2013 BOXING fight – Danny Garcia vs Lucas Matthysse – full fight Video WBC, WBA


2_stars_boxing_ranking_allthebestfightsReview: 2013-09-14, some good exchanges and one kncockdown in the last part of the bout but the rest of the fight was not so good: Danny Garcia vs Lucas Matthysse gets two stars (if you are interested here is also the post-fight press conference video). Lucas Martin Matthysse (34-2-0, 32 KOs=94%) entered as the No.1 light welterweight in the world while the undefeated Danny Garcia (26-0-0, 16 KOs) entered as the No.2. Garcia vs Matthysse is valid for the WBA and WBC light welterweight titles; undercard of Floyd Mayweather Jr vs Saul ‘Canelo’ Alvarez. Watch the video!




Event: THE ONE: Mayweather vs. Canelo

Date: 2013-09-14

Where: MGM Grand, Las Vegas, Nevada, USA

Division: light welterweight (140 lbs, 63.5 kg)

Title: WBA and WBC light welterweight titles

Result: Click here to show the fight’s result
Danny Garcia def. Lucas Martin Matthysse (unanimous decision, 114-112, 115-111, 114-112)


Garcia’s previous fight: Danny Garcia vs Zab Judah

Matthysse’s previous fight: Lamont Peterson vs Lucas Martin Matthysse

Garcia’s next fight: Danny Garcia vs Mauricio Herrera

Matthysse’s next fight: Lucas Martin Matthysse vs John Molina


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Alternative full fight video – amateur cam

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30 thoughts on “2013 BOXING fight – Danny Garcia vs Lucas Matthysse – full fight Video WBC, WBA”

  1. very comfortable defence for Garcia. They keep making him the underdog but he keeps winning!

  2. i wonder how the fight would’ve turned out if matthysee’s eye was tended to properly. his corner f*cked up big time. does anyone know what punch caused the swelling? was it the headbutt?

  3. Garcia doesn’t deserve the win, he was clearly outbox and still the judges awarded it to him. Boxing is dead already because of the bias judgement.

        1. Lope get over it Mattthysse got his a*s beat , and the only person blind is Matthysse after Danny punched his face in . And this is the last reply to you

  4. Garcia clearly outbox matthysse. he is the best, know we can call him danny the machine super swift Garcia.. the king of 140 .

  5. I think his corner did an incredible job with his eye. That thing swelled fast in the seventh alone, and they didn’t have much warning. It was a really bad swell from a short left hook. His eye was almost completely shut by the end of the eighth, but his corner got it 90 percent open by the time he got off the stool for round 10.

    Matthyse kept leaning in and keeping his hands down when he moved to the inside. Garcia took advantage and proceeded to plant short left hooks into his left eye. Also, Matthyse’s bad positioning throughout the fight resulted in Garcia’s jab landing near the bridge of his nose and on his left eye, which only compounded the damage. Garcia just out boxed him the whole fight. The eye swelling was ancillary.

    1. i’ll give you that he was outboxed, but in no way, did his corner tend to the eye properly. there was no enswell, in fact, they were pushing it with their thumbs….absolutely ridiculous. with the eye he would’ve had a better puncher’s chance…something that’s seemed to work out for matthysee before.

      1. The corner was astute and professional in not using the enswell after the 9th round, which is when you saw Matthyse’s trainer pushing the eye. They used the enswell generously after rounds 7 and 8. Over using the enswell actually ends up irritating and damaging the tissue further, so they were right on the money with its application. The proof is how good Matthyse’s eye looked when he got off the stool for round 10.

        What I will criticize his corner for is neglecting to instruct Matthyse to stop leaning in. He did it the entire fight, and he kept getting caught with that same short left hook until the last bell. However, I will credit his corner with telling Matthyse to parry right to avoid the left and, potentially, land a big right, which is advice he ignored.

        All told, the job Matthyse’s corner did on his swelling eye was solid, and even if it was not, hypothetically speaking as this is unfounded, it is a moot point. Matthyse could not make the proper adjustments to win the fight, and it was unrefined technique alone that lost him the bout.

  6. i have 115-112 Garcia.. i just notice that garcia is accidentally land 4 lowblows on matthysse .. that 4 lowblows decrease the punching power of lucas.. Anyways,garcia is a better fighter. I would love to see Garcia vs. the winner of Bradley/Marquez fight, although it’s impossible to happen because of promoters (arum/goldenboy). I hope they work together for that fight.. I W A N’T T O S E E MAYWEATHER vs. PACQUIAO w/ GARCIA vs. BRADLEY on the UNDERCARD!

  7. Garcia whooped his a*s!!! Get over it Matthyse fanboys! Matthyse is just an average fighter with power and Garcia exposed him for the 1 dimensional hype job that he is!!

  8. Danny Garcia doesnt want to fight lucas toe to toe…he keeps on running.Until he caught lucas by surprise,by hitting him below the belt 4x.Another fight will be a good one.I wish that Garcia wont run the next time.

  9. Danny fouled his way up winning this fight ( 4 low blows & 5 head butts). Had Lucas been American, the result would have been different. Bring on the Rematch with a neutral re free.

  10. Stop crying. Mathysse hit danny behind his head more then 6 times, and danny and no body say sh*t. Mathysse accept his lost like a man he is, why you can’t accept it. . Daaaamm que mucho lloron.

  11. This is why Mathysse is people champion because he come to fight. Mathysse didn’t trow 20 low blows and didn’t clinched 100 time. Danny is luck the ref was on his side and that Mathysse eye closed in 7th round.

  12. danny fought 2 win not 2 please the fans plus majority fans are not really fans of the art of boxing they just wanna see cuts blood knockdowns and knockouts

  13. you lot must be blind danny won that fair and square, the low blows were caused by lucas pulling dannys head down when danny was already throwing a shot, open your eyes. clinching floyd mayweather the worlds best pound for pound boxers does it in all his fights even mohammed ali used clinching in his game plan. what was lucky about lucas’s eye closing in the 7th round? it was cause by danny’s power punching

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