2013 BOXING fight – Floyd Mayweather Jr vs Saul Canelo Alvarez – full fight Video WBC


3_stars_boxing_ranking_allthebestfightsReview: 2013-09-14, the fight between Floyd Mayweather Jr and Saul Alvarez was not exactly the fight we expected: we were hoping for a war, an exciting and unforgettable bout, but it wasn’t (and also the CompuBox stats confirms that both fighters didn’t throw so many punches). Leaving aside our disappointment, the fight was pretty good and it’s interesting to see the comparison of two different boxing styles: Mayweather vs ‘Canelo’ Alvarez gets three stars (if you are interested here is also the post-fight press conference video). Both undefeated, Floyd Mayweather Jr (44-0-0, 26 KOs) entered as the No.1 welterweight in the world while Saul ‘Canelo’ Alvarez (42-0-1, 30 KOs) entered as the No.1 light middleweight. Mayweather vs Canelo, billed as “The One”, is valid for the WBC and WBA Super World light middleweight titles. Watch the video!



Event: THE ONE: Mayweather vs. Canelo

Date: 2013-09-14

Where: MGM Grand, Las Vegas, Nevada, USA

Division: catchweight (152 lbs, 68.9 kg)

Title: WBC and WBA Super World light middleweight titles

Result: Click here to show the fight’s result
Floyd Mayweather Jr def. Saul Alvarez (majority decision, 114-114, 116-112, 117-111)


Mayweather’s previous fight: Floyd Mayweather Jr vs Robert Guerrero

Alvarez’s previous fight: Saul “Canelo” Alvarez vs Austin Trout

Alvarez’s next fight: Saul “Canelo” Alvarez vs Alfredo Angulo

Mayweather’s next fight: Floyd Mayweather Jr vs Marcos Maidana



Official video:

(Alternative free embeddable video hosted on Youtube)

Alternative highlights video (from All Access 5)

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114 Replies to “2013 BOXING fight – Floyd Mayweather Jr vs Saul Canelo Alvarez – full fight Video WBC”

          1. Listen mane, I see what your getting at, but these boxers put blood sweat and tears in what they do. For someone to corrupt the judging of a boxing match is just like taking or attempting to take money/food from the boxer. Its not good, she should be banned from boxing matches.

          2. That was an attempted robbery by her. I don’t really care for her right now honestly..

          3. iF I had kids and bills to pay I’d make sure I did a damn good job so that I wouldn’t get fired.

          4. Yeah everyone makes mistakes but she has a pattern of it, even a baby could tell canelo lost that fight. She didn’t make mistakes, she was just plain biased. Mistake is like in a close fight. I don’t think Canelo won a single round convincgly.

      1. No I agree with Elijah, have you seen some of her scorecards? ridiculous that she is still aloud to judge.

  1. Why on earth did Canelo try & out box Mayweather. I just don’t get it. He & his team obviously didn’t do their research. They needed to use the Mayweather vs Castillo fight as their blueprint. This was the one fight that I thought Mayweather lost, even though he was given the decision. Very foolish game plan by Canelo. His strengths are his size, strength, combination punching & his left hook to the liver. He didn’t really use any of them. What a shame!

    1. I thought the same thing
      Mayweather is too advanced for him
      Theres level to this sports
      He weren’t ready.
      Maybe those around him hype him
      might not be his fault
      Poor guy, coudnt speak english to defend himself

    2. He never faced a slick opponent before. Frankly boxing doesn’t have many click guys around for him to spar with so this is expected. I doubt the castillo model would even work for canelo. Castillo came close by chasing floyd down and throwing tons of punches. When you go up in weight class people’s endurance tends to fall and canelo didn’t have great endurance to begin with. He came in weighing like a super middleweight, castillo was like a leight weight or maybe jr welter. Guys at lightweight can throw 1000 punches and not get tired because they are smaller and have better endurance. mAybe the reason floyd doesn’t want to fight down. Its not like he didn’t try to win, Canelo’s strength couldn’t over come his main weakness, being less skilled. Frankly it’d take a roberto duran or tommy hearn type figure to beat him. It either need to be someone whoc an chase him down and beat him or he can stay on the outside and jab him to death with lots of power.

