2013 BOXING fight – Tyson Fury vs Steve Cunningham – full fight Video

3_stars_boxing_ranking_allthebestfightsReview: 2013-04-20, entertaining start and good finish: Tyson Fury vs Steve Cunningham gets three stars. The undefeated Tyson Fury (20-0-0, 14 KOs) entered as the No.9 heavyweight in the world while Steve Cunningham (25-5-0, 12 KOs) entered as the No.12. Fury vs Cunningham, IBF heavyweight title eliminator. Watch the video!




Date: 2013-04-20

Where: Madison Square Garden Theater, New York, USA

Division: heavyweight (over 200 lbs, 90.7 kg)

Result: Click here to show the fight’s result
Tyson Fury def. Steve Cunningham (KO at 2:55, round 7)


Fury’s previous fight: Tyson Fury vs Kevin Johnson

Cunningham’s previous fight: Tomasz Adamek vs Steve Cunningham 2

Fury’s next fight: Tyson Fury vs Joey Abell


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4 thoughts on “2013 BOXING fight – Tyson Fury vs Steve Cunningham – full fight Video”

  1. Cunningham’s dirty. The leaning is one thing, but the forearm hold to set up the KO was about as classless as they come. Put him in with VKlit and he’ll be cleaned up proper.

  2. The bigger things Tyson has is his mounth and ego. He is just a very tall boxer with poor techniques. For his weight clearly he isn’t at all a puncher as per his record. On the other hand, a very dirty fighter and use his body to crunch the adversary. If he thinks he would be able in the future to beat V. Klitchko I would say set your foot on earth and don’t dream as high. Steve did very well in this confrontation but he was running out of air.

  3. Arjae – your right but you got the fighters name wrong – you meant Tyson Fury.
    I think other actual heavy weights beat Fury. Cunningham has never been a puncher. And he KD and then hurt Fury 2 other times.
    Fury will go for Klitch so he can retire – in more than 1 way.

  4. Head-but, and elbows – filthy fighter, that’s Tyson. Basically, he is a bully and I will not watch him in the future,

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