2012 MMA fight – Frankie Edgar vs Benson Henderson – full fight Video UFC 144

3_stars_mma_ranking_allthebestfightsReview: 2012-02-25, good fight with one of the best upkick we have ever seen (second round): the UFC Fight of the Night Frankie Edgar vs Benson Henderson gets three stars. Frankie Edgar (14-1-1) entered as the No.1 lightweight in the world while Benson Henderson (15-2-0) entered as the No.3. Edgar vs Henderson is valid for the UFC Lightweight Championship title (Edgar’s fourth defense); main event of UFC 144. Watch the video!


Event: UFC 144: Edgar vs Henderson

Date: 2012-02-25

Where: Saitama Super Arena, Saitama, Japan

Division: lightweight (155 lbs, 70 kg)

Title: UFC Lightweight Championship title

Result: Click here to show the fight’s result
Benson Henderson def. Frankie Edgar (unanimous decision, 49-46, 48-47, 49-46)


UFC 144 fight card (main card):
Frankie Edgar vs Benson Henderson
Quinton “Rampage” Jackson vs Ryan Bader
Jake Shields vs Yoshihiro Akiyama
Mark Hunt vs Cheick Kongo
Yushin Okami vs Tim Boetsch
Hatsu Hioki vs Bart Palaszewski
Anthony Pettis vs Joe Lauzon
Norifumi Yamamoto vs Vaughan Lee (preliminary)

Edgar’s previous fight: Frankie Edgar vs Gray Maynard 3

Henderson’s previous fight: Benson Henderson vs Clay Guida

REMATCH – Their next fight: Benson Henderson vs Frankie Edgar 2


Official full fight video

Alternative video

Alternative video

Alternative highlights video



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122 thoughts on “2012 MMA fight – Frankie Edgar vs Benson Henderson – full fight Video UFC 144”

    1.  yea ben is a smart fighter and its not like edgar hasnt had questionable decisions himself!!!!

  1. henderson had a great game plan against edgar, he didnt chase him, he stayed in the middle of the ring and made edgar come to him.

  2. Edgar won the fight by landing more strikes and 4 more takedowns than henderson. Good fight but I had it 3 rounds to to Edgar. In the 8 or so years I’ve been watching mma I’ve seen worse decisions so this won’t be on my mind a day or two from now.  I’m sure Edgar gets an immediate rematch since he gave immediate rematches to Penn and Maynard.

  3. to chumbus, in wat way did frankie win, he was busted up, barely landed punches, almost got finished by that up kick and that guillotine, didn’t do anything wit the takedowns, get over it,  ben henderson controlled the fight start to finish

  4. horrible decision? henderson controlled the fight from the first bell, edgar did throw a lot o pinches but most of them didnt land, the face of each fighter shows who landed more strikes

  5. Chumbus, you’re as d*mb as the judge that called it 48-47. It was easily 4-1 for Henderson.

  6. CHUMPbus, yes Edgar threw more punches, but laned less and the ones he did land barely had anything on them. He was to mezmorized by Ben’s hair, and that was they only thing Edgar damaged on Ben. Frankie did nothing with the lame takedown attempts and almost got choked out on one of them. Henderson controlled the fight and the only reason Edgar even got rd 1 was because he WAS the Champion. Smooth will give him a rematch, but Edgar will probably run and hide at 145 now.


  8. you guys are delerious. Edgar did not win that fight. he may have had more takedowns but he couldnt even get a dominant position held. and the one time he did he got upkicked that had him rocked. unless your scoring points for  catching leg kicks edgar lost that fight at best it might have been a draw b/c you have to really dominate the champ to take his belt. But if you look at henderson at the end of the fight he looked like he could go another 5 rounds and edgar looked like he need a trip to the hospital. Great Fight rematch should be coming.

  9. Thanks for posting the fight, I enjoyed watching it, wasn’t able to watch it live. I can do all things through Christ who strengthens me, Amen, Bendo Congrats on your win. From Hawaii, Aloha and God Bless. Hope BJ is able to offer his congrats also. For the Kingdom, Greatness. 

  10. ben hendo smashed on edgar. frankie said he did more to win the fight WTF!!! b*tch all you did was 100 pinches that 85 of them didnt even land and the ones that did land didnt even hurt ben henderson. when frankie threw those punches and kicks ben was countering him the whole time. ben dazed him twice and almost choked his a*s out. so all you frankie fans can go choke on a d*ck because frankie is a fake he throws alot of lil girl hits to make it seem hes winning but ben wasnt having it hahahaha RIP frankie edgar :D

  11. What fight were you idiots watching!?  Henderson dominated, his attitude and stance had no respect for edgar’s attacks. he absorbed them and spit them out. Henderson traded with Edgar nd all edgar did was try to land one punch or two at a time. Henderson was willing to trade but edgar would escape.

