USERS K-1 & MUAY THAI RANKING: best kickboxing & muay thai fight videos of 2012

Here you can find the best k-1 & muay thai videos of 2012 rated by our users (ranking frozen on January 30, 2013). We post the top 25 fighting with 4 and 5 stars rated at least nine times.

Clicking on the name of the fighter you can view and rate the video of the fight (if it is available on the web) and read some info about it.

Continue to rate all the best k-1 & muay thai fights of 2012!


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Ranking frozen on January 30, 2013

users_small_allthebestfights USERS K-1 & MUAY THAI RANKING of 2012

users_5_stars_k1_muay_thai_ranking_allthebestfights(5 and 4.5 stars)

1. Phetchartchay vs Hongtonglek

2. Pidsanu vs Siragnern

3. Daniel Ghita vs Sergei Lascenko 2

4. Daniel Ghita vs Hesdy Gerges 2

5. Mike Zambidis vs Fadi Merza

6. Kataphet Sor. Suradej vs Sipayak

7. Dzhabar Askerov vs Robin van Roosmalen

8. Daniel Ghita vs Dzevad Poturak 3

9. Saenchai vs Chao Li Dao

10. Daniel Ghita vs Wendell Roche

11. Romie Adanza vs Wentz Shuichi

12. Daniel Ghita vs Brian Douwes

13. Danyo Ilunga vs Filip Verlinden

14. Monchailek vs Chartchay Kiatyongyuth



15. Gago Drago vs Yury Bessmertny

16. Mike Zambidis vs Chahid Oulad El Hadj 2

17. Buakaw Banchamek vs Rustem Zaripov

18. Addam Teded99 vs Dokmainguern

19. Yasuhiro Kido vs Kenta 2

20. Mirko ‘Cro Cop’ Filipovic vs Randy Blake

21. Sanny Dahlbeck vs Yoshihiro Sato

22. Artur Kyshenko vs Roberto Cocco

23. Genji Umeno vs Chan-Hyung Lee

24. Fabio Pinca vs Giorgio Petrosyan 2

25. Andy Souwer vs Zeben Diaz




MOST VOTED Top 5 K-1 & Muay Thai fights of 2012
Phetchartchay vs Hongtonglek
Pidsanu vs Siragnern
Artur Kyshenko vs Murthel Groenhart
Marco Pique vs Mo Medhar
Cyrus Washington vs Ky Hollenbeck

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