Floyd Mayweather Jr vs Manny Pacquiao full fight Video – 2015

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3 Star RatingReview by AllTheBestFights.com: 2015-05-02, we expected a war, an exciting and unforgettable bout between two of the best fighters in boxing history, but unfortunately Floyd Mayweather vs Manny Pacquiao left something to be desired. That said, we think that the ‘fight of the century’ is still worth watching and it gets three stars but if you want to see some epic fights it’s better to check our ranking of the best boxing fights of the year 2015 or the Users’ boxing ranking.

The undefeated 38-year-old Floyd Mayweather Jr (two years older than Pacquiao) entered this fight with a perfect boxing record of 47-0-0 (26 knockouts) and he is ranked as the No.1 welterweight and No.1 pound for pound in the world. In his last three fights ‘Money’ Mayweather beat Saul ‘Canelo’ Alvarez in 2013 (=Mayweather vs Alvarez) and twice Marcos Maidana in 2014: the first bout was very close, Floyd won just by majority decision (=Mayweather vs Maidana I) while he beat the Argentinian via unanimous decision in their rematch (=Mayweather vs Maidana II).
His opponent, the world champion in eight different weight division Manny Pacquiao (Mayweather has won world titles in five different weight classes) has an official record of 57-5-2 (38 knockouts) and he entered as the No.2 welterweight and No.3 P4P. He suffered two consecutive defeats in 2012, against Timothy Bradley (controversial decision, Bradley vs Pacquiao) and Juan Manuel Marquez (fight of the year 2012 by The Ring magazine, Pacquiao vs Marquez 4), but then he has won three bouts beating Brandon Rios (=Pacquiao vs Rios), taking revenge on Timothy Bradley (=Pacquiao vs Bradley 2) and defeating Chris Algieri in his last fight (=Pacquiao vs Algieri). Mayweather vs Pacquiao is valid for the WBC, WBA and WBO World welterweight titles (the first two held by Floyd while the third by Manny).
If you want to know more about the two boxers we have analyzed some numbers, records and statistics about Floyd Mayweather Jr and Manny Pacquiao, and we have also compared Mayweather and Pacquiao through the CompuBox Stats with the five opponents they had in common: Oscar De La Hoya, Ricky Hatton, Juan Manuel Marquez, Shane Mosley and Miguel Cotto. Before rating this fight, here are some words said by Floyd Mayweather Jr to Showtime’s Brian Custer about ‘Pac-Man’ Pacquiao during the MayPac final press conference: “I can’t really judge him [Pacquiao] by how he looks, because he could come out and fight a total different way. We’ll see how everything plays out Saturday. […] Manny Pacquiao fights better going backwards. He’s a fighter who likes to move backwards and fight. He’s a guy who can’t fight as good going forward, but going back he can fight extremely good. […] You guys have to buy the pay-per-view. If you’re at home, buy pay-per-view right now. This is an event that you cannot miss. The biggest fight in boxing history. I’m in tip-top condition. I’m pretty sure he’s in tip-top shape also.” And this is what Manny Pacquiao said to HBO’s Kieran Mulvaney: “I feel excited and ready, relaxed. I have peace of mind for the fight. It’s one of the biggest fights. I can say that. It’s a historic fight. […] The Lord my God that I am serving, He will deliver him [Mayweather] into my hands on Saturday. […] I love to be an underdog. It’s motivated me more and it’s helped me a lot. It’s given me the encouragement, the focus. […] I cannot imagine that the Lord, He gives me these blessings. It’s amazing, if you have faith in the Lord, a relationship with the Lord, all things are possible.” Watch the video and rate the mega-fight!



