2015 BOXING fight – Wladimir Klitschko vs Tyson Fury – full fight Video WBA, IBF, WBO

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1 Star RatingReview by AllTheBestFights.com: 2015-11-28, four world titles on the line and they landed an average of just 5/6 punches per round: shameful, Wladimir Klitschko vs Tyson Fury gets one star.

The 39-year-old Wladimir Klitschko (12 years older than Fury) entered this fight with a pro boxing record of 64-3-0 (53 KOs=83%) and he is ranked as the No.1 heavyweight in the world. He suffered his last defeat in 2004 when he faced Lamon Brewster for the vacant Wbo belt, since then he has collected 22 consecutive victories taking revenge on Brewster in 2007 and beating Bryant Jennings in his last bout (=Klitschko vs Jennings).
His opponent, the undefeated Tyson Fury, has a record of 24-0-0 (18 KOs=75%) and he entered as the No.3 in the same weight class; he has fought once in 2015 defeating Christian Hammer (=Fury vs Hammer). Klitschko vs Fury is valid for the WBA, IBF, WBO, IBO World heavyweight titles (all held by Klitschko), first world title shot for Fury. Watch the video and rate this fight!


Date: 2015-11-28

Where: ESPRIT arena, Dusseldorf, Germany

Division: heavyweight (over 200 lbs, 90.7 kg)

Title: WBA, IBF, WBO, IBO World heavyweight titles

Result: Click here to show the fight’s result
Tyson Fury def. Wladimir Klitschko (unanimous decision, 115-112, 115-112, 116-111)


Klitschko’s previous fight: Wladimir Klitschko vs Bryant Jennings

Fury’s previous fight: Tyson Fury vs Christian Hammer

Klitschko’s next fight: Anthony Joshua vs Wladimir Klitschko

Fury’s next fight: Tyson Fury vs Sefer Seferi


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40 comments on “2015 BOXING fight – Wladimir Klitschko vs Tyson Fury – full fight Video WBA, IBF, WBO”

  1. Finally fought someone his own size so the jab and hold goes out the window.
    Fury should be good for boxing I think….

    • Haha, we both saved money tonight!

      Btw, I replied to you in the other thread — this was not an outcome I saw coming at all.

      Well-done Fury.

  2. Que dificil se hace ver a los pesados,monotonos y se cansan muy rapido,llevando un combate de boxeo a uno de lucha.Interminable las peleas de Klishko,en un fallo un tanto sorprendente,mas no injusto.
    Fury?Ojala sea un poco distinto al reinado de los ucranianos.
    Revancha en puerta.

  3. Not loads of action — just loads of smarts, cunning and surprise.

    This is one of my fights of the year. It’s a match that reveals how between two evenly matched giants, one man’s ideas are simply better. And surprise, surprise, it’s not the guy with all the experience and scalps on his belt.

    Bonus: afterwards, the newly-crowned Fury makes Lennox Lewis hold his water bottle, seizes a microphone and begins belting out karaoke like a man who’s s*cked down nitrous oxide. If he takes requests, this could be something.

      • Fair enough, Jerrod, I did.

        I would point out that in Rigondeaux’s last contest he was up against no threat at all, yet wouldn’t engage. He’s from the Mayweather school: a defensive maestro, a higher-order A-list boxer who wants the least contact he can manage. He really needs a challenge to bring out his best.

        But by contrast, Fury faced a man who has pulverized many dangerous men. Yet in he raced past the famous jab and did his work. I doubt another heavyweight on the planet could have done the same. Certainly not Deontay, whose feet-planted style would have left him open to Klit’s one-two.

        It is actually Wlad who is the dullest of heavies — dull but very, very good, and very, very dangerous. And now, if we are lucky, very, very finished.

      • Matt, I can barely stand Fury in the ring, haha!

        I just think he pulled off an incredible success. I fully expected Wlad to take him to school, in fact to stop Fury. As it turned out, it was Gypsy Camp in session! And he went to Wlad’s stomping grounds to do it, too.

        • Arjay i have been very worry about your comment too. I feel much better now since i share with you the same feelings about Fury. For me was also a very unexpected win by using a very simple plan that worked perfect. Lately Klitschko was doing pretty bad, he deserves retirement but first revenge if he is able.

