2013 BOXING fight – Nonito Donaire vs Guillermo Rigondeaux – fight Video WBO


2_stars_boxing_ranking_allthebestfightsReview: 2013-04-13, even though there was one knockdown the fight between Nonito Donaire and Guillermo Rigondeaux was very disappointing with both boxers throwing an average of 28 punches and landing less than 10 punches per round: poor fight, it gets two stars. Nonito Donaire (31-1-0, 20 KOs) entered as the No.1 super bantamweight in the world while the undefeated Guillermo Rigondeaux (11-0-0, 8 KOs) entered as the No.3; Donaire’s only loss came in 2001 at his second professional fight. Donaire vs Rigondeaux is valid for the WBO and WBA super bantamweight titles. Watch the video!



Date: 2013-04-13

Where: Radio City Music Hall, New York, USA

Division: super bantamweight (122 lbs, 55.3 kg)

Title: WBO and WBA super bantamweight titles

Result: Click here to show the fight’s result
Guillermo Rigondeaux def. Nonito Donaire (unanimous decision, 114-113, 115-112, 116-111)


Donaire’s previous fight: Nonito Donaire vs Jorge Arce

Rigondeaux’s previous fight: Guillermo Rigondeaux vs Robert Marroquin

Donaire’s next fight: Nonito Donaire vs Vic Darchinyan 2

Rigondeaux’s next fight: Guillermo Rigondeaux vs Joseph Agbeko



We are sorry, but since we have been contacted by “Top Rank”, we post only video highlights of the fight (as soon as we find it). If you have seen the full fight video you can rate it. THANKS!


(Highlights video hosted on Youtubee)

Official highlights

  • rigondeaux was g*y… the next g*yweather

    • ^ this X2

    • Pactards

      Lol butthurt pactard is butthurt.

      “Here’s how you know your country doesn’t have alot going for it…when all you got is sex tours and Manny Pacquiao” Adam Carolla on the Philippines.


  • Anonymous

    What I Saw is just a RUNNING RIGO! He better go back to amateur as he’s always running.

    • majonmajon

      don’t be stupid, you don’t know what is to fight, look on donito’s face.

    • As this guy just said to you, stop being st*pid, Nonito was all swelled and Rigo was unhurt AT ALL even with that flash KD.

      Deal with it.

    • el tigre

      if you ever practice any combat sport you’ll realize that boxing is the art of hit and not get hit, but because you dont know sh*t about boxing you are justifying el Chacal victory id rather b smart and than stupid !
      if rigo lose you will say he was winning and then he lost cuz he start attacking, thats the reason nonito lost cuz he started worrying about what the people will say if he dont win

  • gw

    agree….another g*y weather…..

  • jesus f*ck!! Rigondeax is tha sh*t!! He took nonito back to school

  • Juan Benavent

    Poor fight? for the boxing lovers and purists of the sport, Rigondeaux performance was superb, speed, power AMAZING defense, just outclassed Nonito,for all the people that thinks Rigo is a boring fighter, please this is not a Rios/Alvarado fight, this is a technician fight which only the best boxing fans appreciate.

    • what the hell do u mean the best boxing fans? any boxing fan can appreciate a technical boxer like the rigo, mayweather, or any other boxer who has good defense, counterpuching, fast, technical and smart but any average person who is watching rigo fight for the first time will probably stop an change the channel. Boxing especially in this era needs boxers like Alvarado and rios. That’s why ufc has grown so much because its all action. I get what your trying to say about boxing lovers and purists but you have to be a huge boxing fan to watch rigo and other boxers like him. On the other hand people who are new to boxing want to see all out wars.

    • The people of this web are brawl minded, this was an excelent combat.

  • Guest

    ^^^^^ HATERS CLUB lolol always said Donaire was overrated, he LOST deal with it. Nonito’s face after didnt look like Rigondeaux ran all fight lol

    • nonito was never over rated the only thing that happen is that rigo was just better. that’s like me saying pac man isn’t sh*t cuz marquez knocked him out.

  • All you guys below are in the HATERS CLUB lolol always said Donaire was overrated, he LOST deal with it. Nonito’s face after didnt look like Rigondeaux ran all fight lol

  • Pedro Vazquez Machado

    This is boxing at its finest, in a way it can’t get any better than this. OK there is not emotion nor drama but because Rigondeaux is such an extraordinary boxer that he does what he wants inside the ring and makes a real champ as Donaire look like a mediocre priizefighter which he isn’t. If you want blood watch the f*cking MMA sh*t because this a very different staff this is the sweet science. Long life to it ;-)

    • dam everybody here is exaggerating how much they enjoy a good “boxing match”. the last time I checked these type of fights are never voted fight of the year. only fights that r won in a brawl are voted and that’s where boxing started with boxers that only new how to walk forward. joe frazier said once ” he’ holding to much, running away and he doesn’t want fight. that aint boxin.” he was talking about Floyd mayweather….. I like fights that shows a smart technical boxer vs a counterpuncher but i love a all action back and forth type of fight way more.

