Adrien Broner vs Paul Malignaggi full fight Video – 2013

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2_stars_boxing_ranking_allthebestfightsReview: 2013-06-22, some good exchanges but the fight between Adrien Broner and Paul Malignaggi was not so exciting: it gets two stars. The undefeated Adrien Broner (26-0-0, 22 Kos=85%) entered as the No.1 lightweight in the world while Paul Malignaggi (32-4-0, 7 KOs) entered as the No.20 welterweight. Broner vs Malignaggi is valid for the WBA World welterweight title (Broner’s first fight in the welterweight division – 147-pound limit). Watch the video!



Date: 2013-06-22

Where: Barclays Center, Brooklyn, New York, USA

Division: welterweight (147 lbs, 66.7 kg)

Title: WBA World welterweight title

Result: Click here to show the fight’s result
Adrien Broner def. Paul Malignaggi (split decision, 115-113, 113-115, 117-111)


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Malignaggi’s previous fight: Paul Malignaggi vs Pablo Cesar Cano

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Broner’s next fight: Adrien Broner vs Marcos Maidana



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28 thoughts on “Adrien Broner vs Paul Malignaggi full fight Video – 2013”

      • Ive been on both sides of this argument before, and the point could be made for Malignaggi winning the fight (Lord knows i wanted him too because i despise Broner). However, the point of boxing depends on the judges and a few other things, including: Ring control aka Generalship (broner controlled the pace of the fight and dictated the action) and Damage. Just hitting more does not guarantee you the fight. You can hit 3 times as much but if the other guy hits you and the shots are cleaner, more powerful, or just perceived to do more damage, it falls to the whims of the judges (per round). I personally think they should come up with another way to judge certain things like this but how to do so is beyond me.

        • i think they should just throw scoring in the trash and let the fighters fight until its over. there are a million ways to win this way, and the confusion about who won would be dramatically decreased. and honestly, if this were the case, I think paulie would have won. broner was slowing down, and I think he would have just become target practice for paulie as the fight progressed. i also dont agree that broner landed cleaner shots, he was only really landing truly clean affective punches consecutively in the 9th, before and after that, paulie was just having his way. broner wasnt landing that cleanly tbh, that aspect of his performance is highly overrated. Paulie was moving away from, ducking, and deflecting most of his shots.. he also had to fire them so quickly that he often didnt really have much power behind them.. the punches to broners body, from paulie, however, had a loud sounding pop to them and looked fully committed. where as broner had few shots like this, and only really seemed to be able to fully commit sparingly except in the 9th round, where he seemed to be able to affectively predict paulie.. other than that, paulie seemed to be having his way with broner. true, broner was controlling the pace, but paulie was more effective with each of his movements. broner ended up abandoning his shoulder defense towards the middle because paulie seemed to have free access to broners hip. paulie simply seemed more experienced, more versatile, and more intelligent in this fight.

      • Ringside punch stats showed Broner landing 246 of 524 punches while Malignaggi landed 214 of 843. The commentators kept calling Paulies”body shots” that hit glove and arm of broners defense. This fight wasnt close in my opinion, i gave it 8-4

  1. That fight wasnt even close. Polly corn was lieing to him the whole fight. Polly was back running the whole fight, which is fine IF you are acutally landing shots and or clearly winning. Broner walked him down the whole fight and beat his a*s 1-12 rounds. It truly looked like polly was shadow boxing becuase he wasn’t landing anything.


  3. Broner, Fights too cautious for me to be so flamboyant! If he is to be considered the next great fighter for the future at 147 or so he gonna have to let his hands go and take risks in the ring. Mali, cannot knock you out he lacks the power to hurt even a rascally rabbit. Sugar Ray Rob and Leonard, Ali, Frazier, Hagler , Tyson, let there hands go. Hes got the hand speed but question if he understands the concept of power. That pocket fighting is getting stale and some one needs to come along and dismantle the style its too defensive and plays a fighter not to get hit and stay pretty. Action and Pressure fighters who have power like Canelo Alvarez have potential to expose the style.