          • Whew, I am glad my boxing friends are no longer worried. I assure you all I am still eating my vegetables, though I confess my taste for beer and whiskey is insatiable. :-)

            As you know, Tango, it was only three fights ago that Wlad manhandled the very skillful Povetkin. Wlad destroyed him. But I would pick Povetkin today to beat Fury — the Russian is so good, and Fury does not keep people at bay the way Wlad does.

  4. You call this a fight ? Running around grab one another and went on till the end. I would not pay one dollar I even waste my time watching a B/S fight like this.

  5. Thats All Folks that Marks the end of long Boxing Reign, the Klichkos are done! He should have been disqualified for the amount of advertant holding and head locks applied to whiteTyson. It made mr 49-0 look stellar and his feat while nothing short of exceptional it gave Floyd an image of boxing impeccabilty. White Tyson looked sloppy but he put on a front like he could box, Klitcho has shot is load as far as a boxer career he is a Done Deal. if you gave it 3 or 4 stars thats an insult to boxing this fights was a disgrace stiffs and horrendous sluggish energy 1 star very poor fight. OLd era heavy weights knockout these guys out quick even if they are both 6ft6in or 6ft7in. Deontay is licking his chops English White hope Tyson is made to order for his style one thing i did like he was humble when he won cuz he really did nothing.

    • Agree, old style tough fighters like Riddick Bowe or Larry Holmes would have slugged the guts out of Klitschko.

    • Well, yes and no, Dawud.

      There’s a reason so many fighters lost to Wlad over the years — and it’s the same reason the one-dimensional Deontay wouldn’t have had more than a puncher’s chance in there. You need speed and agility to get around the Klitschko power. You need to make them miss. You can’t afford to let them land. In other words, brains and slickness are the key, just as the were for Floyd.

      However I am very glad to see the Klits gone and this means the division is open now to rising young talents like Antony Joshua, who I suspect will soon be champ. He has Fury’s speed, excellent athleticism and one-punch KO power.

  6. A good boxing plan and a very poor performance from the champion allowed Fury to won the title. All the current Klitschko’s weaknesses were fully exposed in this match which in my opinion was quite disappointing.
    He was totally confused by Fury’s change of stance and unable of implementing the modifications required in his own accordingly. In spite of knowing he was losing the fight he didn’t put the efforts required to modify the outcome, may be, because frustration, age related problems, lack of desire or running out of gas. However, his main problem here was the fact that he doesn’t know how to fight a boxer taller than him and with a significant reach advantage. Life was easy for him before this fight now is time for retirement. Regarding Fury, he did right but I’m not yet convinced of his boxing capabilities.

  7. Before the fight nobody gave fury a chance. Now he only won because wlads finished. Rubbish! The guy has beaten everyone, so why out of the blue is he finished? Fury outboxed him, it was greatly exciting but he got the job done, and ends an amazing champonship run. He should go after wilder now if he manages to beat klitchko in the rematch. Wilder is not a good boxer, he has a cracking knockout shot, but tyson would outbox him, im fairly confident of that.Joshua is the biggest challenge to fury dominating boxing now, he has the height skill and power to beat tyson. However he isnt going to be ready for another year I dont think, he needs top level fights now. Whyte is just going to get knocked out inside three rounds, four if he is very lucky.

    • No10Count, I like very much your comment, sarcastic but a real good one.
      I’m fully convinced that from now on the heavy weight tittle would be changing hands quite frequently. I don’t think Fury would be capable to retain it for long.

  8. Brace yourselves for another boredom explosion because Wladimir says he wants a rematch. Those high-profile snoozers are very bad for boxing :(

    And can you believe Klit actually made at least 18M$ while Fury made at least 5.5M$ for this thing. Bleeuuurgh.

  9. wonderful match. One of the longest reign in boxing heavyweight history has been put to end with a superb performance by Fury. Gloves behind the back against an exceptional heavy puncher, hand on the ropes, fast feet, body movements of a middleweight, switching from southpaw to orthodox and back again to southpaw. I have recently watched Canelo against Cotto: Do you realize that Fury is faster and with a bigger arsenal than these two light middleweights and Klitschko has not underperformed?

    • I’m sorry, but I totally disagree. With all due respect, were you high when watching the fight? Fury faster than Canelo???