      Size and strength and combos mean nothing when your opponent makes you miss. Left hook to the liver means nothing when the opponent doesn’t allow you to get near their liver. Canelo was used to guys standing infront of him, floyd never stopped moving, so he couldn’t unleash the power

  2. It’s very hard to hit a punch to mayweather, he’s very clever and a deffensive boxer. Canelo is clearly no match and he’s too slow compare to mayweather,canelo has no punching style. He is depending only on his strenght. If Pacquiao and mayweather have a chance to fight, maybe pacquiao can hit mayweather because he’s quick and a lot of punching style, but the problem is maywaether is too strong and bigger than pacquiao and if mayweather can hit a single power punch to pacquiao maybe it can knock pacquiao out.

  3. Pacman is such a better fighter. Floyd only comes to win and bore everyone. Canelo should taken a good look at the Cotto fight and used that game plan.

    1. mayweather is a defensive fighter not offensive. he is all about counter punches. so if you want a more offensive fight go to mma.

      1. if he wasn’t in such a stack division and there being so much hype behind a fight with Pacquaio you’d call him a Klitschko

  4. What a worthless fight. Glad I did not pay to see it. Floyd ran so much it was like watching a track race and Canelo did not seem to want to catch Floyd either. Two losers scared of each other.

  5. mayweather is g*yweather!! it’s a even match, sparring.. boring!! he didn’t beat canelo as of being beaten, a little bit down on points, lucky for mayweather he survives the fight.. canelo just warming up, mayweather is boring sh*t!

  6. i honestly can’t appreciate the fight, we pay sparring sh*t mayweather!! ran ran, he did’nt even hurt of knocked down canelo or out pointed as much.. it could be either way but canelo is the best puncher at the fight.

  7. mayweather is to advance in running not fighting, price fighting is not just sparring.. you must fight for the fans, we pay to see blood!! not just running thinking for just surviving, legends of boxing trade punches and fights.. not just dancing with the stars, mayweather should leave boxing be track athlete or ballroom dancer. he is not for fighting because he is so boring!!

    1. bruh…its called BOXING. MMA is FIGHTING. WTF do you think you see so much blood in MMA??? they FIGHT with all heart, no smarts. they go out there and punch and kick until someone is knocked out. boxing is an ENTIRELY different sport and beast. boxing is cerebral.. its a science and art. you hit and not get hit. you dont stand in front of your opponent and say “lets throw and last man standing wins” smh

    2. No, YOU pay to see blood! Youe a blood thirsty clown and not a fan of boxing at all. You cant even appeciate how good Floyd is. He makes your biggest opponent look like an amateur. If you want to be upset, be upset with your favorite who cannot beat him. You know his style and they do do and still cant win. Whats the problem?

  8. A lot of you have obviously never boxed hit and not be hit the name of the game real boxing fans dont go to see blood if thats what you want stick to that sh*tty mma mayweather plays the sport to perfection

  9. The hate mayweather because he is that good and no Mexican putas can`t beat him.If you Mexican only know your history and understand why your country is in the state it in you`ll be better off.

  10. mike tyson… sorry fellaz’ but nothing was like watching mike take a fool to the ground in the first round(at times in the first seconds). that’s what boxing used to be. now it’s more like watching dancing with the stars. this canelo kid is promising. he fights. takes the punch and keeps coming for your a$$. in the end the rabbit tires, you know the story. without gloves on and in one of their backyards; burritos and dosXXequis would’ve been the menu at that bar-b-que!

  11. See people kill me. He beats canelo who was suppose to take the place of manny now the haters are wanna bring bak pacmans name.get y’all boxing knowledge up , the same will happen to him. But guarantee his last fight will b the shocker , broner, manny , or someone unexpected

  12. Floyd isn’t Bernard Hopkins. Bernard puts on boxing clinics Floyd just fight not to lose. ppl need to watch actual fights to see what a boxing match should look like. this doesn’t deserve more then 2 stars.

  13. Hey bieber!! You don’t belong in that place!! this Ain’t for kids, go home and drink you mom’s milk..

  14. Real. Boxing fans understand technical skills and boxer are taught not to get hit it extends their career .if you were fighting would you rather hit and not get hit. Floyd whips a*s without being touched what’s better than that .so continue to whine like a sissy that don’t understand true boxing.the only person who will beat Floyd is Adrien Broner chumps

    1. Adrien will never beat Floyd and in my opinion aint even elite. Adrien will struggle with 95% of 140-147lbs fighters. I believe he gets past Madiana but he struggled against Paulie. Andrien isnt what he’s cracked up to be trust me. kid has a LOT of talent but not quite elite yet. has NO CHANCE against Floyd.