  4. The score from the last judge was excessively high in favor of Broner but in my opinion he was the winner. The Paul’s chances for winning were quite slims due to the power of Broner but he did a very good fight and technically he is much better boxer than Broner. On the other hand, the Broner’s punches were perfectly adsorbed by Paul.
    What I don’t like from Broner is that he believes is invincible and his talking during the full fight dismissing the good boxing performed by Paul. If Paul has a little bit more pepper on his punches he would be the winner without doubt.
    Please don’t forget boxers like Nicolino Loche with very small strength on their punches but technically extraordinary (you-tube has still some videos of his fights and he has the perfect score 136 fights with only 4 losses and 14 knock-outs). Because that he was very well called “the untouchable”.
    Paul has a little bit of Nicolino and Broner style is a replica or a copycat of Floyd one. Broner should be more personal however I recognize the way he fights is given him good results.

  5. Ph*ck that yo, you win a decision by landing more shots and scoring more points, aint no meter to gauge “power ” and “damage”like it’s a ph*cking video game, neither guy went down or had a scratch on him. Paulie repeatedly landed 3-4 body punch combinations to the ribs and kidney and then slipped one two counterpunches to the head. Punchstat is bull$h*t and Paulie was robbed

    • Yo that’s not a true statement, Broner didn’t have a scratch, Malignaggi was bruise up and had swollen areas on the side of his head and face…. Broner clearly won the fight with defined counter punches that actually snapped the head back at least 20 to 30 times….Malinaggni has 0 power! hits like a little girl and to make it worse, spent the entire fight sticking out his tongue at Broner which I thought was kinda gay….

      • Since when do body punches leave a visible mark? You couldn’t see any brusing on Broner because of skin tone so I guess you are right then, Broner wins because he is black, duh

          • Correct, amateur boxing is not completely corrupt,
            A-hole. Stick your cell phone up your a$$ and take a “selfie” of your good side

          • you’re right, it’s not amateur boxing. damage matters. but he’s right you know, bruises don’t show up on black skin. it’s even worse than that though, because some people bruise easier than others. a bruise doesn’t mean sh*t though, to be real. the fact is, broner was slowed down through out the course of this fight. AB was landing primarily to the head, so its not surprising that there are bruises on PM’s face. however, PM was landing mostly to the body, so it’s not surprising that AB was signifcantly slowed down by the end of that fight. clearly, if the fight went untill a definitive victory, malignaggi would win because broner would have nothing left in the tank. and that my friend, is how you score a fight.

    • paulie was more active u def right about that but broner landed more power shots which are the most important cause it is a fight its about who inflicted more damage

  6. lol @ Robbed actually Broner landed more better cleaner harder shots then Malignaggi he deserve the Victory

  7. paulie looked slicker at times then broner lol paulie moves very well on his feet broner had the hand speed advantage an prolly cud foot speed but paulie was moving more

  8. gtfo was this a close fight, Broner was in control the whole f*cking fight. Still learning, keeping his cool when he makes mistakes, evolving.
    This fight was a great learning curve for him, and a UD victory no way was this a split decision victory, just ask yourself this, how much of the time you were concentrating on Broner and him popping and being dangerous to Paulie, but you knew whatever Paulie did even the good shot’s he occasionaly landed he just well, he never quite looked that threatening.

    Oh and Paulie looked a bit overwhelmed with the focus of Broner, and the angles, just could not do damage on cue.

  9. Trash for critics.. Broner the clear winner. Job well done. Paulie a good fighter but not great. Pepper shots and running away doesn’t back all the trash talking he displayed during the weigh-ins. Broner had the more effective power shots and looked a lot sharper. Good Fight!

  10. this wasnt even close to being competitive. adrien broner started to make it more competitive towards the middle, and won 1 of those rounds. I literally gave him 1 round. that was the only round where he was really having his way at all.. be honest people, paulie was having his way most of this fight.. broner couldn’t even corner him most of this fight, and when he did he ended up unable to find his target. only in the 9th round is he really having his way.. the rest of this fight, almost all of paulies decisions go his way. you have all lost your mind.

    • You must’ve been watching a different fight, he backed him down the entire fight. And just throwing punches doesn’t make you a winner your sh*t has to land. Clearly outboxed him. If your a champ the fight shouldn’t have even been so debatable. AB took it


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