2018 BOXING fight – Sadam Ali vs Jaime Munguia – full fight Video WBO

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3 Star RatingReview by AllTheBestFights.com: 2018-05-12, tough exchanges from the first bell: Sadam Ali vs Jaime Munguia gets three stars.

The former Olympian and current Wbo light-Mw champion Sadam Ali entered this fight with a boxing record of 26-1-0 (14 knockouts) and he is ranked as the No.4 super welterweight in the world (currently the #1 in this division is Jarrett Hurd). He suffered his only loss when he faced Jessie Vargas in 2016 (Vargas vs Ali), after this fight he has won over Saul Corral, Jorge Silva, Johan Perez and Miguel Cotto (Miguel Cotto vs Sadam Ali).
His opponent, the undefeated Jaime Munguia, has a perfect record of 28-0-0 (24 KOs=86%) and he entered as the No.18 in the same weight class. He has already fought twice in 2018 beating Jose Carlos Paz (Jaime Munguia vs Jose Carlos Paz) and Johnny Navarrete. Ali vs Munguia is valid for the WBO World super welterweight title (Ali’s first defense). Watch the video and rate this fight!



Date: 2018-05-12

Where: Turning Stone Resort & Casino, New York, USA

Division: light middleweight (154 lbs, 69.9 kg)

Title: WBO World super welterweight title

Result: Click here to show the fight’s result
Jaime Munguia def. Sadam Ali (TKO at 1:02, round 4)


Ali’s previous fight: Miguel Cotto vs Sadam Ali

Munguia’s next fight: Jaime Munguia vs Liam Smith



Ali vs Munguia full fight video:

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Official video

Official highlights

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16 comments on “2018 BOXING fight – Sadam Ali vs Jaime Munguia – full fight Video WBO”

  1. Ali has the heart of a champion…unfortunately for him Munguia was twice his size and twice as strong, plus his timing and punch selection was incredible. The new champ looks like a monster.

    • Sadam Ali was lucky to be in this position in the first place with his win over an over the hill Cotto. He’s a solid fighter but not top level,

  2. The HBO commentators got it right. Ali’s corner, the ref and the ringside doctors let a massacre go on. Brave-as-fuck is Sadam Ali, but those guys are there to protect him from brain damage.

    This was a step up for Munguia that proved he deserved to be 2017 Prospect of the Year. He only needed a couple of minutes to out-wit and dismantle his slick opponent. Some guys in the Top 10 are going to be very unhappy when they meet him.

    • Thank you Arjay for telling me to watch this one! My, oh my! Does size matter?… This Munguia is a SWW on the scale and something like a LHW on fight night. You could see fear on Ali’s face even before the fight started. But not only is he big, but he’s got some real skills! Looking foward to his next fight!

      In recent years, the NYSAC seemed more rigorous on the matter of safety in the ring (the “step to your left, walk to me” thing, numerous checks by the doctors between rounds, etc.). This time, I agree with you that they were totally off. And for once, Rosato was not the problem. I’m saying this because usually, he’s the kind of referee who tends to allow massacre to last way past the point of no return. This time, he was the only one saying the fight should stop.

      • Haha, thought you’d like that fight. Yes, Munguia is one to watch: size plus skills and a sense of pacing that sets him above the other giant in the division, Jarrett Hurd. Since dispatching poor Ali, Munguia’s wasted no time in calling out Jermell Charlo.

        Fair point about Rosato. My blood pressure rises when the announcers are all calling for the fight to be stopped. Especially Roy, who has dealt some serious beatings in his day (and later took a few, too), and often impresses me as one of the most morally alert commentators in boxing.

  3. Very active fight and plenty of knock downs. The Mexican was just 1 Lbs bigger but the size difference looks abysmal. Munguia is really a “beast” and punch with the strength of a Donkey’s leg. Ali is good but he was no contest for this boxer. It would be very nice to watch Munguia against to GGG but still may take a while before getting this bout. Anyhow, I believe that GGG could easily kiss goodbye to his undefeated record and career. Munguia just need to improve his defensive skills since it was a little bit open so some of the Ali’s punches.