      1. You’re the same m*ronic hipster type of fan who probably through Matthyse was gonna knock Garcia out in 3 rounds….Lmao how did that go loser….The hipster boxing fans are the biggest bunch of limp wristed losers in any combat sport.

        Broner is a top 5-10 lb for lb talent…Paulie was just a bad style for him…He would absolutely spank Maidana and also Matthyse who Garcia just put a beating on

        1. Nope i picked Garcia to outbox Matthysse. ima boxing student bruh. ima bigger fan of the sport than of a fighter. name one elite fighter other than Pauie that Broner fought….mind you Paulie is the WEAKEST of the welter division. ill wait for that elite opponent Broner fought………

    2. stupid idea! Floyd was beaten by Castillo before only he was robbed. Floyd ducked Castillo for a rematch, again he ducked Margarito. How many times Margarito called out Floyd but he’s scared even how many times he was interviewed still he said he don’t like to fight Margarito. Floyd is a very technical fighter, he has skills but the only thing I don’t like is that he ducked fighters he’s not sure of winning..its pretty obvious he is choosing his opponents especially now that he is the promoter of himself just to protect his undefeated record..Floyd is arrogant and talks like a girl thats why hes so good but he will never get the respect.

  15. Iv’e seen more exciting SPARRING matches than this snoozefest. What mayweather fans ignore is the fact that true legends fight with courage. Whenever mayweather fights anyone elite, any sign of courage goes down his drain. Yes, he clearly wins with peppering jabs and if ur lucky enough a 1-2. But is that who u really wanna call ur fav fighter? Cuz all mayweathers fights are boring as sh*t. Cheap a*s fighting not to lose instead of fighting to win like u got a pair and exchange punishment. Aint nobody get even a tiny bit hurt in this fight. ZzzzZZZzzz. “Duhhhhh, the best boxer of all time is a man who never even dropped, let alone ko’d any opponent in the last 10 years of his career.

    1. how about this? ask any professional boxer who is the best and see what they say. Ask any boxer about may weather and see what they say. He is virtuoso.
      one comment mentioned mike tyson’s reign as what boxing used to be. bull sh** he was a heavyweight for on. and secondly look at every other fighter from the 1920s to now. look at the 80s leonard, haggler, duran, hearns, pryor, whit acre, toney, etc.

      go back to MMA and stop making asinine comments or appreciate perfection. because that is what you get with floyd. he is a master of his craft. any boxer old or new will tell you that.

  16. how about this? ask any professional boxer who is the best and see what they say. Ask any boxer about may weather and see what they say. He is virtuoso.

    one comment mentioned mike tyson’s reign as “what boxing used to be”. really? bull sh**! he was a heavyweight for one. secondly look at pretty much every other fighter from the 1920s to now. look at the 80s leonard, haggler, duran, hearns, pryor, whit acre, toney, etc.

    funny quick to make an asinine comment. do you even listen to the commentators who pepper in bits of history throughout the fight?

    truth is boxing is seeing an explosion. younger fighters are showing not just lust for a knockout, but perfecting craftsmanship….going back to what boxing used to be!

    all you novices who only watch boxing for a ko and throw knee-jerk reactions out go back to MMA. boxing will be fine without you. or appreciate perfection. because that is what you get with floyd. he is a master of his craft. any boxer old or new will tell you that.

  17. Floyd isn’t top 100 all time but you fools who follow what the media says think he is. not putting on a fight is not putting on a fight. the year has been great for boxing and Floyd dropped an egg

  18. mayweather is the most advanced fighter in the game. he has slipgame on deck. you obviously have no clue what you are talking about.

  19. Absolute class display canelo is a dud who was hyped because the mexicans got no fighters left lmao

  20. Another Mexican bites the dust, hyped and made out to be an elite but we all know Canelo is just ordinary. He failed to beat a boxer 14 years older than him !!! Canelo is a disgrace, they should check his legal status, …Fence jumper lmao

  21. What does that say about Money May that he can’t even hurt (let alone wobble or drop) a “dud”??? Have the nerve to call me racist when I didnt type a single word dealing with color/race/country. Then you go ahead and use the term fence jumper. Your silly.

