2011 BOXING fight – Manny Pacquiao vs Juan Manuel Marquez 3 – full fight Video

3_stars_boxing_fight_boxing_video_2011_allthebestfightsReview: 2011-11-12, the third fight between Manny Pacquiao and Juan Manuel Marquez was not a war as their second fight and it had not “unexpected moments” as in their first bout but it was just a good one and it was not as spectacular as we expected (or like other boxing fights of 2011 such as Wolak vs Rodriguez, Salido vs Juanma Lopez or Guerrero vs Katsidis), therefore we can’t give it more than three stars. Manny Pacquiao (53-3-2) entered as the No.1 welterweight in the world while Juan Manuel Marquez (53-5-1) entered as the No.1 lightweight. Pacquiao vs Marquez 3 was valid for the WBO welterweight title. Watch the video!

Date: 2011-11-12

Where: MGM Grand, Las Vegas, Nevada, United States

Division: welterweight (147 lbs, 66.7 kg)

Title: WBO welterweight title

Result: Manny Pacquiao def. Juan Manuel Marquez (majority decision, 115-113, 114-114, 116-112)

Other fights on the card:
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Luis Cruz vs Juan Carlos Burgos
Mike Alvarado vs Breidis Prescott


Pacquiao vs Marquez SAGA:
Pacquiao vs Marquez 1 (2004)
Pacquiao vs Marquez 2 (2008)
Pacquiao vs Marquez 3 (2011)
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Pacquiao’s previous fight: Manny Pacquiao vs Shane Mosley

Marquez’s previous fight: Juan Manuel Marquez vs Likar Ramos

Marquez’s next fight: Juan Manuel Marquez vs Serhiy Fedchenko

Pacquiao’s next fight: Manny Pacquiao vs Timothy Bradley


(This is a free embeddable video hosted on HBO Sports’ Official Youtube channel)

Alternative highlights video

Alternative highlights video

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86 thoughts on “2011 BOXING fight – Manny Pacquiao vs Juan Manuel Marquez 3 – full fight Video”

  1. The decision was a travesty! If there were any lingering doubts that Marquez was robbed in their previous matches, this latest fight adds more fuel to the fire. I definitely saw JMM give MP the fight of his life and eke out a win, but the judges counted differently. It’s a sad day for boxing fans.

    Even as a Filipino, I hang my head in shame at the result. “Nakakahiya, kailangan pa yatang iluto ni Arum yung laban para di mawala ang tsansyang makasagupa ni MP si FMJ”. If this is how Pacquiao performs against an above-average counterpuncher, then he definitely does not have a chance against pretty boy Floyd. Heck, he will probably be more competitive against Sergio Martinez.

    Anyway, just needed to rant. Thanks for the upload, I will rewatch the fight to see how two judges could’ve scored it for the Pac-Man.

    1. who ever thinks pacquio won the fight, honestly does not know nor understand much about boxing. Maaequez boxed so skillfully. A great demonstration of the artfull moving boxer. he countered Pacquio, used his jab all the time. never got hurt at all. Marquez deserves to be champion

  2. I am a Filipino, but there’s no way Pacquiao would won in my scorecard…Tama, kung hirap na si Pacquiao dito sa above-average na counter-puncher, then he definitely will be in big trouble against Pacquiao…At this fight, Marquez definitely got robbed…

  3. Im also vote for this …Dan said was true even im a filipino also…since i saw the fight i was also a shame for what did the judges vote…as we can see those punches MP not doing well since round 5 – 12 …JMM was a true warrior he did all his best for that fight..Bob Arum was favor for MP cause there looking for the big event in the history of boxing but since they make a unfavorable judgement again….GOD BLESS FOR ALL THE FILIPINO

  4. As what I’ve observed, this fight is a given for marquez we can see that how Manny played. Manny’s team said that he is well prepared in speed and power, (have you seen that power and speed? for me I didn’t) and Arum wanted to give this fight for marquez so that there will be a chance for a 4th time( as we know 1st fight was a DRAW; 2nd favor for manny) if ever Marquer won that fight as a whole it is still a Draw And Arum will go for a huge MONEY Fight! But the judges are more f***** a****** than Arum!!!!!