  12. Edgar won that fight easily, ben had a beautiful kick off the ground but he knew he was lagging behind and had to come back in the last round where he lost, they just wanna set up a fight with him and pettis its obvious 

      1. Are you sure you saw Frankie/Ben fight? If you did, I strongly believe your accounting skills in terms of strikes are very questionable. My recommendation go back to school

        1. rewatch the fight, bendo hit him with nothing, he’s a show fighter trying to get something out of the crowd his biggest move was the guillotine which wasn’t even tight enough which is why he let go.  Look at bends face after the third round he looks like he knows he was losing,,, hell lose his first defense and well see edgar back at top at 55 or 45 soon enough,,feel free to reply

          1.  his look was of determination,they dont call him smooth for nothing.i dont care what u say he was out classed in everyway.and aldo will destroy him.all he does is prove he can take a shot and good movement.aldo is way faster

  13. WOW!!! CJJL you are as delirious as Chumpbus. I’ve been fighting longer than you’ve been watching and the one constant is that you never leave it in the hands of the judges. Frankie did that and did not fight like a champion. Saying he won that fight was like saying that BJ beat him the first time, hah, and I am huge BJ fan and even I know he lost that fight. Hendo will give him a rematch if he doesn’t hide at 145. Think about it, you don’t get points for the following: catching a leg after you get kicked, throwing the most punches that don’t land, and if you take a guy down you better do something with it, and I suggest not getting kicked in the face from the guy on his back! Frankie got saved in the second and fifth rounds by the bell and if he was 3 inches taller he would have got knocked out by Ben’s left round house, that was the one that scared Frankie the rest of the fight when he caught his leg, he didn’t want to get KO’d by a kick.

  14. Benson won at least 4/5 rounds. I don’t see how Edgar did enough to win this fight. Frankie did well not to let Benson get too momentum; that’s all he did. It wasn’t Edgar’s best but it seems Benson was the much better fighter.

    Now that Pettis and Benson are in the UFC, it will be hard for Edgar to stay up top.

  15. Your all idiots ! Frankie can shove his fake jersey accent up his a*s, about time someone cornered that little mouse and punished him, dominate performance by Ben Henderson. I mean look at Frankie’s face and how he painted bens shorts red with the blood leaking off Frankie. Out classed in everyway except at running around in half circles which is all about Frankie was good at, good reddens u bum, go back to jersey shore

  16. henderson has to try to and get ready for showtime again…didnt work so good for him in wec. dont think it will work out well for him again this time. time for a new champ anyway’s

  17.  i came away from this fight feeling that Henderson won but Edgar was the better fighter.  it would seem that Edgar would be well served to go down in weight. 

    1. i say it was close, truthful ed had more take downs and more strikes it’s just hen is bigger so his strikes did more damage but he still didn’t land the most strikes or take downs so when that happens who should win??? ring control and aggression is not a primary factor otherwise there would be no such thing as a counter striker…when is the last time the Dragon controlled the center of the ring and was the aggressor? ed is not a counter striker but it is the same logic… feel free to reply 

  18. whoever thinks Edgar won that fight obviously is biased. I am surprised that the ufc judges actually got a decision right for once.

    1. IKDF,

      If we have to account on the decision of judges like these ones I’m pretty sure that UFC will get very short life. In your case, please don’t forget for next time fights to have your glasses on.   

  19. I had the fight 48-47 for Frankie, although I think Edgar fight for the judges, he lands a lot of punches but he has no KO power. Nonetheless, MMA decision criteria makes me feel he was the  winner. This decision reminds me Souza- Rockhold fight.

  20. i like how frankie put his hand up with his broken nose and shut eye. he got his a*s whooped and had no answer for henderson standing guiltine. People keep saying taekwondo is mumbo jumbo but its best martial art for ufc if you got a decent ground defense. Machida, henderson and even guys like silva incorporating taekwondo kicks now they beginning to realize its the best way to take out ground fighters. Kicks just hurt to much. You can see edgar spirit breaking from each kick to his body

    1. Because he had a brroke noes and a shut eye dont mean he lost the fight, that means nothing no judge on earth would score point cause of cuts, he just got out worked to make it simple, nothing to do with the toughness of his skin, and clearly he did have an answer for the standing guiltine otherwise he would of got taped out…, and taekwondo has been judged as a useless martial art by its self, same as karate but once u mix it with kick boxing or any other stand up game it then because leathal

  21. I can guarantee that nobody here is as big an Edgar fan as I am.  That being said I do feel the 2 of the judges scored the fight wrong.  The fight was definitely 48-47, still in favor of Henderson sadly.  It was a great fight, and for people to piss and moan on the out come just takes away from it.  If you guys really are Edgar fans then you should give both him and Henderson the respect they deserve.

