2016 BOXING fight – Charles Martin vs Anthony Joshua – full fight Video IBF

3 Star RatingReview by AllTheBestFights.com: 2016-04-09, pretty good fight between Anthony Joshua and Charles Martin: it gets three stars.

Both undefeated, the Ibf Hw champion Charles Martin entered this fight with a pro boxing record of 23-0-1 (21 KOs=91%) and he is ranked as the No.7 heavyweight in the world while his opponent, the 2012 Olympic super-heavyweight gold medalist Anthony Joshua, has a perfect record of 15-0-0 (15 KOs=100%) and he entered as the No.16 in the same weight class (currently the #1 in this division is Tyson Fury). Martin has already fought once in 2016 beating Vyacheslav Glazkov (=Glazkov vs Martin) while Joshua fought five times in 2015 defeating Gary Cornish (=Joshua vs Cornish) and Dillian Whyte in his last two bouts (4-stars-fight Joshua vs Whyte). Martin vs Joshua is valid for the IBF World heavyweight title (Martin’s first defense). Watch the video and rate this fight!


Date: 2016-04-09

Where: O2 Arena, London, United Kingdom

Division: heavyweight (over 200 lbs, 90.7 kg)

Title: IBF World heavyweight title

Result: Click here to show the fight’s result
Anthony Joshua def. Charles Martin (TKO, round 2)


Martin’s previous fight: Vyacheslav Glazkov vs Charles Martin

Joshua’s previous fight: Anthony Joshua vs Dillian Whyte

Joshua’s next fight: Anthony Joshua vs Dominic Breazeale


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Official highlights

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28 thoughts on “2016 BOXING fight – Charles Martin vs Anthony Joshua – full fight Video IBF”

      1. haha. It would have finished very likely before: but a world championship can’t be stopped like this.

        1. I think it will be great, at least for the next fight, his legend is unfolding before our eyes! Did you hear that crowd? The heavyweights are alive again!

    1. The ref even tried slow counting for him. Martin wasnt’ paying attention to the count, the ref hit 10 and Martin was still on 1 knee.

    2. Seriously, wasn’t the ref up to ten just before Martin got up? We just can’t hear his count, but when he uses 2 hands to count it means he is at least at 6, and so that would confirm Martin didn’t beat the count. Maybe Martin didn’t even hear him though

  1. Everything happened pretty much like everyone expected. Nothing really to say about the fight itself, but it’s refreshing to hear Joshua’s post-fight interview and to feel like there is hope.. That they are not all psychopaths, businessmen or WWE wrestlers .
    Joshua will defend his title probably twice and then should fight Wilder for unification around early 2017 I hope.

    1. Always great to watch a fight with you. I bet 5$ on a Joshua victory from Joshua in rounds 4-6, missed my shot. Olivier predicted a 2nd round KO. Incredible, all glory to him.

      In my opinion, Martin was offered the title on a plate, and so did Joshua tonight. Total domination. I’d rather see Joshua vs Ortiz rather than Fury or Klitshcko.

  2. Well – wasn’t a good fight after all.
    And no fight should be stopped like that. Always make them walk to you before you call it. Less they are out of course.

    1. I think the ref stopped the fight simply because Martin did not beat the count. He got up after “ten” was counted and that was a very long count anyway. 15 seconds exactly. The ref even gave him kind of a chance between 9 and 10 by slowing down… looking at him… Seems like the ref also felt like I did, as if Martin didn’t want to continue…

  3. This looked suspiciously like a organised pay day for the promoters and the fighters. Martin left himself wide open. I have watched all of his other fight videos and this fight looked real suspicious, they probably gave the ref instructions and a bonus. Let’s get on with some serious boxing, Ortiz V Joshua would really show how good he is.

    1. We such a good record (if real) it is difficult to believe he agreed to lose the fight. Martin would make more money in future bouts as undefeated boxer than now with one loss in his records.

    2. I watched 3 of his bouts the week before.
      It was more than clear to me he wouldn’t last 3 rounds.
      A southpaw with a good punch and absolutely nothing else, it was taking him 5/6 rounds to KO a taxi driving Cruiserweight.
      Pure hype.
      If AJ can work on that jab he can rule. But it must improve.
      His homework should be watch Holmes every day.

  4. Very good win in front of a boxer with a very impressive record. It was very interesting to watch Joshua fighting with a guy almost as taller as him, southpaw and very strong puncher as per his records. Anyhow, Joshua was dominating from the very first round, Honestly, it was my first time to heard and watch a Martin’s fight, I didn’t know he existed. The referee was though stopping the fight since Martin seems ok to continuing but he was a little bit lazy to get in his foot again too

    1. He won the title because a Russian fighter broke a knee or something in a fight where the title was at stake at the last minute. I hate to demean a boxer, but martin was a paper champ if there ever was one.

  5. Well Joshua had this title delivered to him on a silver plate. He’s so strong, the opponents fear getting into range, and he is going to rule this division in my view! I predict the next opponent is David Haye in the Wemblay Stadium, which would create HUGE UK interest. Also, I watched a couple of Joshua interview and this man has class. The journey is beginning I think. Make the heavies great again as Donald Trump would say :P

    1. Matt, I fully agree with your comment and concepts about Joshua and the believe he will rule this category pretty soon. However, regarding Trump’s quotes not agreement at all :-).

        1. Matt, I know who does it? However, I feel relief with your confirmation now :-). He is aggressive, nasty and has no clues how to deal with foreign politics which is really bad for the future peace of the world. In my opinion totally useless :-)

  6. And they call this c*ap championship boxing? This is not real boxing my friends and if it is .It’s sub par for professionals .

    1. Well, you can’t fault Joshua, he just did his job. Martin was a sh*tty champ as I mention below. Never tested.

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