  5. Well the first time i watched this (on the british primetime version) i was caught up in the moment of the commentators (who were saying marquez won almost every round) i was believing this to be a robbery of the masses and boxing at its most corrupt game, but after watching again on hbo with the compubox numbers, more unbiased comments and with ledermans unofficial scorecard, i can see how pacquiao legitimately won the fight. pacquiao left it too uncomfortably close to call by not being as aggressive as he usually is but he was wary of being counterpunched. there was no robbery, but pacquiao was not in his peak form; even coach freddie roach admits that pacquiao was not on his game. People will never stop saying that marquez was robbed because pacquiao didn’t close the curtains by knocking him out or even down, which is why im very dissapointed with pacquiao’s performance. This poor, unconvincing win DOES make it seem like mayweather would steamroll over him, which is great because mayweather might be more willing to take pacquiao on after watching this, but if pacquiao keeps fighting at 10% of his true fighting ability like he did just now, he’d lose.

    pacquiao, either quit now and stick to politics, or go back to your killer roots and get that hunger for victory back in you.

  6. just saw the fight again and i must say manny won the fight, thrown more punches and landed more punches. !!!! counter fighter always had a disadvantage with the judging system through out. the only way a counter fighter can win is if they are already champ or rock the opponent.

  7. You guys were just expecting a knock out. If you really watched the fight, you will clearly see that Manny is really the winner! It was just too close but not quite for Marquez. If you Marquez was declared the winner, I am pretty sure you are going to be the same people saying Manny was robbed! haha! what a shame!

  8. you dont win a championship, you take it away from the champion, just like what manny did when he dismantled cotto!marquez may have posed several problems to pacquiao, and looks very impressive, but never deserved to get the title away from pacquiao. the decision has been was made and it was not pacquiao’s, but instead by the the 3 judges, so don’t blame him if 2 of the judges thinks he deserves to keep the title. if pacquaio was not the champion i would say marquez may have won the title, but with manny as the champion and with a performance of marquez like that, there is no way he is getting the title, perhaps a split decision, but the title? not gonna happen

  9. This is not a travesty,,the judges prefered the aggressor,,which is Paquiao mainly throughtout the fight,,Marquez was only counterpunching,,so the judges prefered the aggresor and ring generalship

  10. how do you explain 114-114, 115-113, and then some one woke up the dumb judge who scored fight 116-112 ,gees we can’t get 3 judges that know anything about the fight game 1 draw, and 1 judge thought manny was fight no one 116-112 give me a break this scoring was a joke,

  11. it’s a close fight..like the scorecards says, the more punches you throw, the more you can land and that’s what it showed throughout the game. robbery never happened on this fight..counterpunching is a miracle KO that you can expect to happen when MP gets the hit..too bad for JMM those small amount of counterpunches never really KO’d MP..Like the commentors say, being aggressive is better than counterpunching…and MP deserves this win. God bless All Filipinos!

  12. Pac-man won the fight, barely. Landed more punches, was the aggressor, and showed more talents. Counterpunching does not win fights. I scored it 7 rounds to 5 for pacman with some rounds really close, but when you factor in that pacman made the fight by coming in, you have to give him the close rounds. Its called Boxing, not Dodging…..

  13. MANNY won the fight clearly! Its just the expectation for the fight is very high. Most of the poeple expected that Paquiao will KO Marquez which leads to failure. But it is 100% clear that MP won the fight, ven though there is no knockdown/out….

  14. Well, Even though MP won. Marquez still did a fantastic job. Hes a trooper. Kept his spirit up even though he lost. One thing I found was very respectful was when MP went to JMM’s team and hugged them all. But overall. They are all beast


  16. Marques should just stick to eating tacos and his burito’s. Manny pacquiao won, fair and square. Marquez lost, and yet he stepped on Manny Pacquiao’s foot. He should learn how to dance, cause he’s a girl. End of story, and leave it at that.

  17. Manny clearly won the fight, and Marquez is a cheater. He stepped on his foot? Headbutted him? accidental or not, Marquez is dead-set scared of Manny. Marquez, my opinion is for you to keep eating burito’s and taco’s lad.

  18. so i see it this way . DEFENSE Pacman did better great footwork moved quickly a little issue with counter punching . AGGRESIVENESS Pacman kept Marquez going back the entire match . Both got rocked a little fell back on there heals. PUNCHES we have all seen the #s Pacman landed more slightly lower percentage however he landed more Power punches and higher percentage. OTHER .. look at Marquez face he swoll up . Pacquiao had one cut due to a head but. Lastly one thing I noticed and not sure if it’s legal or not but, Marquez in multiple times when he went in with combinations would step on MPs lead foot to hold him down. I did’nt notice Pacquiao do the same . Over all Marquez in my opinion only edged out Pacquiao in 4 rounds maybe five 2 5 6 7 .

