2015 MMA fight – Alexander Volkov vs Alexei Kudin – full fight Video UMMAP

2 Star RatingReview by AllTheBestFights.com: 2015-02-21, fight not particularly good between Alexander Volkov and Alexei Kudin: it gets two stars.

Alexander Volkov entered this fight with a professional mma record of 23-4-0 (83% finishing rate) and he is ranked as the No.16 heavyweight in the world, the last time he lost was in 2013 when he faced Vitaly Minakov losing his Bellator Hw title (=Volkov vs Minakov). Since then he has collected four consecutive victories winning the Bellator Hw tournamet in 2014 and beating Blagoi Ivanov in the final (=Volkov vs Ivanov); after this bout he defeated Roy Boughton in his last fight (=Volkov vs Boughton).
His opponent, Alexei Kudin, has an official record of 19-7-0 (84% finishing rate) and he entered as the No.52 in the same weight class, he suffered his last defeat in 2013 as well, but against Sergei Kharitonov (=Kharitonov vs Kudin), after this bout he come back to win beating Andreas Kraniotakes and Travis Fulton. Volkov vs Kudin is the main event of UMMAP – Union MMA Pro. Watch the video and rate this fight!

2013 MMA fight – Sergei Kharitonov vs Alexei Kudin – full fight Video M-1 Chall 43

2_stars_mma_ranking_allthebestfightsReview: 2013-11-16, good start but the rest of the fight was not so good: Sergei Kharitonov vs Alexei Kudin gets two stars. Alexei Kudin ranked as the No.54 heavyweight in the world, entered the fight with a record of 17-6-0 (82% finishing rate) while Sergei Kharitonov had a record of 19-5-0 (94% finishing rate – Kharitonov is not ranked as he hasn’t fought since June 1, 2012 when he defeated John Delgado). Kharitonov vs Kudin is the main event of M-1 Challenge 43. Watch the video!

2013 MMA fight – Chaban Ka vs Alexei Kudin – full fight Video M-1 Challenge 38

3_stars_mma_ranking_allthebestfightsReview: 2013-04-09, Chaban Ka vs Alexei Kudin gets three stars only thanks to the good finish. The French Chaban Ka (5-1-1) entered as the No.69 heavyweight in the world while the Belarusian Alexei Kudin (14-5-0, 78% finishing rate) entered as the No.76. Chaban Ka vs Kudin is the quarterfinal of M-1 heavyweight Grand Prix 2013; undercard of Kenny Garner vs Konstantin Gluhov – M-1 Challenge 38. Watch the video!