2013 best BOXING fight – Timothy Bradley vs Ruslan Provodnikov – full fight Video WBO

5_stars_boxing_ranking_allthebestfightsReview: 2013-03-16, we didn’t expected a war between Bradley and Provodnikov, because the American usually is not very aggressive, but this time the bout starts furiously. The performance of both boxers was outstanding: back-and-forth action, tough exchanges, one knockdown and everything you could want from a candidate for Fight of the Year 2013…or rather, there was something we didn’t like: the controversial ending!!! The undefeated Timothy Bradley (29-0-0, 12 KOs) entered as the No.3 welterweight in the world while Ruslan Provodnikov (22-1-0, 15 KOs) entered as the No.46 (after this fight Provodnikov is ranked as the No. 12). Bradley vs Provodnikov is valid for the WBO welterweight title (Bradley’s first defense). Watch the video!


Date: 2013-03-16

Where: Home Depot Center, Carson, California, USA

Division: welterweight (147 lbs, 66.7 kg)

Title: WBO welterweight title

Result: Click here to show the fight’s result
Timothy Bradley def. Ruslan Provodnikov (unanimous decision, 114-113, 114-113, 115-112)


Bradley’s previous fight: Timothy Bradley vs Manny Pacquiao

Provodnikov’s previous fight: Ruslan Provodnikov vs Jose Reynoso

Bradley’s next fight: Timothy Bradley vs Juan Manuel Marquez

Provodnikov’s next fight: Mike Alvarado vs Ruslan Provodnikov



Official video hosted on Hbo.com

(free embeddable video hosted on Sports.Yahoo.com)

Alternative highlights video

Alternative highlights video

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72 Replies to “2013 best BOXING fight – Timothy Bradley vs Ruslan Provodnikov – full fight Video WBO”

  1. Bradley a champion just because the wills of American judges. This fight was more even than the one he did against Pacquiao but still he was favored from the judges. The point the Russian missed from the first round was outrageous.

  2. If Bradley lost the decision I would be a fan of his completely forgetting the Pacquiao robbery but this just makes me feel like he’s building his career on controversial decisions. undefeated fighters tend to stay that way bc ‘0’s maka da money. Still a great fighter though.

  3. American judges is in favored to there champ. bradley is not a winner . boxing is not a sport……it is about money.

    1. what the hell are you talking about years ago boxers bearly got paid they still done it have u seen soccer players getting 200k-400k a week now and u complain about boxing when their lives are on the line and why the hell is it in the olympics if its not a sport and just about money

  4. Bradley destroys the russian easilly. This was all an act. Come on, Bradley fights are usually boring, he’s un-markatable. Now, all of a sudden, he’s Rocky? Please.

    Ruslan is one of the sh*ttiest boxers at 147.

  5. wtf!!! bradley is still a robber no doubt he is winning because of controversies!! it fight is better than pacman fight but again it was robbed!!!!

  6. so thats it everytime bradley has a fight you could expect that kind of decision.[how come tickets been sold out, oh i wonder]how many times this guy trembling those knees bcoz of those hard punches and the judges count it yeah you gonna see those scores after the bout in favor of whoelse tsk tsk! how much you have on your pocket.dont wait that fans, audience and boxing beilivers turn their back in this [gamble] i mean sport. hire young who could see differences were upgrading besides….

  7. Now way Ruslan won the fight, you guys must just have watched the highlights because he gave away to many rounds by not doing anything and letting Bradley outwork him, i scored the fight a draw but Bradley winning by a couple points is not what i consider a robbery since it could have gone either way.

  8. This is the 2nd time a boxer of Freddie Roach (1st was Pacquiao) was robbed due to the decisions of the b.s. judges! Are they on Bradley,s payroll? Your guess is a good as mine!

  9. the only way you can defeat american champions is by way of knocking them out so they wont able to stand anymore.

    1. you guys are so stupid and self centered u clearly dont watch most american fights u think all judges are biased when u dont want someone to win the only game ive seen bradley may have lost in was against pacquiao even though he seemed dominant pacquiao had a good shell defence and last minute per round counter attack to land more punches

  10. I’m just happy I got to witness a fight like this. Absolutely amazing! Bradley has a will like I’ve never seen before, true champ. He didn’t have to fight like that, but he did just to prove himself to his fans. He got my respect.

    1. Better don’t waste your time watching boxing since you don’t understand what is going on. Go for something easy for your qualifications and please never do a boxing judge job.