    1. Dud? So now Canelo is a dud? He was the jr middleweight CHAMPION! and he just beat an undefeated champion to take that belt and he had an undefeated record, but now he is a dud? roflmao!!!! Everyone looks like a dud fighting Mayweather! Give the man his credit. He is that good!

  22. Three stars is a gift. This fight rates a “Zero” stars. No one should pay to see the RUNNING ONE (floyd) “box” (if one can call what floyd does boxing) in the future.

    1. dude he was in the pocket for 80% of the fight…stood right in front of canelo and picked him apart. if you don’t like counterpunching that’s one thing but what he did was not anything close to running. you should actually be mad at canelo for thinking he could out-box Floyd and not put any pressure on him.

    2. you have never been in the ring and obviously a CASUAL boxing fan. now im not a Floyd fan AT ALL but he simply out BOXED Canelo. he landed majority of his shot INSIDE THE POCKET and when Canelo let off shots he blocked, then rolled and got out of the pocket. thats BOXING. no one in thier right mind is gonna stand there and let someone 15lb heavier than them (or the same size as them for that matter) and not move and just throw punches and hope to land more and not get knocked out. boxing is an art and science. you hit and not get hit. thats EXACTLY what Floyd did. stood in the pocket, let off, landed and rolled out. this aint hockey, its boxing.


  23. i’m not a hater, i really don’t appreciate floyd fights. Greatest of all time? i dont think so.. I think greatest of all time is appreciated by all.. if he is the best, he must try to toe toe with canelo or other fighters like pacman if he wins. he is the best, hands down not running like a chicken.

    1. Floyd was running? .but yet he landed more punches was canelo hitting himself the whole fight? your not a boxing fan your a blood lust fan that just wants to see blood and guts.boxing is to hit and not get hit its not a competition to see who can take the most punches without dropping.

  24. you so called “boxing fans” are nothing but blood lust fans that like to see 2 people beat the sh%t out of each other,you don’t care for the art of boxing ,you just like fights , true boxing is the art of hitting without being hit ,its not a tough man competition to see who can take the most punches.If you want to see that go to your local bar and watch drunks fight,you’ll be saving money to.floyd is a smart fighter in and outside the ring hes not gonna risk brain damage and slurred speech just to entertain so called “fans” are you guys gonna pay for his medical bills if he begins to fight like a “warrior”? lol

    1. YES, the point of boxing is to “hit and not get hit”. But when Mayweather turns that into “not get hit and THEN hit when ur certain it’s safe”…..well, that’s when boxing fans start to call u boring. No, I’m not questioning his skill or the success he’s seen….im just sayin’ the muthafuckah has some of the most uneventful fights in modern day boxing.


    1. Oh, so your saying that you will just stand there and take punches all day right? well, you better have a great life insurance program.


  25. C.J. Ross strikes again! Just as she had no clue who was winning the Pacquiao/Bradley fight (Even though Pacquiao landed 94 more punches during the fight, she gave the decision to Bradley.), she had the same problem in this fight. This time Mayweather landed 115 more punches during the fight, outlanded Alvarez in each and every round, and she called the fight a draw! Did she even know which fighter was which? Who is she sleeping with on the commission to keep her job?

  26. for everyone sayin Floyd ran the entire fight…watch the highlight video from 0:19 to 0:43 he stood straight in the pocket for 24 seconds straight (which is suicide in boxing) and picked Canelo apart…….awful lot of runnin there….right???

  27. bruh, ya obviously PAPA Smurf fan, not a true boxing fan. I’m a true boxing fan, i’ve been in martial arts and boxing, muathai for all my life. you don’t know about fighting.

    1. You must have got that from Anderson Silva. Anderson is not a real fighter. He does all that bouncing on his feet like a newaged defensive fighter. Floyd is a true champion. He can stand right in front of you and make you miss by inches. Floyd is a MUCH better athlete than Anderson’s bumass and we just seen him get KO’d by a slow, wild bum fighter.

  28. Floyd is a boring “boxer”. He runs around the ring like a scared little girl. I know are real boxing match, by real boxers, when I see one. And I know a sparing match where to boxers have no intention of really fighting when I see one.

    Fights such as Marquez v Vazquez, Castillo v Corrales, Pacquiao v Morales, etc., are real boxing matches by men of heart.