      • Matt, I guess the blackbird014’s comment above is another of those very sarcastic ones posted about this fight and the boxers involved. To be honest with you, it is quite difficult for me to believe that his boxing knowledge level could be as low as indicated per his comment here. No way Jose :-)
        I preferred answer you instead him to avoid the possibility of making a similar mistake :-)

        • I am not ironical. The boxers involved were the champion since more than 10 years and the official challenger. I think it means something, doesn’t it? I also would like to remind that an extraordinary champion like Larry Holmes has been always questioned and a monster as Mayweather is accused of ducking; Marvin Hagler, my favourite boxer in history, was not considered till he destroyed Hearns ( and he was clearly declining at that time ) …. I think we need to learn to appreciate the champions and respect whoever is on the ring. I wanted to point out that Fury has some qualities and deserves the title. About the speed: I meant arm speed. I was also a bit pissed off of seeing this match with one star and Klitschko-Pulev with three. So an easy defense with the knock out is a three star, the victory of Fury a one star match. Come on! This match is the end of an era. It cannot be labeled as a 1-star match, or we give 1 star to Ali against Liston. Then we put 5 star, match of the year, for a slugfest between two boxers who cannot fight for the world title … this is not how I asses a match. The Fury family knows a lot about boxing.

  10. The fights are mostly rated for their content and the action in it, not for their importance. I agree it is historically significant, but it was so boring, it wasn’t entertaining. Anyway, what I like in a fight may not be what you like, so that’s OK with me.

    We can have different tastes on some fights and get along well :) See you around

    • I agree on the taste. Let’s say that this match, knowing the result, can be boring. Having seen it live I can ensure that there was no time to get bored: the tension was too much!

      • Yes, you are right, I have not seen it live. It can really put tension in it, as there was so much on the line.

        I watched the Bute vs DeGale card on that night and it was pretty entertaining, even the 2 stars fight Alvarez vs Chilemba was OK when seen live.

  11. Sorry but I was the ironical one. I agree with you that Klitschko retained the title for very long and probably is now second behind J. Louis which speaks about a boxer with qualities. So Fury’s victory is much more noticeable.
    However, and nowadays, Klitschko is in full declining mode therefore his performance was terrible which make this fight very boring and disappointing and not the wonderful match you mentioned in your first comment. Fury won the fight no because he is a such great boxer, he did because he has a significant reach advantage (4″) and was clever enough to implement a single plan of changing stance quite often which fully frustrated the aged Klitschko. I have no doubts that Klitschko retained his title for so long mainly because he was in most of his fights the taller boxer in the ring but also helped a lot by his punching power of course. Therefore, Fury will do right in the future defending his tittle in front of shorter boxers too. However, I have serious doubts which would be the outcome fighting with a guy taller than him, and with more punching power since, in spite of your opinion, technically he isn’t as sound as you believe. Unfortunately, for this category, the golden age of short boxers like Tyson, Fraiser, and Chuvalo is a thing of the past.
    Regarding that he is faster than a welterweight boxer I prefer to think you just said that as a good fan of Fury or in the heat of present discussions. To be honest with you first time i heard an opinion as such. Regarding a bigger arsenal than Canelo is just may be because his size ;-) but technically speaking Canelo is more accomplished boxer than Fury in this field.

    • I agree quite on everything.
      About the quality of Fury: they will be tested; now he deserve a bit of credit; nobody has given him anything, all he has, is earned and deserved. No hurry anyway: Wladimir has the rematch and perhaps he thinks to have the key to win. Hope you are listening a bit the interviews of the team Fury: uncle and father too. They re entertaining, intelligent and with incredible personality.

      • blackbird014, I believe if Fury is able to fight with a similar plan than the one he did in this fight he has a lot of chances to keep the title since Klitschko for me is mainly ready for retirement. He isn’t anymore the boxer he was.
        However, I don’t believe either that he will be able to retain his title for long if future opponents are as tall as him. In my opinion, he still needs to improve his techniques to be safe. Anyhow, his reach advantage is incredible (85″) and currently in this category none like him. Closer ones Wilder and Joshua. For example Parker is a very good prospect but too short for this challenge.

  12. despite the dullness of this fight I am actually looking forward to the rematch. I am intrigued to see if Wlad can pull it off or Fury can make it even more comfortable.


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