completely eradicated though.

        • Thanks for the good word, Chad, and welcome to ATBFights. A great bunch of fans and our hosts are princes among men.

          Agree it is much better to sacrifice an exciting comeback than to cost anyone their health. Jacobs can savor a great win and we don’t have to mourn another casualty.

      • Hahaha! Arjay, Arjay… I think both Chad and you are right. One, I spend too much time on my studies and two, “the times they are a-changin'”. I must say I’m happy with my wrong predictions. Klitschko’s lost is a good thing for boxing in my opinion and Jacobs’ win (in that fashion!) opens a new range of possibilities.

        The stoppage was fair. There was a lot of time remaining in this round and to me, this is what might have motivated the referee to stop the contest.

        Looking at this fight, I thought of Froch-Groves 1. Froch was hurt badely and went down with 30 seconds to go in the first round after Groves landed a perfectly timed one-two on Froch’s jaw. Foch was able to beat the count but his legs were gone. With 10 seconds to go in the round, Groves didn’t have time to finish the job. Froch was able to recover. Eventually, in the 8th or 9th, he was able to turn the tide and won a TKO victory in what pretty much everyone saw as a premature stoppage. Great fighters with courage are sometimes able to comeback from an early Kd. Even “not so great” fighters, just look at last week’s performance by Granados vs Imam. I don’t want to take anything away from Jacobs though. As Chad underscored he’s a true survivor, a super skilled fighter with power! And you are right about the fact that he landed at least a dozen clean skull breaking punches. That’s another reason why I called this stoppage a fair call.

        I would be very interested in a rematch but if Jacobs choose to fight Golovkin, that would also be great for boxing. Since GGG’s got the power and Jacobs the speed, it’d be an awesome match up!

        • Nice comparison to Froch-Groves 1.

          If Jacobs wants to go into the lion’s den with GGG, I will be on the edge of my seat!

    • Oliver, i had it wrong too hahaha. Danny surprised me with the shot against mora, while danny was hurt no less! And now this . I love that he did it though. After his life battles, noone deserves it more.
      But i am with you. I have had wicked wrong picks in the last handful of fights! And i am usually spot on! Guess it shows a changing of the guard, which boxing really needs. It shows a sign of new things to comes, new names that will take over from here. Though, i will say, as much of a jacobs fan as i am, GGG is not to be stopped, if thats the fight that is born from this one.

    • Extremely good point, about the NY state ruling of the void standing 8. And agreed, visibly shaken and confused. Almost as if he had been jumped unexpectedly in the streets!

  2. Well I left home before the fight and looks I didn’t miss much.
    Congrats to Jacobs.
    Sorry to Quillen.

    This is a classic – PMS.
    This is boxing. Quillen was staggered but never dropped his hands or looked at the ref with pleading eyes. Should have continued.

    Rematch in 2-3 months?

    • This is how I feel. And with the confusion regarding standing 8 counts being allowed only in amateur boxing, it is frustrating because I have seen a few fights just in the last week or so where the ref does give standing 8 counts, not mandatory. So the fact that the ref decided after 2.5 seconds that Quillin was done bothers me. But the fact that Quillin made no qualms about it kinda makes me not care as much..if he doesn’t care why should I..

  3. No se puede comentar nada de este combate,ya que no existio.Entre dos boxeadores de muy alto poder de KO,Jacobs dio la primera y definitiva derecha que derrumbo la mente de Quillin.Muy acertado el arbitro,que evito golpes de mas.

  4. Too short for my taste. It looks like that these guys don’t like each other because didn’t touch gloves before initiating the fight. Jacobs connected a good punch and went for the kill right away with a successful result. Quillin didn’t have time to think and may be was stopped prematurely. However, in the fight repetition seems that he has shaking legs. First time I watch Jacobs fighting and he seems to be a man of action however I have no time enough to appreciate his style.

  5. Sadly the video was hard to watch for me, it wasn’t in good quality, was it alright for you guys? Anyway, the purses were 1.5M$ each and it looked like a premature stoppage, but as I said I could barely see the punches because of the video quality, I wonder if it’s only my PC, it has problems with Dailymotion videos lately. You’d be nice to tell me if you did have problems with the video too.

    Anyway, sky’s the limit now for Jacobs :)

  6. Not much to say about that fight.Without the standing 8-count rule,
    the referee had no other options than to stop the fight.


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