BOXING News – Mayweather vs Pacquiao: Poll, picks and predictions

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Roy Jones Jr, Amir Khan, Julio Cesar Chavez Sr, Hulk Hogan, Conor McGregor, Shane Mosley, Oscar De La Hoya, George Foreman, Bernard Hopkins, Lennox Lewis and many other boxers, celebrities or boxing trainers predicted in the past weeks who will be the winner of the mega-fight Mayweather vs Pacquiao. So we have collected the most important predictions but obviously we want to know also your pick!


Link to the fight: Floyd Mayweather Jr vs Manny Pacquiao


Amir Khan: “Mayweather because obviously Mayweather is the better boxer and skilfull fighter.”


Shane Mosley: “I think that Mayweather has the speed and the movement and the ability to win, this is the type of fight that could go either way, but my pick is definetly Mayweather.”


Oscar De La Hoya: “My head is with Mayweather but my corazon (heart) is with Pacquiao.”


Miguel Cotto: “I’m not going to pick a winner because it is a tough fight…but the guy who comes with no fear of anything on May 2nd that is going to be the winner.”


Ricky Hatton: “I give Floyd the edge because Floyd can generally adapt to whatever style he’s in against and I think he’ll adapt to Manny.”


Juan Manuel Marquez: “I think Mayweather wins this fight because Mayweather has experience because Mayweather has a great defense, he uses the couter-punch very well, Mayweather is more inteligent than Pacquiao, I think Mayweather wins this fight.”


Danny Garcia: “I had Mayweather winning by points but I think in order for Pacquiao to win he has to use his quick feet, get in and out and try to throw a lot of combinations…”


Nonito Donaire: “The thing is Manny has never fought in the lights of Mayweather you know, but Mayweather has never even come close to fight somebody as fast and as strong as Manny Pacquiao and I do believe that Manny has the ability to defeat him.”


Keith Thurman: “What really matters is: how does Floyd want to win? If Floyd wants to win hands-down, he’s going to win hands down. If Floyd wants to make it controversial, he’ll make it controversial. How do we know this? Because elite fighters can do it…Elite fighters know what they can and can not do.”


Teddy Atlas: “I think Pacquiao has a good chance, because the greatest strength of Floyd Mayweather is also his greatest weakness: his defense. He goes into it too much sometimes, sometimes he does not throw enough, and he gives a chance to get into him. A guy like Pacquiao who does put punches together, who does have good hand speed, you know, he can get an opportunity to get into him in all spots and win rounds in all spots. And the one thing I want about giving Pacquiao a chance is not about his hand speed only…But it’s all about his foot speed.”


Roy Jones Jr: “Floyd will be the boxer, Pacquiao will be the puncher, Floyd can be whatever way he wants to be, because he has the most tools. In a fight like this, Floyd has the best chance of knocking Pacquiao out and winning the fight. Pacquiao has a better chance of making it a long fight, and trying to knock Floyd out, but we don’t know for a fact that he can get to Floyd.”



Julio Cesar Chavez Sr: “Pacquiao de corazon.” (=Pacquiao because of his heart)


Steve Forbes (boxer): “I just think Mayweather looks a little bit smarter but anything can happen in that fight.”


Hulk Hogan: “There’s too much money to be made, it’s gonna be a draw, brother, so they can make the money again, jack!”


Robert Garcia (boxing trainer): “Mayweather by decision.”


Nacho Beristain (boxing trainer): “I believe that Pacquiao has forty-five percent of a chance, Mayweather is the favorite, but by very little.”


Conor McGregor: “I think Mayweather stops him, I feel Mayweather has aged better, I think he’ll stop him towards the end.”


Sergio ‘Maravilla’ Martinez: “Floyd Mayweather can have Manny for breakfast, lunch or anything, Pacquiao is still a long way from being ready.”


George Foreman: “Mayweather loses the first 3 rounds, he does that all the time. He would not be able to catch up, he will finish stronger. But I’ll give it to Pacquiao by 1 round.”


Lennox Lewis: “I think if it goes the distance, Mayweather’s going to win. I think Mayweather’s movement is to quick and I still believe if you can’t catch it you can’t hit it.”


