2013 BOXING fight – Lamont Peterson vs Lucas Martin Matthysse – full fight Video

3_stars_boxing_ranking_allthebestfightsReview: 2013-05-18, good fight with three knockdowns: Lamont Peterson vs Lucas Matthysse gets three stars. Lamont Peterson (31-1-1, 16 KOs) entered as the No.1 light welterweight in the world while Lucas Martin Matthysse (33-2-0, 31 KOs=86%) entered as the No.3. Peterson vs Matthysse is valid for the interim WBC light welterweight title. Watch the video!




Date: 2013-05-18

Where: Boardwalk Hall, Atlantic City, New Jersey, USA

Division: light welterweight (140 lbs, 63.5 kg)

Title: interim WBC light welterweight title

Result: Click here to show the fight’s result
Lucas Martin Matthysse def. Lamont Peterson (TKO at 2:14, round 3)


Peterson’s previous fight: Lamont Peterson vs Kendall Holt

Matthysse’s previous fight: Lucas Martin Matthysse vs Mike Dallas Jr

Matthysse’s next fight: Danny Garcia vs Lucas Martin Matthysse

Peterson’s next fight: Lamont Peterson vs Dierry Jean


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32 thoughts on “2013 BOXING fight – Lamont Peterson vs Lucas Martin Matthysse – full fight Video”

  1. Broner, Garcia, Mayweather all will duck this guy. Kahn will be the only one brave enough and unfortunately he might die that given night.

    1. Why everytime a new guy comes along people accuse Mayweather or [insert champion here] of “ducking” him. No one is ducking no one. If Mayweather beats Matthysse then another good fighter will come up and the cycle continues. It’s been like that forever when it comes to Floyd. I’m sure Broner, Garcia, or Mayweather will fight Matthysse when the time is right.

      1. In my opinion Broner and Garcia will fight Matthysse but not Floyd. At this stage of his carrier Floyd doesn’t want to take such a risk he rather will chose easier fighters to retire invicted, and believe me the risk is enormous.

  2. lamont peterson time out, get another career, simply not good enough…mattysee match up with garcia no doubt be a good test

  3. I’d like to see Allakhverdiev fight in America someday. Khan would get killed by Mathysse and we may not see Garcia-Mathysse for some reasons….Let’s see….

  4. Now we know how limited is Peterson when he’s not on the roids. The IBF is a joke for still having this cheater as champion, I’m glad Matthyse trashed this dude

    1. true lamont peterson clearly was beat by khan but stupid judges fixed it and peterson was on drugs during it

      1. You need to see the fight again because you are wrong. The clear winner in that fight was Lamont which is much better technical boxer than Khan.

  5. I believe Lamont is a good boxer but he wasn’t competition at all for Lucas which in addition to be a strong puncher is also a very good boxer. The fight with Danny Garcia would be one not to be forgotten however I also believe that Danny’s chances to win are very slim.
    Muy bien Lucas te pasastes, fue una buena lección de boxeo y pegas como un burro. Adelante macho

  6. Matthysse will beat any aggressive fighter in his weight class because of his punching power, Lamont style is a aggressive style, Garcia is a aggressive style.

    I see comments on Floyd, I will tell you this nobody in boxing period is dedicated to the sport like Floyd is..And the only thing that’s going to beat Floyd is time. That’s why Floyd been whipping a*s since ’96!

    I know Matthysse should fight Danny and that will make a hell of a fight.

  7. Lucas is ok.He needs more training.He kinda wild.He over commits thats why he falls.He throws wild and wide punches.
    A great counter puncher like Floyd or some others would pick him apart.
    A great counter with some pop would knock him cold.He leaves him self open a lot.
    Petersen may have lost but he clearly gave a blueprint how to beat him.
    He has the potential to be great.
    Study the fight closely and you will see what I mention.

  8. lucas beat an okay fighter yes and he did knock him out but by no means was it a dominating fight, I don’t know why people all across boxing are saying he is a monster and he should be gunning for pacquiao, like people are making out he is a rising star, he lost to devon alexander! it was a boring affair, devon is good but one ko win against a okay fighter makes him a force to be reckon with all of a sudden????

  9. nobody will avoid him! yes he did ko him but I would say be more afraid of danny Garcia no wild punching lucas who landed a few lucky round house punches.

    1. Shut up raj freshy rohal Danny garcia is avoiding him everyone is avoiding him and peterson has been in the ring with the likes of Amir khan tmi bradley victor ortiz and has sparred with top people and he easily put him away in 3 rounds what u gonna say when he ko Danny garcia? u dont knw sh*t about boxing!

      1. why r u being racist? is there any need for that? i bet your white and from england right? boxing is more than just throwing wild punches, obviously you dont know wot ur talking about and being a glory hunter for a wild ko that was lucky. i like lamont peterson why thats not the issue, the issue is people r jumping on lucas becuz everyone is saying hes a beast, he went 12 boring rounds against devon alexander, wot does that say? he will get beat by a guy who has alittle technique and ability to show skill. you my friend dont know f**k all about boxing. by the way…dont lower yourself to being racist as it makes u a loser in life. dont be a loser okay bud.

      2. danny garcia threw a perfect timed left hook with amir khan, it went down hill from there. lucas doesnt know how to time anything and goes in there with wild punches. that my friend is boxing and street fighting, ur in the wrong sport to jump on the band wagon for a wild puncher. he will lose his next fight due to technique. and when that happens talk to me.

        1. Danny garcia only timed Amir khan and i give him credit for that and he timed a 80 years old Morales and Lucas is wild? He has proper technique and in the first round if u look at the way he parried lamont petersons punches u will see he is quite skilled and go on you youtube and watch lucas vs mike dallas see how he timed Dallas with the straight right and put him Away Lucas can time u as well and we will see if he loses his next fight.

      3. hey buddy, did you see the Matthysse Garcia fight? what did I say? Lucas showed skill and hard punching but danny Garcia with better technique with defeat him. punching power and wild punching only goes so far before someone with skill and an understanding for patience and game plan will defeat him.

      4. hey buddy, why no reply? I think you said I don’t know sh#t about boxing huh? did you even see the lucas vs danny Garcia fight? know what your talking about before you talk

  10. Wow Peterson fell like a sack of potatoes! So different from the Mathysse we just saw against Postol. :(

    1. Thank you Matt you are very kind. It seems that after watching most of the last fights, different boxers and categories, you want to dig deeper to understand how they reached their current records and ranking positions. Good for you because the way you do helps a lot to improve the knowledge of this sport. It is gonna be difficult to discuss with you about boxing results in the near future :-)

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