2017 best BOXING fight – David Lemieux vs Curtis Stevens – full fight Video

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4 Star RatingReview by AllTheBestFights.com: 2017-03-11, nice and tough exchanges with a fantastic finish: David Lemieux vs Curtis Stevens is one of the best boxing fights of 2017 and it gets four stars!

The former Ibf Mw champion David Lemieux entered this fight with a pro record of 36-3-0 (32 KOs=89%) and he is ranked as the No.4 middleweight in the world. He lost to #1 Gennady Golovkin in 2015 (=Golovkin vs Lemieux) but he came back to win in 2016 defeating Glen Tapia (=Lemieux vs Tapia) and Cristian Fabian Rios (=Lemieux vs Rios).
His opponent, Curtis Stevens, has an official boxing record of 29-5-0 (21 knockouts) and he entered as the No.16 in the same weight class. He was defeated by Hassan N’Dam N’Jikam in 2014 (=Stevens vs N’Dam) but then he has won over Patrick Teixeira (=Teixeira vs Stevens) and James De la Rosa. David Lemieux vs Curtis Stevens is the main event of the evening. Watch the video and rate this fight!



Date: 2017-03-11

Where: Turning Stone Resort & Casino, New York, USA

Division: middleweight (160 lbs, 72.6 kg)

Result: Click here to show the fight’s result
David Lemieux def. Curtis Stevens (KO at 1:59, round 3)


Lemieux’s previous fight: David Lemieux vs Cristian Fabian Rios

Lemieux’s next fight: David Lemieux vs Marcos Reyes



Lemieux vs Stevens Fight Video:

Official video

Official highlights

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30 comments on “2017 best BOXING fight – David Lemieux vs Curtis Stevens – full fight Video”

  1. I think that after Golovkin match Curtis Stevens is no more the same. He was not knocked out but slowly demolished.
    Lemieux was lucky to be stopped a bit early by the referee. He is still strong and a top middleweight contender.
    Anyway: What a punch!

  2. Three rounds to none, great knockout. This proves that wearing a beard in a boxong ring is not a good idea- it gives the gloves something not to slip on and transmits the full force of the punch. See if you can come up with a name of world class boxers that wore a beard. Lemieux looks like he has lifted in weight and looks in excellent condition. I would ( like most punters not have lost my money on this fight

  3. Hey blackbird014 I think your screen TV was dark as well cause tell me exactly when Lemieux was lucky to be stopped !!!

    • I meant against Golovkin haha.
      I am convinced that after fighting Golovkin a lot of boxers can retire as it is an heavy threatment… (lime Hagler one 30 years ago) i am happy that Lemieux is still competitive and i think that Alvarez has never proofed himself against that kind of middleweight. Actually Alvarz has never fought a real mw in his career.

  4. Now Canelo forget the money and prove to the fan your not afraid of the frenchy cause the discussions already been too long !!!

  5. I knew this one wouldn’t last long but I never expected it would end in such brutality. Lemieux started at a very fast pace and won easily the first round. In round 2, it seems he was picking more his shots and keeping his distances, and that opened the door a bit for Stevens to land a few good shots of his own. Between round 2 and 3, coach Ramsay asked Lemieux to use his jab more (“all night long” he said). My friend sitting next to me laughed and said: “Yeah right!… Why would you ask a slugger like Lemieux to rely on his jab all night long when he can knock any guy out with a single powershot?”. And we all know what happened next. Hopefully, Stevens will recover.

    I hate Max Kellerman. Total lack of respect for Lemieux telling him he doesn’t look in good shape. Yes, Lemieux has had difficulty over the last years making the weight, he probably walks around at 180+lbs. But after such a display of power, a pragmatic reasoning would be that Lemieux was in perfect shape to achieve what he just had done: one of the most brutal KO so far this year.

    Lemieux is one of the most crowd pleasing active fighter and it’s been like that since the very beginning of his career. For us people in Québec, he’s our middleweight Mike Tyson. He deserves to make more money for that. A fight with Alvarez, Jacobs or GGG (2) would be a great reward.

    • I think Canelo is next, since they have the same promoter. Good analysis as always Olivier. I’M just gonna add I hope Stevens can recover well from that. Maybe he will physically, but in a boxing economy kinda way, he took a huge step off the ladder.

