2020 best K-1 MUAY THAI fight – Buakaew vs Daowiset – full fight Video Lumpinee

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2020-01-03, spectacular finish between Buakaew and Daowiset: this is one of the best muay thai fights of the year 2020 and it gets four stars!

Buakaew Krathiamwittaya School (red trunks) entered this fight with a professional kickboxing record of 23-1-5 while his opponent, Daowiset Boripatburiram, has an official record of 41-20-0. Both fighters comes off a victory in 2019, Buakaew defeated Siam Kiatnavy at Max Muay thai (The Global Fight) while Daowiset beat Li Wan You at MX Muay Xtreme. Buakaew vs Daowiset was held at the Lumpinee Boxing Stadium (Bangkok, Thailand). Watch the video and rate this fight!