  19. I’m a huge pacman fan glad he got the win because if he loses it could destroy boxing. Although I would admit that this fight was really shady considering all the highlights they showed us were extremely biased. I loved the part where emanuelle stuart is talking between rounds about a nice counter punch marquez landed and then they loop pacmans flurry and never show it. lol sorry jmm your a warrior but apperently boxing is for star potential celebs like money may, pacman and not for athletes like u and nacho libre

  20. The decision was correct and I wish people would stop saying Marquez was robbed!!! Yes the fight was close but tell me what Marquez did to win the fight? Aside form the judging here is my and some other peoples point. Pacquiao controlled the ring- if you look at MMA as well they are scored on ring control/generalship! Pacquiao landed more punches, And he also landed more power punches!!! So how can you tell me Marquez was robbed? Not saying Marquez is not a good fighter, he also one of my favourites. I knew it would be a challenging fight but Pacquiao clearly won!!

  21. why don’t you watch the fight repeatedly, watch it closely..i mean it,CLOSELY…then you’ll see..

  22. after watching the second time but has no sound, I still scored it 8-4 for manny. Marquez did not land enough to win close rounds. Manny is just too fast to see his punching connecting. Bring on floyd mayweather!

  23. Pacman was chasing him all night. He landed more punches threw more punches and was pressing the fight he was the one who made the action happen. Marquez just played it safe going backwards almost the entire fight Marquez did better then we expected but doesn’t mean he should be the winner. Now that I watched it 3 times I see it differently and more clearly. If you really study it you will notice many of those shots were blocked by Pacman. Live it looked like he got hit more. Marquez didn’t risk anything. While Pacman risked coming in the whole fight trying to make it exciting for you. But all you guys do is you got caught up in all the boos from the audience(mostly Mexican) and like sheep you follow. But the professional judges and people who actually know about boxing know Manny won. Marquez ROBBED him self. and most of you are robbing yourselves crying about the sore LOSER. Live with it.

  24. PACMAN won! Deal with it! Marquez was running back not making the fight happen. Pac did great despite what any one says. If your fighting a defensive fighter that just plays it safe and walks backward all 12 rnds don’t expect Pac to deliver some kind of Amazing fight or KO. Blame that shit on Marquez not Pac.

  25. I watch it just once but carefully and more attentively. The match is absolutely even and no robbed at all. Please to those pipz who haven’t dare watching the fight in every angles please don’t be like a child crying over a spilled milk. You are a like a man barking in a wrong tree… Pacman won and there are no question on it because he did his best…It was just so sad that my fellow filipino give judgement without any trial. ” They said those judges of the fight made an unfavorable score against JMM, but do this people who give such comment correct too? These people are just exactly the same to those judges whom they thought gave a misjudgement lol.” In short they give comment to their own reflection!!! oh thanks for the upload!!!

  26. I’ts very clear that Pacquiao won the fight. To those who doubt it, try to see the replay. Shame to those who questioned the judges scorecard especially those few Filipinos whom I think don’t really understand boxing.I must suggest that you all should watch the replay again and again.

  27. Manny won this fight!! Its as simple as that. He may not have been as aggressive as he had been in previous fights, but he was careful and calculating in his approach, knowing that Marquez is such an awesome counter puncher. I dont think the Marquez camp expected Manny to deploy the tactics that he did in sitting back and countering himself. Marquez may have landed some of the bigger power punches in the fight but when Manny opened up inside he landed quick bursts of 3/4 punches at a time. The fight stats and indeed the punch stats speak for themselves.! Manny landed more punches therefore won the fight. In my opinion the Marquez corner has to take a big chunk of the blame for giving him false information in telling him he was ahead on the scorecards, therefore making him change his tactics in sitting back in the last round rather than going out to win it. Even in Amateur boxing the corner men will tell u ur losing the fight going into the last round so as to fire you up for the final round, especially in a close fight such as this one!! Manny was a clear winner, now lets move on and get the fight on the everyone wants…”MANNY V MAYWEATHER

