Jeff Horn vs Terence Crawford full fight Video – 2018

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3 Star RatingReview by 2018-06-09, good fight between Jeff Horn and Terence Crawford: it gets three stars.

Both undefeated, the former Olympian and current Wbo Ww champion Jeff Horn entered this fight with a boxing record of 18-0-1 (12 knockouts) and he is ranked as the No.1 welterweight in the world while his opponent, the former world champion in two different weight classes Terence Crawford, has a perfect record of 32-0-0 (23 knockouts) and he entered as the No.1 super lightweight. In their last three fights Jeff ‘The Hornet’ has won over Ali Funeka, Manny Pacquiao (Pacquiao vs Horn) and Gary Corcoran (Jeff Horn vs Gary Corcoran) while Crawford has beat John Molina Jr (Crawford vs Molina Jr), Felix Diaz (Crawford vs Diaz) and Julius Indongo (Terence Crawford vs Julius Indongo). The only man who stopped Horn in a draw was Rivan Cesaire in 2013 but it was a technical draw since Cesaire suffered a cut, after one year Horn beat him via tko. Horn vs Crawford is valid for the WBO World welterweight title (Horn’s second defense). Watch the video and rate this fight!



Date: 2018-06-09

Where: MGM Grand, Las Vegas, Nevada, USA

Division: welterweight (147 lbs, 66.7 kg)

Title: WBO World welterweight title

Result: Click here to show the fight’s result
Terence Crawford def. Jeff Horn (TKO at 2:33, round 9)


Horn’s previous fight: Jeff Horn vs Gary Corcoran

Crawford’s previous fight: Terence Crawford vs Julius Indongo

Crawford’s next fight: Terence Crawford vs Jose Benavidez

Horn’s next fight: Jeff Horn vs Anthony Mundine



Horn vs Crawford fight video:

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18 comments on “Jeff Horn vs Terence Crawford full fight Video – 2018”

    • He only beat Pacman cos he was a BULLY and bigger than him. Had Pac not been in his twilight years he would have stopped this clown.

        • AGREE 1000%! That UD was an absolute f**king joke. Actually felt sick to my stomach for Manny on that one and he handled it so gracefully. Manny dominated Horn the entire fight by the eye and compubox. And on top of that Horn fought mad dirty continuously getting away w/ head butts. F**K HORN!

  1. As a long time Boxing fan I find that in general that the technical skills today are rather poor. Guys like Crawford are an exception to that. It’s a pleasure to watch a guy who you can tell that someone actually took the time to teach how to Box.

    Crawford does things that you just don’t see too often anymore. His footwork and balance are excellent. He knows how to sidestep and slide out to the side when his opponent moves in. He’s patient, works the body, counterpunches well, and shows excellent defensive skills.

    All too often today when someone has a tough scrappy guy like Horn get inside on them and try to rough them up they don’t know how to protect themselves and often turn to the ref to save them. Crawford showed the proper way to neutralize an opponent on the inside, spin him into the ropes etc.

    How does he rank on an all time basis? It’s way too early to tell as he hasn’t been meaningfully challenged in any way. Everybody looks great fighting from the front, doing whatever they want and beating guys that they are supposed to beat. Let’s be honest here, guys like Oscar De La Hoya, Felix Trinidad, Shane Mosley, Pipino Cuevas, Carlos Palomino, and quite a few others would have rolled over Horn, or anybody else that Crawford’s faced so far fairly easily. But so far Crawford has done everything expected of him and easily looks to be on his way to a Hall of Fame career.

    • Good assesment. For me Crawford is P4P king and easily one of the best of the current boxing era. After FMJ and Pacquiao left the sport then all points he can be P4P king along with Nomaschenko. I have Crawford as the most skilled boxer actually with the exception of Nomaschenko. He has a good resume and hes getting better and better. Whats next for him ? To unify with the other champions. If he manages to clean up the division (specially Thurman and Spence) then he will be remembered as one of the greatest boxers of all time. I’m very very surprised of this athlete.

