2013 BOXING fight – Ricky Burns vs Raymundo Beltran – full fight Video WBO

3_stars_boxing_ranking_allthebestfightsReview: 2013-09-07, three stars for Ricky Burns and Raymundo Beltran thanks to a great performance, one star for the judges: one of the worst decisions of the year. Ricky Burns (36-2-0, 11 KOs) entered as the No.2 lightweight in the world while Raymundo Beltran (28-6-0, 17 KOs) entered as the No.6 (currently the #1 in this weight division is Miguel Vazquez). Burns vs Beltran is valid for the WBO lightweight title (Burns’ fourth defense). Watch the video!




Date: 2013-09-07

Where: Scottish Exhibition Centre, Glasgow, Scotland, UK

Division: lightweight (135 lbs, 61.2 kg)

Title: WBO lightweight title

Result: Click here to show the fight’s result
Ricky Burns vs Raymundo Beltran (DRAW, 115-112, 113-115, 114-114)


Burns’ previous fight: Ricky Burns vs Jose A Gonzalez

Burns’ next fight: Ricky Burns vs Terence Crawford

Beltran’s next fight: Raymundo Beltran vs Arash Usmanee


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One thought on “2013 BOXING fight – Ricky Burns vs Raymundo Beltran – full fight Video WBO”

  1. Ricky “Octopus” Burns is one lucky marine mollusk. First, the British referee allowed him to get away with 8 to 10 fouls per round.. (Holding is a foul in every boxing jurisdiction.) And then the three blind mice chimed in to rob Beltran of the title he so justly deserved. Even the British announcers gave the fight to Beltran. This should be a lesson to any boxers thinking about fighting in Great Britain.

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