Anthony Joshua vs Dillian Whyte full fight Video – 2015

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4 Star RatingReview by 2015-12-12, very exciting and tough heavyweight battle with also a brutal finish: Anthony Joshua vs Dillian Whyte is definitely one of the best boxing fights of the year 2015 and it gets four stars!

Both undefeated, the 2012 Olympic super heavyweight gold medalist Anthony Joshua entered this fight with a perfect record of 14-0-0 (14 KOs=100%) and he is ranked as the No.17 heavyweight in the world while his opponent, Dillian Whyte, has a boxing record of 16-0-0 (13 KOs=81%) and he entered as the No.43 in the same weight class. Both boxers have already fought four times in 2015: Joshua has defeated Gary Cornish in his last fight (=Joshua vs Cornish) while Whyte has beat Brian Minto. Joshua vs Whyte is valid for the WBC International, Commonwealth and vacant BBBofC British heavyweight titles. Watch the video and rate this fight!



Date: 2015-12-12

Where: O2 Arena, London, United Kingdom

Division: heavyweight (over 200 lbs, 90.7 kg)

Title: WBC International, Commonwealth and vacant BBBofC British heavyweight titles

Result: Click here to show the fight’s result
Anthony Joshua def. Dillian Whyte (KO at 1:27, round 7)


Joshua’s previous fight: Anthony Joshua vs Gary Cornish

Joshua’s next fight: Charles Martin vs Anthony Joshua



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29 comments on “Anthony Joshua vs Dillian Whyte full fight Video – 2015”

      • I think the safest of the 3 would be Shannon Briggs. Nice idea Axel. He also has a name, it would be a big fight, but I’m not sure it would last too long, I remember Briggs being KOd by Darroll Wilson back in the days. Not sure his chin improved, but he definitely has a lot of experience. :)

      • These guys are too small. As I mentionned above, he should go for the winner of Ortiz-Jennings or Jos Parker!

        • Well, Povetkin sounds like a threat. Never saw Monsour fight so I don’t know. Povetkin fought a very boring fight in his last one, but I think Joshua would get him out of his boring tactics. Anyway, the next opponent talked about for Joshua is Dereck Chisora, which is interesting :)

          • he will beat chisora, chisora he is not bad but he is more a trash talker than a good boxer

  1. Already posted? Wow! That was an awesome fight. First big test. My prediction of a KO for Joshua at the 3rd round went out the window. It was great watching the card while chatting with Olivier Veillette, a connoisseur, more than me.

    4 stars for me, White deserves a lot of credit. He could lose 10 pounds and he would gain agility and stamina. I disliked a bit the animosity between both of them AFTER the fight, but it is what it is. Great boxing card :)

  2. This went WAY beyond all my expectations! What a fight! What a finish! My blood is still boiling after this incredible KO. This started out like any other Joshua fight: took a minute to gauge his opponent, then he started to throw big right hands… he connected and we all thought it was over. But Whyte showed tremendous composure and managed to survive the first round. And after the rumble inbetween round 1 and 2, I thought Whyte would have a been DQ for pushing the referee. I thought he did that because, yes he was pissed at Joshua for hitting him after the bell, but also to get a ticket out of this ring. But then.. he came back like a boss in the 2nd and seriously hurt Joshua!! And for the remaining of the round, it was Joshua who was on the survival mode! After that, Joshua started to box.. to use his full toolbox… And again.. what a KO. What a night. 4 stars – enough said.

    • I was very scared a DQ would occur and spoil the whole show after the inbetween rounds brawl! Great to chat with you while watching bro :)

    • Thank you very much Olivier. You made me feel good coming from the “Connoisseur” as Matt called you. I like very much all your comments too. I havent seen the interview post fight I will try later but I really liked Joshua who is a very good prospect and a promise for this category. I guess is better for him to get a little bit more of experience in some few additional fights before attempting to go for the title.

  3. Great fight. Joshua is one hell of a boxer & power puncher. He got wobbled a bit in the second round, but I don’t read much into heavyweights getting wobbled. These are big dudes hitting each other.

  4. Whyte was much better than anyone expected. This was the kind of fight that Joshua needed. There is only so much that you can learn blowing over opponents in a round or two. He probably learned more in this fight than in all of his previous 14 fights combined.

  5. thank both fighters to bring the kind of excitement we had by watching the heavyweight fights in the mid 90s. joshua proved that he can’t just hit, he can also take punches this guy will be a great fighter. that`s what i call an exciting heavyweight fight, fury vs wladimir was so boring that i couldn`t watch more than 3 rds

  6. Very exciting fight after the big circus developed at the end of the first round. These two guys didn’t like each other and the fight was very close to be DQ. However, common sense prevail and it continue with the total domination of a very good boxer that calmly fully took the lead. Joshua is quite fast and accurate, however he was a little bit lazy to use his excellent jab because on the heat of the fight he was trying just to connect one of his powerful punches. Once he adjusted his plan the fight was all his own. He has really a good chin that permitted him to survive the very strong power punch connected by Whyte on the second round. I believe this event discouraged Whyte a lot and evidently affected his confidence on his punching power for the rest of the fight. The knock out was Great!!!
    Fury be ready and enjoy for a little bit more your current title. I don’t think you will pass this test when time come.

    • Very good comment!
      Maybe Whyte got discouraged after the second round, but in my opinion, he spent a lot of energy there and was already fighting with deperation. A few times, when Joshua would connect with significant powershots, Whyte would reply immediatly with the right hand (because Joshua tends to lean foward after throwing a one-two).
      I don’t know if you had the chance to watch the post-fight interview, but to me Joshua is a very classy guy. And unlike many fighters out there calling for any title-holders as soon as a mircophone appears in front of their mouth, he stayed calm and rational about it and said he needs to gain more exprience in fights like these, that there’s no rush for him. So he might get a shot a the title next year, but maybe more like by the end of 2016.

  7. Anyone else start cracking up when Stormzy starts rapping in the ring and behind him is standing a bunch of old white dudes looking so awkward! Hahaha!


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