  22. Since when the judges selected to score this fight have to be blind?  It looks to me that didn’t see at all what occurred on the ring. Another bluntly rob. Frankie you did great. Ben you were very lucky

  23. I missed seeing this fight and kept hearing how Frankie should have won. Now that I’ve seen it, I have no doubt that Benson won this unanimously. He had many more powerful strikes. Frankie was amazing as usual, but he definitely did not win. Great fight.

    1.  The guy has lost 2 fights.  I hate comments like these, because it is obvious you have no clue what you are talking about.  Like the other guy who said frankie should drop a weight class because “he can’t cut it anymore”  I mean really?!

  24. r u dudes drunk???ben won this fight no question frankie edgar won the 1st round tho ben did the most damage great title fight

  25. r u dudes drunk???ben won this fight no question frankie edgar won the 1st round tho ben did the most damage great title fight

  26. To say it was close is one thing but to say Edgar got robbed is asinine. If you could win fights for catching leg kicks then Edgar definitely won that fight.

  27. To say it was close is one thing but to say Edgar got robbed is asinine. If you could win fights for catching leg kicks then Edgar definitely won that fight.

  28. real talk henderson was in controll after that up kick every kick henderson did it laned even if edgar did catch them edgar was landing more punches but henderson did more sumitsions attp hes like a shark he saw blood n attacked more aggresively edgar fought his a*s off but was to cofident n made more mistakes edgar was fighting not to lose n he did dat but henderson was fighting to win they both did a good job edgar will get another chance n he wil fight better n ben will fight better n dont b mad edgar lost some times u lose some times u win he will learn from it so will ben n itz not luck luck dont get u dont be 16-2 former WEC lightweight champion n current UFC lightweight champion by luck give him the respect he deserves

  29. Good fight. Edgar, he can take it as well as he can give it but he was totally outgunned in this fight.

  30. how can dana white and frank fertitta think edgar won? and why did it take edgar’s corner until the 4th round to figure out that catching the leg kicks was ineffective? i think edgar is one of the most amazing fighters, but he displayed traits of a mentally unstable person, i.e. doing the same things over and over and expecting different results. does he own cats? i hope he doesn’t have toxoplasmosis.

  31. I was rooting for Edgar, but I gotta admit Henderson won the fight. The damage on Frankie’s face says it all. He was fighting a guy that looked to have been naturally several weight classes bigger. Frankie should consider moving down in weight because things won’t get any easier going forward. He may have to go up against the even better Anthony Pettis at lightweight. Frankie would stand a more realistic chance against Aldo, who’s about his size, then that guy!

    1.  Why are people saying he should go down?  The guy has lost 2 fights, there is no reason to go down.  Yes Henderson was the bigger fighter, but so was Maynard, even more so than Henderson.  Look at stats and actually think about what you post before you do

      1. Im a relatively new comer to the sport and i have to say good fight by both guys.  Edgar is certainly dangerous with his hands but Henderson seems to have that glow about him and i think there is far more to come from that guy – so for me i have to say Henderson took that (Just!) but it was close!

  32. Cutting weight is BULL$HIT. They should weigh in right before they enter the ring. Then we would not have this huge weight difference.

    1. U right, but U can’t cut weight UP TIL the day of the fight. you’d be to weak & have energy. You body has to hydrate. 24hr minium before U can fight 

      1. And that’s exactly why they should weigh in right before they enter the cage… So nobody would be able to cut weigh -_-

  33. People say Champions don’t leave it to the judge. You have to show that you are defending it but the challenger has to show that he’s better!

  34. To  win a championship fight, the challenger must take it convincingly. In my view Henderson did more damage but didn’t convincely win the title.

    1. Everybody’s entitled to their own opinion, but yours is retarded.  The conditions for winning a championship fight are the same as they are for winning a non-championship fight.  If you win, you win, it doesn’t have to be any more convincing than usual.

      1. yeah edgar did get smoked, they talked about how much he was catching ben’s kicks and he did with his face, ribs and legs. frankie got saved so many times by the bell. just be happy he didn’t knock out by ben.

  35. Frankie may have dropped Henderson for a few seconds but take a look at their condition at the end of the fight – Henderson looks “flawless” and Frankie looks “fucked up”. Even if Frankie landed more shots – you couldn’t tell. Henderson beat the hell out of Frankie in this fight; and he deserves the belt, and he’ll even hold it for a very long time.

    1. no way, frankie will beat bendo in the rematch, and if he dont henderson wont have it long, gray would have his way with henderson.

  36. Henderson did amazing but franki landed way to many take downs, I feel henderson lost via points. Either way, good fight. 