  28. Well, next I fight Pacquiao I will swing my arms around and miss 73% of the time but as long as I look busy and foolish missing all my punches I am sure to win the fight now! ;)

    I thought boxing was about the more effective puncher, I made Manny’s eyes roll back like 4 times in this fight and after the 8th round I heard him hissing and breathing and can see his face of confusion and almost wanted to cry. Next time boxing fans, I will box no more and just swing my arms around and look busy :)

  29. Intresting thing i’ll tell you guy’s ”’END OF THE EVERY ROUND”’ When they’re showing the replay of punches they didn’t show Marquez hard punches but whenever PAQUIAO hits they’ll show always to be honest with you ””MEDIA WAS INVOLVE TO DOMINENT THAT MAXICAN LEGEND. but remember that i am not saying pacquiao was not good or loosing. Get your on conclusion


    Warm Regards
    Ali Raza

  30. I watched this fight (Pacman & Marquez III) several times and counted the punches of both. The Pacman threw and landed more punches then Marquez. So the Pacman is the legitimate winner of this fight!!!

  31. The judge decisions were perfect pacquiao won the fight i know manny did his best but wasnt good enough….. most of the filipinos were sad…. ofcorse coz manny did not met filipinos expectation to drove marquez on the floor as what he his previous fights and that expectations became frustrations of many filipinos. I knew mr Dan u were just frustrated to pacquiao performance last sunday by the way mr dan to remind you no judge infavor for marquez 1 judge decided tied & 2 judges r infavor for manny pac > you have a lot to remember mr dan that pacquiao was a defending champion you have to knock down pacquiao b4 u get the tittle not by just marquez performance althought he made several strong punches as manny did the same but manny was not hurt so no big deal for a controversy nothing but a sour gripping

  32. Ur ryt edz many filipino were frustrated during the fight since Mp was not able to mopdown marquez on the floor on the floor inspite of that MP landed more punches over JM what a shame ofthose claiming marquez won the fight this is boxing dude you have to knock down pacquiao b4 u get the tittle &replace being no. 1 pound 4 pound. 3 Judges wont allow jm shall replace pacman by that performance alone.marquez team having sour grapping .acceptance is the only way u can sleep lossers

  33. After re-watching this fight, I think a lot of the people who say Marquez won are just disappointed that Manny underperformed and didn’t knock out or destroy Marquez. Manny clearly won although he didn’t put up the performance everyone wanted, which could lead to a ton of people thinking Marquez won but compubox numbers and even lederman’s scorecard clearly states that pacman won. I also had pacman winning 115-113. Lederman did state a very good point and that is that ring generalship and aggressiveness play a HUGE ROLE in a close fight and Manny displayed both which in turn, the judges gave manny the decision. Was it a poor performance by manny? Yes, but that doesn’t give you the excuse to say he was the loser when he clearly won. Manny is an entertaining fighter but there will always be a boring fight and you can’t always entertain the crowd. Another thing that might help you see that Manny clearly won is to watch the fight on mute, without commentators or crowds cheering to influence your decision as to who might of won as a lot of times, those two things can make a person (who doesn’t really know much about boxing)watching the fight think the boxer in favor of the crowd/commentators has won. I watched it on mute and scored the fight 115-113 for manny.

  34. I am a Filipino and i am very proud to say that manny did won the fight! Shame on all the Filipino’s who doesn’t believed that manny out punches Marquez because you are all looking for a clear knock down as we always seen in all his fights…( mas nakakahiya ang mga taong tumatalikod sa kanilang kababayan, pagkatapos tayong bigyan ng kasiyahan at karangalan!!! MABUHAY ANG FILIPINO! MABUHAY KA MANNY PAQUIAO!

  35. man, marquez should have won. I mean damn. he stepped on pacquiaos foot like a hunred times and still lost. LOL. Marquez should’ve won for cheating, and pacquiao should’ve lost for not cheating. LOL. well, i guess da saying is true. cheaters are never winners.

