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2014 BOXING fight – Rakhim Chakhkiev vs Giacobbe Fragomeni – full fight Video


Fight rated 2 stars by AllTheBestFights.comReview: 2014-10-24, some tough exchanges between Rakhim Chakhkiev and Giacobbe Fragomeni but it is not enough to get three stars. Rakhim Chakhkiev entered this fight with a pro boxing record of 19-1-0 (14 knockouts) and he is ranked as the No.9 cruiserweight in the world (currently the #1 in this division is Marco Huck), he suffered his only defeat in 2013 when he faced Krzysztof Wlodarczyk (=Wlodarczyk vs Chakhkiev); after that bout he won three fights, the last one against Santander Silgado (=Chakhkiev vs Silgado).
His opponent, Giacobbe Fragomeni, has a record of 32-4-2 (13 knockouts) and he entered as the No.40 in the same weight class but he is 45 years old (14 years older than Chakhkiev); he also lost against Wlodarczyk last year (=Wlodarczyk vs Fragomeni 3). Chakhkiev vs Fragomeni is valid for the vacant EBU (European) cruiserweight title; undercard of Alexander Povetkin vs Carlos Takam. Watch the video and rate this fight!

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2013 BOXING fight – Krzysztof Wlodarczyk vs Giacobbe Fragomeni 3 – full fight Video

2_stars_boxing_ranking_allthebestfightsReview: 2013-12-06, fight not particularly exciting between Krzysztof Wlodarczyk and Giacobbe Fragomeni: it gets two stars. Krzysztof Wlodarczyk (48-2-1, 34 KOs) entered as the No.5 cruiserweight in the world while the 44-year-old Giacobbe Fragomeni (31-3-2, 12 KOs) entered as the No.30. Their first fight ended in a draw (May 16, 2009) while in the second match ‘Diablo’ Wlodarczyk defeated Fragomeni by tko (May 15, 2010 – four-stars-fight); this third fight is valid for the WBC cruiserweight title (Wlodarczyk’s sixth defense). Watch the video!

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2012 best BOXING fight – Silvio Branco vs Giacobbe Fragomeni – full fight Video

4_stars_boxing_ranking_allthebestfightsReview: 2012-03-17, high pace and great performance by Giacobbe Fragomeni and Silvio Branco: thinking at their age, Fragomeni is 42 years old while Branco is 45, this fight is astonishing and we want to reward these two fighters with our four stars. Giacobbe Fragomeni (29-3-1) entered as the No.37 cruiserweight in the world while Silvio Branco (62-10-2) entered as the No.40. Fragomeni vs Branco is valid for the vacant WBC Silver cruiserweight title. Watch the video!

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2010 best BOXING fight – Wlodarczyk vs Fragomeni 2 – full fight Video

4_stars_best_boxing_fight_of_2010_videos_allthebestfights Review: 2010-05-15, high pace fight, balanced and valid for a world title (vacant WBC cruiserweight), the second fight between Krzysztof Wlodarczyk and Giacobbe Fragomeni was one of the best boxing fights of 2010. In the first fight (fought in Italy in 2009) Fragomeni was the defending champion and the match ended in a draw but in the rematch Wlodarczyk was fighting in front of his fans and so he was absolutely determined to win the belt. Giacobbe Fragomeni (26-2-1) pushed forward almost every round but at the end of the sixth Wlodarczyk (42-2-1) knocked down him, the Italian boxer recovered but in the eighth went to the canvas another time and the fight ended by TKO (‘Diablo’ Wlodarczy and Fragomeni also faced each other a third time on December 6, 2013 = Wlodarczyk vs Fragomeni 3). Watch the video!

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2006 best BOXING fight – David Haye vs Giacobbe Fragomeni – full fight Video


4_stars_allthebestfights Review: David Haye defended his EBU (European) cruiserweight title for the third time, title which had won in 2005 against Oleksandr Hurov, and in this fight he faced Giacobbe Fragomeni, undefeated boxer who had already won some important titles like the WBC International cruiserweight against Frederic Serrat; in fact Fragomeni gave Haye troubles with his pressing… Watch the video!

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