    1.  takedowns dont mean nothing if ucant hold it or do anything with them.thats like saying bens kicks werent doin damage cause he caught with his body.henderson dominated n everyway.his shots were more damaging had control,pushed da fight, was fresher and was never hurt.what else u need

  37. i think the only positive things about henderson was that he would get edgar in the guillotines after those takedowns, other than that I don’t think he deserves it 

    1. Thank u dude u said it perfect.who ever thinks Frankie da p*ssy point fighter Edgar won can’t judge a fight fo der sak bro.n r retards.by da way I ain’t CAP his name my iPad did dat fo me hannnn

      1.  Frankie the p*ssy, id like to see you take hits like that and not quit before the fifth round. He lost the fight i agree, henderson’s kicks and fighting style was way to powerful for frankie but frankie can take hits that guy gets hit hard and doesn’t quit or act like a little b*tch

      2. Frankie got bigger balls thn you sitting on ur mammas lap and criticizing him. He is not p*ssy like other fighters who cuts a sh*t load of weight to be in a smaller division. Only p*ssies cuts a lot of weight. 

  38. there’s a reason why opinions are the most worthless commodity in the world because EVERYONE has one.  So before people go calling Frankie a p*ssy go and walk a mile in his shoes than talk..until than STFU :)

  39. Henderson clearly won this fight…hats off to Frankie for getting man handled by Benson tho…

  40. Benson won clearly, he landed more devastated kicks and punches, chockes, submition attempts. he was above Frankie, not by a lot but enough to win the title…Frankie fought well tho
    got some takedowns and strickes but there were not that affective tho

    New Champ!!  Benson 

  41. All you guys saying that edgar won???… Did it clearly look like edgar won? He lost fare and square!

    Go f*ck yourselves behind the computer and apply for a judging role in the UFC.. then talk.

  42. How the f*ck did edgar win? Maybe im watching the wrong video. hahaha. Pleasse dont encourage those id*ots to become ufc judges, they’ve already got bad enough judges as it is.

  43. catching kicks after they hit you doesnt win a fight. anyone that things edgar won is f*cking retarded

  44. you idots dont understand mma  to beat a champ you have to beat him to a pulp or submit him . only frankie knocked down ben and he had more takedowns if you can count.

    1. not sure if serious… bendo knocked edgar down wayyy more times in the fight. maybe frankie hit couple takedowns but bendo controlled the fight standing and on the mat. dont know what fight youre watching 

  45. I can’t believe the heart and commitent of these fighters!!! Truely these athletes are something else..
    Benny clearly won, both fair weight so its fair game people.. dont complain, edgar wasnt disadvantaged by fighting a heavyweight.. You will only be little frankie if you say that hes a true champion in defeat.. even he would agree!! 

  46. i like how edgar raises his hand at the end like he thinks he’s getting the belt after getting his sh*t pushed in by a real fighter LOL!

    1. he can’t act like a loser, retart. He sending the signal to the judges that he is still able to fight; that he was not that hurt.  Although we know it isn’t true.

  47. Frenkie clearly hit more and better shots took ben down alot more the only thing ben did was a upkick in round 2 and like 3-4 knees to the body other then that frenkie controled that fight. What i see is ben won because of a lucky upkick so round 2 decided who won this fight f*cking retarded in boxing the person who connects the most and hit the most wins thats the way this sh*t should be

  48. Judges score based on effective striking, aggression and octagon control. Edgar’s striking – NOT effective at all. Rematch will have same result.

  49. most of you have some stupid comments, maybe edgar didnt win but i thought he did, yea he got hit with the harder shots, and his face was more messed up, but i think he lost because of that upkick, that was a reason to, but he pushed the pace to, and landed more shots, and dropped ben in the 5th, and he got more takedowns, he should of won, and ben henderson said he wasnt even tired at round 5, then why didnt he do more or try to finish the fight, and those of u that think edgar isnt a true champ are retarted, he has hella heart, dedication, cardio, boxing, wrestling, he got it all, and he will win saturday, and if ben henderson wins, ill give him the respect he deserves, only because i thought edgar won the fight, i respect ben henderson hes a good fighter, and i respect him for what he does and goes in the ring and fights, but i thought he lost, so anyways im about to watch the fight again and write a comment

  50. @981bd822b8c1f6d1bdef8977cdad48b8:disqus benson was never tired and tried to finish the fight twice only for frankie 2 get saved by the bell.sure frankie got more takedowns but offensive takedowns weren’t in bensons game plan.i respect frankie he has heart,cardio footwork and more but ben won the fight.

  51. I don’t care how hard a punch is. The wingspan of your leg is much longer and the power generated is much harder. Henderson didn’t even have to hurt Edgar to keep the distance like he was fighting a much smaller man with no chance of out boxing, taking him down, or anything. He completely shut him down in the first fight and Edgar had trouble doing enough in the second fight to convincingly win even against a tired, lethargic Henderson. Henderson is the greatest lightweight of all time. Taekwondo kicks >>>> boxing(punching) for mma.

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