2015 BOXING fight – Joseph Diaz vs Ruben Tamayo – full fight Video

2 Star RatingReview by AllTheBestFights.com: 2015-10-23, some good exchanges between Joseph Diaz and Ruben Tamayo but it is not enough to get three stars: it gets two.

The undefeated Joseph Diaz entered this fight with a perfect record of 17-0-0 (10 knockouts) and he is ranked as the No.15 super bantamweight in the world. He has already fought three times in 2015 defeating Juan Luis Hernandez (=Diaz vs Hernandez), Giovanni Delgado and Rene Alvarado (=Alvarado vs Diaz).
His opponent, Ruben Tamayo, has a boxing record of 25-6-4 (17 knockouts) and he entered as the No.72 super featherweight but he comes of two consecutive losses, against Jesus Cuellar (=Cuellar vs Tamayo) and Oscar Valdez (=Valdez vs Tamayo). ‘JoJo’ Diaz vs Tamayo is the main event of the evening. Watch the video and rate this fight!


Date: 2015-10-23

Where: Fantasy Springs Casino, Indio, California, USA

Division: featherweight (126 lbs, 57.2 kg)

Result: Click here to show the fight’s result
Joseph Diaz def. Ruben Tamayo (unanimous decision, 100-90, 100-90, 100-90)


Diaz’s previous fight: Rene Alvarado vs Joseph Diaz

Tamayo’s previous fight: Oscar Valdez vs Ruben Tamayo

Diaz’s next fight: Joseph Diaz vs Hugo Partida


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10 Replies to “2015 BOXING fight – Joseph Diaz vs Ruben Tamayo – full fight Video”

  1. Very nice fight with a very though opponent. Tamayo, a southpaw boxer also who has reach advantage, was fast and displayed a good jabbing work and ring experience. However, it was impossible for him to overcame the offensive boxing practiced by Diaz from the beginning of the fight till the very end. Diaz is very sound technically, fast and precise, and a pleasure to watch. It is good for him to have this kind of opponent to complete talent development. He really deserves the score card results and all the credits for this fight.

    1. I totally agree with you tango! But there’s always this elephant in the room with Jojo. No matter how talented he is, he doesn’t have the punching power he’d need to be respected. Yes, this Tamayo was a tough opponent, but 4 out of his 6 loss came by way of KO. He took the nearly 50% of Diaz’ power shots and it didn’t seem to bother him, just like it didn’t bother Alvarado in Jojo’s previous fight. Diaz is on the verge of the division’s top 10 and his next fights will be tougher than ever, so let’s hope his technical skills are sufficiently great.

      1. You are quite right, Diaz lack of power is evident. However, since he is an excellent boxer with very sounds techniques he could be just trouble on his future bouts to any opponent even if the guy is stronger than him. Most of the people like power punchers, me too, but it is a real pleasure to watch skillful boxers taking the lead over a more powerful one because really this enhance the boxing sport and bring a superb spectacle.

        1. Thanks a lot for your reply and for sharing some good old memories! I’ll watch it as soon as I have a moment and I’ll give you my thoughts then. Since I was born in 1983, I haven’t had the chance to see him fight live. In fact, I’ve never seen his name before, so I’ll be glad to discover him. You have a great boxing tradition in Argentina. First name that comes to my mind is the legend: Carlos Monzon! He had the whole package though, including punching power!

          1. It was a pleasure Olivier and you are quite right about Monzon too.
            Watch the fight between him and Benvenuti available in youtube really a good one. All Monzon’s fights were extremely good because he fought always very taught opposition.
            But please watch Nicolino since he is outstanding. He was my preferred boxer because his lack of power and abundance of technicality.

          2. Finally had the time.. Awesome fight! Nico is simply great! He’s got very quick feet movement, fast hands, his dodging with the upper body is perfect… it even gets to the point (in the 3rd round) that he made Takeshi miss and slips down to the canevas! Tough humiliation for a pride fighter. At some point I thought: the Japanese should throw more combination… but even with the back against the ropes, Nico was able to block and dodge almost every punch. And when things really started to heat up in the 4th-5th, Takeshi threw many shots in combinations but wasn’t able hit Nico clean. Every move by the Argentinian seemed to be calculated. Always as if Nico knew exactly what punch was coming. He was also able to throw significant attacks while backing off. Gotta love also all the work to the body. His jab and left hook are especially effective weapons, with a right hook here and there… but he waited until the 9th, when Tekeshi got really tired, to start throwing big uppercuts and got the win! Thank you again!

          3. Olivier I’m very glad that you find the time to watch Nico’s fight. He was really an excellent boxer but just technical since hasn’t power at all.
            To be honest with you, you are a great commentator with a very detailed view, I wish to be like you but English isn’t my mother tongue.
            I’m very happy you enjoyed the fight. With time and if you are interested you can find few more from him in youtube as well as some from Monzon too.

          4. Hello Tango! Sorry for not replying earlier, I’ve been away for a while on a trip and I didn’t have much time for boxing. It’s hard for me to believe he was a heavy smoker. I’ve been smoking for last 10 years, but I stop a few months ago. Before that, I did boxing, from age 15 to 18. I just can’t imagine doing these two things at the same time… totally insane!
            Thanks for your comment on my english, I’m flattered since it isn’t my first language either. I was born and I still live in Montréal, Canada and I’m a French speaker. Last year, I spent a month in Ecuador (the closest I’ve ever been to your native country!) and learned a few things in español. I hope one day I’ll get the chance to travel in Argentina because it looks beautiful and rich in culture.

        2. first fight i have watched of intoccable. i have only seen highlights up till now. he reminds me of al less mobile willie pep. more economical and spend some time in the pocket. pal spadafora in his prime was similar but not on loch level. i noticed he very selective with is right hand and his left hand a lot faster its like his paint brush and he’s an artist. he can fight inside too as well as outside . great anticipation and awareness very god eyes and first class composure. . lots to learn from loch

          1. Hi Lagos,
            I’m very glad that you also watched Nicolino’s fight. He was really a great boxer that fully deserve his recognition in the International Boxing Hall of the Fame which in my opinion was very late but at least 2 years before he died. So he probably enjoyed very much his induction in such a hall. Unfortunately, there are very few videos of his other fights that were always very good.

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