  2. What I always find the most impressive with Crawford is the way he’s able to time his counter punches. Everytime you think his opponent is unto something good, throwing a 3-4 punches combination and it has me thinking “Uh oh… is he in trouble?”, that’s when it happens. The perfectly timed hook. I liked the analogy Bradley made when he compared this fight with Mayweather-Hatton. Horn got check hooked all night long.

    Crawford seemed very comfortable at WW. It won’t take long before he tries a unification bout. With both the WBA and WBC straps vacant, it’s hard to predict what will happen next. I would love to see him fight Garcia, Vargas or Porter. Unfortunately Thurman is currently out of the picture and I just think it’s too early for him to fight Spence Jr, but it’ll come eventually. How exciting!

    • Agreed! The most exciting division in boxing. And Crawford makes it even more so.

      I love Bud’s sophisticated work and wish him well at WW, but as you imply, it’s hard to say whether he’ll be dominant at the higher weight. The competition is fierce, and Saturday wasn’t much of a test for him other than in physical endurance. Whatever Horn’s virtues (toughness, a little craft, a lot of mugging), the now-exposed Aussie belt-warmer does not deserve mention among the division’s elites.

      Right now, Spence looks like the heir apparent, but we’ll see. I hope Thurman can make a comeback from injury. He isn’t the most physically gifted of the group but he’s a keen strategist and tactician. Watching him, Spence and Crawford vie for the belts is my idea of fun.

  3. Nice fight with good action. Horn put a lot of pressure on Crawford because his aggressive style but never was a treat to Terence who, technically, is by far superior.

  4. Crawford is destined for Middleweight in two years. Canelo better hurry up and retire or hide behind Golden Boy and stay out of that ring because if GGG doesn’t end that story, Crawford will.

      • crawford has the frame to carry the added weight and has the height and reach to compete with the likes of Canelo and GGG. With his speed and likely added power with the added weight hes world class at MW or SWW.

        • Crawford is listed as listed at 5′ 8″. Aside from Alvarez everyone else in the current middleweight top ten is 5′ 11″ to 6′ 1″.

          Off the top of my head about the only guys in Boxing history that I can think of to have moved up from Jr. Welterweight to win a piece of the middleweight title are Miguel Cotto and Roberto Duran (who actually came all the way up from lightweight).

          Maybe one day Crawford could possibly move up and win a piece of the middleweight title if he’s in the right place at the right time and hand picks the right opponent. Is he going to be able to move up to middleweight and be a dominant champion…sorry no way, I just can’t see it happening.

    • Crawford can fight @ Super Welter at most. Hes too small for MW. He can beat a juiced Clenelo and make him look silly just like FMJ proved in 2013. He has been exposed 3 times for FMJ, Lara and GGG. FMJ and Lara are very slick boxers and he was exposed in those matches. Crawford shares some shades of them and it would make him a very bad choice, so NO ODH would never put this super boxer against a flat footed clemy cheat.

      • “He can beat a juiced Clenelo”

        Alvarez failed for Clenbuterol which is not a steroid and which is used to take off fat/cut weight so to say that he’s “juiced”, implying steroid usage, isn’t quite accurate.

        It wouldn’t surprise me if he has been taking something stronger but we don’t have any actual evidence of that.

        • By juiced I meant getting some kind of illegal advantage. By taking Clemy as a tool to cut weight and increasing physical conditioning thats what I was referring to juicing. Not necessarily a PED increases your strenght like steroids.

          • Fair enough, but the reality is that the amount of elite athletes that aren’t taking or haven’t taken some form of PED at some point is virtually non-existent. Maybe not necessarily steroids but some kind of “enhancer”.

            I competed in mma in the comparatively early days (1999-2001). We were making almost nothing and I knew guys personally who told me that they were taking steroids. If guys fighting for virtually nothing are using PED’s then you know that guys competing for millions are going to be looking for any kind of advantage that they can find too.

            Honestly the drug testing is a joke and for the most part they really don’t care but want to make it look like they are actually doing something for PR purposes. The guys that are getting caught are basically the guys who just screwed up.

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