  36. People are saying that you cant win a fight by counter punching, and especially trying to take a title away from the champion….. Well explain Mayweather V De La Hoya??? That was a close fight that could have been scored a draw in order for a rematch, but Mayweather won it on counter punching, as he wins all his fights, especially as he has got older, early days in his career he was aggressor and against Mosley too. Ive always said that Mayweather would have Mannys number, Manny is too small and not enough reach to get to Mayweather who can shift his body to near horizontal stance in an instant. I fear Mayweather would catch Manny clean early on with a counter and finish him like he did to Hatton. That left hook of his is devastating and Mayweather has proved his chin and recovery in the 2nd round against Mosley. Mayweather wont go into a defensive shell but will be looking to counter his much smaller opponent, once he gets used to Manny’s speed i fear it could be an early night as manny left himself open a lot against Marquez, im a huge fan of all 3 fighters ive mentioned but lets give credit to Marquez at 38 he has only lost to Mayweather who was over 20 pounds heavier than him come fight night and only once to Manny IMO. I love his counter punching style (sweet science remember) and of course his reaction to being hit is great!

  37. I don’t take nothing from Pac-man, but I can’t see him beating Pretty Boy/or Money Mayweather, not inside nor outside.

    But I’ve noticed, everytime he take that random testing, he always perform mediocre.

    No matter what, marquez didn’t push the fight hard enough to get the win.

  38. Mahn I hate it when people say they are a fan of pacquiao but they think marquez won the fight. Thats a bullsh*t right there. If you really are a fan you adore him, inspired, support him not fu*king backstab him.

  39. who wins: Comparing simile
    1 kick in the head(Marquez) vs 50 punches in the face with bare hands(Pacquiao)

  40. all the good punches of jmm was focus on the camera that makes people believe jmm a winner on the other hand all the good punches of mp (much many)was not focus in the camera better rewatch the video fight.I think and i believe that mp is the clear winner.

  41. jmm was robbed.ive never saw any clean shots from manny.and i watched a very accurate and clean shot from jmm.im a filipino and the decision was very bias.ive never saw also a more landed punches from pacman to marquez but i saw a lot of punches from jmm to mp.marquez will win for that figth.ive watched many times and i will rewind every event that is not very clear for me.those judge that are in favor for pacman were not capable as being a judge.its very upset.

  42. PAC won because he pushed the fight always going in for the Kill helps score points if you boxing fans didn’t know that lmao NOW YOU DO!!

    1. I seriously was unaware that “Pushing” and “Going in for the kill” (especially when Marquez was not hurt at any point in the fight) score you points to win rounds. Thank you Pactard.

  43. man marquez is beast! gave pacman another boxing lesson,fool didnt even have to pay,haha and yet again manages to walk away with the W wat a joke.

  44. I have watched 3 times from different country and different slow motion replay.
    Marquez was not robbed by judges. Manny fight cleverly and do not let Marquez hurt him. Manny throws punches and move away. Most of Marquez counter punches were hitting on Manny gloves and elbow. Manny power punches were clean hit on Marquez face as you can see the condition of face. Manny was not hurt apart from a few power punches on body by Marquez.
    End of the day, Marquez did not do enough and he was just counter puncher as usual waiting for Manny attack. That’s his mistake. If Marquez start with aggressive style and then Manny may KO Marquez. Obviously, the strategy for both sides is not toe to toe fight like previous fights. Obviously, Manny won the fight. The fight is not his best fight but he fights with very clever strategy.

  45. That was a sham. Marquez was the better fighter tonight. I’m losing intrest in boxing. I guess that’s why I second boxing to MMA. That was a waste of my time. Well, back to family. Thank you to All The Best Fights.

  46. for those filipino’s who commented badly on manny.. screw yourself… i have watch the video over and over again…manny won the fight in the number of punches connected… for you sucks filipinos “subukan nyo kaya lumugar sa kinalagyan ni manny para malaman nyo yang mga pinag sasabi nyo.. disappointed kayo kc walang knock out.. at hnd nyo lang nakuha ang gusto nyong makita” shame on you… if you love boxing.. whether a filipino or an alien will up to the ring and fight you should be fair and watch the fight fairly… and then give your comments on the fight after reviewing over and over again.. “nakakahiya kayo sa totoo lang”

  47. Drearest all,

    the fought between marquez and manny were fair decision, as you can see from youtube videos..marquez stepped on manny foot many times… its cheating..so please play honestly…coz the judges, cameras, and even the vidoes around the ring can see directly of what was happening inside the ring..merry christmass to all. and happy new year…2012…manny has a good heart and veru generous person…more blessing to come….

  48. its so funny how some pinoy claimed Manny lost as if their opinion will matter.

    i scored the fight 117-113 to pacquiao. marquez disappointed me by whining again for the third time, i got robbed. that line is getting old, marquez’s punches were over exaggerated and his defense s*cked balls! manny will tear into analrapedjr come dec 2012, i’ll bet my nuts on it.