Event: Mayweather vs Pacquiao – MayPac

Date: 2015-05-02

Where: MGM Grand, Las Vegas, Nevada, USA

Division: welterweight (147 lbs, 66.7 kg)

Titles: WBC, WBO and WBA World welterweight

Result: Click here to show the fight’s result
Floyd Mayweather Jr def. Manny Pacquiao (unanimous decision, 118-110, 116-112, 116-112)


Mayweather’s previous fight: Floyd Mayweather Jr vs Marcos Maidana 2

Pacquiao’s previous fight: Manny Pacquiao vs Chris Algieri

Mayweather’s next fight: Floyd Mayweather Jr vs Andre Berto

Pacquiao’s next fight: Manny Pacquiao vs Timothy Bradley 3



Mayweather vs Pacquiao CompuBox Stats
Mayweather vs Pacquiao post-fight press conference
Inside Mayweather vs Pacquiao – Episode 4 Epilogue

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Official video

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72 comments on “Floyd Mayweather Jr vs Manny Pacquiao full fight Video – 2015”

    • Number 1 Of Running And Hugging Like a GAY ..
      If he Fight Manny Like The Other Opponents Of Manny . He will be knOck Out ..

      • if you even know the basics on boxing then you should know that points are what matters most and in this way he got them easily. as a viewer i expected more from that fight but as a boxing player he did best, he ran arround, made his opponent tired and then lunched some good hits. that’s what he had to do and he did it. don’t repeat what you hear

        • f*ck them basics of boxing, if i´d wanna see a nigga run i´d be cheering up for usain freaking bolt… stop hidding your ptittiful paper champ behind those lame-a+s excuse, for f*ck sake

  1. Manny again is a victim of planned and payed unanimous decision of these american country and commisions, we at Australia thought Manny win the fight but Congrats Mayweather boy For another payed.fake and unreal Unanimous decision hometown decision…….BOOO

  2. Pacquiao is lazy. If I’m getting paid $120,000,000 for 36 minutes of work, I’m going to give every bit of everything I’ve got. This was shameful.

    • Yeah … Manny said that “c’mon Mayweather The Audience Want to see Some Action” … And Everytime He HUG Manny The Audience Always say BOOOOOOOO to him .

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  4. The thing is this is not called a brawling match is it ? Boxing is a skill ! And your Manny just didn’t have the same skill as Floyd.

  5. Manny threw less punches than Floyd. That coward lied and said he was going to do this and do that, then he got scared under the lights

    • If he Fight Manny Like a Man He will Got knoCk Out .. His Just Scared He Always Ran And HUG Everytime Manny Punch him ..

      • He didnt run from Manny. He ran from Marcos more than he did Manny. He looked like he had zero respect for Manny. From the opening bell he came out aggressive and confident and Pac was scared to throw any punches. Floyd walked that little man down and had him stumbling all over the place. Pac looked shock by Floyd’s speed and Pac threw less punches than Floyd. Pac doesnt deserve his 100 million for that cowardly performance. Then he made up lies about being injured and claimed he won the fight. Sore Loser.

    • GAYWEATHER will not Do That Anymore , His a Chicken .. He Just Wasting the Money Of the Audience .

  6. Also us in Europe thought that manny won. Slovakia and I’m sure all the other countries seen that what a joke of a decision that was. America what a corrupt country. It is all recorded. Shame on you United States. You wanna show us how it is done but than you fail like this time. Shame on you.

  7. he runs to avoid being knocked out by manny, for the sake of the PAID UNANIMOUS DECISION..manny still won the game in the heart of everyone

  8. Mayweather ran like a lil b*tch the whole time and manny threw 38294954728384 hits and landed sh*t all.. They could learn a lot from each other

    • Floyd stood right in front of that man and threw more punches than Pac did lol. From the opening bell Floyd was all over thadazz. Pac was scared to fight back. He ran from Marcos more than he did from Pac

      • Floyd Is Scared to Pacmn he Always ran .. His GAY he Always Hug Manny .. He Paid The Judges to make him wOn .. All the Judges are BLack GUY And Its ALL from America Its a Cheat …