    • Félicitations pour Lemieux le Québec et le Canada from a Tunisian Fan…..Except that Lemieux is much smarter and more élégant than Tyson…À stunning Victory.. Bravo..!!

      • Merci pour ton commentaire!
        I wouldn’t go this far though in the comparison with Tyson. What I meant by that is that the wast majority of Lemieux’s opponents must feel a similar feeling of fear when they get in the same ring. They better have a solid plan to counter these monstruous attacks, ’cause they all know that Lemieux will be coming straight at them with his best punches!

  6. Some night is hard to for me to sleep i would like to have someone like that who can put me to sleep easily in my bed, just hit the chin and good night.

  7. Great fight. Lemieux set the pace, which was his key to victory. Stevens didn’t get any momentum going, didn’t make Lemieux fear his power, and really was fighting going backwards.

    • Not sure about that. S
      Stevens hurt him in the 2nd with the body shot.

      Also purposely coming in over weight – that was the key to victory. (day of fight min 10lbs) I am sure he was more than 7 lbs heavier than Stevens when he stepped into the ring.

      • If this was for a WBC, WBA or WBO title, we wouldn’t have that discussion. BUT, I have to say that I totally agree with this rule. The only problem with it is that it applies for minimumweight to cruiserweight. 10 lbs is 9,5% of a MinWers while it’s 5% of a CWers. I think it should be a fixed max% instead.

  8. David Lemieux looked possessed in this fight! Maybe they’ll pit him against Canelo next with this performance :)

    • Yep I’d put my money on Lemeuix if they can actually get Canelo to fight a full fledged middleweight with power comprable to his own.

  9. KO of the year I am sure.
    Stevens dropped his guard and got dropped.

    At Stevensons size I always wondered why he was at 160 and not 154.

    • Stevens didn’t drop his guard, Lemieux moved it aside. He first connected with a straight right and after it landed, he used the back of his right to split Stevens’ guard even more so he can land his left hook while Stevens’ was trying to counter him with a right hook of his own.

  10. It must be an incredible punching power in those fists as to produce this formidable KO with so short punching distance. I guess it wasn’t more 15″ between the globe and the face. Anyhow, Curtis was quite resilient since he was hit very bad in the body and face during the first round. Fully agree with below comments that most likely this would be the KO of the year. Cannot visualize one better than this one. Hopefully, Curtis get a full recovery after this horrible KO.
    I didn’t like David’s attitude at the end of the fight displaying only the Quebec flag since he is still in Canada.

    • Oh!.. That Québec/Canada thing is quite touchy. Lemieux was born in Montréal, Québec (from lebanese descent) and speaks french as a first language. “French” is the keyword here. Usually, french-speaking quebecers are very proud and will sometimes feel reluctant to bear the canadian flag, associated with the english heritage of Canada, with federalism. I don’t know if you saw the latest fight in Quebec City in which both Alvarez and Bute wore trunks with the Québec’s flag on it (even though both were not born here)? Let me put it this way: if any of these two, or any canadian fighter would come in Montréal or Québec City bearing the colors of Canada, they would get booed and maybe worst. The province of Québec held two refendums (1980 and 1995) to seperate itself from the rest of Canada. There’s over 400 years of history behind all this and I won’t go any further, but if you are interested in that matter, I would recommand you read: http://www.thecanadianencyclopedia.ca/en/article/cultural-dualism/ .

    • You didn’t like David’s attitude at the end of the fight, because he displaying only the Quebec flag ?? Where is the problem ? Québec, is one of 9 other nations (provinces) they have choose, one day, to unify herself into the Canadian confederation… So it was Quebecers before Canadians, and proud of it ! Sorry for my orthograph, i’m Quebecers to.

    • I consider myself a Quebecer way before being a Canadian, so I identify with Lemieux tango. sorry if we don’t agree on that.

  11. Nap time for Curtis. Dear me that was a peach of a left.
    Canelo’s only fighting guys they know he can beat. Oscar got David on ignore now too.

  12. GGG left overs … Well hope David gets a crack at Alvarez who I think stops him but Lemieux does have a punchers chance or at least should be good while it lasts …

  13. This should get 5 stars and makes the top3 of the most devastating KO’s of ALL Time and possibly deadly. East NewYork Bklyn Curt Stevens look like dead man to me on that floor. That was the Sand Man effect of Lameiux.


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