Bernard Hopkins: “Well, first of all I think the first six rounds of this 12 rounds fight people gonna get the money worth early. And after six rounds Mayweather will make the adjustments and win a decision. I don’t think is gonna be a unanimous, I think is gonna be maybe a controversial decision.”

Event: Mayweather vs Pacquiao – MayPac

Date: 2015-05-02

Where: MGM Grand, Las Vegas, Nevada, USA

Division: welterweight (147 lbs, 66.7 kg)

Titles: WBC, WBO and WBA World welterweight


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8 comments on “BOXING News – Mayweather vs Pacquiao: Poll, picks and predictions”

  1. Wow! Only one smart boxer..George Foreman.
    Honestly though, this fight is extremely difficult to predict. Pretty boy stands more to lose, and his mindset is unbreakable. If it goes to the judges, pretty boy wins it. Pac will win only by KO. Pac must get in pretty boys head and thats unlikely. Pac must cut the ring off effectively, while remaining busy by throwing chingazos at every possible angle, then get the H outta dodge. Pac must stay on top of pretty boy all dam night like Balot on rice and KTFO of pretty boy to win. Pac must be relentless and stay ON TOP OF pretty boy!

    • At the beginning I was thinking the same: floyd by points or pacman by ko….but now i think that if manny is in shape and if he throws 60/80 punches every round, manny could be the winner for the judges….and i think that floyd’s easiest way to win will be the knockout!!! and this will be his strategy, he will wait the right moment for the perfect punch.

      • Pretty boy has NO KO power. HIs hands always brittle and hurting him. The only way he can KO someone is if they let down their guard like Ortiz did. And, though, Pac hasn’t Ko’d anyone in few years, he still has MORE KO power than pretty boy. Pac throwing 60-80 punches per round aint going to impress the judges ONE BIT; especially if most are not landing due to pretty boy’s clinching, running, and complaining to the ref. Pac must smother pretty boy ALL night long, whilst maintaining cutting sharpness as to his own defense. I didn’t say pretty boy couldn’t hit and score, I said he cannot KO. So, I stand behind my first presumption of this fight. But yes, pac better be in his best, organic, natural shape of his life; because that man has got to talk to floyd in the ring, every stinking round attempting to get inside floydys head, along with cutting off that ring, along with attacking at all angles.

        • I agree with Danielsan23, and my prediction is Mayweather by KO.
          In a ring, anything can happen. But here, we are trying to predict what is most likely to happen, based on what has happened in the past. So here’s what happened: Mayweather > Marquez > Pacquiao. Ok, ok… I know it’s not as simple as that, but in this case, it just might be.
          The first thing you’ll notice when the referee will call those two men in the middle of the ring for the instructions will be the huge size advantage Floyd has on his opponent. That being considered, and the fact that he is a brilliant counterpuncher, he doesn’t need to have so much power. He will wait for the right opportunities and will probably score more than one knockdown.
          About the volume of punches thrown per round, when Floyd fought Hatton, everybody thought the undefeated british would throw a million punches per round. But the latter soon realized that doing so, he was putting himself in great danger. So he did not.
          All opponents Pacquiao and Mayweather have in common agree that Floyd should win this fight. Even Mosley, who recognized Pacquiao has one of the hardest puncher he has ever faced picked Mayweather.

          • Everyone, thank GOD, is still free in this country to believe what they want to believe. And Pac is no idiot. He learned a hard lesson from Marquez. And I never said, nor do I believe any past, present, future hard-punching opponents, can out-wit, out-smart, out HIT pretty boy. But i differ with both of you that it IS pretty boy that will KO Pac. Personally, from what I’ve observed of pretty boy; he will bore the heck out of me once again. We shall see…

  2. What are with these numbers? Do this many people seriously think Pacquiao could be the one to break Mayweather’s iron-clad defense that has been tested again and again? Especially against those with power, speed and combos. Look at both of their last fights, look at their records look at their overall stats, it’s a no brainer. Mayweather wins, it isn’t rocket surgery.

  3. READ TODAY’s 04-29-15, LOS ANGELES TIMES SPORTS SECTION. Pretty Boy, himself, is losing confidence in himself. It’s not blatant, it’s not conspicuous, it’s not straightforward; but it’s there. Read it.


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