        • He didnt run from Manny. He ran from Ghost more than he ran from that little man. Floyd had ZERO respect for Manny and was smiling in his face the entire fight. Manny fought like a scared coward and was too scared to throw any punches

  9. Congratulations to the real smart promoters that make this fight and the money involved possible.
    The reality is, for a fight that almost worth nothing in terms of the action developed inside the ring. One of the guy running full-time and the other pushing a little bit hard but holding the breath in case they are lucky enough as to make some more additional millions in view of a potential revenge. Shame to both fighters since they didn’t work at all for the millions they were paid of.
    My only hope is that those promoters and the fighters donate some of the money they made to a good cause like for children with problems around the world.
    On the other hand, I feel really sorry for all those suckers that pay for a sit to see this fight in MGM as well as for the others that spent their money via the TV channels involved.
    Discuss about fight result? It did no matter because the potential for a new fight. Hope is better than this one.

  10. Mayweather is not the best boxer, he’s just the boxer with the best flinch reaction. pacquiao is one of the most aggressive boxers ever, pacquiao made that fight

  11. I got Paquiao 116 Mayweather 112….. i don’t know what fight the judges were seeing. Probably too busy counting the money they got payed for closing their eyes and giving a unanimous decision to Mayweather lol

  12. Okay.. enough with the trash talk. I have relevant question now: Who will Mayweather fight next (and last most probably) ?

    • I have just two names: Amir Khan for his speed but the best opponent he could faced is Golovkin at a catch weight of 152 lbs (the same weight of the fight with Canelo Alvarez). But I’m sure Floyd will never face GGG

      • I agree for Khan.
        Yes, GGG is the most entertaining fighter at the moment, but he never fought below the middleweight division since he turned pro. You are right that Mayweather would never take such a huge risk for his very last fight.

    • A fight against hit-and-run Khan would be the most boring fight ever. I’d rather see him against Bradley.

    • Olivier, I just don’t care. He is the best of our era, yes, but he is also the least enjoyable fighter of our era. A mastermind, a genius — and an aesthetic disaster.

      I expect he will fight whomever is approved by Showtime, which will want the contract to go out with a bang. He would beat all of those you list, presumably being troubled most by the fast athleticism of Khan and Thurman. (The smart, powerful Brook won’t lay a hand on him.) Me, I’d be much happier watching Khan and Thurman go at it. We must have some mystery in the outcome of our fights for it to be interesting!

  13. You know all this sentiments i dont get. People are used to seeing Pacqiao throw lots of punches. Take it or leave Mayweather was a smarter fighter.He came to win the fight and he did just that. Check the stats .mayweather had a better target accuracy shots. So yall should take the chill pill.

  14. It was all in favor of mayweather. 118:110?? Are you kidding me? Mayweather never really hurt manny but mayweather was hurt a lot of times. He should have went for a KO.

    • The judges were Burt Clements, Dave Moretti & Glenn Feldman. I don’t know about Burt Clements, but Moretti & Feldman are not black.

  15. I dont think Pacquiao really fights with the same intensity after Maquez Kod him-I think if he did, thats what would have made the fight. He showed glimpses of it but only in a few of the rounds and incidentally they were the rounds he won!
    As a result, Mayweather totally outboxed him. He is a master technician and showed it with using his range, reach, timing, spinning off and clinching when need be.
    Saying this as a Pacman supporter too but clearly had the fight the same as the 3rd Judge-116 112 Mayweather.