  • adolfo

    verdaderamente es una pena para teve azteca de que tengan a julio seszar chaves que fue uno de los grandes boxeadores de este ciglo y que deve estar ciego o es que los golpe recividos en su carrea no lo dejan ver bien pues solo abla pendejadas y que decir de los locutores supuestamente profecionales una cosa es que ablen pendejadas y otro es que odien a los cubanos pues o son muy fanaticos a el filipino que en su istoria boxistica miren a quien se enfreto en el poco tiempo de la carrera de rigondiao solo por decirlo de esta manera se enfrento al maestrico y le gano nonito a quien le gano de envergadura a nadie su escalada a la fama le fue muy facil quiero ver una rebancha para que retire a nonito pues demostro que es uno mas para terminar julio sezar chaves estas ciego y ablas mierda hasta por gustocomo boxeador fuistes un personaje pero como locutor eres de lo peor que e escuchado en mi vida gracias


      • que es tu punto el boxeo de rigo hable por si mismo.. y no es que tv Azteca subieron el boxeo de rigo en un pedestal es que sta en el pedestal asi lo mostro rigo por 12rounds.

    • que es tu punto que chavez no sabe nada de box y la gente de tv Azteca tampoco. major escribe de lo que paso en la pelea aver si eres capaz de explicarlo major que el pend*jo de chavez o eres igual o mas pend*jo que la gente de tv Azteca.

  • finale@gmail.com

    Everyone should realize those who say the fight was boring and Rigo was running are the people who wanted Donaire to win, they wanted Rigo to stand in front of Donaire so he could beat Rigo, it’s pathetic really.

    • So, how about Nonito being unable to hurt a ballerina?

      Yes Rigo stayed away all the time but its Nonito work to catch him, and he failed misserabily… Rigo outclassed him.

  • will

    Rigondeaux no se despeino pa ganar esta pelea es el mejor, lastima para ustedes narradores de pacotilla se quedaron con las ganas.

  • D.Thorn

    im a nonito fan…yup he lost. lol. great fight!! at least he didn’t go down like pac. poor pac. nonito should of use that uppercut.

  • If you don’t like this fight, you don’t like boxing, period. Rigondeuax is effing phenomenal.

  • skillboxeres

    seriosly man, who was the one who wrote the review of this vidand gave to the fight 2 star?? that guy know a sh*t about boxing, that fight was a chess match in boxing,amazing , exchanges with a level of speed for part of rigo insame, just great skills, excellente footwork, speed, accurate, i thought nonito was a “Flash”, rigo is beyond the spped of the light, u can hit the thing that u dont see, to much skill for the poor guy donaire.Excelente fight, a clasic,

    This guy , rigo is like maywheather or ward but so superb, fly like butterflys and sting like a bee.

  • one more thing…Rigondeaux fought smart. A bigger, taller opponent in front of him, he made Donaire look slow as snails. Reminded me so much of Martinez vs. Chavez Jr throughout the whole fight, as the bigger man got tattooed throughout, until the little guy got dropped coming off a clinch. But the difference was, Guillermo got up composed, and finished 12 rounds with air to spare. Whereas Donaire better go up in weight, Rigondeaux has mastered his weight, and will be interesting to see Arum has in mind for his future. Boxing is back with this one!

    • nonito was aggressive throughout the fight but didn’t now how to fight rigo. chavez vs Martinez was different chavez didn’t let his hands go all intil the 12round. Martinez is a better boxer by miles but if chavez would of let his hands go in the 1st round i bet Martinez gets ko’d by the 5round.chavez proved in one round he can easly hurt Martinez.

  • Aeron Lisud



  • ron longford

    if this is the future of boxing….. let it die…

    • tango2042

      Since you don’t know what means boxing please don’t watch it anymore because you waste your time. Do something more profitable with it like may be watching UFC :-). Give me a break!!!!!

  • if donaire won the 11 and 12 maybe he could be win

    • tango2042

      You acting as a judge would be as bad as John Stewart the judge that scored just a point difference. GIVE ME A BREAK!!!! and learn about boxing

    • oscar lopez

      donaire perdio todos excepto el 10

  • Alexandre MARTIN

    I agree with the below. This was a good fight in the sense that outstanding technique was displayed by both fighters, especially Rigondeaux. It’s a fight of real intensity, even though there’s no brawl.

  • Nestor

    this was a beautiful fight! real boxing fans appreciate a technical fight

  • Aeron Lisud


  • tango2042

    I just have the opportunity to watch the full fight yesterday and confirm that Guillermo was the dominating fighter. Again, and I am not surprised anymore, the judges involved did a terrible job. How this John Stewart can score just a point difference? This is outrageous, this judge in particular (totally useless) should be prevented in the future to act as a judge because he does not know what he is doing. It is like sitting a drank driver at the wheel of a car. With all these judges boxing is loosing credibility. Have you seen the Lederman’s score card, 118 to 109 in favor of Guillermo and this guy knows about boxing. Nonito is a good puncher but not a very technical boxer. He was not allowed to do his fight because get worry after receiving 2 good punches from Guillermo who neutralized him during the full fight. Despite the fact that the fight was a little bit boring Guillermo did the right job since he is an excellent boxer and has the whole package ( technique, punch an speed)

  • macca

    We need the full fight forget highlights