  11. Bradley won the fight, he landed more punch and was far more busy, Provodnikov, gave up the 3rd round and a couple of the middle rounds, this highlight makes it seem like Bradley lost, but if you actually saw the fight you would know who won. Good fight though!

    1. Please gave me a break!!!. Your knowledge about boxing is nil. It that not seems that Bradley lost, HE LOST without any doubts. Please don’t invent a hero that never existed. lately he is just winning controversial fights. Wait until he tries Matthysse. It will be the end of his carrier if he has any.

  12. Bradley clearly won the fight, a bunch of pactards on this forum, that’s for sure. This was an easy fight to score. 114-112 without the 10-8 first round or 113-112 with it being ruled a knockdown.

  13. authority should investigate on this fight and manny pacquaio fight there’re something behind those fight that’s insulted to the people who love boxing.

    1. i love boxing and Im in agreement with the judges… they should look into the marquez pacman second and third fight maybe even the 1rst fight to. those fights

  14. Provodnikov stalked Bradley ,,,,alot…..Round 1 , 2 , 6 12 any one and all of those rounds should be 10-8 for Provodnikov., Bradley just got knocked down to many times to be considered a winner… Bradley knocked across ring in round 12..lol

  15. fuckin robbed ive been watchin boxing for 24 years
    bradley lost point blank and this was a fight i was completely unbias in

    1. no he won… I dont agree with you… if this was ufc I may agree but as a boxing match Bradley out boxed provodnikov. check the numbers…

  16. bradley did not win not only did he pitty pat and play patty cake with the slaps he was throwing but this was a poor display of the supposed best in his weightclass tim bradly showed no ring generalship his punches didnt land very clean and his boxing was poor and for boxing purest i understand he won the point battle but but in my opinion boxing is more than just points ring generalship clean punches and effective aggression play factors

  17. first of all bradley won the fight.provodnikov could easily won by ko if he kept pressing bradley but he was lazy.second,bradley is not going to be a champ for long because he looks pathetic and he is taking a lot of beating.if he wanted people to respect him he had to arrange a rematch with manny after their first tragic fight and win.

    1. Stop being a damn hater…. I dont mind anything you said other than this retarted quote… Bradley fights are a bore? St*pid a*s hater talk… There was NOTHING boring about this fight… This had to be one fo the best fights of the year!

      and yes Bradley definatly won that boxing match… Yes we call these boxing matches a fight, but to be technical this is a sport first fight second… and in the sport of boxing Bradley won.. 1000 punches thrown?! thats goddamn amazing…

      And there is no doubt in my mind Bradley will kill pacman the next time they fight.. Ive watched bradley in interviews he seems way way way hungerier for a rematch than pacman does.. I think Bradley is freakin pi*sed. I dont think pacman wants to fight him at all!

  18. This was a great fight, I gave it 115-112 for Bradley. The first 4 rounds I gave Ruslan the first two rounds and bradley the 3rd and 4th. Gave Bradley round 5 and Ruslan round 6. For me, Bradley did take 7,8,9,10,11th rounds. and the 12th of course I gave to Ruslan. Now, If the knockdown counted in the 1st round. I would of scored it 114-113. The reason why I didn’t give any 10-8 rounds is because When Bradley was hurt, he would fight back regardless. Sorry, no robbery but just a great fight by both great fighters, you got to respect that.

  19. Bradley deserved this win. It was close, but Provodnikov took a nap in the middle rounds. And Bradley took everything he could dish, up till the end. Ruslan would have won a 13 round fight, but it wasn’t a 13 round fight. Either way, what a fight!

  20. I couldn’t believe Bradley still win the fight. American judges ethical standard is questionable situation now. Also Manny was unfairly treatment by Judges in Bradley fight and they given Bradley win even though Manny has won the fight.

  21. “And there is no doubt in my mind Bradley will kill pacman the next time they fight….”

    Brilliant prediction…..

  22. It was a close a fight, and the judges gave the W to Bradley. I think it was a well deserved win due to the fact that Provodnikov face looking like silly putty. If you look at the punch stats, Bradley gave doudle the amount of totaled body shots against a rocket launching Provodnikov. Bradley prevailed aganist everything Provo Denikin could throw… Dessert Strom is what they call him and I see why! Someone should have told him that you can’t stop a Desert Strom with a rocket launcher.

  23. That was awesome! I had a huge laughing fit when the disfigured Provodnikov said in the post-fight interview: ‘His punches didn’t hurt me’ as some blood trickled down a cut lol. 2 great fighters BTW I had it 114-113 Bradley, scoring the 1st round 10-8

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