  16. What a boring fight!!! Absolutly inoperative guys, nasty Floyd (as usual)… I desagree with the gap but not with the deccission. Money won, yes but only because of Manny’s indolence at the last rounds. Thinking about a revenge? Probably yes

  17. Reading a lot of these comments I must say that a lot of you know nothing about boxing. You know about brawling. This is an easy call. You know what fight Floyd is going to give. It’s pacman’s responsibility to put pressure on him. That said, he couldn’t. As you can see if you watch that beautiful bean footage, the jab and straight right had pacman contemplating if he wanted to fight until it went to the ropes. What trainer tells their fighter to fight off the ropes besides Ali and you see the brain damage that he has… I love Ali but when you stop fighting and you can barely talk as a lot of boxers now, that’s not smart. The fight is boring because Pacquiao’s ability to push fights was negated by Floyd’s BOXING ability. If you guys want to so a fight and not boxing, go on youtube or facebook, there are tons of them there. This was pure boxing. Floyd has a boring style. Stop hating him so much that you want to watch/buy the fight and he will stop fighting lol. He gets big paydays off of your hatred. I would talk sh*t all the time as well if people hated me as much as they hate him.

      • No that I agree with all YOUDONTKNOWBOXING said, but: ” Ali was diagnosed with Parkinson’s syndrome in 1984, a disease that is common to head trauma from activities such as boxing. “

          • “Highly speculative”? No. The way you phrase this cause and effect relationship between boxing and Parkinson’s is absurd. Because boxing is viewed as a potential risk factor for Parkinson’s doesn’t mean it’s the only path to this disease. The scientific litterature is clear about the fact that TBI (traumatic brain injuries) is a factor in developing different forms of dementia, particularly vascular dementia, but also Alzheimer and Parkinson’s (Gardner et al., 2015). Those who develop Parkinson’s certainly have genetic predispositions, and TBI, depending on the severity and the number of occurences, may contribute to the rate at which the dementia will develop. I said “may” because you are right about the fact that evidences are not always crystal clear because it is hard to isolate TBI from many other concurrent factors. But the most recent studies, like the one I quoted, reported significant statistical evidences of a link between TBI (severity and chronicity) and Parkinson’s among a huge sample (over 100k subjects).

            I didn’t want to go there, but here it is: I am a PhD student in psychology and my girlfriend is a PhD student in neuropsychology. She works for a renown neuropsychologist (Dr. Dave Ellemberg) who recently published a book specifically about TBI in sports. And what they see day after day in their clinical assessments of traumatic brain injured subjects is striking: children, teenagers and healthy adults with TBI show immidiate cognitive impairments.

            The relationship between TBI and Parkinson’s may not be totally resolved but certainly not ruled out. Finally, TBI alone can cause important memory loss, attention and inhibition problems, not only in boxing but in many sports as well, and also in life events like a car accident.

            So has Ali’s brain been injured through his boxing career? Repeatedly and badly, unless his brain is made of steel or some other material that is not human cells. Did he have genetic predispositions toward developing Parkinson’s? Certainly. In that specific case, is Parkinson’s the result of an interaction between TBI and genetic factors? We can’t tell for the moment, but more and more evidences are pointing in that direction.

          • Maybe I should have pick another quote in the first place (one that doesn’t include Parkinson’s) to state that Ali’s brain got injured by boxing. Maybe you should read on dementia pugilistica instead.
            “The most common characteristics of boxers suffering obvious outward signs of dementia are enlarged brain ventricles and a cavum septi pellucidi. The article cites the results of CT scans on 8 former champions with 5 of them displaying evidence of a cavum septi pellucidi including Muhammad Ali and contender Jerry Quarry. Quarry, at that time displaying no obvious behavioral signs of brain atrophy or damage, would die of dementia pugilistica 16 years later, aged only 53 in 1999.”

          • Results from a MRI study on 164 male boxers compared to 43 control subjects (Aviv et al., 2009).
            A CSP (cavum septi pellucidi) was present in 40% of controls and 49% of boxers. There was a trend to a higher CSP prevalence in boxers (P = .099). No control patient had type 2 or 3 extension (P < .0009), as opposed to 30% and 16% prevalence in boxers. Three boxers increased their extent over serial imaging. No difference in CSP size was established between the 2 groups (P = .43), but there was an association between progressive scans and increased CSP size over time in boxers, independent of age (P = .05). Eight boxers demonstrated a CSP on a subsequent scan not seen on an earlier scan.

