Brock Lesnar vs Alistair Overeem full fight Video UFC 141 – 2011

2_stars_mma_ranking_allthebestfightsReview: 2011-12-30, even with the TKO victory in the first round the fight between Brock Lesnar and Alistair Overeem was not exciting as we expected: two stars. Brock Lesnar (5-2-0) entered as the No.3 heavyweight in the world while Alistair Overeem (35-11-0) entered as the No.4. Lesnar vs Overeem is the main event of the UFC 141. Watch the video!



Event: UFC 141: Lesnar vs Overeem

Date: 2011-12-30

Where: MGM Grand Garden Arena, Las Vegas, Nevada, United States

Division: heavyweight (265 lbs, 120 kg)

Result: Click here to show the fight’s result
Alistair Overeem def. Brock Lesnar (TKO at 2:26, round 1)


UFC 141 fight card (main card):
Brock Lesnar vs Alistair Overeem
Nate Diaz vs Donald Cerrone
Jon Fitch vs Johny Hendricks
Vladimir Matyushenko vs Alexander Gustafsson
Nam Phan vs Jim Hettes

Overeem’s previous fight: Alistair Overeem vs Fabricio Werdum

Overeem’s next fight: Alistair Overeem vs Antonio Bigfoot’ Silva

Lesnar’s next fight: Brock Lesnar vs Mark Hunt



Official video

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(Alternative highlights video hosted on Facebook)

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71 Replies to “Brock Lesnar vs Alistair Overeem full fight Video UFC 141 – 2011”

  1. Sorry Brock this is not boxing we know you were protecting yourself and Overeem was not really hurting you with punches to your forearm… but you can’t do that for too long or it will be called. That was a WEAK win but it was a win never less.

    Reminded me kind of when big country fought kimbo slice. Big Country won by lightly tapping a bunch of hammer fist on kimbos face no damage to kimbo and no real power on the hammer fist looked like light simple taps but it was called because he could not do anything about it.

    I think Brock could have stood up easy enough and Overeem was not holding him down… Brock waited too long.

    No need for a rematch on this one


  2. Feels like Lesnar isn’t MMA Fighter, he can’t stand kicks, i’m not talking about kicks to head, but body! He has no blocks, kicks…
    So, Overeem, welcome to UFC! Cigano is real tough oppenent to fight against; Alistair isn’t ready enough for next fight!

  3. Perfect strategy by Alistair. Like many big guys, Brock can take a lot to the head, so the body is the way to go. Take out the body, take away the air, take away the will to fight. Life made simple.

    Although I would have liked to see Alistair throw more combinations, he did not have to, because the difference in skill was so great. Impressive clinic, Dr. Overeem. OWNED!!!!!!

  4. WHAT THE HELL WAS BROCK LESNAR THINKING! He let everyones trash talk get to his head and he wanted to show the world he was more than just a one trick pony. shouldve stuck to the original game plan

  5. -_- f*cking disappointing… brock why in the f*cking hell did you go stand up with this elite striker? -_- you shouldve grabbed that motherf*cker pick him up and ground and pound the f*ck out of him! overeem! youre a f*cking beast :) nice knees!

  6. hahahhaha what an idiot.. what was dana whites thinking? brock is not not even a fighter.. hes nothing but a clown american.. hhahahhahaha but very entertaining though..

  7. ya u guys talk loud behind the computer screen, i dare u to say that to lesnar’s face. give him a break he had a disease and was sick for almost a year. i give lesnar props to even showing up to the fight after his surgery..

  8. So glad to hear this is Brock’s last fight, never liked the cocky, red neck, low class loud mouth. Enjoyed seeing Overeem take him out with ease. Brock folded like a cheap lawn chair.

  9. Whats amazing is that people actually thought Brock had a chance at all. The only take down attempt Brock made was WEAK at best. But if you watch any Overeem fight you gotta know that the knees are coming its his bread and butter. And to the guy that said that Brock could take punishment to the head?? Every time Brock got hit hard in the face in any fight he would ball up into the fetal position against the cage and fall down wtf is that. I dont know what the excuse will be this time i know Brock wasnt healthy and had recent surgery but all that aside if he was 100% the outcome would have been the same just maybe lasted a bit longer.


  11. I think the correct thing to say would be, “Brock is stupid for getting into the ring with diverticulitis in the FIRST PLACE”!!!! He was done when first diagnosed!!!! Doctor probably told him but he was just too prideful to let it go. I’ve followed Overeem since K1 and know what this guy is capable of. This guy is out to hurt you! He’s a rock. Not impossible to beat but deffo difficult. Badhr has done it. But, Good job Alistair!!!!! Good show

  12. The UFC threw Brock in the fire his first fight, he has never fought a bum. I’s jus sad it see him go out like this. The beast has been humbled. I funny how ppl personal opinons cloud how they comment. As for Overemm he looked good & did whet he had to do

  13. So many people jump at the chance to call Lesnar a dumb redneck. If he started in MMA when he was 17 it would be a joke to put anyone in the ring with him. Overeem is lucky he caught a sick Lesnar. 2007 Lesnar would have handed it to him. Oh well JDS will have to do it. Overeem still has not fought a top-tier fighter, only has beens.

  14. I always knew Reem was gna outclass Brock in this fight. I wouldn’t blame Brock for taking the 1 more fight. If I was getting 4% of the PPV I would jump in the cage & get my a*s kicked to. Brock’s an entertainer. Created a lot of hype & the UFC used Brock to try draw in new MMA fans. Reem is a legit contender. Hard fight to call against JDS. But I would go slightly with JDS. His take down defense & technical boxing will win him the fight

  15. brock was never a well rounded fighter but i give him props fpr getting in the ring if you have never fought in the cage you got no right to put any fighter down,i have fought in the ring and its easy to sit outside running your mouth about stuff you have never done brock has guts,more then most ppl rumming there trap on this sight as for overeem ill hold my thoughts until i see him fight a top fighter

  16. Brock was always a gimmick to get some of the WWE crowd and help UFC w/sales. Alistar has over 30 fights, Brock 7?? And u thought this was gonna end any other way??