    Floyd will NEVER be in such a fight because he has NO HEART. Floyd will run like a little girl before he will stand and fight like a man.

    When Canelo advanced, Floyd ran. When Floyd advanced, Canelo ran. They had no intention of really fighting each other. Floyd and Canelo played those PPV customers like suckers and laughed their azzes off all the way to the bank.

    I am just glad I did not pay to see the fight and I will NEVER pay to see a Mayweather sparing match. All I lost was the time it took to watch that pathetic sparing match.

    1. Your saying he ran when Mayweather threw and landed way more punches than Canelo? Monty, I want you to get in the ring and take all the shots you can take. The name of the game is boxing, and what do you do in boxing? You hit and not be hit. You should not be watching boxing if you dont appreciate great boxing skills. Go back to watching street fights.

      1. Whatever. All you Mayweather suckers keep paying that loser millions of dollar to run around the ring giving a pugilistic impression of a Two Stooges vaudevillian show. I will not. There is more real fighting in a keystone cops video than a Mayweather fight. At best I might watch a video of the comedy at some point after the “fight”.

        1. My point exactly, go watch a keystone cops video or what ever you like to watch a street fight and never watch the excellence of boxing ever again. Especially if you don’t appreciate the skills of Mayweather.

          1. Fair enough. I think we agree. If what Mayweather does is call boxing I do not like boxing and will not pay to see it.

            What I will pay to see is to men truly putting each other to the test such as the Marquez v Vazquez, Castillo v Corrales, Pacquiao v Morales, etc. type fights.

          2. Quit making up lies. Floyd didnt throw 3 punches a round and run around the ring like he did against Ghost. Floyd actually stood flatfooted and WALKED Canelo down until the last 30 seconds of the 12th round. Floyd took risk, stood in the pocket, and BATTERED a guy who outweighed him by 15lbs. I thought Floyd was going to play it safe with Canelo. But he was using that shoulder roll to play in the pocket. This fight looked like a CGI film with a 36 yr old midget pinning a giant against the ropes, really beating his azz really bad! I saw Floyd get hurt with several body shots, and arm shots, but he hides the pain, and keeps fighting like a warrior. This fight proved to me that Floyd’s heart may be a weakness. If Canelo knew he was playing possum he may have seriously hurt Floyd. Floyd is like Vageta tho. Too smart, too much pride!

    2. i guess its like roger maweather always says…………. MOST PEOPLE DONT KNOW SH*T ABOUT BOXING…AND YOU PROVE HIS POINT

  29. I really hope you guys remove the live arena version from your site, so it doesnt get deleted from youtube. Post a regular version of the fight because the live arena version is sacred and you will ruin it for all of us!!

    1. lol you mad because Floyd won! He didnt dance until the last 30 seconds and before that, he walked Canelo’s big azz down! Dont be bitter because the mexican hero got beat up by a old man who is half his size! Canelo got humiliated like a clown!

      1. what he meant to say was floyd can’t win without making the other guy miss :3 also manny seemd to have his track shoes on when he was fighting bam bam so :3 pac fans we know you support your fighter but plz dont make the same mistake on his behalf again if ya truly love him…

      2. crazy are you blind? half his size???? their almost the same size, haven’t you see when they stood together and embraced each other…Floyd should move up to middleweight and stop fighting small guys in the welterweight division..obviously he is a big fighter in the welter division, he should stop preventing himself from getting weight but his size and muscular body belongs to middleweight.

  30. maybe your’e right but ducking is not also boxing is all about…its only this time that ducking have been committed many times by a talented boxer Floyd, he ducked Castillo for a rematch which in the first fight Castillo was the winner in the eyes of many who watched. Again he refused to fight when Margarito in his prime, its evident when he was interviewed many times before when Margarito especially when Margarito was still a champion. Many past great boxers like Ali, Hagler, Hearns, Tyson, Holyfield and Sugar Ray Leonard knows how many fighters Floyd ducked to fight…evidences were their comments when they were interviewed by reporters.

    1. its a good thing he didnt fight Margarito! Because Margarito was found to be a cheater! Cement packed in his wraps ! Then floyd have been cheated like cotto!

      1. To me the fight was lost when the opening bell rang and canelo saw floyd in the center of the ring and hesitated

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