2012 best BOXING fight – Victor Ortiz vs Josesito Lopez – full fight Video

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4_stars_boxing_ranking_allthebestfightsReview: 2012-06-23, tough, high pace, power punches war and three amazing rounds (2nd, 5th and 7th): Victor Ortiz vs Josesito Lopez is definitely one of the best boxing fights of the year, four stars. Victor Ortiz (29-3-2) entered as the No.7 welterweight in the world while Josesito Lopez (29-4-0) entered as the No.16. Ortiz vs Lopez is valid for the vacant WBC Silver welterweight title. Watch the video!



Date: 2012-06-23

Where: Staples Center, Los Angeles, California, USA

Division: welterweight (147 lbs, 66.7 kg)

Title: vacant WBC Silver welterweight title

Result: Click here to show the fight’s result
Josesito Lopez def. Victor Ortiz (TKO at 3:00, round 9)


Ortiz’s previous fight: Floyd Mayweather Jr vs Victor Ortiz

Lopez’s previous fight: Jessie Vargas vs Josesito Lopez

Lopez’s next fight: Saul “Canelo” Alvarez vs Josesito Lopez

Ortiz’s next fight: Victor Ortiz vs Luis Collazo



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26 thoughts on “2012 best BOXING fight – Victor Ortiz vs Josesito Lopez – full fight Video”

  1. Love this ref. Classy as hell and smooth at the same time. Its like Christopher Walken is in the ring with the two. Great fight also.

  2. AMAZING! Great broadcasting, great fight, poor judging!!! They need to fix that. Great show Showtime and GoldenBoy!!!

    • Give Ortiz a break. For someone who saids he has no heart but he goes and goes to war. He willing to take and diss it out. all his fight is exciting to watch.both fighter standing toe to toe trading punches. Ortiz can’t continue due to broken jar. i cant knock him for that  

        • with all ur respect i would rather watch a fight thats a war rather than a running contest mayweather is never in a good exciting fight cant think of a colored fighter that is broner is the one closest to one

        • Boxing has all kind of styles some people are born with quick reflexes like mayweather some dont but have heart and a good chin…
          Do you box??

  3. One of the best I’ve seen since JuanMa vs Solido..I still have faith in boxing after watching this amazing fight

  4. victor ortiz has to be the biggest boxing star with no heart!!! ok broken jaw really painfull but the amount off boxers who have boxed on with a broken jaw u would lose count …victor find a new sport as this is not your game u cheat when things get on top and u pull out when u have no more angles left ur head sinks and your heart goes dude ..sorry !!!

    • yeh I get what you are saying about heart…..but in order for a boxer to increase longevity in the sport…he/she has got to know when to throw in the towel..it’s important to know when..you’ve been hurt in a way that could possibly end or delay your career if it gets any worse..

    • honestly there was no pointin continuing. he was winning yes but either way he wouldnt be boxing in september so why keep going and risk throwing away your whole career just to show everyone you can? hes smart its not that he doesnt have heart

  5. I had it 88-87 Lopez, I’d give Ortiz a break, those Boxers (I only know of Ali) who have continued after suffering the same are the exception NOT the rule.

    Great fight!

  6. His corner man is a dumba*s.. he could have continued.. the stoppage had nothing to do with the ortiz himself!!!!

  7. ortiz doesn’t know how to keep his damn mouth closed after punching. his own damn fault. no wonder he got a f*ckin broken jaw. dumbsh*t.


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