  17. give lesnar props? who gives a crap what he’s been through? every one of those fighters have had to overcome obsticles to get where they are! he’s just a bigger version of a wrestling “tank” abbott. did everyone forget how bad brock belittled mix martial arts? dana white wants your money! he will sign your momma if she has enough hype behind her. im half expecting justin bieber to fight on the next card!

  18. now what about that Dos Santos Vs Overeem now that is hard to pick a winner Dos santos finished cain off soo easy and Overeem finished brock so easy i think dos santos will win but just because his boxing is the best in the heavyweight division

  19. Brock is and always was a joke to me. yes he beat a few good fighters , but he was always scared to get hit, and all he really was good at is takedowns becauase of his strength. thats all he has. go back to the fake a*s wwe . btw, wwe is dead and boxing is dead.

  20. This is just disgusting.. it feels like thats not brock lesnar… he fights like a girl.. i cant stand kicks.. i mean i just couldn’t believe it was brock… Too bad..

    I did not expect this… but well he retired… and the match itself tells the story..

    Anyway it was nice to have him around.. good matches… hope to see him in the WWE

  21. give that guy a break will you people? he was clearly ready to lose that fight he already knows that that will be his last fight due to his health condition..i would not put the remaining decades of my life on the line for a single fight too.

  22. oh wwe probably will be staying a bit longer than boxing..after pacquiao vs mayweather if it ever happens then thats all,,the end of boxing but thats if promoters ever let that happen….UFC FTW!!!

  23. Lesnar was my favorite fighter personally. Saying he was scared to get hit is just not intelligent at all. Name one, name any freakin body who’s career consisted of only fighting the very best MMAist. That is the exact opposite of scared.

  24. Dear LESNAR,

    Why are you 10 seconds into this fight without attempting a Takedown? Why?! Take this motherf*cker down and stop messing around! Stick to your strengths. I’m glad you worked on your Stand-up…but TAKE HIM DOWN!

    PS: Your biggest fan. Love you forever! F*ck the haters.

  25. Brock lesnar was a joke in UFC…hes just big and strong…

    the good thing about overeem
    Ive noticed is that overeem has real demolishing knee work…

    and he really intimidates the opponent by constantly advancing forward

  26. Alistair is an Elete striker, but I honestly didn’t think he was this much better than Lesnar. I know it’s not Lesnars game to stand, but damn…he walked right through him litterally not showing any respect or concern for Brocks striking ability. Get ready UFC Heavyweights. THe K1 2012 GP Champ is here and on the hunt!


  27. Overeem focused on Lesnar’s (new) weakness. He had to have part of his abdomen cut out. Brave of Lesnar to get in to the ring. Not to take anything away from Overeem’s ability. He’s a machine. Bring on the battle with Junior Dos Santos! 

  28. I can’t stand brock and he’s arrogant attitude I’m glad he’s been proven as the wrestler he is seems to go to prices when hands get put on his face and in this case b*tched out practically tapping to strikes overrated as an mma fighter shame they can’t make a living wearing a leotard rolling around the gym with his roided out buddies adios sc*mbag

  29. dos santos will defiantly pull guard and get overeem just like werdum did quick submission. and what do you expect he trains with the noguira brothers

  30. too bad he cant win without drugs and too bad brock lets his ego get to his head they both suck they are just strong and well trained

  31. brock is a p*ussy he cant do anything this kick wasnt so f*cking strong to knock him down, after all he want like it shuldnt hapend anything

    1. Nick Diaz talks a lot of shi*t and f*cks people up, it just depends whether youre using the trashtalk as a mind game, or genuinely trying to bring someone down with words. the former is actually a good strategy :)

  32. Well folks, this is the end of the fairy tale where Brock pretends to be an elite MMA fighter.   Finely, this story book is finished.

  33. You guys are all bunch of id*ots, well most of you.“Well thats the end of the fairy tale where brock pretend to be an elite mma fighter“ . The guy won the UFC Championship.  You make him sound like a p*ssy, hes a man.  Dana White would tell you how much of an athlete Brock Lesnar is.  “ Brock got his a*s kicked “. Did you hear that Alistiar Overeem is banned for 2012 to fight because he used drugs after the fight ..

    1.  Dude the hell with brock , he is an man to deal with but no style so I for one am glad to see him out , and I know he got that thing wrong with him .. when he got down with Caine my Brown pride homie  Brock said some stuff that he should not have said , so I got that Corona and Burrito for that fool …. back to the fake for him …nothing personal ……….

  34. Give Brock credit he was a little shaky and to go up agaisnt a guy like overeem with that kind of power first fight back in the ufc, is im sure somewhat intimidating. Had Brock taken the fight to Overeem we would have seen a different fight. Brock can obviously take some punishment, he let unfortunately let overeem take the fight to him.

  35. LOLOL at all of you people ripping on lesnar the mans a animal were you ever defending hw champion of the world no so i wouldnt do to much talking and as far as overeem goes what happens when hes not on his steroids …. HE GETS KNOCKEDD THE F*CK OUT !!!!

  36. Lesnar was never anything more than a hypejob who only got the title shots that he did because of the name he had accumulated in the WWE. Simply put he just wasn’t any good. Not only did he lose to Velasquez, he got absolutely destroyed, it was embarrassing. Brock Lesnar is a beast size wise, and he is undoubtedly strong, but he lacks any real defense or stand up game in general.

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