  49. MP is the clear winner. JMM didn’t do well in the latter rounds to hav a good impact. You need to have a good eye to see manny’s punches that caused JMM’s face to swell, so fast.

  50. There is no way you can call it a robbery. It could have gone either way, but I think Pac won by 2 points. Most of you guys favors Marquez maybe because he had more power shots than Pacquiao. Granted… But on the other hand Pac was very consistent pressuring Marquez and landed more punches.

    1.  I don’t think Marquez has more power punches but he looks a lot of stamina in his body.
      Marquez fans thought big loud come from hitting gloves were power punches. Most of Marquez punches were hitting on Manny elbow and gloves. Judges did not give points.
      Clearly Manny has win 7 or 8 rounds out of 12 rounds. I have 7 times on this site and other sites.
      There’s no robbery and Manny was clearly winner.

  51. They already have results from Compubox. It’s a computer that records the whole fight at high speed. Then two operators count the number of landed blows from the footage of slowed down punches.
    Pacquiao landed 176 punches to Marquez 138, and landing more power punches, 117 and 100 from Marquez.
    Despite those strong counterpunches, Marquez got tagged more in the fight.

  52. I had it 7-4-1 even for Marquez. Close fight but I dont see how Pacman won those early rounds when he was getting hammered by right hands.

    1.  John,
      The points were given by round by round and 10 points per round system. Most of Marquez punches were hitting on elbow and gloves. They do not counted. Also the judges give more point on power puncher. For example, one knock down score minus 1 point and he lost the round with 8 points. In the Manny vs. Marquez first fight, one judge made mistake on his scorecard 10 – 7 for Manny instead of 10 – 6 on first round 3 knock down by Manny. Later, judge confessed about his mistake. If he did not make mistake and then Manny win the  their first fight.

  53. I have watched 7 times now. Manny had won 7 or 8 out of 12
    rounds. Marquez had won only 4 or 5 out of 12 rounds.

    Most of Marquez’s counter punches were hitting on elbow and

    Why Manny couldn’t knock down Marquez? Because Marquez was
    avoided to go inside and Marquez guarded his right chin all the times.

    This fight is good for Manny’s health because Marquez did
    not hurt Manny. Obviously Marquez was hurt by Manny power jabs. His both eyes
    were almost closed and his nose was became double size after the fight.

    Manny looks a bit or tire and Marquez looks still he has

    Manny looks like his mind was not in the game and his mind
    was somewhere else.

    Peoples were clearly disappointed the fight because they
    want to see inside brawl from both boxers but it didn’t happen on the night.

  54. hey you people commenting againts pacquioa you are blind,you see only marquez throw punches,how about manny punches?headbatting,stepping on mannys foot,im a pro as well,three judges doing the good job guys,it really fair score,,,for manny,,,he”s real fighter,…

  55. to win over a champion like MP, JMM must dominate or either KO Manny..but  JMM never had that moment throughout the fight..JMM is a counter puncher fighter, if JMM only waits for MP to attack and if MP never attacks him simply means MP retains his belt..

  56. marquez gano mas claro ni el agua pero esto ya esta areglado como todas las peleas en el box k lastima k un deporte tan bonito se alla echado a perder



  59. if yall look at the punching stats, Pacquiao still beat Marquez, Marquez gotta do more than just counter punching , he has to initiate contact. But Marquez is to scared of Pacquiao power punch, as you can see Pacquiao knock down Marquez 4 times his whole career !

  60. who ever thinks that manny beat marquez is a stupid racist s.o.b marquez totally beat him mannny was crapping his pants cuz he knew he was losing even mannys wife was crying they just gave manny the fight cuz all the casinos and everybody had betted money that manny was gonna win so screw yourselves marquez won end of story marquez le gano ya fin de historia.

  61. marquez won 
    Manny Pacquiao
    can go eat doretos now afet his lost to timothy bradley he should retire floyd mayweather jr is the best and manny  is very scared to fight the best fighter n the world floyd mayweather jr i watch this because juan mnauel marquez in this fight!!!!!

  62. its clearlly marquez won no doubt about it its a fixed fight poor marquez got robbed and never won against 
    Pacquiao its a dissgrace to paquiao

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