        • By the way, you do know that head trauma being a cause is highly speculative and very much not conclusive, right? 1 million people in America suffer from parkinsons, the majority are not boxers.

  18. I really don’t like FM Jr. Call it “hate” or whatever you like. The hate is not about the money he makes… It’s about his bad image, mocking his opponents, his personal issues, his arrogance, lack of humility, never risking, never fighting outside US, etc. An image that says that you can get away from everything being a bad person. I know that is just merchandise to sell. He chose that way and he chose to be hated just to sell fights.

    That said, in strictly pure boxing terms, he really is THE BEST boxer of our time. His discipline, movements and style are near perfect, the best defense, almost impenetrable. I really believe that his style can top or at least be toe to toe to the past boxing legends’ (Ali, Duran, Ray Leonard, Chavez, etc, etc)
    I will try to not argue if people will consider him “the best ever” because maybe… just maybe… my hatred is blinding me for it.

    Nowadays he seems changed and turned a little more humble and spiritual… but for me it’s a little late for that (even if in real life he really was a nice person all along). I will never consider him a people’s champion, he’s more like a corporations’ one. And if we support corporations above people, then something’s wrong with us.

    Peace out.

    • I really like your comment.

      Only a few things I would like to respond.

      About “never risking”: Through the year, he was accused to choose his opponents scupulously, when in fact he fought the best fighters out there. Though, one could argue he has waited to long to face Pacquiao, or fought Marquez at a wrong catchweight, etc. Maybe “never risking” referred to his style inside the ring but if so, I would say he’s an intelligent and elusive fighter able to hit without getting hit.

      “Never fighting outside US”: It’s all prize fighters’ dream to fight in Vegas on PPV for lots of $$$. It happened in the past that major boxing events took place in other countries. Foreman-Ali, in Congo, 1974; Tyson-Douglas, in Japan, 1990; Lewis-Rahman, in South Africa, 2001, are some examples, but it doesn’t appear to be common lately, as far as I know (but I might be wrong). This comment makes me think of Joe Calzaghe, who never fought outside Europe (mainly UK) except for his last two fights. He was fairly criticized for that.

      About “…that said, in strictly pure boxing terms, he really is THE BEST boxer of our time. His discipline, movements and style are near perfect, the best defense, almost impenetrable”: Yes, and may I had his overall punched thrown/landed ratio is also incredible.

      About “…even if in real life he really was a nice person all along”: it doesn’t appear to be like that. He did time for domestic violence, as we all know. We weren’t there when it happened, but let’s just say this doesn’t happen to “nice persons”.

      Finally, about “… I will never consider him a people’s champion, he’s more like a corporations’ one”: that is true. But here’s the good news for boxing, he will very soon be retired. All eyes will turn to other great fighters around the world, up and coming prospects.

  19. Historic Sh*t is what it is.
    Worst thing for boxing was this fight. Kovalev Vs Pascal was better for boxing than this. This fight would have been something 5-6 years ago but today? Just a way for a few people to make ridiculous amounts of money. I really hope they retire. (both of em)

    And even though I picked this fight as it happened,
    the only way for me to see Mayweather as “the best boxer of our time” is to fight Golovkin for his titles at 160 (Mayweather makes it easy and Golovkin comes in at 158 anyway.) Beyond that he was guided and has guided himself through shallow waters.

  20. Not the worst fight in the history of the world.

    Up there, though, with the worst fights ever to be held between great fighters.

  21. This fight has no bearing in the history of the sport – they rested 2 minutes and 20 seconds between rounds – it can never be considered a true fight. They were both as fresh after 12 rounds as they were when they started.

  22. 148 punches and this is the fight of the century? Really? A pro boxing fight lasting 12 rounds, making hundreds of millions of dollars and only148 punches? F*ck it, the fight was awful

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