    • Now you’re overrating Munguia. He looked great against Ali, GGG is a different kind of beast. A fight against Hurd at 154 would be a nice match-up.

      • Phillipe Dida: Fully agree that GGG is a different kind of beast, who I like very much. However and unfortunately GGG is actually 36. So much older than this young guy which could be a major factor if GGG isn’t able to knock him out when he still has the strength to do so since a long fight will be beneficial only for Munguia. In addition too, Munguia is 2″ taller than GGG and punch as harder as GGG as per the records of both boxers. So the actual opportunity to beat GGG are quite high if he improves his defensive techniques raising his guard and avoiding frontal attacks.

        • He has not done anything to suggest he hits harder that GGG or is on his level in any kind of shape. You’re overhyping Muguria because of his recent fights against Ali, that’s crazy. Calm down and let him prove himself against some of the top fighters at 154 before even thinking of beating GGG. Hurd Charlo, Brook, Lara, Williams, Smith. There are several of good fighters at 154 who’s much better than Ali.

          • Phillipe Dida: To be precise, I didn’t said “he hits harder that GGG” I just said “As harder as GGG”. The knock out ratio of both is quite similar as per their available records which in fact they are the ones suggesting that Munguia is a hard puncher too. I also said it will be nice to watch him fighting against GGG but adding that it will take a while before such a bout occurs. This is reasonable because as you mentioned above there are still other good fighters to overcome. However, in your list of boxers you forgot a real treat as Spencer, who technically excels, is a gifted southpaw and hit very hard too. Most likely him and may be Charlo and Hurd could be a problem for Murguia, I mean boxers with good technical skills. Brook and Lara are very good but in my opinion they are already history due to age, height, punching power, records, etc.

          • Big puncher, yes but there’s still nothing that says he hits as hard as GGG. GGG is one of the hardest puncher’s we’ve seen in many years in the MW division. There’s no need to put him on GGG’s level right now when it comes to punching power. Spence is fighitng at 147 and won’t move up to 154 anytime soon. You can never count out someone like Lara. He’s a highly skilled fast expericene boxer who has fought some of the very best. You’d make Lara vs Munguia today and Lara would be the favorite. Munguia has never fought anyone as good as Lara before.

          • Phillippe Dida: A discussion of who is punching harder presently hasn’t grounds or is a lack of common sense. You will never know who of them hit harder unless you offer your chin to test them or somebody decide to measure the punching power of each boxer by using the correct instrumentation. Right now we have only their fighting records which are telling us that the knock out ratio for GGG is 0.87 % and for Munguia 0.86 %. So it is perfectly valid to say that most likely, they have the same or very similar punching power. Regarding Lara, I fully agree with you that he will be the favorite before the fight. However, after the fight I doubt very much that such favoritism will still be alive. Please don’t forget that Ali was also the favorite before starting fight. Technically, Ali is pretty good too and an skillful former Olympic boxer however, what we have now, in front of us, is just an undisputed and categorical result.
            However, at this point, I still believe that only technically proficient boxers could cape this sort of storm Munguia is and survive after all.

  4. Jaime is the real deal. He’s still very young and learning, and needs to improve his defense, but his combinations, power, and as others have already said, punch selection, are remarkable. Too bad he’s too young and GGG is already a veteran, otherwise I’d love to see them face each other.

  5. Idk, you peeps who are calling for a fight between Munguia and GGG already are a bit misguided. A fight at this point w GGG could ruin a promising career for Munguia, who while awesome is not ready for GGG just yet. Munguia got hit by shots from Ali that if GGG hit him with those shots, he’d go down. GGG has been hit with sledgehammers and still stood and finished his opponent. GGG is 36, this kid is 21. I think GGG has maybe 4 fights left in him and idk if Munguia will be one of those but I wpuldn’t be surprised if Munguia is the guy who runs the middleweights for years to come. he’s still growing so he can make noise in a few weight classes which is something that GGG never did.

    • Totally agree, he may be able to face GGG in the future (considering GGG is still active). But, not now… Munguía is a tremendous fighter. But,. Still his guard needs improvement.. i Also don’t like hi has his mouth open all the time… He may get his jaw broken by GGG… All of this are defects which can be corrected…


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